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Robyn Martin, Reinie Cordier, Jasmin Jau, Sean Randall, Stian Thoresen, Anna Ferrante, Jacinta Chavulak, Sarah Morris, Philip Mendes, Mark Liddiard, et al.
This research examined the housing, homelessness, mental health, alcohol and drug and justice service usage pathways for children and young people up to 17 years of age leaving out-of-home care in Victoria and Western Australia
Nicole Gurran, Ann Forsyth, Michael Darcy, Glen Searle, Caitlin Buckle, Sarah Zou
This project examines international models of metropolitan and regional planning, focusing on governance, spatial organisation, and connectivity, to identify drivers of economic and social outcomes. It identifies lessons for Australian practice through a review of capital city and regional planning frameworks, and interviews with planners across three levels of government.
Chris Martin, Rebecca Reeve, Ruth McCausland, Eileen Baldry, Pat Burton, Rob White, Stuart Thomas
This research examined policies and programs relevant to the housing pathways of ex-prisoners with complex support needs in NSW, Victoria and Tasmania, including what criminal justice costs and benefits result from current housing assistance settings.
Jago Dodson, Carey Curtis, David Ashmore, Ian Woodcock, Stephen Kovacs
This research explores how Australian urban transport programs and policies are responding to changes in transport technology, travel patterns and environmental impacts so as to identify potential policy directions.
Cameron Duff, Nicholas Hill, Hazel Blunden, Kylie Valentine, Sean Randall, Rosanna Scutella, Guy Johnson
The project will examine the coordination between residential treatment and housing and social support services using international comparisons and linked administrative data followed by testing in the field. It aims to enhance transition planning and reduce the risk of housing instability for individuals leaving treatment for mental health and/or substance use problems.
Christian Nygaard, Simon Pinnegar, Elizabeth Taylor, Iris Levin, Rachel Maguire
This research analyses how evaluation of public housing renewal is informing policy development and delivery to maximise financial returns and socio-economic outcomes, and seeks to understand how key public policies, such as mixed-tenure development, can enable both social and economic returns.
Chris Leishman, Steven Bond-Smith, Weidong Liang, Jinqiao Long, Duncan Maclennan, Steven Rowley
This report considers evidence about the existence and scale of agglomeration economies, including in Australian cities. It examines whether city size affects productivity, and whether economic productivity, city size and rising housing costs are interdependent.
Somwrita Sarkar, Emily Moylan, Hao Wu, Rashi Shrivastava, Nicole Gurran, David Levinson
This research tests the usefulness of new datasets to inform the forward planning of social and community infrastructure in rapidly growing areas of Australian cities. It focusses on greenfield areas of Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth to demonstrate data sources and methods that can be replicated in other locations.
Julia Verdouw, Maria Belen Yanotti, Jacqueline De Vries, Kathleen Flanagan, Omar Ben Haman
This research examines the consequences of COVID-19 for households in regional Australia, and considers that post-pandemic recovery models designed for large cities may not work in regional areas or less-urbanised states.
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