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Fuller L, Govender K
Asian Journal of Interdisciplinary Research, Volume 3, pp 30-35; doi:10.34256/ajir2033

This paper explores the impact of certain regulations on private higher education (PHEI) provision and delivery in South Africa. By scrutinizing relevant legislation and policies, the researchers demonstrate that although various government policy documents, inter-alia, the National Development Plan-2030, allude to the important role of private higher education providers in South Africa, the various polices and legislation do not seem to create a very conducive and enabling climate. Ranging from funding to accreditation, the perception among private HE providers is that there is little support for PHEIs.
Raymond Ndubisi Anyanwu
Asian Journal of Interdisciplinary Research, Volume 3, pp 36-47; doi:10.34256/ajir2034

When world leaders and delegates convened in Madrid, Spain in December 2019 for the 25th Congress of Parties (COP-25) to re-evaluate their obligations to the Paris Agreement on climate change, they could not prefigure coronavirus was about to overrun humanity. Virtually everyone describes climate change as the most complex ecological and social crisis confronting society in this century. When coronavirus outbreak struck humanity in December 2019, virtually everyone also describes it as the most complex crisis that had struck mankind since the end of Second World War. Both crises have also attracted significant response from policymakers; yet no research has weighed these two common challenges of our time side-by-side in a single study to establish whether they have equivalent level of complexity. This is crucial because confronting a problem without first understanding its complexity would culminate in a waste of resources and or failure to find a permanent solution to it. To address this concern, this paper evaluates global climate change and corona-virus 2019 outbreak using complexity theory as a conceptual framework, and makes recommendations for policy and research based on the outcomes.
Sogo Angel Olofinbiyi, Thembelihle Mtambo
Asian Journal of Interdisciplinary Research, Volume 3, pp 15-29; doi:10.34256/ajir2032

South African societies have been characterized by the prolific incidence of illicit drug use in recent times. The paper attempts to examine the legislations implemented on the use of illicit drugs in South Africa. The study adopts a review of the literature to identify and describe the most common illicit drugs used around South Africa communities, placing emphasis on the policies developed by the South African government in combating these situations. The research follows a critical discussion on the issues associated with drug use, its causes, as well as its effects on humans and the environment. The study recommends relevant initiatives to combat all intricacies associated with drug use within the country. This approach will be appropriate in facilitating a clear-cut understanding of the possible remedies to quench the burning flame of illicit drug use across a broad range of South African communities.
Evans Yeboah, Yu Jing, Anning Lucy
Asian Journal of Interdisciplinary Research, Volume 3, pp 1-14; doi:10.34256/ajir2031

Foreign direct investment inflows and outflows, export and import are seen as some of the major factors for transforming a country’s economic growth and development. This paper provides and evaluates literature review on importation and exportation alongside inward and outward FDI in Ghana. By considering some selected countries such as China, India, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom in determining whether there is some sort of connection between Ghana’s trading partners and investing countries in its economy by the use of the quantitative method. The results show that Ghana’s export values have improved rapidly over the past years with a continuous decrease in its imports. The outcome further proves that, at the initial level, export from Ghana to China, India, the US, and the UK were of lower values and with much effort by the Ghana government to control the balance of trade deficit from these major trading partners is in the process of achieving the goal, as the country has been experiencing balance of trade surplus from China and India except in the situation the US, and the UK. It was also revealed that China, India, the US, and the UK are not only major trading partners but also among the top investing nations in Ghana. It is suggested that Ghana should increase its outward FDI and also encourages its multinational companies to embark on cross-border investment.
Gulcin Alp, Yavuz Özdemir, Sahika Ozdemir
Asian Journal of Interdisciplinary Research, Volume 3, pp 206-218; doi:10.34256/ajir20116

Cities are the settlements they form as living spaces of societies and they are not just structures; the same people are born, breathe, grow and thrive. While the cities are growing, their structures are unable to carry the density of the population due to deterioration in time. Urban transformation projects have emerged as a response to this need. However, it is seen that there are some problems and deficiencies when the issue of existing land use and transportation network factors for renewal of the problematic places of the cities is examined in parallel with the changes. If these problems are not prevented, it will not be possible to leave quality, reliable and sustainable cities for years to come. Non-sustainable transportation and land-use decisions in fast-growing urban areas are not effective in solving transportation problems. Point solutions against transportation problems are not permanent in the long term and cause problems after a short period of time. Therefore, the effect of the transformations on the transportation and land use factors are evaluated together. In this study, it is emphasized that the land use and transportation factor should be handled based on Göztepe District of Bağcılar district which is in the process of transformation under the law no 6306.
Yavuz Özdemir, Kemal Gokhan Nalbant
Asian Journal of Interdisciplinary Research, Volume 3, pp 219-236; doi:10.34256/ajir20117

Personnel selection is an important business process for companies. Training, experience information and personal characteristics are important qualities for employee to be recruited. The most accurate result of the personnel selection is obtained from the qualified personnel by determining the personnel who is most suitable for the job requirements. The basic idea of personnel selection is to choose the best candidate for a job. Personnel selection is crucial in human resources management. A solution to the Multi Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) problem is Personnel selection. The main goal of this paper is to find the best personnel using the integrated Consistent Fuzzy Preference Relations (CFPR) and Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process (FAHP) methodology. CFPR is used to obtain the importance weight of personnel selection criteria (22 sub-criteria are categorized under 5 main criteria). Then, the importance weights of personnel selection criteria are integrated with a FAHP model to prioritize the personnel alternatives. For a case study in Turkey, the ranking of the alternatives (17) is calculated using the integrated CFPR-FAHP model, and the best personnel is selected for promotion. This methodology makes it easier for managers/human resources department to decide on recruitment and personnel promotion. The proposed methodology provides the consistent results owing to the integrated methods. The main contribution in this study is the reduction of judgments for a preference matrix using the proposed methodology. To the authors’ knowledge, this study will be the first to integrate CFPR and FAHP methods for personnel selection.
Sahika Ozdemir, Hakan Tong
Asian Journal of Interdisciplinary Research, Volume 3, pp 196-205; doi:10.34256/ajir20115

With the widespread use of computers, rule-based design methods that can work in harmony with computer logic and can be easily adapted to the computer environment have come to the forefront in the design world. To be able to analyze the logic of a design made with the shape grammar method which is one of the rule based design methods; it is even possible to modify and transform the design, which has been placed on the rule base by removing shape rules, or to create new designs with the same design logic. In this study, some stores that will be exemplary for the store design are examined, analyzed and the system is designed to produce new plan schemes. In this study, it is aimed to produce a program that offers abstract plan alternatives to the designer during the early design process. In store design, clothing stores are emphasized especially due to its intensive use. Within the scope of the study, it is focused on developing a program that produces plan alternatives by using computational power of computer. In this way, it was possible to work on many plan alternatives in a short time during the design process and it became easy to examine large areas. With these alternatives, it is aimed to provide rapid and advance detection of possible problems that may arise. At this point, it is aimed to see a large number of plan alternatives by applying a few rules and to make the appropriate selection among these alternatives.
Ibrahim Abdulai Sawaneh
Asian Journal of Interdisciplinary Research, Volume 3, pp 185-195; doi:10.34256/ajir20114

The internet hosts all online activities either for public or private usage. It is a powerful online podium where people socialize, make new friends, conduct academic research, perform online business transactions, share sensitive data, communication over the internet, surveillance purpose by security agencies, monitor climatic condition, used in e-healthcare system, online banking, online pay, e-commerce, defense system, and host of others critical infrastructures are the new order of the day. This has attracted online criminals to diverse numerous malicious techniques to invade people’s privacy and also exploit those data. A new game has resulted in these online malicious activities are known as “cybercrime or internet crime” which is a rewarding business as of today. Therefore, it has become difficult to protect those online activities as cybercrimes are growing daily, which suggests that effective and appropriate countermeasures are needed to combat those threats and make online activities more secure. The research paper presents the various types of cybercrime activities, countermeasures, and suggestions for online users.
Zuxin Josie Oh, Guo Hui Xie
Asian Journal of Interdisciplinary Research, Volume 3, pp 162-177; doi:10.34256/ajir20112

This is a case review of a male adult, GO, with nonverbal low functioning autism in his twenties. Previous psycho-educational assessment indicated that GO had a nonverbal IQ (NVIQ) of 73 within the borderline range, an adaptive behavior composite score at the extremely low percentile rank, and poor executive functioning (EF) capability with majority of the EF components falling in the performance range from borderline problem to problematic range. His family has expressed their concern if GO would be able to take care of himself when they are too old or no longer around to care for him. This short paper is an attempt to review all the previous assessment results and to find out if GO could be helped to improve in his daily living skills in order to lead a more independent life in the future.
Serhat Aniktar, Yavuz Ozdemir
Asian Journal of Interdisciplinary Research, Volume 3, pp 178-184; doi:10.34256/ajir20113

21st century schools are defined as new generation schools. In recent years, studies on new generation schools in educational science have been created with the contributions of the discipline of architecture. In new generation schools, the learning environment can not be confined to classes. According to learning-oriented learning approaches, any environment that affects the learning process for children is the learning environment. In this context, the concept of “learning environment needs to be perceived from a new perspective beyond the concept adopted. The design of educational buildings should be conveyed to the students of architecture, the architects of the future, in the context of the new generation school and learning environment. Within the scope of this study, first year students of the department of architecture were asked to design a learning environment in accordance with the criteria of new generation learning environment design. Student studies were evaluated by the instructor and another faculty member and scored in the context of design criteria of the new generation learning environment. The application results were analyzed comparatively
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