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Afifah Nurul Imani, Nelly Martini
Aptisi Transactions on Management (ATM), Volume 5, pp 121-127; doi:10.33050/atm.v5i2.1490

Mediheal is a well-known sheet mask brand in South Korea. Bringing K-Pop idols together and also the widespread influence of Korean culture in Indonesian, have made skincare products famous in Indonesian. This study aims to determine, test, and analyze how much influence the brand ambassadors and Korean wave have on the purchasing decisions of Mediheal sheet mask users. The method used is descriptive and verification with a quantitative approach. Data were analyzed using path analysis and hypothesis testing using partial and simultaneous. With a sample of 100 respondents. The results showed that there was a relationship between brand ambassadors and the Korean waves of 33.4%. Partially, brand ambassadors and the Korean wave both have a significant effect on purchasing decisions. Brand ambassadors have an influence of 22.5% on purchase decisions, and Korean waves have an influence of 24.4% on purchasing decisions. Meanwhile, simultaneously, brand ambassadors and the Korean wave contributed 14.6% to purchasing decisions, then 85.4% of purchase decisions were influenced by other variables that were not studied.
Suryari Purnama, Andyani Sukmasari, Rahul Bhandari
Aptisi Transactions on Management (ATM), Volume 5, pp 143-151; doi:10.33050/atm.v5i2.1532

This study aims to determine the role of religiosity as mediation in the relationship between online transactions and customer satisfaction and loyalty in Sharia banking in the Jakarta area. The population of this research is all sharia banking customers in Jakarta. The number of samples in this study was 175 Sharia banking customers in Jakarta by sampling purposive sampling method. The data processing method used is Structural Equation Modelling. The results showed: 1) there is no effect of failure on the experience of online transactions in Sharia banking; 2) there is an effect of service recovery on the customer experience of online transactions in Sharia banking; 3) there is an influence of customer experience on customer satisfaction in online transactions in Sharia banking; 4) there is an effect of customer satisfaction on customer loyalty using online transactions in Sharia banking; 5) customer religiosity moderates between customer experience to satisfaction using online transactions; 6) Customer religiosity moderates the satisfaction of customer loyalty using online transactions in Sharia banking.
Untung Rahardja, Qurotul Aini, Frizca Budiarty, Muhamad Yusup, Alwiyah Alwiyah
Aptisi Transactions on Management (ATM), Volume 5, pp 106-111; doi:10.33050/atm.v5i2.1508

This research is an effective digital certificate publishing activity by utilizing blockchain technology. By implementing decentralized systems and cryptography owned by the blockchain, it will potentially enlarge the educational progress space in Indonesia. The weakness of the current running system, lies in the difficulty of identifying the validity of a certificate issued by an educational institution. Therefore, the advantages that blockchain has, able to assist an educational institution, in establishing a widely accessible certification system infrastructure, to support the transparency and accountability of an educational institution, in identifying the validity of the certificate. Blockcert as one of MIT's tools, while acting as a barometer, is used to perform a series of activities in publishing activities and the implementation of official documents that are designed based on a technology commonly referred to as Blockchain. The research conducted will demonstrate that a decentralized consensus will be able to provide good distribution of information that can include all certificate deployment activities.
Sayyida Sayyida, Sri Hartini, Sri Gunawan, Syarief Nur Husin
Aptisi Transactions on Management (ATM), Volume 5, pp 79-88; doi:10.33050/atm.v5i1.1497

The COVID-19 pandemic that occurred throughout 2020 has an impact on economic sector. Consumers tend to use online channels to reduce face-to-face contact with marketers or other consumers. On the other hand, the consumer's need to see, touch and feel a product directly is only available in physical stores. This study aims to analyze the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on retail consumer behavior. This study uses quantitative methods with secondary data sources obtained from several countries including the United States, England, Germany, France, Canada and Latin America. The results show that the shopping trends during the COVID-19 pandemic are webrooming and pure online shopping. Retail sales data in these countries shows that retail sales in physical stores exceed 70% of total retail sales and retail e-commerce sales are less than 30% of total retail sales. This research is expected to be useful for marketers in improving retail marketing strategies during the COVID-19 pandemic
Fachri Hussein, Hartelina Hartelina
Aptisi Transactions on Management (ATM), Volume 5, pp 62-72; doi:10.33050/atm.v5i1.1436

Apple Inc. company is a big company but that doesn't mean Apple can underestimate newcomers. This iPhone smartphone sold in the city of Karawang has decreased sales in 2019 every month. The variables used are after-sales service, customer loyalty, value co-creation. The problem in this research is to find out how much influence after-sales service has on the value co-creation of the iPhone smartphone. To find out how much influence value creation has on customer loyalty of iPhone smartphones. To find out how much influence after-sales service has on customer loyalty through the co-creation of the iPhone smartphone. This research uses a descriptive approach and verification. A sample of 100 respondents who are iPhone smartphone users using purposive sampling technique, the result is that after-sales service and co-creation value has a strong enough effect, amounting to 47.1%. Meanwhile, Value Co-Creation has a direct effect of 50.9%. The indirect effect of after-sales service on customer loyalty is 18.8%
Ahmad Suhaili, Gema Ika Sari
Aptisi Transactions on Management (ATM), Volume 5, pp 97-105; doi:10.33050/atm.v5i1.1391

Law No. 28 of 2009 article 31 paragraph (1) of cigarette tax revenue-sharing funds, is allocated at least 50% (fifty percent) to fund health services and law enforcement by the authorities. Banten Provincial Health Office. Said that the level of public health from the number of diseases tends to increase. The research method used in this study is a descriptive method, with quantitative data collection techniques namely data on cigarette tax revenues in Banten province, and expenditure data on expenditure in the Banten Provincial Health Office, the qualitative data uses interviews, observations, and documentation. The results of this study are for the effectiveness level of cigarette tax collection managed by Bapenda in 2017-2018 with an average percentage of 83% with the category quite effective, for the level of contribution of cigarette tax fund allocation to the public health of Banten province in 2017-2018 with an average 71% percentage managed by the Banten Provincial Health Office and have not been maximized because it has not used 100% of the funds for public health efforts in the province of Banten. There are several attempts made (1) making KTR, (2) conducting socialization, (3) conducting counseling.
Evi Depiana, Hartelina Hartelina
Aptisi Transactions on Management (ATM), Volume 5, pp 11-19; doi:10.33050/atm.v5i1.1363

The rise of trade in this era makes the market tougher competition to make companies have to take appropriate steps and strategies in order to win competition with competitors in the market. This was also experienced by motorcycles, one of which was a Yamaha motorcycle which experienced a decline in sales in 2019 from month to month. Many factors affect it. In this study the variables used are product quality, after sales service, and customer satisfaction. This research uses a descriptive approach, and verification. Samples obtained were 383 respondents who were consumers of PT Ramarayo Perdana Karawang by using purposive sampling technique, data analysis used in this study was the validity test, reliability test, classic assumption test, and path analysis. The results of this study indicate the quality of products and after-sales services have a strong enough relationship, which is equal to 50.3%. then partially product quality has an effect of 39.3 then partially after sales service has an effect of 15.3% on customer satisfaction. Together the quality of products and after sales service has an effect of 50.3% which is the contribution of other variables not examined. Then it can be seen that product quality is more dominant in influencing customer satisfaction. PT Ramarayo Perdana Karawang is advised to pay more attention to Product Quality and After Sales Service for customer satisfaction.
Widhi Setyowati, Pratomo Cahyo Kurniawan, Aditya Mardiansyah, Eka Purnama Harahap, Ninda Lutfiani
Aptisi Transactions on Management (ATM), Volume 5, pp 20-29; doi:10.33050/atm.v5i1.1483

This study aims to analyze the effect of professional knowledge and auditor ethics to audit quality with task complexity as moderating variable. which consists of 80 respondents, data collection methods using questionnaires, data analysis methods using multiple linear regression analysis and data processing using SPSS application. From the results of the partial test, professional knowledge variable gives positive and significant effect to the quality of audit quality, as well as the auditor ethics variable that gives positive and significant effect to audit quality . Task complexity can not moderate the effect of professional knowledge to audit quality but task complexity as moderate variable the effect of auditor ethics to audit quality. Those variables simultaneously have the positive and significant influence to the audit quality
Edward Guustaaf, Untung Rahardja, Qurotul Aini, Herliana Wahyu Maharani, Nesti Anggraini Santoso
Aptisi Transactions on Management (ATM), Volume 5, pp 46-61; doi:10.33050/atm.v5i1.1433

Blockchain is a jointly distributed and decentralized ledger, in which nodes are aiming to record transaction history with very different networks. This technology is quite practical if used in the field of higher education to carry out digital certification, record keeping, etc. From several papers published on this, no single paper covering educational projects based on the blockchain can find it. So there are the latest opportunities for higher education trends. Projects in the field of higher education that are blockchain-based are aimed at solving problems that occur in educators today. On that basis, we conclude that there is a need for a systematic literature review. Therefore, based on the education project, this study will review the artistic gap between the two. This paper will focus on the protocol used in this project and explore several blockchain-based higher education projects that will be the aim of this paper. As well as analyzing the blockchain features currently in use today and the services that will be offered by existing educational projects, to improve the implementation of technology in the field of education by using the blockchain feature.
Dearni Dewi Hasiany, Eeng Ahman, Suwatno Suwatno, Budi Santoso
Aptisi Transactions on Management (ATM), Volume 5, pp 30-45; doi:10.33050/atm.v5i1.1479

The aim of this study is to findings to prove significance value of the implementation of SAKIP that occurred in PPPPTK TK and PLB Bandung. And urgency to mainstream bureaucratic reform at the work unit level needs to be supported by all the pillars of the embodiment of good governance, including the evaluation of bureaucratic reforms that are evaluative in measuring the implementation of the Government Agencies Performance Accountability System (SAKIP), especially in PPPPTK TK and PLB Bandung. As a form of the strategic plan of an accountable work unit, PPPPTK TK and PLB Bandung need to evaluate the extent to which this has been implemented. Novelty : Different form previous research that conducted the research with independent variables, this research analysing descriptively for led and findings to prove the significance value and direct influences each indicators of the implementation of SAKIP. Research Methods : This research was carried out through participation with 115 people or 89.1% of the population who were willing to participate through filling out online questionnaires due to the Covid-19 pandemic on Google form and analyzed through a semantic differential scale. using two models, descriptive analysis and Structural Equation Model (SEM) using SmartPLS software. Finding/Results : The result of this study shows that the SAKIP implementation variable in HR PPPPTK TK and PLB Bandung was influenced by the influence of Performance planning (32.4%), Performance data management (10.6%), Performance reporting. (15.3%), Performance measurement (13.4%), review of performance reports (13.4%) and Performance evaluation (10.6%) of SAKIP implementation in PPPPTK TK and PLB Bandung. Conclusion : Based on these findings, it can be concluded that performance planning is the dominant factor affecting SAKIP implementation in PPPPTK TK and PLB Bandung. Performance planning is one of the indicators that has the most significant effect in improving SAKIP implementation. The better the role of performance planning, the more SAKIP implementation will be in the PPPPTK TK and PLB Bandung.
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