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A. Omprakash, , N. Mubeen Sultana
International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology, Volume 11, pp 16-20;

One central question to be tended to in the zone of Services is that of electronic trade. So as to start an arrangement banter regarding the matter, it is valuable to introduce a portion of the key inquiries and developing issues here. The WTO related issues for electronic business should be spelt out and inspected from the perspective of creating nations all in all and India specifically. For an India nation strategy and system viewpoint, it is likewise critical to zero in on a portion of the key approach structure activities that should be concentrated upon for internet business to be advantageous and fruitful. This paper looks for online business issues and methodology viewpoint for India.
, Ardhendu Mandal,
International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology, Volume 11, pp 30-35;

Ovaries play a pivotal role in production by generating eggs through oogenesis in the female reproductive system. This is one crucial aspect of reproduction as eggs are fertilized by the sperm which eventually leads to fertilization and eventually ending in embryo formation. Ovaries are often susceptible to diseases like infertility, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), ovarian cancer etc. Screening of ovarian follicles via ultrasound images can be of great help in the diagnosis of these abnormal situations. However, screening in most scenarios is still carried out manually by doctors and sonographers leading it to be a monotonous, time consuming and laborious job as well. Thus automatic detection of follicles can reduce the burden of doctors. In our work, we propose MU-net, a novel 2D segmentation network, combination of both MobileNetV2 and U-Net for segmentation of the follicles from ovarian ultrasound images. The test is conducted on the USOVA3D Training Set 1. Although low contrast issues are common setback for ultrasound images, our model has achieved a descent accuracy rate of 98.4%.
International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology, Volume 11, pp 40-44;

The design of systems requires the integration of data from different fields (mechanical computer-aided design, electrical computer-aided design, automation, embedded software,.). The multi-technological character of Mechatronics makes the design of systems more complex. In this context a general knowledge of Mechatronics and Mechatronic products is necessary. The design problem of a mechatronic product requires the analysis of its structural, technological, and functional complexity. This paper presents an approach to the design of Mechatronic systems. This requires the characterization of the different types of the complexity of a product before presenting the design methodology, the modeling, and the simulation tools used in the different design phases.
International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology, Volume 11, pp 100-103;

In this research, we propose an integrated classification GANB algorithm that combines a feature extractor with a classifier to construct a classification model. The feature extractor automates the examination of raw pre-processed unstructured documents. Following feature extraction, categorization generates meaningful classes based on the supplied features. The study uses a genetic algorithm (GA) for feature extraction and Naïve Bayes(NB) for classification purposes. The simulation evaluates the suggested classification model's accuracy, sensitivity, specificity, and f-measure using various performance indicators. Over the Medline cancer datasets, the suggested GANB gets a higher classification rate than existing approaches.
International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology, Volume 11, pp 119-122;

Recommender Systems are software tools that can assist developers with a wide range of activities, from reusing codes to suggest developers what to do during development of these systems. This paper outlines an approach to generating recommendation using SQL Semantic Search. Performance measurement of this recommender system is conducted by calculating precision, recall and F1-measure. Subjective evaluations consisted of 10 experienced developers for validating the recommendation. A statistical test t-Test is used to compare the means of two approaches of evaluations.
International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology, Volume 11, pp 108-116;

Improvement of characteristic of swelling soil in expressions of bearing, swelling index, compaction and economic is the entrance according to an engineering vision. The swelling soil might be improved by chemical and /or mechanical techniques. Chemical additives could be suitable for stabilizing the physical and mechanical properties of swelling soils by addition cement kiln dust (CKD) which is an industrial products as well as waste materials. In this research, cement kiln dust (CKD) was used as an improver for geotechnical properties of swelling soil. Soil specimens are mixed with 3%, 6% and 12% of CKD (dry weight ratios) and are tested to find out their physical, mechanical properties and swelling pressure .The results pointed that the swelling soil mixed with 12% CKD has properties that satisfied the standard requirement and that make it as subgrade layer in roads construction.
Agnes. J, Samson. Y, Ajith. P, Sappani Muthu. M, Prem Anand. D
International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology, Volume 11, pp 135-141;

In this present work, Fe3O4 nanoparticles were obtained by a one-part Co-precipitation method. Secondly, a simple solvothermal method was employed to synthesize Chitosan (CS) coated Fe3O4 nanoparticles. Chitosan was used as a surface modification agent. The surface of Chitosan-coated Fe3O4 nanoparticles was conjugated with Folic Acid (FA). Various properties of the resultant products were performed by characterization studies. The structure and surface morphology of as-prepared nanoparticles were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD) and Scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The physical parameter such as strain and the crystallite size was evaluated for all the reflection peaks of the samples by using Williamson–Hall (W-H plot) method. Determination of the chemical component was marked by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) and Energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDAX) analyses. UV- Vis experiment was carried out to record optical absorbance and the bandgap energy of the nanoparticles was determined by Tauc’s plot. Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) was conducted to recognize the thermal stability of the magnetic nanoparticles and endothermic peaks were observed from the first derivative of the TGA curve (DTG curve).
Nipan Kumar Das, Papu Moni Saikia, Mrinal Buragohain, Nikhil Saikia
International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology, Volume 11, pp 1-15;

A Controller is generally considered as a continuous and discrete mode of execution by a huge sample period that may result in degenerated dynamic performance or system instability. Nowadays, the maximum penetration in thermal, wind, hydropower systems has decreased the power system inertia that leads to rapid frequency response and higher frequency deviation followed by contingencies and requires rapid load frequency control. The goal of load frequency control (LFC) is to achieve zero steady-state errors in frequency deviations and minimize unscheduled tie-line power flows among the interconnected areas. The study of the literature reveals that a lot of research has been carried out in this area to achieve the desired objectives using different approaches. This manuscript proposes an optimization algorithm called Duelist Optimization Algorithm (DOA) in a three area interconnected power system consisting of thermal, wind, and hydro generating systems. The proposed system introduces an adaptive PID fuzzy controller whose parameters are optimized by the DOA algorithm. The Duelist Optimization algorithm is used to optimally tune the parameters of the controller in order to keep the system frequency deviation within the threshold limit, and maintain the power balance among the control areas during load variations. The proposed method is simulated in MATLAB / Simulink environment for the estimation of its performance and then compared with some of the existing techniques such as Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) optimization algorithm, Bacteria Foraging Optimization (BFO), and Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) algorithm. The simulation result established the suprerioty of the proposed method over the other methods.
, Shivaprakash T
International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology, Volume 11, pp 24-29;

It is essential to know the parameters required to clustering the dataset. One of the parameters is the number of clusters k and it is very important to select the k value to get deficient results on clustering. There are few algorithms to find the k value for k-means algorithm and it requires specifying a maximum value for k or a range of values for k as an input. This paper proposes a novel method Optimal cluster number estimation algorithm (OCNE) to find the optimal number of clusters without specifying the maximum or range of k values or knee point detection in the graph. In the experiment, this method is compared with the different existing methods with deficient real-world as well as synthetic datasets and provides good performance.
Anju P S, Jaya D S
International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology, Volume 11, pp 128-134;

The unconsolidated earth surface is a rich source of minerals, of which clay is one of the richest natural minerals, having various natural and anthropogenic properties. Natural clay is widely available as a cheaper resource, which is non toxic to ecosystems and has the property of preserving ground water and aquifers. At the same time, the ubiquitous and widespread occurrence of clay will have the property to control toxic materials. The uncontrolled exploitation or mining of clay minerals will affect the aquatic ecosystem's sustainability in many ways. Water quality is very essential for the healthy environment and human life, whereas unpredictable conditions like flooding, drought, groundwater loss, loss of biodiversity, and health impacts on the surrounding inhabitants are some of the signs of ecosystem loss. The unwanted mined clay is deposited into the surrounding area of the mining environment, resulting in top soil, ground water, and surface water pollution. The review paper describes the pollution aspects of the aquatic ecosystem with special emphasis on ground water, aquifers, fresh water (lotic and lentic), sediment, and marine ecology and hydrology.
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