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, Hamzah Puadi Ilyas
Jurnal Inovasi Hasil Pengabdian Masyarakat (JIPEMAS), Volume 4, pp 259-268; https://doi.org/10.33474/jipemas.v4i2.10129

The variety of learning by applying teaching techniques in a fun, effective and efficient manner provides an important role in the learning process of children. Therefore, this community service activity aims to train the participants' abilities in teaching techniques that are specialized in games, songs and storytelling in English. This activity was carried out by using Google Meeting for two days. In addition, the uses of learning media and class routine activities are the goal of this community service. 18 participants participated in this activity, most of whom were kindergarten teachers. The implementation was carried out using the methods of lecturing, brainstorming and discussion, demonstration and mentoring. The results show that the participants' knowledge and understanding of the given themes increased. Participants are also able to answer several questions at the end of the session and be involved in online game activities. The results of the evaluation show that this activity is very useful and beneficial in increasing their ability to implement more varied teaching techniques that are in accordance with the abilities of kindergarten children.
Hasahatan Hutahaean, Sefendi Sefendi, Luhut Sinaga
Jurnal Inovasi Hasil Pengabdian Masyarakat (JIPEMAS), Volume 4, pp 199-208; https://doi.org/10.33474/jipemas.v4i2.9240

This community service activity is aimed at the community assisted by the prison in Binjai Class II Lapas, Sumut. The situation that encourages the implementation of this activity is the large number of assisted residents who spend their free time just sitting and chatting. On the other hand, they are people who need guidance, be it moral, spiritual, and also training related to the needs of the community after going through the prison process. The method of activity is community development in prison. Activities carried out with training and group exercises. The material provided was then trained in each group. This community service activity takes a model of how to understand the text of the Bible in Christianity which is called Bible Digging (BGA). The BGA method is very simple and in its simplicity, it is believed to encourage Christians to live better lives in God and to pray diligently. The BGA training was finally able to motivate the assisted residents to read the Bible more actively and committed. Therefore, it is hoped that similar training can be adopted for Lapas or other communities to provide a better sense of well-being.
Adi Sumarsono, Siti Nurleha, Dicha Ummi Khasanah, Novia Natasya Wardani, Wahyuni Wahyuni, Sriyani Sriyani, Dewi Listiani, Kasmawati Kasmawati
Jurnal Inovasi Hasil Pengabdian Masyarakat (JIPEMAS), Volume 4, pp 220-230; https://doi.org/10.33474/jipemas.v4i2.9283

The pandemic of the spread of Covid 19 has an impact on all areas, one of which is the family economy. The purpose of this service includes two things, namely assisting the community to recognize and make types of skills in the form of knitting, and to produce products which are then marketed to improve the economy of the community. This service activity method is carried out in three ways, namely training, implementation and mentoring. The subjects of this service activity are members of the community, especially housewives in Rimba Jaya Village in Merauke Regency. The results of this activity include two things, first, the partner community has experienced an increase in knowledge, understanding and skills in knitting by 39.3 percent and an increase in partner skills in the form of bag knitting types, mask models, mask connector models, and hats. and songkok. Second, the products that have been produced have begun to be marketed through online media in Merauke Regency. The achievement of this service is very dependent on the consistency of the spirit of partners to work during a pandemic and becomes the second choice after activities as a farmer.
Binar Asrining Dhiani, Siti Nurjanah, Narendra Istia Putri, Ihza Ihtimamul Umam
Jurnal Inovasi Hasil Pengabdian Masyarakat (JIPEMAS), Volume 4, pp 161-168; https://doi.org/10.33474/jipemas.v4i2.9138

COVID-19 global pandemic increases the usage of vitamin supplement products. However, easy access to purchase and consume the product increases the risk for its misuse. Lack of information and or misinformation available for vitamin supplement product usage leads to its abuse. Teachers' and parents' role in deciding the choice and use of vitamin supplement products for the pupil and children is crucial. Thus, a program was held to provide information about the correct usage of vitamin supplement products for teachers and parents. The program was performed for the teachers and pupil parents of TK Aisyiyah Ledug via online. The attractive audio-visual program materials were delivered via animation video, artistic leaflet, and presentation. The teachers and parents responded positively toward the program. All attendants actively participated, and 100% of attendants agreed that the program was interesting and increased their knowledge on the appropriate usage of vitamin supplement products.
Muladi Muladi, Yuni Rahmawati, I Made Wirawan, Samsul Hidayat, Fachur Rozy Dwi Septian, Fiqhy Isrofil
Jurnal Inovasi Hasil Pengabdian Masyarakat (JIPEMAS), Volume 4, pp 177-189; https://doi.org/10.33474/jipemas.v4i2.9166

Community service with SME Sakinah Bakery is carried out to increase the production capacity and quality. Sakinah Bakery produces sponge cake and pastries that are very popular within the community and spread across 500 vendor shops in Malang City and Regency. Consumer demands has not been fully fulfilled due to low production capacity. About 10% of the product are undercooked or overcooked. These low quality products reduce the taste and aroma, breaks easily and becomes mushy quickly. Based on surveys and interviews, partner needs an large capacity oven that can produce well-cooked biscuits. The production tool that determine the cake ripeness is oven. This problem is overcomed by making an oven with electronic controls to stabilize the temperature and baking time. Temperature control with sensor feedback mounted on the combustion chamber forms a stable closed loop control system. Proper heating is obtained by controlling the LPG main valve. The three furnaces are spread out to get an even heating. The oven was able to increase 60% the production capacity per bake. The number of fail product decreases by 5.19% indicated that the product quality increases. Technology transfer in the form of training is carried out to maintain the quality.
Suprayogi Suprayogi, Nimas Mayang Sabrina Sunyoto, Mochammad Syamsul Hadi, Umi Fadhilah, Muthia El Afwa, Nadya Lulu Nur Aziza, Reni Zulismar, Bernardia Filia Nareswari, Izzati Ardhan Firdausyi
Jurnal Inovasi Hasil Pengabdian Masyarakat (JIPEMAS), Volume 4, pp 153-160; https://doi.org/10.33474/jipemas.v4i2.9119

KWT "Sri Tanjung" was one of the Women Farmers Groups (KWT) in Sukosari Village, Malang Regency. They produced "Jaselang" drinks (ginger, secang, alang-alang) and corn chips. KWT members produced the products with traditional technology and low quality of food safety and they did not have marketing license. The purpose of this service activities was to provide the education of KWT members in the form of training related with good product handling processes to ensure product safety, especially the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and marketing license of National Food and Drug Agency. The method of implementing this community service were preparation, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation. The results of the activities showed that 100% of the participants could know the definition, benefits, and objectives of implementing GMP. Besides, after the implementation of the marketing license socialization, 100% of the participants knew the definitions, requirements, methods, and registered the marketing license. The activities increased the knowledge of KWT members regarding the implementation of GMP and marketing license.
Eny Hartadiyati Wasikin Haryanti, Fibria Kaswinarni
Jurnal Inovasi Hasil Pengabdian Masyarakat (JIPEMAS), Volume 4, pp 290-299; https://doi.org/10.33474/jipemas.v4i2.9963

The Adiwiyata program is implemented in order to realize responsible school citizens in efforts to protect and manage the environment through good school governance to support Sustainable Development. SMAN 3 Demak is one of the schools that organizes the Adiwiyata Program. Several activities that have been carried out to support Sustainable Development include environmental hygiene, waste management and reforestation. However, the learning process has not been carried out to support Sustainable Development, it is necessary to implement Learning Containing Sustainability. The purpose of this service is to provide teachers with: (1) insight and understanding of Sustainable Development (2) compiling Learning Containing Sustainability. The methods used are counseling, workshop and mentoring. The results of the counseling activities on the understanding of Sustainable Development showed that 93.75% of the participants got a minimum score of 75 with complete criteria. As for the workshop activities on Learning Containing Sustainablity (embedding the concept of Sustainable Development in learning materials) it was seen that 87.5% of participants were at least quite successful. The results of these activities have met the planned output targets. The mentoring activities for learning teachers have been carried out in accordance with the learning materials in their respective classes.
Ika Yuniwati, Dian Ridlo Pamuji, Ely Trianasari, Ninik Sri Rahayu, Yuni Ulfiyati
Jurnal Inovasi Hasil Pengabdian Masyarakat (JIPEMAS), Volume 4, pp 231-240; https://doi.org/10.33474/jipemas.v4i2.9368

Food sales during the Covid19 pandemic experienced a decline. This also includes Umbi Porang. Kembiritan Village Farmers Group, Genteng District, Banyuwangi Regency is one of the areas in Banyuwangi that produces porang tubers. To solve this sales problem, it is necessary to improve the quality of porang tuber sales by processing porang tubers into the desired shape by consumers. However, the Kembiritan Village Farmer Group cannot process porang tubers into porang flour due to several problems, namely they do not have a machine capable of pounding dry porang chips into porang flour and do not have human resources who can operate machines. Based on these problems, it is necessary to develop a porang tuber-making machine and Human Resources training from partners. This community service began with adjusting the porang tuber-making machine according to the porang tuber at the partner's place. After adjustments were made, training was carried out on the use of the porang flour making machine and the maintenance of the porang tuber-making machine. Then, partner assistance is carried out in determining the quality of porang tuber sales. Where the quality is determined from the capacity per transport of various forms of porang tubers.
Masruroh Masruroh, Nur Hayati
Jurnal Inovasi Hasil Pengabdian Masyarakat (JIPEMAS), Volume 4, pp 169-176; https://doi.org/10.33474/jipemas.v4i2.9207

The outbreak of Covid-19 led the government to do some preventive action such as the promotion of health protocol and healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, some people still ignoring the current importance of this preventive action. We need to educate them about the importance of this preventive action using alternative media such as posters. The purpose of this activity is to find poster’s eligibility as a media to educate people of Dlanggu Village about preventive action to Covid-19. There are three stages done in this activities. They are preparation, implementation, and evaluation stage. The design of poster have been successfully made in this activity with an average score of 3.5. The result showed, in general, this poster was a good media to educate people about health protocol and healthy lifestyle during covid-19 pandemics.
Nonik Indrawatiningsih, Luthfi Hakim
Jurnal Inovasi Hasil Pengabdian Masyarakat (JIPEMAS), Volume 4, pp 282-289; https://doi.org/10.33474/jipemas.v4i2.10008

The role of technology (science and technology) is currently very much needed as a means of conducting online learning. One of the technologies that can be applied in bold learning is the Zoom Meeting Cloud application. The purpose of this service is to provide training to kindergarten teachers in operating the Zoom Cloud Meeting application as a bold learning tool. The method used is in the form of training. The subject of the study are 6 orders of people and is a kindergarten teacher. The performance indicator in the implementation of this service program is 70% of participants can operate the Zoom Cloud Meeting application. Based on the results of the training, it shows that the training participants can be categorized into 2, namely participants who succeed in achieving 5 indicators (100%) with 2 participants and participants who reach 4 indicators (80%) with 4 participants in using the Zoom Cloud Meeting application. From this training the participants were greatly helped because the previous participants had not been able to operate the Zoom Cloud Meeting application but after the training participants were able to run the Zoom Cloud Meeting application.
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