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Evi Fitriyani, Nani Nuraenah, Leni Lasmi, Andri Nofreena
International Journal of Multi Discipline Science (IJ-MDS), Volume 2, pp 19-31; doi:10.26737/ij-mds.v2i1.965

This study aims to see the storage time of frozen shrimp by using an edible coating of toman fishbone gelatin (Channa micropeltes) as a water binder that can reduce the deterioration of the quality of frozen shrimp during storage. The method used in this research is the experimental method. This research was carried out in three stages, namely: (1) making gelatin of toman fish bone and edible coating solvent (2) Characteristics of physical properties of toman fishbone gelatin (moisture content, ash content, organoleptic, amendment, water absorption); (3) Application of edible coating made from gelatin on frozen shrimp during low-temperature storage, (4) testing the quality of frozen shrimp with organoleptic parameters, WHC, cooking loss, and yield. The results of the study showed that the quality of the physical and chemical quality of the gelatin from toman fish bone was moisture content about 3.5%, about 3.5% ash content, the water of absorption about 0.00099 g/ml, and yield about 9.45%. Organoleptic results showed that gelatin powder from toman fishbone still met SNI 06-3735-1999 standards that the color of the gelatin produced was colorless to yellowish and the aroma did not smell or taste. The edible coating of frozen shrimp application with gelatin treatment resulted in decreased water content, WHC, cooking loss and organoleptic value from storage day 0 to day 30, whereas frozen shrimp with gelatin treatment resulted in water content, WHC, decreased cooking lost and organoleptic increases from storage day 0 until day 30. The best treatment results in the treatment of G2 (2% gelatin) gave a value of water content of about 33.71-82.99%, the value of WHC about 11.65-82.34%, the value of cooking losses about 2.67-6.14% and the organoleptic value is about 7.0.
Bayu Tirta Leksana Purnomo, Latif Budi Suparman, Agus Taufik Mulyono
International Journal of Multi Discipline Science (IJ-MDS), Volume 2, pp 10-18; doi:10.26737/ij-mds.v2i1.950

The development of infrastructure in Indonesia was increasing. The government focuses on boosting infrastructure development to create long-term economic growth. Therefore, a qualified infrastructure was a standard of an advanced rapidly economy. One of them is under construction was road and toll road infrastructure. As a result of the development was the occurrence of the increasing volume of vehicles on the road. Due to this resulting in an increased load reposition and also increased vehicle load on the road, it was then combined with a wet tropical climate or humid warm areas in Indonesia that have high rainfall and temperatures that can reach 38oC, resulting in structural damage such as cracks, rutting, stripping, and pothole. Performance from pavement also declined faster than the estimated plan. Roads in Indonesia mostly use the type of concrete asphalt mixture. Characteristics for concrete asphalt prioritize stability. In fact, the most important thing was the stability and durability of the road. Various ways can be done to overcome the road damage and acquire the ideal characteristics such as the use of added materials to Hot Mix Asphalt. To improve the performance of pavement characteristics, the use of added materials was expected to overcome problems that are affected by temperature, weather, increased vehicle volume, and increased traffic load. The added materials are to enhance Reacted and Activated Rubber (RAR) which was a developed crumb rubber to increase durability and keep the level of road pavement stability.
, , Abdul Manan
International Journal of Multi Discipline Science (IJ-MDS), Volume 2, pp 1-9; doi:10.26737/ij-mds.v2i1.948

The purpose of this study to examine the effectiveness of employee engagement increases the effect of job satisfaction on job performance. This research is quantitative causality using a survey method that examines the relationship and influence between variables of research by analyzing 138 workers any mining companies that most cannot meet production targets in Kalimantan. The findings revealed that absorption full mediated the relationship between job satisfaction and job performance Management must invite employees to formulate job satisfaction, pay attention to employee conditions, selectively select employees, provide training to increase employee engagement. This paper is the first one to examine how employee engagement can function to mediate the relationship between job satisfaction and job performance.
International Journal of Multi Discipline Science (IJ-MDS), Volume 1, pp 89-94; doi:10.26737/ij-mds.v1i1.424

The aim of this research was to know the different level of employee students and non-employee students competence in STIE Indonesia Pontianak. The research variables were viewed from 3 (three) aspects, they are cognitive, affective and psychomotor aspects. The method used in this research was quantitative comparative (Comparison study) with questionnaires as the tool of data collecting which were distributed to the 420 students as the research sample. The conclusion of this research was there were differences in cognitive and psychomotor aspects of employee and non-employee students and there was no difference in effective aspect.
, Malahayati Malahayati, Tirton Nefianto, Idk Kertawidana
International Journal of Multi Discipline Science (IJ-MDS), Volume 1, pp 129-136; doi:10.26737/ij-mds.v1i1.430

Improvement is needed in the early warning system and information services of Indonesia Agency for Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics (Badan Meteorologi, Klimatologi dan Geofisika-BMKG) in term of speed, and accessibility by rural communities. This paper analyzes the factors related to the motivation and competency of BMKG employees’ performance in giving information services related to early warning system. The aim is to determine the effect of motivation and competency partially and simultaneously toward BMKG’s employees performance. Using quantitative method with proportionate stratified random sampling technique, total 80 respondents were interviewed among 389 population of BMKG’s employees who work on Deputy of Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics. The result indicated that the motivation and competency have significant impact to the BMKG’s employees performance. R2 is 0.832 which means that the motivation and competency simultaneously have significant impact to employees performance about 83.2% while the remaining 16.8% influenced by others variable outside the variables studied. The data analyzed using double linear regression in SPSS version 24, the equation regression obtained is: Y= 9,429 + 0,408X1 + 0,822X2, indicating that effect of motivation factor is lower than competency factor toward employees performance. Therefore BMKG Head Office needs to improve the competency of employees more than motivate them in order to improve its performance on information services and disaster early warning.
Arip Ambulan Panjaitan,
International Journal of Multi Discipline Science (IJ-MDS), Volume 1, pp 111-115; doi:10.26737/ij-mds.v1i1.427

The area is free from tobacco smoke is one of the effective and inexpensive way to protect the public from the dangers of secondhand smoke. Sintang has had local regulation no smoking but in reality it can not degrade the active smoker. This study aims to determine the extent of Sintang District Regulation 2th 2016 has been implemented and the principle of the application of no smoking policy in Sintang. This study was conducted a qualitative study with approach explanatory research. Data collection was conducted in Sintang. The research subjects were 10 informants among others the Department of Health, professional organizations, community leaders, current smokers and examine documents related to the implementation of area without cigarettes (AWC). Analysis of data using content analysis. Based on the survey results showed that smokers are still accounted for 59%, still found in cigarette advertising, the lack of strict punishment for smokers, especially for employees who smoke at the office or at school. Some private companies that have implemented AWC such as Bank, while in government offices, schools and public places not yet fully be sanctions for smokers. Public opinion on the application of AWC, the majority (60%) to support the implementation of AWC, 51% of people say AWC quite effective to reduce active smokers, more than half said the informant argued that AWC should be applied at specific locations only. Opinions of respondents to smokers in public places more than half (58%) are given sanctions. Role of local government to ban new cigarette advertising and promotion can not be executed properly. Factors affecting the implementation of the AWC is dependent on the commitment of Regional Chief, Council, Department of Health and other related agencies and their empowerment. Based on this study concluded that AWC without the commitment and support of all parties is difficult for the application of AWC. In addition to the AWC to provide protection to passive smokers as well AWC can also reduce active smokers.
International Journal of Multi Discipline Science (IJ-MDS), Volume 1, pp 95-103; doi:10.26737/ij-mds.v1i1.425

This research investigated the use of Four Corners Strategy in teaching writing hortatory exposition text to the eleventh-grade students of SMAN 10 Pontianak in academic year 2015/2016. Four Corners is a strategy which allows students to think about a concept from four different perspectives of points of view. A quasi-experimental design was implemented to achieve the purpose of this study. The measurement technique was employed in this research. The data collection instrument was written test. This research used the t-test formula to analyze the quantitative data obtained through written test. Furthermore, an analytic scoring rubric was developed to assess the students’ writing in hortatory exposition text. The result of data analysis revealed the superiority of the experimental group to the control group. Hence, the four corners strategy was effective in helping the students to improve their writing hortatory exposition text.
Netti Yuniarti, Sri Kusnita
International Journal of Multi Discipline Science (IJ-MDS), Volume 1, pp 147-152; doi:10.26737/ij-mds.v1i1.434

This study focused on the discussion of Sanggau Malay verbs related to the formation of verbs or morphological processes, the meaning of verbs related to the user community, and with the context behind the emergence of verbs in the language. This research uses descriptive qualitative method with sociomorphosemantic approach. The data in this research is informant speech reflecting the formation of verbs, meanings, and verb functions in Sanggau Malay language. The data source in this research is Sanggau Malay language which is spoken by Sanggau Malay society. Data collection techniques in this study using techniques of observation, recording, and interviews. Based on the results and discussionfaund that the verbs in the Sanggau Malay seen from the morphology process divided into two, namely the establishment of affix verb derived verbs and verbs duplicate. The verb consists of prefixes, suffixes, and confixes which have intentional, active, and passive meanings. The formation of duplicated verbs is a reduplicated type of affixtion. The use of Sanggau Malay verbs in relation to the language user community exists in situations or family contexts, joking contexts, and circumstances contexts.
International Journal of Multi Discipline Science (IJ-MDS), Volume 1, pp 153-158; doi:10.26737/ij-mds.v1i1.437

This research is about the role of local government in the effort to preserve the cultural customs that exist in the life of the Dayak people who Ma'anyan live in areas along the Barito river in East Barito regency. Wadian Dadas is one of the means of ceremonies in the field of traditional medicine in Ma'anyan Dayak tribe community in Central Kalimantan Province. That said, Wadian dadas originally Obtained through the inspiration Obtained by a woman named Ineh Ngundri Mountains. The woman is inspired to perform the duties of a god to heal a person or what is commanded by God. This woman is the first Wadian and is a messenger of gods embodied in the form of an eagle, then Wadian will be continued by the next Descendants. This study used descriptive qualitative method. Data collection techniques were conducted by primary and secondary collecting the data through interviews and observations with resource persons, for secondary Data Obtained from history books and documents belonging to the village government. The results Showed that Wadian Dadas originally for the healing rituals of the sick who started with the preparation of offerings, to perform the healing ritual by involving Wadian (shaman) is very trusted by the Dayak community Ma'anyan. Wadians in Ma'anyan Dayak community have now developed into Wadian Dadas Dances. Dadas Wadian dance begins with dances performed in the process of traditional medicine performed by Wadian. In the early 1980s Wadian dadas was known by some so that Wadian dadas the which originally served as a ritual ceremony medication Became an inspiration for the appearance of the dance Wadian Dadas. Dadas Wadian dance is one of the traditional dances. This dance is unique in its simple and energetic motion, the which has deep meaning and is Often presented in traditional events of Central Kalimantan. In the beginning this dance is performed with the excuse to get healed and free from evil spirits cause disease. The findings of this study are as the times progress, this dance is also presented at the event of welcoming and marriage. But there are still many people of Indonesia, even the citizens of Borneo who have not understood and are reluctant to desire to preserve this traditional dance. Dadas Wadian magical dance contains high value Because in every movement contains meaning, even in movement there is a spell pronunciation.
Pebria Dheni Purnasari, Yosua Damas Sadewo
International Journal of Multi Discipline Science (IJ-MDS), Volume 1, pp 104-110; doi:10.26737/ij-mds.v1i1.426

This research is to improve the numeracy skills through contextual learning model in the third-grade students of SDN 10 Melakos. This research is a classroom action research (CAR) conducted jointly with third-grade teachers at SDN 10 Melakos, the subject of this study is all third-grade students of SDN 10 Melakos totalling 19 students. The data collection techniques are carried out by engineering tests and observation. The results showed that the initial conditions of students who completed their study of 38.84%, and then after being given treatment by applying the model of contextual learning in students who complete the first cycle increased to 68.42%, still well below the thoroughness of performance indicators and after repair on students who complete the second cycle into 89.47%. Their mastery learning students showed that efforts to improve numeracy skills through contextual learning model in the third-grade students of SDN 10 Melakos successfully applied.
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