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Hans Lenk
International Journal Of Multidisciplinary Research And Studies, Volume 05, pp 01-23;

Overall, the current reality and the scientifically represented world are much more than hitherto characterized by problems of cross-disciplinary or “inter-areal” connections of diverse topical research fields within complex and highly interconnected real, model, and quasi artificial systems. Here, we will address the respected problem of the humanities and social sciences somewhat by the rather old-fashioned contrast to the natural sciences. In the main part, I shall sketch my own approach that I call (scheme-) interpretations or methodological interpretative constructivism. This methodological concept seems to me to make possible a bridge between the disciplines – at least by going higher level in one’s methodology. The next part will turn to the historical and methodological questions of text-interpretations or methodological hermeneutics thus amounting to a prominent special case of the scheme-interpretations approach. Finally, the last part draws some methodological conclusions regarding abstract interpretations of “reunification” between the different scientific disciplines and everyday understanding.
Hassan M. H. Mustafa1, Mohamed I. A. Ibrahim2, Hany S. Ramzy3
International Journal Of Multidisciplinary Research And Studies, Volume 05, pp 01-14;

This Research papers tackles an important and interestingly complex, and a challenging educational problematic phenomenon. Specifically, it addresses two analogously interrelated issues namely: the non-properly prepared teachers that characterized by undesirable impact on students' academic achievement inside classrooms. Additionally, Herein, this issue shown to be analogous to recognition process of noisy contaminated Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Briefly, this comparative study objectively illustrates analogous relationship between contaminated noisy information provided by non-properly prepared teaching process versus noisy contaminated (OCR) process By more details, various noisy power level values which changed in learning environment, results in considerable correspondence with different learning rate values. The unfavorable amount of teacher’s improperness is mapped similar to well-known communication technology term namely signal to noise (S/N) ratio. Which quantitatively measures the clarity degree related to received desired learning / teaching signal across the educational communication channel. In other words, it illustrates simulated outcome presented as percentage of lessons’ focusing degree versus # Neurons for different learning rate values. More properly. Performance of non-properly prepared teacher results in noisy information submitted to children’s brain in classrooms. Accordingly. it observed annoyance of learning environment and negatively affects the quality of children’s learning performance. Herein, this research work illustrates specifically the analogy between learning under noisy data environment in Artificial Neural Networks (ANNS) models versus the effect of physical environment on quality of education in classrooms. The observed non-properly prepared teachers' phenomenon in classrooms observed to have negatively undesired effect on the evaluated educational process performance. Analogously, the observed effect of additively contaminating noise power on any of map size made with the resolution of (3x3) pixels. These pixels were associated to diverse three English clear characters (T&L, or H) which originally written over (3x3) binary (black & white) digitized retina. Herein; obtained interesting findings shaded light over more complex challenging research directions towards in future more elaborated investigational study for such interdisciplinary observed educational phenomena.
International Journal Of Multidisciplinary Research And Studies, Volume 05, pp 01-05;

The implementation of good corporate governance is very important in improving the quality of work of employees in a hospital. This study aims to provide an overview of the implementation of good corporate governance in improving the quality of employee performance in hospital agencies. The research design used a cross-sectional approach. This research was conducted at a hospital; the sample in this study was 120 employees. The research instrument used a questionnaire. Bi-variate data analysis with chi-square test and simple regression test and path test analysis. The results show that the good corporate governance variable has a positive effect on employee performance at Hospital X with a p-value of 0.018 <0.05, the results of path analysis also show that the correlation of the good corporate governance variable to the performance variable is 0.303 which means that good corporate governance has a contribution to increasing. Quality of work of employees.
Monika Sharma
International Journal Of Multidisciplinary Research And Studies, Volume 05, pp 01-16;

Huge investments have been carried out in sports teams and professional sports leagues all over the world. There are different sports that are popular in different parts of the world. In the United States, it's American Football, in Europe and UK it is Football (soccer); in the Indian sub-continent and Australia, it is Cricket that attracts the largest crowd. The research analyses this business of investments in sports leagues around the world. The paper looks at the potential interest in investing in clubs and team franchises of sports leagues. The aim of this paper was to find out the attractiveness and risks, economically and financially, involved in the Global business of sports leagues and the Involvement of business in the field of sports and critically analyze different business models used in the field of sports leagues for conducting business globally. The research utilized the primary data through questionnaires, case studies, and secondary data through government agencies like the census bureau, information compiled for sale by commercial vendors, data published by universities, government, equity research, reports, trade association newsletter, etc. The research concluded sports have always been a unique game of business for players and investing organizations. However, the research recommended the franchise business model used for the business is the appropriate model for conducting business in the field of sports leagues.
International Journal Of Multidisciplinary Research And Studies, Volume 05, pp 01-06;

There is a communication gap between people who are not able to understand the thoughts of those people having this problem so with the help of AI this application artificially which will be able to help those peoples who have no sense of understanding the thoughts of others by their movement or motion. We will add some signs of the English alphabet as predefined expressions. This application we made is for deaf people having hearing problems with them.
Agaba Halidu (Phd) Halidu, David Fidelis Atnadu (Msc)
International Journal Of Multidisciplinary Research And Studies, Volume 05, pp 01-12;

This work is an assessment of Nigeria-Sino bilateral trade relations. This assessment was done using secondary sources of data such as books, journals, newspapers, etc. Dependency theory was used to examine the trade relations between Nigeria and China to show how dependent Nigeria is on China. Nigeria needs China for finished goods and getting loans and China need Nigeria for certain raw materials but Nigeria has over time been dependent on China and this has increased Nigerian debt burden. The study discovered that trade imbalance in the bilateral relations persisted and, the bilateral trade relations have made Nigeria to be dependent on China. The study also discovered that trade relations benefited the two countries within this period and China benefited more due to the persistent trade imbalance. After seeing all these, the study made the following recommendations: Nigeria needs to invest massively in the manufacturing sector in order to close the massive gap in the economic strength between the two countries, and the two countries should do more to increase foreign direct investment (FDI), Nigeria should do more in exporting finished goods to China and this can be actualized through massive industrialization.
Wranj Kargu, Garren Batceor
International Journal Of Multidisciplinary Research And Studies, Volume 05, pp 01-09;

The separation of particles in keeping with shape is important for improving the standard of powder products. the form of a particle significantly affects its bulk properties. Various kinds of shape separators reported up to now are reviewed during this paper to supply useful information when choosing the foremost effective one, and also the separation mechanism and features are compared. Problems within the further development of the technique are explained.
Jasmin Jeanette C. Mama, Christian L. Garillo
International Journal Of Multidisciplinary Research And Studies, Volume 05, pp 01-17;

Filing a leave of absence is typical for any employee. Employees may be required to submit applications which must be fully accomplished before approval. The aim of this project is like a document tracking system for leave applications through a web application. A responsive web application for leave management system where the applicant will know the status of his/her request. The administration will then be notified if there are requests submitted to them. What makes this project efficient is the incorporation of the service worker, a cutting-edge technology, in web development. A service worker is a type of web worker. It is essentially a JavaScript file that runs separately from the main browser thread, intercepting network requests, caching or retrieving resources from the cache, and delivering push messages. [1] Since service workers run separately from the main thread, workers are independent of the application they are associated with. Some parts of the project are usable offline using the HTTP request. Since leave applications may have image attachments, this system will make it possible to submit images by chunks. Chunking of images is important because there are instances where uploading may fail due to large files or slow internet connection. The use of web service workers provides the accessibility of the application even offline. While chunking of images makes it possible to submit images even on slow connectivity. The implementation of online leave management is geared toward making leave applications simple and convenient and is readily accessible for both the management and the employee.
Jogie Vistal, Erik Louwe Sala
International Journal Of Multidisciplinary Research And Studies, Volume 05, pp 01-10;

The researchers in the field of Information Technology and Information systems are of interest in understanding the factors in user acceptance of new technology. Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) is one of the prominent models used in determining the factors of the user acceptance of technology. In this research, the four constructs of the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) was used namely: Performance Expectancy (PE), Effort Expectancy (EE), Social Influence (SI), and Facilitating Conditions (FC), and associating the user satisfaction to the four constructs of the UTAUT. The survey was used for this inquiry. For data analysis Cronbachs’s Alpha was used to check the reliability of the instrument, weighted mean was applied to determine the level of the user satisfaction, Correlation Coefficient technique was utilized to predict UTAUT factors and Somer’s delta was used to determine the strength of PE, EE, SI and FC to S. The outcome of this research is the user acceptance framework for the Online Teacher Efficiency Rating of Mindanao State University- Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT), Iligan City, Philippines. The computed t-test and its associated p–values presented suggest that the independent variables such as PE, EE, and FC are statistically significant. Hence, the three constructs affect user satisfaction.
Agaba Halidu, David Fidelis Atnadu
International Journal Of Multidisciplinary Research And Studies, Volume 05, pp 01-12;

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