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Arnita Arnita
Jurnal Matematika, Statistika dan Komputasi, Volume 17, pp 117-128; doi:10.20956/jmsk.v17i1.10236

This study aims to compare the best method on the forecasting system of rainfall in Medan using Single Exponential Smoothing (SES), Naive Model, and Seasonal Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average (SARIMA) . The data used in this study is rainfall data for 10 years (2009 – 2019). From the simulation by comparing existing method, the best model is SES with and value of MAPE (Mean Absolut Percentage Error) sebesar 2,47%. And then SARIMA (1,01,1)(4,0,3)12 whit value of MAPE is2,93%. Both of this model is high accurate model because value of MAPE resulted < 10%.
Lilis Dwi Sapta Aprilyani, Kasbawati Kasbawati, Syamsuddin Toaha
Jurnal Matematika, Statistika dan Komputasi, Volume 17, pp 109-116; doi:10.20956/jmsk.v17i1.9239

HIV is a retrovirus, a virus which has enzymes and can convert genetic material from RNA to DNA. Antiretroviral therapies are the treatment to make the activity of the virus slow. The purpose of this article is to develop a mathematical model of HIV infection by reviewing antiretroviral therapy, analyze the equilibrium point, and determine the effectiveness of antiretroviral therapy. There are two equilibrium points in this HIV infection model, namely infection-free equilibrium and infected equilibrium. Numerical simulations are carried out based on selected parameters showed that infection free equilibrium is reached when the effectiveness of antiretroviral therapy is 0,4 for RT inhibitor and 0,3 for Protease Inhibitor. This means that antiretroviral therapy may change infected conditions to infection free conditions.
Muhammad Riefky, Wara Pramesti
Jurnal Matematika, Statistika dan Komputasi, Volume 17, pp 26-41; doi:10.20956/jmsk.v17i1.9947

Sports events are an activity that is in great demand, especially the people of Southeast Asia. One of the most prestigious sporting events in the Southeast Asian region is the Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games). SEA Games is one of the sporting events held in the Southeast Asia region and is only held every two years involving eleven member countries of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN). The most SEA Games issues occurred on Twitter with 20,600 tweets. This is because the 2019 SEA Games event in the Philippines experienced many irregularities, one of which is the Rizal Memorium stadium, which has not been renovated until now. The purpose of this study is to obtain and compare the results of the accuracy of the classification of Twitter users' sentiments towards the 2019 SEA Games in the Philippines using k-nearest neighbor and support vector machine. The data used in this study comes from data from Twitter social media users who often use the hashtag "SEA Games 2019" which has been done with text preprocessing of 2697 tweets with data partitions of 60% for training data and 40% for testing data. The conclusion that can be drawn from this research is that the best accuracy results in the k-nearest neighbor and support vector machine classification are the support vector machine classification with a polynomial kernel of 92.96% so that the predictions of the Support Vector Machine classification tend to be negative.
Edy Saputra, Nurdin Hinding, Supri Amir
Jurnal Matematika, Statistika dan Komputasi, Volume 17, pp 61-70; doi:10.20956/jmsk.v17i1.10909

This paper aims to determine the total vertex irregularity strength and total edge irregularity strength of Butterfly and Beneš Network 5-Dimension. The determination of the total vertex irregularity strength and the edge irregularity strength was conducted by determining the lower bound and upper bound. The lower bound was analyzed based on characteristics of the graph and other proponent theorems, while upper bound was analyzed by constructing the function of the irregular total labeling. The result show that the total vertex irregularity strength of Butterfly Network , the total edge irregularity strength . The total vertex irregularity strength of Beneš Network , the total edge irregularity strength
Septie Wulandary
Jurnal Matematika, Statistika dan Komputasi, Volume 17, pp 94-108; doi:10.20956/jmsk.v17i1.10536

Forecasting methods that are often used are time series analysis, the Autoregressive (AR) method. The AR method only carries out univariate analysis, meaning that it carries out a separate model between the number of international visitor coming to Indonesia through Batam and Jakarta. Though there is a possibility, the number of international visitor arriving through Jakarta affects the number of international visitor arriving through Batam. Therefore, in this study the Vector Autoregressive Integrated (VARI) method is used. The VARI model is used on the number of international visitor arrivals per month at Batam and Jakarta for the period Januari 2014 – December 2019. VARI model formation through several stages, namely stationarity test, autoregressive order determination, VARI model formation, and diagnostic checking of the model. With the VARI model, VARI(5,1), the two significant simultaneously equation results are obtained. The Mean Absolute Percentage Error (MAPE) in this model are as follows 1,98% and 2,48% in predicting the number of international visitor arrivals in Batam and Jakarta. In this study also forecasting the number of international visitor arrivals in Batam and Jakarta in January – December 2020
Gregoria Ariyanti
Jurnal Matematika, Statistika dan Komputasi, Volume 17, pp 82-88; doi:10.20956/jmsk.v17i1.10352

A Semiring is an algebraic structure (S,+,x) such that (S,+) is a commutative Semigroup with identity element 0, (S,x) is a Semigroup with identity element 1, distributive property of multiplication over addition, and multiplication by 0 as an absorbent element in S. A linear equations system over a Semiring S is a pair (A,b) where A is a matrix with entries in S and b is a vector over S. This paper will be described as necessary or sufficient conditions of the solution of linear equations system over Semiring S viewed by matrix X that satisfies AXA=A, with A in S. For a matrix X that satisfies AXA=A, a linear equations system Ax=b has solution x=Xb+(I-XA)h with arbitrary h in S if and only if AXb=b.
Firman Firman
Jurnal Matematika, Statistika dan Komputasi, Volume 17, pp 89-93; doi:10.20956/jmsk.v17i1.10922

Official Statistics is a statistical activity carried out by the government relating to the collecting, processing and presenting of data in the government sector. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the government statistical activities underwent a change. Especially in the case of data collection in the field. Data collection by face to face directly begin to switch to online methods. With intertnet connection and technology information tools, activity related collecting data stiil done by online, especially to eradicate pandemic Covid-19. Official Statistics plays an important role through data produced associate with Covid-19 and with these data, the appropiate decision to accomplish pandemic Covid-19 can be made
Andi Muhammad Anwar, Andi Muhammad Amil Siddik, Ainun Mawaddah Abdal
Jurnal Matematika, Statistika dan Komputasi, Volume 17, pp 129-134; doi:10.20956/jmsk.v17i1.11066

The semihyperring structure is a common form of the hyperring structure with weakening properties. The more general structure is Γ-semihyperring, whose concept is generalized from Γ-semiring. This paper will show that the top matrix Γ-semihyperring is also Γ-semihyperring. The linkage between prime ideal of Γ-semihyperring with prime ideal of a matrix on Γ-semihyperring will also be discussed in this paper.
Nurfitria Prawandani Asikin
Jurnal Matematika, Statistika dan Komputasi, Volume 17, pp 14-25; doi:10.20956/jmsk.v17i1.10050

This research aimed to determine the equilibrium point and analyze the stability of VSEIR model on Anthrax Disease with vaccination and treatment effects. It also aimed at measuring the level sensitivity of Anthrax disease deployment to proportion vaccination effect and proportion treatment effect by using . The writer used qualitative method to achieve the above objectives. The steps were: Reproduction Base Numbers, The R0, was analyzed using stability of disease-free equilibrium points, where the equilibrium point of both is said to asymptotically stable if and unstable if that originally based on the next generation method. Next, the writer also analyze the stability of equilibrium point that was obtained by using the Routh-Hurwitz Criteria and Numeric Simulation. After analyze the sensitivity, the writer finds the proportion of vaccination effects on new-born animal and the treatment of infected animal can reduce the spread of Anthrax Virus and also to terminate the endemic conditions. The numeric simulation is involved to describe the level of vaccination effect new-born animal, and the treatment of infected animal at Anthrax disease deployment.
Radhiah Radhiah
Jurnal Matematika, Statistika dan Komputasi, Volume 17, pp 135-144; doi:10.20956/jmsk.v17i1.9135

The main topic of this paper is about two celebrated classical problems in geometric constructions where the only allowed instruments are compass and ruler with no scale. Two such problems are (1) trisecting an angle, and (2) doubling the cube. In addition, we also study about the construction of 7-gon and 10-gon.
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