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Do Hai Hung
Journal of Business Administration Research, Volume 4; doi:10.30564/jbar.v4i2.2938

In recent year, the issues of sustainable development in general and enterprise's sustainable development have always been given special attention by government management agency, including small and medium-size industrial enterprises. The study conducted a survey of 316 industrial SMEs in three regions of the North, Central and South of Vietnam with the main survey subjects being managers in enterprises. The main purpose of the study is to assess the impact of the goverment support policies compared to other factors developed in the research model affecting the sustainable development of small and medium-sized industrial enterprises (SMEs) in Vietnam. In this research, the authors employed exploratory factor analysis to identify 4 factors affecting the sustainable development of SMEs. The research results show that the government support policies have an important role but not strongly influence human resource factors, financial factor and social responsibility (SR) policies of enterprises in their sustainable development for industrial SMEs in Vietnam.
Tung-Shan Liao, Thi Thuy Dung Pham, Juin-Cherng Lu
Journal of Business Administration Research, Volume 4; doi:10.30564/jbar.v4i2.2635

The paper's purpose is to examine the role of knowledge and learning as a dynamic capability that leads to competitive advantage in family firms. It further conceptually develops a model showing the relationship between intellectual capital, firm performance, and dynamic capabilities in family firms. Using past case studies related to the subject, this study highlights the importance of knowledge accumulation, integration, codification, and the preservation of socioemotional wealth as dynamic capabilities that allow a family firm to sense and seize business opportunities that transform the business to a competitive advantage. Findings from the case applications reveal that family businesses benefit from the accumulation of knowledge through expertise, skills, and employment of non-family members and having family involvement as strategic important assets that lead to increased value in family firms’ performance.
Yunxia Su
Journal of Business Administration Research, Volume 4; doi:10.30564/jbar.v4i2.3012

This study takes the cognitive-affective system theory of personality as the whole logic, integrates resource preservation theory and cooperation and competition theory to investigate the influence mechanism of Career Plateau on knowledge workers' knowledge hiding. The results show that career plateau (including its three dimensions:hierarchical plateau, work content plateau and inclusive plateau) has a significant positive impact on status anxiety and knowledge hiding of knowledge workers, and status anxiety plays a complete mediating effect between career plateau (including hierarchical plateau, work content plateau and inclusive plateau) and knowledge hiding of knowledge workers. Cooperative goal dependence positively moderates the relationship between hierarchical plateau and status anxiety, and negatively regulates the relationship between work content plateau and status anxiety. In addition, cooperative goal dependence positively moderates the indirect effect of hierarchical plateau on the knowledge workers' knowledge hiding through status anxiety, and negatively moderates the indirect effect of work content plateau on the knowledge workers' knowledge hiding through status anxiety. The results of this paper provide theoretical support and management enlightenment for further exploring the mechanism of career plateau and knowledge hiding in Chinese enterprises.
Oladejo Abiodun Oyebamiji
Journal of Business Administration Research, Volume 4; doi:10.30564/jbar.v4i2.2903

The study determined the effect of ownership structure on earnings quality of listed financial firms in Nigeria. The study employed secondary data. The study population comprised all the 16 listed financial firms on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. Purposive sampling technique was adopted to select top 10 banks whose shares are consistently traded on the stock market. Data for ownership structure and earnings quality were sourced from the audited financial statements of the selected firms and the Nigerian Stock Exchange Factbook over a period of 10 years (2009-2018). Collected data were analyzed using pooled ordinary least square, fixed effect and random effect estimation techniques. The result from the study showed that institutional ownership (t=4.3, p˂0.05) had a positive and statistically significant relationship with earnings quality while ownership concentration (t=- 2.5, p˂0.05) had a negative and significant relationship with earnings quality. The study recommended that the institutional ownership which shows a positive relationship with earnings quality enables improved earnings of the sampled listed banks. More institutional participation should be allowed in the Nigerian listed banks as it was proved that they have the power to monitor the affairs of managers as this will have a positive impact on earnings. Concentration ownership gives mangers incentives to manage earnings to achieve short term opportunistic interest; therefore it should not be encouraged.
Jiayi Song
Journal of Business Administration Research, Volume 4; doi:10.30564/jbar.v4i2.2887

This paper discusses and critically reviews the causes and consequences of global standardization and local adaptation of marketing strategies. The scope of the literature review is in the fields of international marketing, international trade, and corporate strategic management. It also aims to emphasize finding gaps after reading the literature. Even though the studies scope is extensive, this paper limits the reach: firstly, it introduces the standardization and local adaptation, discusses the advantages and disadvantages of both by researchers. At the same time, untangle the relationship between international marketing strategy and marketing mix. Secondly, it is divided into macro and micro to collate and analyze the leading factors affecting international strategy. So that realise the cross-market fit of global marketing tactic. Finally, focus on the KPI. The indicators of financial return were selected as the review from the factors representing the intuitive development level of the company. The goal was to concentrate on the mutual feedback and adjustment between the standardization/adaptation and performance of multinational companies. Among them, the diversities between developed and emerging markets are interspersed in each link. As this difference is a trend that scholars have begun to notice in recent years. Although many existed bibliographies are revolved around particular multinational companies or regions to assessment, this paper will focus on the impact of practical research article review and evaluation. It would not involve in specific corporate and country.
Qaisar Iqbal
Journal of Business Administration Research, Volume 4; doi:10.30564/jbar.v4i2.2803

Organizations are facing challenges to cope with gender equity in the presence of a diverse workforce. The present study investigates the moderating impact of Islamic work ethics on the organizational justice-gender equity relationship. Self-administered questionnaires were sent to employees working in a large private university in a State of Qatar. This study collected data from 250 employees with 66.12% response rate. The present study employed structural equation modelling to analyse data in SmartPLS 3.0 and SPSS version 24. Empirical findings revealed the significant relationship of distributive justice and interactional justice with gender equity. Procedural justice did not relate to gender equity. Furthermore, Islamic work ethics also moderated the relationship of interactional justice with gender equity. Limitations and implications have been added at the end of paper. This study is first in its nature revealing the conditional factor of Islamic work ethics on the organizational justice-gender equity relationship.
YongMei Hou, Qian Yi
Journal of Business Administration Research, Volume 4; doi:10.30564/jbar.v4i2.3072

Objective: to explore college students' understanding and satisfaction of internet accidental injury insurance, and to analyse the factors influencing college students' awareness and satisfaction of internet accidental injury insurance. Methods: 836 college students in Guangdong Province were selected by stratified ramdon sampling. They were investigated with the self-designed questionnaire "College Students' Cognition of Internet Accidental Injury Insurance (CSCIAII)". Results: 29.67%, 52.18%, 10.13% and 8.02% of the college students didn't know, knew a little, knew relatively well and knew very well about internet accidental injury insurance, respectively. 55%, 16. 82%, 47. 73%, 11. 82% and 14. 09% of the college students satisfied with, , respectively. Conclusion: College Students' awareness of insurance is weak, and they do not pay enough attention to accidental injury insurance. The percentage of college students who are very satisfied with the internet accidental injury insurance, think the internet accidental injury insurance basically meets their own needs, think it is acceptable but needs to be improved, do not agree with and are not satisfied with it at all are 9.55%, 16.82%, 47.73%, 11.82% and 14.09%, respectively. The design, publicity and sale strategies of internet insurance products may be important factors affecting college students' understanding and satisfaction with internet accidental injury insurance.
Yaxin Geng, Xiaoguang Wang, Zhaowei Meng
Journal of Business Administration Research, Volume 4; doi:10.30564/jbar.v4i1.2821

As one of the main modes of capacity sharing in the shipping alliance, the essence of which is the space mutual rent transaction among members. However, under the current trading system, the sharing of capacity between shipping enterprises requires a lot of transaction costs and communication costs, cooperation efficiency is not high, and there is a certain competitive relationship between enterprises, they work for their own interests, resulting in more difficult cooperation, and blockchain consensus mechanism, intelligent contracts, distributed bookkeeping and other characteristics can solve these problems of alliance cooperation. Therefore, based on the idea of blockchain, this paper designs a model of mutual lease cooperation in shipping union cabins, gives the model and process of mutual lease transactions based on blockchain, realizes mutual trust and win-win situation among members, simulates through the combination of Hyperledger Fabric and Matlab, and verifies the applicability of blockchain to shipping alliance capacity sharing cooperation.
Salim Keffane, Hocine Bachioua, Ahmed Zerzour
Journal of Business Administration Research, Volume 4; doi:10.30564/jbar.v4i1.2747

This study aims at the role of human resources management and quality assurance system to achieving the competitive advantage for the organization. Human resource management are the most important component among the organization's components, because, even an organization owns all other resources (materials, financial, technological) without the appropriate, skilled and experienced human resources, failure will be the expected result. Addressing By the Mobilis Telecom company, the study and through exploring the recruitment resources and methods that used by the company, in hiring the best employees, and the role of these methods in achieving the competitive advantage in Telecommunications sector. The findings of the study were that the company success in the recruitment process was rely on the employment agencies, firstly and on the universities, secondly. Also the company aimed on maintaining quality assurance system through recruiting method that based on Telecommunications experience and advancement in studying. In order to achieve the competitive advantage, the Company focused on innovation and creating new products and services for its clients. The statistical analysis proved that there is a strong relationship between recruitment resources used by the Company and achieving the competitive advantage, Also a relationship between the quality assurance system of the employees and the ability to gain the competitive advantage.
Breno Gontijo Tavares, Carlos Eduardo Sanches da Silva, Adler Diniz De Souza
Journal of Business Administration Research, Volume 4; doi:10.30564/jbar.v4i1.2678

This study presents a bibliometric analysis of Artificial Neural Networks in Risk Management. The study considered articles from the I.S.I. Web of Knowledge and Scopus databases, Identification of publishers, countries, periodicals and the keywords most frequently cited. We used the CiteSpace® software to analyze this material, which provides a set of features to support bibliometrics, including the reference maps. This study provides data collection on Artificial Neural Networks applied to risk management. The number of works identified in this study is significant, and in the last ten years, the number of citations has increased. We did not identify the increase in paper count within the same period.
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