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Dewi Tamara, Michael Hartanto, M. Tubagus Rizky, Ivan Cahyaputra
Emerging Markets : Business and Management Studies Journal, Volume 8, pp 57-71; doi:10.33555/embm.v8i1.179

As an effort to identify the underlying determinants of willingness to pay, this study seeks to examine brand image, customer trust, and customer loyalty that impacts directly on willingness to pay during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic time frame. This study also seeks to identify the impact of customer trust and brand image towards willingness to pay though customer loyalty and to identify the indirect impact of customer trust and brand image towards willingness to pay during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic time frame. Using a convenient sampling method, someone who ever bought some sports apparel during this COVID-19 pandemic were selected as the sample. Out of 230 distributed, 171 useful questionnaires were returned. Confirmatory factor analysis and path analysis were conducted using partial least square equation modelling. The results of this study showed that the willingness to pay of sports apparel during the pandemic covid 19 in Indonesia was influenced by the customer trust and customer loyalty but not significantly influenced by the brand image. This study has a different research originality by researching the relationship between brand image, customer trust, customer loyalty and willingness to pay of any sports apparel during a specific time frame of the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic, also the impact of brand image and customer trust towards willingness to pay were a rare relation of a research.
Deborah Simorangkir
Emerging Markets : Business and Management Studies Journal, Volume 8, pp 1-13; doi:10.33555/embm.v8i1.155

The flight attendant profession is dominated by women, which may lead to the notion that this profession is one of the few in which women are not experiencing gender discrimination. However, research findings have shown that over time, feminization leads to a decline in status and remuneration, and thus must be understood and monitored because it may be camouflaging the continuous reality of gender inequity. This paper revisits the issue of gender stereotypes in flight attendants given new views of what makes for effective flight attendance. The work of flight attendants has been long regarded as ‘women’s work’, focusing on performing a commercialized version of the caring and service activities carried out for centuries in the domestication of women. Some images of female cabin crew in the past have included: nurse, mother, and sexual objects. Though major changes have occurred in the Western airline industry in the 1970s, Asian airlines, however, still enforce such restrictions as height, weight, age, and beauty on their female cabin crew members. Three Indonesian flight attendants from major Asian airlines were interviewed to analyze their perceptions of their profession and how they think Indonesia society views them. A survey was also conducted on 100 Indonesians to analyze their perception on the identity of flight attendants. Interview results show that while, flight attendants believe that Indonesian society still cling on to the old images of flight attendants as air hostesses who are often regarded as sex objects, whereas survey results actually show that this image has changed.
Florentina Kurniasari
Emerging Markets : Business and Management Studies Journal, Volume 8, pp 15-24; doi:10.33555/embm.v8i1.165

The advance of technology development today brings an innovation in the financial industries, especially in the sector of payment. The purpose of this research is to analyze the effect of personal innovativeness, security concerns and perceived enjoyment into customer adoption of digital payment services using trust as mediating variable. As a quantitative research, the study distributed questionnaires to 186 respondents who are customers who used digital payment platform in settling their business transactions. The data collection was furthered processed statistically using Structural Equation Method (SEM). The study showed that the customer decision to using the digital payment services had significantly influenced by trust variable, in which security concerns had the highest influence in creating the borrower’s trust.
Robertus Setiadi
Emerging Markets : Business and Management Studies Journal, Volume 8, pp 25-39; doi:10.33555/embm.v8i1.166

This paper focuses on short- and long-term causal relationship on six major Stock Exchanges in Western Europe which actively traded, while also considering the interaction with US Stock Exchange. The observation period is separated into 3 sub-samples to represent the pre-crisis period, crisis period, and post-crisis period; while the author also distinguishes between local currency and USD denominations in stock closing price. Conversion of local currency in USD denominations shows an effect on increasing the inter-dependence shown in the pre-crisis observation while tested using Johansen test. In the whole-period sample, Belgium, Germany, and the US should be considered as dominant country to granger cause the other Western Europe. Long-term relationships were also tested by granger causality showing different characteristics in each sub-sample. Finally, Italy is the most sensitive country in the response to other Western European countries innovations while tested by Generalized Impulse Response Analysis.
Anita Maharani, Laurencia Bernadette Yokung, Ervan Ignasius, Nixon Suwargo
Emerging Markets : Business and Management Studies Journal, Volume 8, pp 41-55; doi:10.33555/embm.v8i1.168

The purpose of this study is to raise issues related to the succession of family-owned businesses, influenced by the involvement of members outside the family business and have something to do with nepotism and self-esteem. Conceptually, there is a relationship between members outside the family business, nepotism, and self-esteem in the family business. When there is professional involvement, the effect is positive on the family business's succession. When there is a practice of nepotism, this will harm the family business. And finally, regarding self-esteem, which will have a positive influence on the family business. This research's approach is quantitative, by looking at how much impact the independent variable has on the dependent where the sample of this study is 128 respondents. The results of this study indicate that professional existence does not affect the success of the family business. Simultaneously, nepotism will harm the family business, and then self-esteem will affect the family business's succession.
Wiwiek Mardawiyah Daryanto, Popy Oktaviabri Hestiwati
Emerging Markets : Business and Management Studies Journal, Volume 7, pp 97-111; doi:10.33555/ijembm.v7i2.128

Financial performance plays an important role in assessing the condition of one company, whether they are healthy or not. Every State-Owned Enterprise has an obligation to report their financial condition in reference to the Decree of Indonesia’s Ministry of Stated-Owned Enterprises No. KEP-100/MBU/2002 regarding health valuation. This study aims to investigate the performance of PT. Nindya Karya (Persero) in eyes of their financial aspect from period of 2011 to 2015. Financial Ratio Analysis (FRA) technique was used as a tool to observe the condition. Company’s published annual reports data were taken into a data collection. By utilizing the eight chosen FRA ratios, the result of the study shows good trends, meaning that it classified as Healthy condition. However, in 2011 the scoring of indicated a Less Healthy condition, which is happening due to the lowest net income compared to the other years. In other words, the company suffers from losses in the high competition between the contractors. Additionally, the result showed a significantly increased in its ratio from 2011 to 2015. This indicates that the company made an effort in improving their competencies in the globalization era. This study will beneficial the company in determining their next strategies for the future references.
Syafril Widya Husada, Handriyono Handriyono, Intan Nurul Awwaliyah
Emerging Markets : Business and Management Studies Journal, Volume 7, pp 113-124; doi:10.33555/ijembm.v7i2.119

This study is aimed to examine the company's production performance in the quality control department by implementing the Six Sigma DMAIC Method. Research is conducted on small tobacco business namely CV SUUD for its specific cigarette product called SKM 88 Golden Taste. The cigarette production data are collected for the period of March 22, 2019 to April 22, 2019 while the data are then analyzed using Six Sigma DMAIC Method (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control). Using the descriptive method, the results show that the SKM 88 Golden Taste cigarettes produced during the period of observation contains defect such as deflated, porous, and non-sticky glue. The production performance of SKM 88 Golden Taste cigarettes in the research period is at the level of 11.353 Defects per Million Opportunities (DPMO) or equivalent to 3,78 Sigma. This finding indicates that CV SUUD lost its revenue by 25% to 40% cause by the defect in the production which is important for small company like CV SUUD to improve its quality control by refining its standard procedure as suggested by the Six Sigma evaluation.
Helmi Rafif, Yosman Bustaman
Emerging Markets : Business and Management Studies Journal, Volume 7, pp 137-145; doi:10.33555/ijembm.v7i2.127

We evaluate how the Indonesian stock market has reacted to the banking diversification revenue strategy in the period of 2009-2016. The market reactions are measured by the ratio of market equity capitalization to its book value equity (MB) and market viability or solvency is proxied by the bank’s market-based Z score. Using panel data regression, we find that the higher the level of diversification of bank revenue response positively by the market indicating by improving on banks’ capitalization ratio and market solvency. It shows that revenue diversification could produce a significant impact on bank profitability and reduce the probability of bank failure. Additionally, our results reveal that the larger size of the bank, the riskier the bank, however,these larger banks could achieve higher market equity capitalization that protects them from insolvency problems. Banks having large book equity capital response positively by the market, it indicates a positive relationship between this variable and Z score.
Andre Maulana, Badikenita Sitepu
Emerging Markets : Business and Management Studies Journal, Volume 7, pp 81-96; doi:10.33555/ijembm.v7i2.126

Every retailers want to keep their customers from leaving the store. One of the conditions that can make customers leave the store is when they experience out of stock situation. Out of stock is a threat to all retailers, including in Giant Purwakarta. The existence of out of stock conditions can make consumers leave the store or stay in the store. The decision to stay or leave the store is influenced by the characteristics that the consumer have. This study examines how much influence of the customer’s characteristic to the customer response when Giant Purwakarta out of stock. The type of this research is descriptive quantitative by using Pearson Chi-Square formula to analyse the relationship between variables. The results show that there are three characteristics that have significant value with customer response. The three characteristics are: general time constraint, brand loyalty, and store loyalty. On the other hand, the three characteristics of consumers found have no significant value with customer response when Giant Purwakarta facing out of stock. The three irrelevant characteristics are: Store distance, store price, and shopping trip. These results suggest that loyalty and time to shop become the most influential factors on consumer decision making to leave the store or stay in the store when retail store facing out of stock condition.
Muhammad Zauqi Rachman
Emerging Markets : Business and Management Studies Journal, Volume 7, pp 125-135; doi:10.33555/ijembm.v7i2.122

This research aims to get the empirical evidence about the factors which will affect earnings management in manufacturing companies that listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange. These factors are audit committee financial expertise, institutional ownership, board size, ownership concentration, foreign directors, and board activity. Discretionary accrual is used as the proxy of earnings management. 101 manufacturing companies which listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange during period year 2014 to year 2016, was used as sample using purposive sampling method. This research uses multiple regression as a method of data analysis. The result shows that audit committee financial expertise, institusional ownership, board size, ownership concentration and foreign directors have no effect to earnings management, while board activity affects earnings management.
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