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Yani Tri Wijayanti
JCommsci - Journal Of Media and Communication Science, Volume 5, pp 26-40; https://doi.org/10.29303/jcommsci.v5i1.165

The Covid-19 Pandemic that has hit Indonesia for the last two years has had an impact on all sectors of life, including the tourism sector. The impact is felt in the tourist villages, one of which is Pulesari Tourism Village. A very significant decline in tourist visits since March 2020, even having to close for a few months, has an impact on the economic condition of the surrounding community, because this tourist village is managed by the community themselves. The Pandemic is one of the causes of the crisis. This study aims to find out how tourism village crisis communication management is in the face of the covid-19 pandemic. the well as analysis of crisis management, the right strategy is an adaptive strategy. For crisis communication management, there are three main principles in crisis communication, namely speed of conveying messages, consistency, and openness. Crisis communication management can be done by tourism village managers is by developing communication strategies, delivering messages regularly, optimizing communication channels by utilizing social media, and providing input to policymakers.
Muhammad Ibnu Majah, Elva Oktafiani, Muhammad Thufeil Imtinan
JCommsci - Journal Of Media and Communication Science, Volume 5, pp 54-68; https://doi.org/10.29303/jcommsci.v5i1.166

Many published scientific studies from January-August 2021 discuss the COVID-19 pandemic and its relationship to digital technology. This publication demonstrates the ease of digital technology in helping the Indonesian people to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. But in reality, the increase in the number of patients until the government implements the PPKM Mandiri policy (July-August 2021) continues to increase. The research method using a systematic literature review can find out what happened in Indonesia during the COVID-19 pandemic through published articles. The search for scientific literature was carried out using Mendeley References through the keywords digital technology and covid-19. The data obtained regarding the issue of digital technology and covid-19 and research in the territory of Indonesia obtained 80 articles. The data were analyzed and concluded that the largest research on online education is due to restrictions on face-to-face learning. Increasing the economy by strengthening digital technology to bring together buyers and sellers in tackling the decline in purchasing power and many transactions are written. However, technology to cope with the increasing number of patients and deaths due to the COVID-19 pandemic is not sufficiently considered in published scientific articles, so the public is not given sufficient knowledge about COVID-19 through digital technology. These results can provide input on digital technology policies that the Government of Indonesia should carry out to help reduce the number of patients and deaths due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Masad Masrur, Felita Purnomo, Silvia Arviana, Hilda Yunita Wono
JCommsci - Journal Of Media and Communication Science, Volume 5, pp 41-53; https://doi.org/10.29303/jcommsci.v5i1.155

The National Democratic Party's strategy in facing the 2019 Election with an open proportional representation system is to recruit celebrities as voters. Their placement as candidates for state administrators risks injuring the substance and objectives of democracy, because candidates for state administrators must have certain ideologies and competencies as well as the replacement of ideological cadres by celebrities. This qualitative research uses the literature study method for data collection. The purpose of this study is to find out the pragmatism of the national democratic party in an open proportional electoral system. From the results obtained, political parties tend to leave ideological cadres rather than representing members and the wider community. The Nasdem Party finally saw that celebrities are part of professional actors who have the ability as celebrity politicians although in practice they play more roles as celebrity endorsers. Placement of celebrities as candidates for state administrators is a necessity for sales-oriented parties. However, it is necessary to consider the risks to the aims and substance of democracy.
Shinta Desiyana Fajarica, Aurelius Rofinus Lolong Teluma, Baiq Vira Safitri
JCommsci - Journal Of Media and Communication Science, Volume 5, pp 1-11; https://doi.org/10.29303/jcommsci.v5i1.167

Mandalika Special Economic Zone (SEZ) on the island of Lombok was developed in 2014. One of its mega-projects is the construction of the International MotoGP Circuit, which has started to be used in November 2021. Ideally, residents around the SEZ will be the people who will benefit the most from the presence of this particular area. This goal can be reached if public information from the government regarding the project can be known and trusted by residents to increase their active participation in the future. This research was conducted in September 2020 to measure the perception of the quality of public information about the construction of the MotoGP circuit, which includes sources of information, the credibility of information, and readiness to participate in the development of the new economic and tourism center. The results showed that the primary sources of information for the community around the Mandalika SEZ area, namely four villages in the Pujut sub-district, were local community/religious leaders at 30%, social media (23%), mass media at 15%, local government 15%, and others (stories from neighbors, and 'do not know) as much as 13% and schools/campus (5%). On the information credibility, almost all respondents (82%) trust the information provided by the local government regarding the development of the Mandalika SEZ and the MotoGP circuit. Around 14% still feel doubtful, and 4% of respondents do not believe it. On the aspect of readiness to participate, half of the respondents expressed doubts (52%) that they could take a role and benefit from the presence and progress of the development of the Mandalika SEZ, especially the MotoGP circuit. As many as 18% said they were not sure. Meanwhile, those who feel confident are 22%, and 8% are very sure. The minimal role of the local government as a source of development public information has implications for the attitude of unpreparedness to participate by residents around the Mandalika SEZ.
Rivenskly Fahreza Achmad, Roziana Febrianita, Maudhy Sukma Permatasari, Clarissa Desiana Fay Wong
JCommsci - Journal Of Media and Communication Science, Volume 5, pp 12-25; https://doi.org/10.29303/jcommsci.v5i1.156

The Job Creation Act (Omnibus-Law) contains several policies that have led to a protest movement in the form of demonstrations related to this regulation. The demonstration was widely covered by online news media in Indonesia. The research method used is qualitative by using news articles as the unit of analysis using the Entman model framing paradigm to see how online news media construct reality. This study focuses on the news of demonstrations against The Job Creation Act reported by Tirto.id and Liputan6.com for October 2020. The purpose of this research is to reveal how Tirto.id and Liputan6.com portrayed the demonstrations as the reflection of democracy in Indonesia. The results show that Tirto.id and Liputan6 have differentiation in interpreting this phenomenon. Tirto.id prioritizes a critical attitude to issues related to reflection of democracy in Indonesia in that context, that in the democratic process, there is still violence from the apparatus, annihilation of workers, and riots that cause damage to facilities and infrastructure. Meanwhile, Liputan6.com tends to develop a positive perspective regarding the democratic process during and after demonstrations. Despite violence against journalists, the authorities are still trying to resolve the case and emphasize the government's positive efforts in improving the country's economy through the Job Creation Law.
Aulli Reza Atmam
JCommsci - Journal Of Media and Communication Science, Volume 4, pp 111-122; https://doi.org/10.29303/jcommsci.v4i3.147

Sports is inseparable from gender inequality and is attached to masculine image even though nowadays the two things are fading, particularly, in the realm of football. In Indonesia, female footballers are increasingly starting to exist not only on the field but also in the media, one of which is on the PSSI TV YouTube channel which shows videos of exclusive interviews with female footballers. This study examines how female footballers are represented in the video interview. Using the Sara Mills’ Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) method, it is known that female footballers who are the interviewees are positioned as both the subject and object of narrating and being narrated. Meanwhile, the representation of female footballers which is reflected emphasizes on two things, namely the ones who uphold gender equality and professionalism. The interviewees also make use mediation with a dominantly showing portion in media and several cultural codes to represent themselves. Keywords: sports; football;, female footballer; critical discourse analysis
Dian Lestari Miharja, Agus Purbathin Hadi, Diyah Indiyati, Eka Putri Paramitha
JCommsci - Journal Of Media and Communication Science, Volume 4, pp 156-163; https://doi.org/10.29303/jcommsci.v4i3.132

This study aims to determine the public's response to use SID as a medium for basic social services, SID as a source of information, and SID as a community medium. This research can provide information about the readiness of the community to face the 4.0 revolution era, especially people in rural areas. If the community is ready and accustomed to using SID as a basic social service center and the other hand, managing resources continue to increase their capacity both in human resources and infrastructure, then SID can become a reliable database and can provide basic social services one-stop service in the village. This study used a qualitative descriptive method, data collecting on informants was carried out using in-depth interviews, direct observation, sampling techniques, documentation, and FGD. Then simultaneously carried out data analysis with interactive analysis methods. Key informants were the Village Head and SID Managers in Rarang Selatan and Kalijaga Timur Villages; as well as informants from village residents as many as 50 informants each 25 informants per village (consisting of elements of teachers, students, agricultural extension workers, heads of farmer groups, farmers, heads of farmer groups, Posyandu cadres, hamlet heads, housewives, traders). The results showed that the public response to SID as a service medium was positive, as a source of information was positive, and as a community medium was positive. This is shown by the behavior of the community using SID intensively, participating in disseminating the existence of SID, inviting villagers to take advantage of SID, even taking part in providing information (filling in content) to be conveyed to the community (especially village communities) through SID.Keywords: Response, Village Information System (SID), resources, community media, basic social services
Sabrina Rahma Utami, Rika Nurismah Safitri, Yohanes Ari Kuncoroyakti
JCommsci - Journal Of Media and Communication Science, Volume 4, pp 135-148; https://doi.org/10.29303/jcommsci.v4i3.111

Omnibus Law is the merging of several different rules into one law. RUU Cipta Kerja is one part of the Omnibus Law that attracts attention because it is considered detrimental to society. This caused a lot of rejection and protests from the society. The protest was held directly in the form of demonstrations in various regions of Indonesia and also in Twitter through #BatalkanOmnibusLaw. The purpose of this research is to find out the analysis of communication networks and identify influential actors in #BatalkanOmnibusLaw on Twitter. This research uses Social Network Analysis (SNA) methods and Computer-mediated Communication theory. Data is collected through Twitter from August 1-October 31, 2020. The process of analyzing and retrieving data is using Netlytic.org and Gephi software. The results showed that there were 62 actors with 153 interactions. Proximity between actors is worth 3, meaning close proximity and easy interaction between actors. The interactions created between actors are very few, uneven ,and the interactions that occur only one way. The #BatalkanOmnibusLaw is centered on ten actors, the most dominant account is @fraksirakyatid. Based on degree centrality analysis, closeness centrality, betweenness centrality, and eigenvector centrality the most influential actors in #BatalkanOmnibusLaw network are @fraksirakyatid and @walhinasional. Keywords: #BatalkanOmnibusLaw, Twitter, Actor, Communication Network
Astri Wulandari, Dessy Putri Wahyuni, M. Nastain
JCommsci - Journal Of Media and Communication Science, Volume 4, pp 123-134; https://doi.org/10.29303/jcommsci.v4i3.152

The digital era has led consumer behavior to shop online. It is undeniable that online shopping is indeed more in demand by some consumers because of various supporting factors. Shopee is an online shop application with many features so that consumers can easily shop, explore and even easily create an online store and sell products. This study uses quantitative research methods to see the effect of buying interest in Shopee online shopping in Yogyakarta. Sources of data were obtained from primary and secondary data with cluster sampling technique to 500 respondents. The results showed that each indicator of buying interest showed positive and significant results. The Transactional Interest indicator is included in the value category with a percentage of 34%, and then for Reference Interest, it has a percentage order of 69% with a very high category. Then for Preferential Interest, the order of category is very high at 70%, and Explanative Interest with a high percentage category at 58%.
Dwi Indah Kinanti, Anindita Lintangdesi Afriani
JCommsci - Journal Of Media and Communication Science, Volume 4, pp 149-155; https://doi.org/10.29303/jcommsci.v4i3.146

The development of technology and information is increasingly advanced and rapid, making it easy for people to access the internet looking for various kinds of information. One source of information that is often accessed is social media, especially social media Instagram. The rise of the user's social media especially instagram provides opportunities that can be exploited for employers to do digital marketing, as did Ortuseight. Ortuseight is a local brand that was founded in 2018, with a focus on selling futsal and football shoes. Ortuseight promotes its products through e-wom which utilizes Instagram media and uses celebrity endorsers to give trust to consumers. The purpose of this study is analyze the influence of e-wom and celebrity endorsers on purchasing decisions shoes Ortuseight. This research method uses a quantitative approach, with multiple linear regression analysis techniques. Data collection for distributing questionnaires via google form to 50 people who have purchased Ortuseight shoes. The results of this study include: 1) e-wom partially has a significant effect on purchasing decisions; 2) celebrity endorsers partially do not affect purchasing decisions; 3) electronic word of mouth and celebrity endorser simultaneously have a positive and significant effect on purchasing decisions. This research concludes that simultaneously the e-wom and celebrity endorser variables have a positive and significant effect on purchasing decisions. However, a partially e-wom variable has a positive and significant influence on purchasing decisions. Keywords: e-wom, celebrity endorser, purchase decision, ortuseight.
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