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Muhammad - Zulkarnain, Heliyani Heliyani
EKONOMIKA SYARIAH : Journal of Economic Studies, Volume 4, pp 111-122; doi:10.30983/es.v4i1.3305

The research aims to examine the role of Non-Performing Financing (NPF) on the profitability of financing in Sharia Banks with inflation as a moderation variable. The population of this research is Islamic Rural Banks in West Sumatra Indonesia, which was registered in the Financial Services Authority (OJK) in the 2015-2018 period. Samples of research were taken purposively as many as seven units of Islamic Rural Banks which were spread in West Sumatra Indonesia. The data analysis technique used is a regression method with panel data (pooled data) which is a combination of cross section and time series data using Software Eviews8. The results of the analysis showed that Non-Performing Financing (NPF) has a negative effect on profitability, which is proxied by ROA. Furthermore, this research proves that the inflation does not moderate or weaken the influence of the NPF on the profitability of Islamic Rural Banks. This research contributes in expanding the direct relationship between NPF and profitability which in previous research was not elaborated further.
Harfandi Harfandi, Era Sonita
EKONOMIKA SYARIAH : Journal of Economic Studies, Volume 4, pp 1-18; doi:10.30983/es.v4i1.3266

The objective of this research to analysis deeply examine the synergy of attitude and knowledge to develop entrepreneurship spirit of the students of Faculty of Economics and Islamic Business (FEBI) IAIN Bukittinggi. After analyzed qualitatively using; SWOT analysis, SWOT Matrix, and Charge Table Score, it can be pointed out that the synergy of attitude and knowledge in the development of entrepreneurship of students namely; 1) To grow values: honesty, tolerance, ideas and creativity, awareness of the norms and rules, a strong spirit in learning, a strong drive to excel, confidence, and independence, interest, perseverance, and motivation, the desire to explore and produce economic resources, entrepreneurial spirit and entrepreneurship, And, 2). Realizing knowledge about; entrepreneurship ideas that suits the needs of the market, the development of business prospects, and business management. This research contributed to prepare the graduates who can compete in both academic and non-academic fields
Miswardi Miswardi
EKONOMIKA SYARIAH : Journal of Economic Studies, Volume 4, pp 74-89; doi:10.30983/es.v4i1.3281

In line with the increasing demands of the business in the era of globalization, especially related to the resolution of business conflicts, business people have tried to find alternative dispute resolution methods other than justice. This is because the judicial institution as a legal institution that should be able to play its role in efforts to resolve various kinds of business conflicts, is in reality not as expected by business people. There is support for normative formalities. Therefore alternative dispute resolution institutions can be used as a very possible choice. This alternative institution is considered more effective in various aspects of business dispute resolution, in response to the demands of very fierce business competition. Some economic benefits gained from choosing a solution through ADR (Alternative Despute Resolution) are that this model is not formal, saves more time and also minimize costs in dispute resolution.
Widi Nopiardo Nopiardo
EKONOMIKA SYARIAH : Journal of Economic Studies, Volume 4, pp 55-73; doi:10.30983/es.v4i1.3221

The problem in this research is the unknown detail about the distribution of productive of zakat in Nagari Parambahan and this study aims to determine the effectiveness of the distribution of productive zakat models. The type of research is a field research which is described in a descriptive qualitative manner. Data collected by using interviews and documentation and analyzed with data reduction, data presentation, and drawing conclusions related to the distribution of zakat. The results showed that productive zakat assistance conducted by BAZNAS has not been effective in the framework of developing mustahik business. There are still many undeveloped mustahik businesses, as follows: for livestock businesses out of 23 mustahik who receive assistance in the form of animals livestock (goats / ducks) there are 11 mustahik that are developing and 12 are not developing, while for agriculture out of 5 mustahik who receive productive zakat assistance, none of them are developing, while for business capital of 11 mustahik there are 4 mustahik whose business is developing and 7 not developing, and for assistance in the form of a home industry of 4 years, only 1 person mustahik who get home industry assistance, namely in 2018 and developing.
Tessa Yuliani, Liz Izmuddin, Anne Putri
EKONOMIKA SYARIAH : Journal of Economic Studies, Volume 4, pp 90-110; doi:10.30983/es.v4i1.2074

This research is due to the problems in Jorong Batu Limbak related to the problem of making the cotton industry. For the people of Jorong Batu Limbak, the kapok handicraft industry is an industrial activity that must be developed so that people's economic resilience can be increased. This industry initially only processed cottonwood, but in its development there was a business making casual mattresses, dolls and others. The purpose of this study was to analyze the effect of the creativity of the kapok industrial product creativity on the economic resilience of the community in Jorong Batu Limbak. The research method used in this study is field research with a quantitative approach. The sample of this research is cotton entrepreneurs who innovate and creativity in the cotton industry. technical analysis used is multiple linear regression analysis. these findings reveal that Innovation and Creativity in the Kapok Industry in Jorong Batu Limbak have a significant influence on the economic resilience of the community as evidenced by the results of multiple linear regression Y = 12,962 + 0,22X1 + 0,628X2 + e. There is a positive influence between Product Innovation and product creativity on Community Economic Security, which is 51.2%
Nasfi Nasfi, Rahmad Rahmad, Sabri Sabri
EKONOMIKA SYARIAH : Journal of Economic Studies, Volume 4, pp 19-38; doi:10.30983/es.v4i1.3146

The object of Islamic banking research of PT. BPRS Hajj Poor Head office of Tanah Land Regency and Payakumbuh City Branch Office, to test the effect of service quality, namely tagible (physical appearance), empathy (attention), reliability (reliability), responsiveness (response) and assurance (guarantee) ) to customer satisfaction. The study population uses accidental sampling (accidental sampling), a sampling technique based on coincidence of savings and financing product customers, which is feasible as a source of data for 10 days, with a sample of 100 people. Analysis of research data on structural equation models, the SPSS application program tests 5 (five) hypotheses that have been developed. 5 (five) hypotheses submitted were accepted, Tangibles had a significant effect on customer satisfaction, tangibles regression coefficient (X1) 0.235 was positive, indicating that with increased tangibles (X1) would increase satisfaction, Empathy had a significant effect on customer satisfaction. Empathy regression coefficient (X2) 0.160 is positive, indicating an increase in empathy (X2) will increase customer satisfaction, reliability has a significant effect on customer satisfaction, reliability regression coefficient (X3) 0.459 customer marks, showing an increase in reliability (X3) increases customer satisfaction, influential responses significant to customer satisfaction. Responsiveness regression coefficient (X4) of 0.787 is positive, indicating increased responsiveness (X4) increases customer satisfaction, Assurance has a significant effect on customer satisfaction, assurance regression coefficient (X5) of 0.514 is positive, shows an increase in Assurance increases customer satisfaction.
Arif Rahmat, Asyari Asyari, Hesi Eka Puteri
EKONOMIKA SYARIAH : Journal of Economic Studies, Volume 4, pp 39-54; doi:10.30983/es.v4i1.3198

This study aims to analyze the influence of hedonism and religiosity on the consumptive behavior of students at the Faculty of Islamic Economics and Business, State Islamic Institute of Bukittinggi, West Sumatera, Indonesia. The population in this studi was 3,900 students and the sample was 363 of them that were selected by using the cluster sampling techniques. The results showed that hedonism has a positive influence on the consumptive behavior of students, it means that the higher of the level of hedonism, the higher the consumptive behavior of students. Meanwhile, religiosity was found to have the negative effect on the consumptive behavior of students, its meant that the higher the level of religious students, the lower the consumptive behavior of students, this study suggests that hedonism and religiosity explain variations in student consumer behavior by 64.5%, while the remaining 35.5% % is explained by other variables not explored in this study. This finding shows that to manage consumption properly, students must control their hedonism and increase their level of religiosity so that they will far from consumptive habits.
Agus Salihin
EKONOMIKA SYARIAH : Journal of Economic Studies, Volume 3, pp 14-31; doi:10.30983/es.v3i2.2086

This study aims to determine the process of determining and pricing mechanisms in the thought of the figure of Ibn Khaldun. This research uses the Library Research method which is one type of qualitative research using the socio historical and historical factual approaches. The data source of this study consisted of primary data and secondary data. While the data analysis used in this study is descriptive analytic. The results showed that sociologically Ibn Khaldun had revealed the process of price formation clearly. According to him, naturally the formation of prices is determined by the role of market mechanisms through a balance between demand and supply in the market. The meeting between the demand and supply factors in the market will form the balance of natural market prices. The existence of government intervention on the market shows that there is a contraction between social economic conditions in determining prices. Besides hisbah is also authorized to maintain the moral and social life of the social community. With hisbah, it is expected that the market mechanism can run normally and the prices formed reflect aspects of justice for market participants. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui proses penentuan dan mekanisme harga dalam pamikiran tokoh Ibn Khaldun. Penelitian ini menggunakan metode Library Research yang merupakan salah satu jenis penelitian kualitatif dengan menggunakan pendekatan sosio historis dan factual historis. Sumber data penelitian ini terdiri dari data primer dan data sekunder. Sedangkan analisis data yang dipakai dalam penelitian ini adalah deskriptif analitik. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa secara sosiologis Ibn Khaldun telah mengungkapkan proses terbentuknya harga dengan jelas. Menurtnya, secara alamiah terbentuknya harga ditentukan oleh peran mekanisme pasar melalui keseimbangan antara permintaan dan penawaran di pasar. Pertemuan antara faktor permintaan dan faktor penawaran di pasar akan membentuk keseimbangan harga alamiah pasar. Adanya intervensi pemerintah terhadap pasar menunjukkan adanya intraksi antara kondisi sisial ekonomi dalam menentukan harga. Disamping itu hisbah juga berwenang menjaga moral spiritual kehidupan sosial kemasyarakatan. Dengan adanya hisbah diharapkan mekanisme pasar dapat berjalan normal dan harga yang terbentuk mencerminkan aspek keadilan bagi pelaku pasar.
Widya Syafitri
EKONOMIKA SYARIAH : Journal of Economic Studies, Volume 3, pp 75-81; doi:10.30983/es.v3i2.2546

ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) has been popular since 2016. Therefore, many preparations have already been done by all sectors to makeup this free market. Europe Economic Community has preceeded the famous of AEC. Thus, related to readiness, this article aimed at finding out the alertness that the third semester of Syariah Banking students of IAIN Bukittinggi have already prepared, especially their English ability to struggle with other country in ASEAN. The data of this research was gotten and analyzed quantitatively, by distributing questionnaire to the third semester of Syariah Banking students of IAIN Bukittinggi. The finding showed that the students had not been able to compete with other nations in ASEAN country since English did not become the important lesson for them and it was strengthen the curriculum of syariah banking does support students’ opportunity to learn English more. Masyarakat Ekonomi Asean (MEA) sudah booming dari awal tahun 2016 yang lalu. Sehingga sudah banyak persiapan yang dilakukan oleh semua sektor untuk menghadapi pasar bebas ini. Ketenaran istilah ini sebelumnya telah didahului oleh pasar bebas di Eropa atau lebih dikenal Masyarakat Ekonomi Eropa (MEE). Terkait dengan persiapan, maka tulisan bertujuan untuk melihat persiapan yang telah dilakukan oleh mahasiswa semester III Perbankan Syariah IAIN Bukittinggi, khususnya tentang kemampuan bahasa Inggris mereka dalam rangka kesiapan mahasiswa dalam bersaing dengan bangsa yang ada di ASEAN. Data dalam penelitian ini dikumpulkan dan diolah secara kuantitatif, yaitu dengan menyebarkan angket kepada mahasiswa semester III Perbankan Syariah IAIN Bukittinggi. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa kemampuan bahasa Inggris mahasiswa Perbankan Syariah belum mampu bersaing dengan bangsa lain yang tercakup dalam negara ASEAN.
Alias Candra
EKONOMIKA SYARIAH : Journal of Economic Studies, Volume 3, pp 82-91; doi:10.30983/es.v3i2.939

The research was raised from the issue of speculation on gold pawning products, where gold pawning products were not used as they should. Based on the research objectives mentioned above, the design of the research is a field research using a qualitative method that uses a sample of 400 gold pawning product customers, as well as the Kaltim Syari'ah Bank Syariah Business Unit as a gold pawning product service provider, The research reveals that the practice of gold pawning can pose risks for both customers and banks, because basically Islam has banned this speculation practice so that unwanted risks occur in running a business. The research shows that the gold pawning product has been carried out according to Bank Indonesia regulations and avoided speculation, as well as the motives carried out by customers in conducting gold pawning transactions are in accordance with the main purpose of the gold pawning product, to meet urgent needs, such as education costs, fees health, housing construction, and venture capital. Penelitian ini diangkat dari masalah spekulasi pada produk gadai emas, di mana produk gadai emas tidak digunakan sebagaimana mestinya. Berdasarkan tujuan penelitian yang disebutkan di atas, desain penelitian adalah penelitian lapangan menggunakan metode kualitatif yang menggunakan sampel 400 pelanggan produk gadai emas, serta Unit Usaha Syariah Bank Syariah Kaltim Syari'ah sebagai layanan produk gadai emas Penyedia, Penelitian ini mengungkapkan bahwa praktik gadai emas dapat menimbulkan risiko bagi pelanggan dan bank, karena pada dasarnya Islam telah melarang praktik spekulasi ini sehingga risiko yang tidak diinginkan terjadi dalam menjalankan bisnis. Penelitian menunjukkan bahwa produk gadai emas telah dilakukan sesuai dengan peraturan Bank Indonesia dan menghindari spekulasi, serta motif yang dilakukan oleh pelanggan dalam melakukan transaksi gadai emas sesuai dengan tujuan utama produk gadai emas, untuk memenuhi kebutuhan mendesak, seperti biaya pendidikan, biaya kesehatan, pembangunan perumahan, dan modal ventura.
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