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Villa Evadelvia Ginal Sambari
Ge-STRAM: Jurnal Perencanaan dan Rekayasa Sipil, Volume 4, pp 41-45;

Nickel mining in PT. Bintangdelapan Mineral District located in the village Fatufia Bahodopi Morowali, Central Sulawesi. The purpose of this research study sampling techniques and sample checks pit stock pile, and aimed to compare the levels of Ni, Fe. The authors limit the issues on comparative levels of Ni, Fe, based on sampling and sample checks pit mining production and production sample port stock pile, using the analysis tool Minipal. Field research methods consisting of the preparation stage, the stage of data collection, data processing stage and phase of Thesis. Results in getting the checks on the sampling pit, mining samples, and sample port is an increase in levels, this is because the mining PT. Bintangdelapan Minerals has applied to both selective mining mining methods. In this sample, the researcher applied sampling method and sample check stock pile pit nickel laterite operations in accordance with standard PT. Bintangdelapan Minerals, the data obtained is processed using Microsoft Excel and then presented in the form of reading SPSS (Statistical Product And Service Solution).
Putra Sakti
Ge-STRAM: Jurnal Perencanaan dan Rekayasa Sipil, Volume 4, pp 46-52;

Erosion causes the loss of a fertile layer of soil and good for crop growth as well as reduced soil ability to absorb and retain water. The transported land will be deposited elsewhere, in rivers, reservoirs, lakes, irrigation channels, on farmland and so on. The purpose of this research is to analyze the large rainfall of the Konaweha River area. Analyzes large actual erosion (EA) & Potential Erosion (Ep), the average that occurs on the Konaweha River every year.The method used to calculate average maximum rainfall is arithmetic.Based on the results of analysis gained on erosion at the upper Abuki River, the location in Konawe district, can be concluded as follows:So the magnitude of actual erosion (Ea) on average that occurs on the river Konaweha every year coming 5.829 tons/ha/year, and potential erosion (Ep) on average that occurs on the river Konaweha every year coming 196.246 tons/ha/year.
Anita Intan Nura Diana, Subaidillah Fansuri, Nor Zainah
Ge-STRAM: Jurnal Perencanaan dan Rekayasa Sipil, Volume 4, pp 27-34;

Glass bottles waste are generated from industrial and household activities that can’t be decomposed, if the amount is too much it will damage for the environment. In this study, glass waste will be reused as a filler in concrete especially fine aggregate, because glass bottles waste has weather resistance. The data was analyzed by using regression and classical assumption test with SPSS programme with the help of SPSS 20 for windows software. The variables used in this study were the independent variable (glass bottle waste) and the dependent variable (tensile strength). Based on the results of the analysis, it is obtained that the maximum tensile strength is at the variation of 0% and 12.5%, where at the 0% variation, the tensile strength is obtained at 44 Kg/cm, while at the 12.5% variation, the tensile strength is obtained at 40 Kg/cm. This can be seen in the results of the simple linear regression analysis using the SPSS 20 for windows program which shows that the effect of adding glass waste has a significant effect on tensile strength.
Suning Suning, Haris Din Alholis
Ge-STRAM: Jurnal Perencanaan dan Rekayasa Sipil, Volume 4, pp 1-8;

The Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of Gresik Regency in 2019 stated that some villages in the Driyorejo District, Gresik Regency experienced drought, this condition is in contrast to the availability of water in 2012. The purpose of this study is to determine the spatial pattern of the carrying capacity of water resources. and direction of control policies for the carrying capacity of water resources. The research method used quantitative and qualitative descriptive analysis with the analysis technique of Water Bearing Capacity (DDA), Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) and spatial analysis using Arcgis 10.1 Software. Data collection techniques in the form of observation, documentation, questionnaires and agency surveys. The results showed that the water carrying capacity in Driyorejo District was 99.7% surplus and 0.3% deficit. The status of deficit water carrying capacity is in Petiken and Mojosarirejo Villages, especially in the industrial and service trade sectors. The main priority for the direction of the water carrying capacity control policy based on AHP is to improve land rehabilitation, development of infrastructure and improve the quality and quantity of water sources with scores of 161.4, 98 and 40.6, respectively.
Muhammad Shofwan Donny Cahyono, Adhi Muhtadhi, R. Endro Wibisono
Ge-STRAM: Jurnal Perencanaan dan Rekayasa Sipil, Volume 4, pp 35-40;

The high growth rate of vehicles gives direct effect on high road traffic. The capacity of Surabaya-Gresik Highway, which is designed with 2 lanes on each lane, is no longer able to accommodate the existing traffic load. This is proven by frequent long traffic jams on Jalan dr. Wahidin S.H. Therefore it is the right time to construct the underpass.The purpose of this research was to define the peak hours, the degree of saturation, and the level of service that occurred on the road section of Dr. Wahidin S.H to the intersection of Gresik Grand Mosque due to the construction of the underpass in GKB Gresik. The method used in this study was identification of traffic character, traffic survey, and analysis of traffic performance of signalized intersections using the Indonesia Highway Capacity Manual. The results of the study were morning and afternoon peak hours. In the existing condition in 2020 the value of Saturation Degree (DS) was 0.858 > 0.75 (LOS) E. In 2026 in which it is 5-year prediction by using management of traffic engineering the value of degree saturation (DS) was 0.744 < 0.75, level of service (LOS) C. Conditions after management of traffic engineering with adjustment of traffic light time cycle at the intersection of Jl. Dr. Wahidin S.H. – Jl. Gresik – Babat – Jl. Mayjen Sungkono, widening of intersection geometry and the operation of left and right side frontage and setting of Traffic Signaling Equipment (APILL) showed a level of service (LOS) C, stable flow, but limited speed.
Taurina Jemmy Irwanto, Agus Irmawan
Ge-STRAM: Jurnal Perencanaan dan Rekayasa Sipil, Volume 4, pp 21-26;

Concrete is a mixture of Portland cement, fine aggregate, coarse aggregate and water, the author tries to use local Madura crushed stone and bamboo shells as a partial substitute for cement to determine whether the effect of utilizing local waste and materials on the planned compressive strength of concrete. In addition to the use of local materials, it is used shellfish waste which is expected to be able to provide the latest innovations in the world of construction in the future. In this test, concrete is planned in the form of a cube of size 15x15x15 cm, and tested at the age of 7 days and 28 days for each variation of the mixture, the research was carried out using several variations of the concrete mixture, namely, 0%, 2%, 4% and 6% replacement of cement with shells. bamboo shells, where later the 0% variation will be the benchmark for each variation. From the results of testing the chemical content of bamboo clam shells, it was found that the content of lime (CaO) was 98.23%. The results of the compressive test for each variation resulted in an increase in compressive strength from each variation. The greatest increase in compressive strength is at 6% variation with the resulting compressive strength of 21.94 MPa.
Leonardus Setia Budi Wibowo, Dermawan Zebua
Ge-STRAM: Jurnal Perencanaan dan Rekayasa Sipil, Volume 4, pp 16-20;

Indonesia is one of the countries in the earthquake region. Therefore, it is necessary to build earthquake-resistant buildings to reduce the risk of material and life losses. Reinforced Concrete (RC) shear walls is one of effective structure element to resist earthquake forces. Applying RC shear wall can effectively reduce the displacement and story-drift of the structure. This research aims to study the effect of shear wall location in symmetric medium-rise building due to seismic loading. The symmetric medium rise-building is analyzed for earthquake force by considering two types of structural system. i.e. Frame system and Dual system. First model is open frame structural system and other three models are dual type structural system. The frame with shear walls at core and centrally placed at exterior frames showed significant reduction more than 80% lateral displacement at the top of structure.
Vera Mahardika, Rachmat Mudiyono, Soedarsono Soedarsono
Ge-STRAM: Jurnal Perencanaan dan Rekayasa Sipil, Volume 4, pp 9-15;

Flexible, rigid, and paving block pavements can be used as alternative roads because the soil conditions on the Pantai Utara Flores road are rocky soil with a relatively high CBR so that the most important role in withstand load is subgrade. The purpose of the Comparison of Construction and Costs for Flexible, Rigid, and Paving Block Pavement Structures on Jalan Pantai Utara Flores is to know which one most effective and efficient when viewed from the traffic load with each pavement using the Bina Marga method, AASHTO , and Direktorat Jendral Bina Marga. Jalan Pantai Utara Flores is access to Komodo Labuan Bajo airport which is a Class I road, rocky land with a relatively high CBR, rainfall of Labuan Bajo is relatively low, LHR in Labuan Bajo is relatively small, besides Labuan Bajo is a tourist area that should be supported by road access that has driving comfort so the suitable pavement structure for Jalan Pantai Utara Flores is flexible pavement. Meanwhile, based on the recapitulation of the analysis results, the cost of flexible pavement is Rp. 28,793,604,705,600, the cost of a rigid pavement is Rp. 34,218,430,585,828 and the cost of paving block pavement is Rp. 17,410,645,080,000 so it can be seen that the paving block pavement is most economical, but the paving block pavement structure has a very uncomfortable driving comfort besides that the paving block pavement structure cannot be passed by vehicles at high speed so that the paving block pavement structure is more suitable for controlling speed of vehicles such as roads in crowded urban areas and residential roads.
Dimas Priatmoko Wicaksono, Didik Harijianto, Nurul Jannah Asid
Ge-STRAM: Jurnal Perencanaan dan Rekayasa Sipil, Volume 3, pp 94-105;

The city of Surabaya is one of the big cities in Indonesia. Like other cities, Surabaya also has problems, especially problems regarding flooding. The problem of flooding in the city of Surabaya can be classified into 2 (two). Namely, drainage problems due to natural factors and man-made. One of the roads that are still regularly flooded in Surabaya when it rains is Jalan Coklat. In this study the authors analyzed using secondary data from related agencies from field observations. These data include rainfall data, inundation data, tide data and dimensions of existing canals and other complementary structures. From these data, it can be obtained that the average rainfall value is 97.54 mm / day, the rain intensity is 214.88 mm / hour for the 10th period, while the Flood Debit Q Planning is 0.95 m3 / sec, and the discharge in the existing channel can be 0, 849 m3 / second. From the Tide Data, it is obtained that the peak of the tide is 150 cm high on December 13, 2016 and the lowest low tide is 130 cm on January 25, 2016. From the calculation and analysis results in the area that affects the occurrence of inundation is the channel dimension with Width: 50 x Height: 80 cm From the analysis of the calculation of the redesign using the box culvert, the dimensions of each box are obtained, namely the width of the box culvert: 80 x height: 100 x length: 120 cm for the 10th period with a capacity of 2.227 m3 / second. If the rainfall is high in the area and the water level in the Kalimas river is overflowing, the results of the analysis need to install a floodgate with the dimensions of the sluice gate Width: 60 x Height: 180 x Thickness: 1 cm so that when there is back water in the jl area . Brown floodgates function and when the rainfall is also high, the floodgates are already operating, so to reduce water puddles, it is necessary to use the help of a pump. From the analysis results, the pump capacity is 2.5 m3 / second.
Luqman Cahyono, Kiki Dwi Wulandari, Agung Prasetyo Utomo
Ge-STRAM: Jurnal Perencanaan dan Rekayasa Sipil, Volume 3, pp 58-63;

Hospital Dr. R. Soedarsono is the only government-owned hospital and first in the city of Pasuruan, so this hospital is indirectly the main reference for residents. Parking space needs for hospital visitors motorcycle users are influenced by 2 things, among others: 1) Parking land users are indeed hospital visitors aiming for the needs of the hospital, 2) Parking land users are indeed non hospital visitors who deliberately leave their vehicles for purposes other than the hospital. Other needs such as entrusting vehicles to get out of the city, to the office and work in companies outside the city of Pasuruan, etc. This happens because the location of the strategic hospital is on the inter-city public transportation lane, triggering non-hospital visitors to leave their motorbikes. The purpose of this study was to determine the condition of motorcycle user parking and to determine the characteristics of motorcycle users in the hospital. The research data collection method is by recording the number of motorcycle plates that enter and exit complete with time, as well as directly asking the needs of parking visitors. The research was carried out for 7 days / 1 week, whereas in 24 hours of sampling throughout the day starting at 06.00-06.00 WIB. The results of this study show: (1) 3353 vehicles entering parking conditions, there are 2917 visitors parking visitors and 436 non-hospital parking users, (2) the highest volume on Thursday 613 vehicles, (3) the highest accumulation of parking on Thursday at 19.00 - 20.00 as many as 340 vehicles and the average maximum accumulation value of 287 vehicles while there are 267 SRP, it is concluded that the accumulation of parking exceeds the area of the parking space unit, (4) the highest parking duration is vulnerable time 120-180 minutes, (5) the number of parking changes an average 1.79 vehicle / parking lot means that for one parking lot serving more than one vehicle, (6) the parking index is an average of 107.54%, so parking facilities are said to be problematic because ip> 100%. for that it is necessary to increase the area of parking or the creation of new parking spaces with vertical parking (multi-storey parking).
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