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Wilda Rezki Pratiwi, Hamdiyah Hamdiyah, Asnuddin Asnuddin
JIPEMAS: Jurnal Inovasi Hasil Pengabdian Masyarakat, Volume 3, pp 87-94; doi:10.33474/jipemas.v3i1.5035

Marioriawa is one of the sub-districts located in Soppeng Regency with an area of 320 Km2 cover by 5 villages (Bulue, Laringgi, Patampanua, Panincong, Tellulimpoe and 5 villages (AttangSalo, Batu-Batu, Limpomajang, Manorang Salo, Attang Salo) with average population of 27,512 with a density of 86 people/km2. In Marioriawa there are 2 high schools (SMAN 01 Soppeng and SMK 02 Soppeng).The students in SMAN 01 Soppeng classified to adolescents in Soppeng Regency precisely in Laringgi village a total of 487 people have not been fully checked out regularly and the discovery of several cases of pregnancy outside marriage, early marriage, HIV/AIDS in rural areas and adolescent health problems (anemia, stunting, KEK and obesity). This is a problem because, lack of adolescent knowledge about health reproduction, identification of new health problems found at the time the teenager will become ca lon mother / father, due to lack of early detection in their teens. It's just that physical growth in adolescents is not always accompanied by the maturity of thinking and emotional abilities. In addition, in adolescence there is also a process of self-introduction, and failure in the process of self-introduction can cause various problems.The method used is the lecture method with health education and adolescent health checks through the establishment of adolescent health posts (PKR) in collaboration with the School Health Unit (UKS) at SMAN 01 Soppeng. The results of the activity are an increase in knowledge after giving material about adolescent health, checking vital signs, HbSAg examination, physical examination of adolescents, HIV testing, and hemoglobin examination. From the results of the examination found that 86 adolescents were found to suffer from mild anemia with hemoglobin levels below 10 gr / dl, as many as 1 person infected with HBsAg, 2 people found a lump in the breast and no HIV patients were found in adolescents. Conclusions are able to detect symptoms / signs early if certain diseases occur in him that are related to the reproductive system, adolescents in rural areas free from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and the importance of education to check themselves routinely before they become prospective parents. Suggestion of support from parents to carry out routine health check-up of their children not only to do health check at the time the child / teen complains of pain in certain body part.
Eko Aristanto, Syarif Hidayatullah, Ike Kusdyah Rachmawati, Abdul Waris, Khalikussabir Khalikussabir
JIPEMAS: Jurnal Inovasi Hasil Pengabdian Masyarakat, Volume 3, pp 78-86; doi:10.33474/jipemas.v3i1.4763

Tahfizh Anak Usia Dini Kuttab Rumah Quran (TAUD KRQ) is an educational institution that concentrates on educating Quran from the early age. TAUD is a tahfidz program for the 3-6 years old children, enjoyable activities with the Quran is the approach. The expectation of this program is they would have kind of passion and good at memorizing the Quran, so that one day he would become Hamilul Quran, Insya Allah. TAUD KRQ in its implementation to create hafiz (memorizers) of the Quran ideally should have learning facilities and a balanced playing considering TAUD students are the early childhood who are still love to play. To achieve these ideal conditions, TAUD KRQ requires the cooperation from various parties. The reforms that must be equipped to achieve goals are the improvement of indoor and outdoor learning facilities, information media and motivational instructor. By the Observation, Survey, consultation, training, discussion, and direct practice method, the results of community service activities are as follows: 1) Issues the aspects of outdoor facilities are assisted by repairing playgrounds, building condition with colors that match as bright and colorful, 2) Issues of Indoor facilities are assisted with the provision of Learning Media like 2 pieces of magnetic blackboard, printers, puzzle games, 20 writing tables and puzzle rugs to play on the floor. 3) Issues human resources are assisted by conducting motivational training for administrators and teachers, 4) Issues of marketing are assisted by creating a Blog.
Muhammad Rinaldy Bima, Muhammad Kamal, Hardianto Djanggih
JIPEMAS: Jurnal Inovasi Hasil Pengabdian Masyarakat, Volume 3, pp 63-77; doi:10.33474/jipemas.v3i1.5011

The problem of village fund management in 2015 and until 2018, the budget of village funds from the central government to South Sulawesi has reached a total of Rp.5.7 trillion spread over 2,255 villages. With that much budget, it should be a trigger for the performance of village officials to increase development as mandated by Law Number 6 of 2014 concerning Villages (Village Law. But in its development, the abundant village funds were prone to be misused. Based on ICW monitoring since from 2015 to 2018, cases of corruption in village funds have increased from year to year and there have been at least 181 cases of corruption in village funds with 184 suspects of corruption and a loss of Rp. 40.6 billion. Increasing abuse of village funds has also occurred in South Sulawesi, namely 22 cases have been recorded with state losses of 3.4 billion, so it is deemed necessary to take efforts through preemptive and preventive patterns so that misuse of village funds is not repeated in various regions, particularly in Baji Mangngai Village, Mandai District, Maros Regency. we make a legal study, as it is believed that jurisprudence ha dir in an effort to provide legal problem solving.
Zaenal Arifin, Buang Budi Wahono, Dias Prihatmoko, Sisno Riyoko
JIPEMAS: Jurnal Inovasi Hasil Pengabdian Masyarakat, Volume 3, pp 54-62; doi:10.33474/jipemas.v3i1.4779

Livelihoods as fishermen are the backbone for people who live near the coast, it is not much different from the people in Jobokuto village, Jepara Regency who also work as fishermen, so far the catches of fishermen after getting catches of fish are directly sold to middlemen or local fish auction sites, so that fishermen cannot increase fish catches to be processed into commodities that have high economic value so that their economy can increase. Based on this description, service activities are carried out to fishermen by providing training ranging from the potential of fisheries, the superiority of GPS and Sounder technology, increased catches on processed fish and stabilization of processed fish equipment ranging from fish shredder, shredded cooker, shredded slicer, bender, spinner as well as tools fish smoke. Some of these activities are expected to result in the end that fishermen SMEs can develop their businesses, increase catches and sales, and improve the welfare of fishermen in Jepara Regency. The activity is also expected to be a pilot project for other fishermen in the district in implementing fishing technology using a fish finder with the use of appropriate technology that is environmentally friendly.
Fitria Endah Janitra, Kurnia Wijayanti, Indah Sri Wahyuningsih, Hani Werdi Apriyanti
JIPEMAS: Jurnal Inovasi Hasil Pengabdian Masyarakat, Volume 3, pp 46-53; doi:10.33474/jipemas.v3i1.4847

The incidence of breast cancer increase every year, if didn’t controlled by the WHO estimates that there will be an increase of 30% and 70% in 2030. The patients often experience are complex problems such as the lack of self-confidence, pain in wounds and aesthetic problems. Postoperative patients or chemotherapy need proper care in order to achieve a good quality of life. The BESTCARE program aims to improve the quality of life of breast cancer patients through activities that can be carried out by cadres and patients. The methods was lectures, demonstrations and practices. While the media used are lectures, demonstrations, practices and wound care. The material presented includes the incidence of breast cancer, understanding, risk factors, conscious examination steps, wound care with modern dressing. Results: The team succeeded in forming a cancer care health, knowledge and understanding of the cadre of mam health increased from 50% to 85%, health cadres were able to make conscious movements from before 55% to 90%, an increase in the number of visits, decreased pain scale and wound care progress with modern dressing. Conclusion: The program of activities carried out by the Bestcare team was able to be carried out properly and as expected improving the quality of life in palliative patients both in the clinic or home visit.
A Khoirul Anam, Miftah Arifin, Anna Widiastuti, Zainul Arifin
JIPEMAS: Jurnal Inovasi Hasil Pengabdian Masyarakat, Volume 3, pp 33-45; doi:10.33474/jipemas.v3i1.4777

Rattan craft is one of the regional superior products in Jepara. Because the products have high quality, they are able to compete in the international market. However, the presence of rattan handicrafts also experienced ups and downs, both at local, national and international trade. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the competitiveness of rattan craftsmen through a mentoring program from the service program at SME of Rotan Indah Jepara. The strategic value of the assisted partner is increasing competitiveness towards the export market through approaches to the application of appropriate science and technology, enhancing the quality and quantity of production, and strengthening institutional capacity. The achievement of the target shows the accuracy of the assistance method used. Several programs have been carried out, including strengthening production equipment and implementing appropriate technology, strengthening product capacity and quality, strengthening marketing capacity, and strengthening corporate governance, compiling accounting systems and computerized financial reporting. The results of this program show that all the targets can be realized. The impact and benefits of this service program are social changes, effectiveness and increased productivity, in the form of increased sales turnover, changes in better work patterns, increased production capacity due to changes in work patterns, systems and technology used. Another added value is shown to be significant savings from good management patterns and more efficient production processes.
Mohammad Rizal, Arini Fitria Mustapita, Arista Fauzi Kartika Sari
JIPEMAS: Jurnal Inovasi Hasil Pengabdian Masyarakat, Volume 3, pp 15-22; doi:10.33474/jipemas.v3i1.2569

Financial management is one of the main aspects for the progress of a company. Accounting is a process or way of producing financial information that can be used to make a decision for its users. Implementation methods of Community Service activities is carried out using presentation methods, tutorial systems, and mentoring. The results of the training and mentoring activities for making Islamic banking mudharabah financing proposal aimed at residents of Malang City Kasin Village who are also perpetrators or owners of MSMEs, have been evaluated based on the response and the results of the practices carried out by the participants and assistance for 3 days. This evaluation of community service activities was carried out through a questionnaire and the results of feedback on questions in the questionnaire relating to training and mentoring materials for making bank credit proposal and the enthusiasm of the participants in each question and answer session. The level of understanding of the participants in understanding the material that has been delivered is grouped on a scale of 71% -80.99%, then the community service activities are declared "quite good" and there are 3 mudharabah financing proposals available from the results of mentoring activities
Fitriah Khoirunnisa, Ardi Widhia Sabekti, Inelda Yulita
JIPEMAS: Jurnal Inovasi Hasil Pengabdian Masyarakat, Volume 3, pp 1-6; doi:10.33474/jipemas.v3i1.2697

A scientific paper containing innovative work in the learning process is needed by teachers as requirement in upgrading their rank in their professional development, including senior high school/equivalent teachers in Bintan Regency. However, generally they get difficulties in making scientific work was caused difficulty in finding relevant reference sources relate to research topic, limited knowledge in information technology and avoid plagiarism check. The purpose of this activity is to guide high school/equivalent teachers in Bintan regency in order to capable to make correct scientific papers good free from plagiarism with the help of Mendeley reference management. Implementation of activities in the form of workshop or training with lecture methods, discussions, question and answer, and projects. The activity was carried out for two days in the form of workshop and two days in the form of independent assignments. This community service activity was considered successful since 80% participants increasing their knowledge of Mendeley's reference management and being able to apply the knowledge in writing free plagiarizm scientific paper.
Muhamad Taufik Hidayat, Nuqthy Faiziyah, Hendiawan Setiyoso, Windy Cahyuningsih, Dewi Anarani, Rizki Yakaria Novandi
JIPEMAS: Jurnal Inovasi Hasil Pengabdian Masyarakat, Volume 3, pp 7-14; doi:10.33474/jipemas.v3i1.2699

MIM Tegalampel is one of primary school in Klaten Regency which is pioneering the special program of the Science Olympiad (OSN). The purpose of this community service program is to provide knowledge and skills to teachers of MIM Tegalampel so they can identify the types of OSN material, apply several mastery strategies for OSN material, as well as solve OSN problems quickly and accurately. The method used is the method of enrichment, demonstration and try out. The evaluation of the implementation of this community service consisted of an initial evaluation in the form of a pre-test, the final evaluation in the form of a post-test, as well as an evaluation of the implementation. Based on the result of the workshop for teachers of MIM Tegalampel, it can be concluded that in general the participants considered the workshop scheduling to be appropriate, time sharing was appropriate, the balance between theory and practice was also appropriate. Participants considered most of the expectations and objectives of the workshop had been fulfilled. The evaluation result showed that participants had increased skills in identifying the types of OSN material. There was also an increase in the skills of participants in completing OSN problems. In addition, participants can apply several mastery strategies for OSN material.
Netty Maria Naibaho, Andi Lisnawati, Khusnul Khotimah, Rudito Rudito, Anis Syauqi, Mujibu Rahman, Tere Adi Susanti, Hamka Hamka, M. Yamin
JIPEMAS: Jurnal Inovasi Hasil Pengabdian Masyarakat, Volume 3, pp 23-32; doi:10.33474/jipemas.v3i1.4465

Rengginang is one of the traditional foods of the archipelago that has been consumed as a snack or main food since time immemorial. At the first rengginang is a food made from the rest of rice that does not run out, rather than being wasted in rice, it is processed into savory and crunchy food in the form of rengginang. Usually the processing is very simple, it is only dried by drying and frying and can be consumed immediately. Along with the time the tasty and crunchy food is very popular with consumers, so that the prestige of rengginang extends among the community and becomes one of the business opportunities for the culprit, especially the housewife, namely Mrs. Darmini. This science and technology for the community has a positive effect on partners and other business people that the importance of using simple technology is effective, thus increasing the production process of rice. The introduction and administration of a sealer is also very important to maintain the quality of the rengginang. Besides that, the need for legality of business such as P-IRT to ensure food security for consumers. This science and technology activity for the community is expected to continue as an effort to provide coaching and mentoring for micro-businesses that have the prospect of being able to survive and develop in the future
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