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Sayed Ahmed
Asian Journal of Interdisciplinary Research, Volume 4, pp 17-29;

The German capital city of Berlin, amongst all European cities, is well known as one of the most freethinking center but yet historical. Its industrial historic structures and heritage elements over the spree river shore are reanalyzed and reexamined in this case study with emphasis on club culture and social recreation. The important issue is that, the structures and architectural style of these few surviving buildings have the common features and also diversities which were never brought under light and even ignored to let them became hub for unsocial activities like drug dealing and unhygienic adobes for homeless peoples. To discover and recognize their current contribution and possible social attribute over the whole city fabric, the main construct of this paper is to rethink Berlin’s so called public cohesion on the basis of recreational character and its associated urban order. The research question is: “What is the topmost role played by such built elements for formation of a distinct civic culture and keep Berlin alive?” To reveal the conceivable theoretical framework of this study will try to accentuate same facts and aspects followed by descriptive-analytical method and suggest independent and dependent variables, possible cooperative urban inventions based on the inhabitants’ interest, protest and demands against privatization of Media Spree. Documentation, field survey, associated drawings, related photographs from different time intervals and model studying was helpful for analyzing the urban morphology. The proposed design will try to indicate that the historic industrial buildings, pubs and markets, art practice and the overall landscape has tremendous bilateral relations for the wellbeing of city dwellers; which could be shaped well into a main ‘Axis’ of cultural activities, which Berlin is not posed with currently.
Rukmani P, Kamran Shavarebi
Asian Journal of Interdisciplinary Research, Volume 4, pp 10-16;

Objective of this conceptual study is to investigate the demand for project management skills in Malaysian economic sectors and to develop strategies on narrowing down the project management talent gap to enable the nation in leveraging on project management talents to implement strategic initiatives, driving change, and delivering innovation to Malaysia whilst contributing to nation’s productivity and standard of living. Previous studies on project management skills demand in Malaysian economic sector is limited, mostly related to non-Malaysian economies and other areas of skills. Demand and supply theory based on Graduate Tracer Study is used as basis to understand and close the gap in project management skills demand and project management talent shortages and, in consideration of potential job mismatch due to traits of workers and the impact of curriculum design on employability competence. This study on project management skills in Malaysia will serve as basis to identify the project management skills gap in Malaysian economic sectors. Proposed model of strategies expected to be developed in this study is aimed to provide granular level insights for government in adopting more targeted approach in meeting the demand for project management skills and narrowing down project management talent shortages.
Edin Kukavica
Asian Journal of Interdisciplinary Research, Volume .4, pp 47-53;

The culture of life is a theological-philosophical term, which signifies a commitment to respect and protect life. The aim of this study was to investigate students’ attitudes towards the culture of life in Sarajevo Canton. Research included a sample of 1204 students of 6th grade of primary schools in Sarajevo Canton, divided into two subsamples of 602 students attending schools in suburban and urban parts of Sarajevo Canton, we examined the attitudes of students who acquired competencies in the subject Culture of Living to the aspect of culture as a phenomenon, with all its integral wholes from healthy lifestyles, through general cultural habits to traditional values. The results obtained by factor analysis indicate that students attending schools in the suburbs of Sarajevo Canton determine attitudes that have the premise of education in relation to students attending schools in urban areas of Sarajevo Canton, which are more determined by educational categories of attitudes. to conclude that the children of suburban schools have a greater influence of parents and families on attitudes compared to urban schools where the influence of teachers and schools is greater, based on the attitudes of students through a survey conducted.
Dong-Ching Day
Asian Journal of Interdisciplinary Research, Volume .4, pp 54-61;

Developmental state used to be and is still regarded as a very practical theory to explain why Four Asian Tigers-Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Singapore enjoyed almost averagely double-digit economic growth rate each year from 1970 to 1990 as well as East Asian economic development. However, developmental state theory couldn’t tell why South Korea and Singapore’s economic development had done much better than Taiwan and Hong Kong’s in terms of GDP per capita after 2003 and 2004 respectively. The aim of the study is trying to use national identity perspective to explain why it happens like this, since Four Asian Tigers’ economic development more or less was troubled by national identity issue. The major difference between these two groups is that South Korea and Singapore have done better in dealing with national identity issue than Taiwan and Hong Kong.
Kurihara Y
Asian Journal of Interdisciplinary Research, Volume 4, pp 1-9;

IT (Information Technology) was invented and penetrated into our daily lives and business world from the 1980s. It has also spread quickly in developed economies. This study examines whether such phenomenon has impacted international trade. More concretely, this study empirically examines the relationship (1) between the improvement of banking and financial services and international trade, (2) between the Internet speed and international trade, and (3) mobile subscribers and international trade. The empirical results show that GDP per capita is positively related with international trade significantly. Moreover, they show that banking and financial services can increase international trade. Also, Internet speed is significantly associated with promoting international trade. However, there is no evidence that the spreading use of mobile has caused increasing international trade. If the pros of the spreading use of mobile related IT are large, there is some room for promoting this transition. Security, reliability, and so on are key factors to promote mobile into business, including international trade.
Guo-Hui Xie, Early Years Research Association of Singapore., Qi Wang
Asian Journal of Interdisciplinary Research, Volume 4, pp 30-36;

Mandalas (in Sanskrit refers to “circle” or “discoid object”) have been exclusively a part of the Eastern religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Jainism and Shintoism, for hundreds of years. They represent the different aspects of the universe. They are also used as sacred meditation tools as well as consecrated symbols of prayer, most notably in China, Japan, and Tibet. Only in recent years that mandalas have been found to promote the mental as well as physical well-being or wellness, especially for those who are experiencing stress, anxiety and depression (also known as SAD syndrome). They are eventually incorporated into art as therapy and counseling as part of the repertoire of intervention tools. Generally, mandala art therapy can be divided into three different forms: (i) mandala meditation, (ii) mandala drawing, and (iii) mandala coloring. Each of these forms is a therapeutic tool that serves to help a person to relax and be at peace with oneself. According to Jungian concept of a mandala, it refers to the psychological expression of the totality of the self, and hence, mandala art therapy in whichever of its three forms can help to establish the positive wholesomeness of self. In this paper, the authors have chosen to focus on mandala coloring as a therapeutic tool and introduced the simple five-step procedure to implement it.
Sumudu Rajasinghe, Carukshi Arambepola
Asian Journal of Interdisciplinary Research, Volume 4, pp 37-46;

Competition related anxiety is a major psychological issue among athletes and this study estimates the prevalence of competition related anxiety, its associated factors and coping strategies used, among school athletes in Sri Lanka. A cross-sectional study was conducted among 330 athletes. Two-stage simple random sampling was used. Competition related anxiety level was determined by Sport Competition Anxiety Test for adults (SCAT-A). Prevalence of ‘high’ level of sport competition related anxiety was 19.4% and it was significantly associated with individual sports, fear of failure, experience of past defeat, and poor support received from parents/friends. Listening to music, goal setting, positive self-talk and meditation were positive coping strategies used by athletes. The main negative coping strategy was being angry. High competition related anxiety prevalent in about 1/5th of school athletes was influenced by several factors related to the sport event. Psychological support incorporated into routine physical training sessions is recommended.
Yajun Wu, Xia Kang
Asian Journal of Interdisciplinary Research, Volume 4, pp 80-87;

From epistemological and methodological perspectives, the pre-predicative experience is essential for the self-performed knowledge assessment. Husserl speaks about the “self-evident” knowledge in the context of phenomenological reduction, and the concept of self-evidence is postulated to unfold as part of pre-predicative experience. However, Husserl does not explain the content of the latter. This article conducts a comprehensive study of the attributes of pre-predicative experience and precedent phenomenon alongside three dimensions of order, category, and function. The analysis argues that the pre-predicative experience is influenced by precedent knowledge.
Mustapha Kulungu
Asian Journal of Interdisciplinary Research, Volume 4, pp 88-99;

The Boko Haram group in the Nigerian and Lake Chad Basin has gained immense sympathy in the region, appearing to mount political challenges against corruption and social and economic inequalities. Security experts did not anticipate that the group would become violent based on its past actions. However, researchers recently have revealed that the group has had transnational connections to other terrorist groups, such as Al-Shabaab in the Horn of Africa, and Al Qaeda, which have influenced its propensity for violence. This research attempts to understand Boko Haram by examining data supplied by research, documents, and reports from numerous groups. The method implemented here entails a historical approach, including observation, a way by which the historian aims to determine the soundness of observational reports conducted by previous investigators. This research utilizes a historical methodology that requires exploring, documenting, evaluating, and interpreting past occurrences to discover indications that aid in understanding historical and present activities and to a significant but limited extent for projecting the future. This study examines the origin of Boko Haram and speculates as to its future by concentrating on why the group primarily thrives in some parts of Nigeria and the Lake Chad region. It also looks at responses to security challenges from American, Nigerian, and neighboring governments. Additionally, it looks at the use of community engagement and soft power as a possible means to mitigate violence in the region. Finally, the document identifies implications for the group's continued existence and stability in the area based on data analysis. This research also offers policy recommendations for the United States, Nigeria, and the surrounding countries that could minimize the threats of Boko Haram.
Masayo Uji
Asian Journal of Interdisciplinary Research, Volume 4, pp 62-79;

Epidemiological research which focused on impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health have been conducted worldwide. This article aimed to: 1) review relevant research articles to identify both risk and protective factors of negative impacts caused by the pandemic, 2) to identify still needed information, and finally 3) to propose particular types of research necessary for the future. A variety of demographic variables as well as psycho-social factors were found to be risk factors or protective factors. It has not been clarified whether these factors interdependently function when the COVID-19 outbreak negatively impacts an individual’s mental health. In addition, only presumable factors have been examined as to whether they are risk or protective factors. Compared to epidemiological studies targeting a relatively large sample, there were few clinical case studies which described the psycho-social process leading to an individual’s maladaptation. In order for these issues to be solved, the author proposed a few essentials in conducting future research.
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