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Gesang Manggala Nugraha Putra, Trisnavia Elma Kharisa
Lire Journal (Journal of Linguistics and Literature), Volume 4, pp 1-15; doi:10.33019/lire.v4i1.56

Introduction: In the study of film as media, there is a growing tendency on labelling films with female leads and female production crews as feminist films. Objective: This study aims to test such claim in the film Lady Bird (2017). Method: To do so, the study employs Feminist Identity Development Model by Downing and Roush to look at the main lead of the film, along with analyses on the film’s narrative and cinematographic aspects. Findings: The study finds that the female lead fails to undergo all the five stages of Feminist Identity Development Model. The study further explores that her advancement through the stages is being held back by her dependence to her family and those around her. Conclusion: The study, then, suggests some further inquiries on the interrelatedness of age and feminism.
Haryati Safa
Lire Journal (Journal of Linguistics and Literature), Volume 4, pp 92-111; doi:10.33019/lire.v4i1.60

This study was aimed to find out the kinds of taboo and euphemism words among college students of faculty of letter at Universitas Pamulang, and the reasons why the students select to utter taboo or euphemisms. A qualitative analysis including would be conducted in this research. The respondents of this study were the fourth semester students (regular A class) taking the speaking 4 at English department of Pamulang University academic year 2018/2019. Out of 176 students of the population, 40 students (20 males and 20 females) will be chosen as the samples based on the purposive sampling. To collect the data, the writer used two kinds of instruments: an observation of students’ speaking conversation and interview. These instruments were administered to answer stated research questions. As a result, the writer found that most male students preferred uttering taboo words, and the female students seemed to utter euphemism instead of taboo words. The result was influenced by some factors. Theoretically, the research finding would enrich the teachers’ skills to introduce euphemism as a substitution to replace the use of taboo words in students’ conversation and assist students to utter proper words in social situation that leads politeness.
Sukarni Suryaningsih
Lire Journal (Journal of Linguistics and Literature), Volume 4, pp 16-25; doi:10.33019/lire.v4i1.58

The idea of capitalism always refers to the triumph of the U.S. giant industry. In economic field, American and British capitalism is called as individual capitalism – the contrary of communal capitalism a la Japan and Germany. This paper is intended to examine the identity of economic character of individual capitalism in two Hollywood movies Thank You for Smoking (2006) and The Company Men (2010). Exploring the theory of individual and communal capitalism stated by Lester Thurow, it can be found that through mechanistic relationship, hard individual competition and unending punishment, those all erase emotional bound between individual and corporation. In short it becomes one of the reasons why American industry perishes its superiority slowly.
Pujo Sakti Nur Cahyo, Riyan Evrilia Suryaningtyas
Lire Journal (Journal of Linguistics and Literature), Volume 4, pp 26-39; doi:10.33019/lire.v4i1.65

This study aims to analyze gender portrayal in Ghost in the Shell (2017) movie by applying Donna Haraway’s concept of cyborgs as in her Cyborg Manifesto. Focusing on the analysis of narrative and non-narrative elements, this research seeks to reveal how the main character is portrayed as a female cyborg. As a result, the writers found that her shifting existence as a female cyborg in the movie is the representation of how women can be the subject by affiliating with technology. The assumption of women as the "object" of technology is no longer exist, and they are competent to have a career in technology. As a conclusion, this movie promotes the idea of women empowerment in technology by the affiliation of women and technology.
Megawati Basri, Fahmi Djaguna, Balqis Husain
Lire Journal (Journal of Linguistics and Literature), Volume 4, pp 40-49; doi:10.33019/lire.v4i1.57

One language that is a communication tool in various parts of the world is English; English has become a language that must be mastered by the community, especially students. However, not everyone can easily speak English. The purpose of this research is to know the level of anxiety when they speak in English at Universitas Ahmad Dahlan students. This research uses a qualitative method. One hundred and twenty seven students were selected as the participants of the questionnaire; the tool used for this study was adapted from Horwitz, Horwitz & Cope (1986) Foreign Language Classroom Anxiety Scale (FLCAS). The result of this study was showed that the majority of the students (n=103) were found students had a moderate level of anxiety, one student had a very high level of anxiety and thirteen students were found to had a high level of anxiety. The level of anxiety by dimensions, such as the Fear of Negative Evaluation (FNE) ranks third. Meanwhile, Communication Apprehension (CA) and Test Anxiety (TA) are significantly dominant performance anxieties.
Agung Wijianto
Lire Journal (Journal of Linguistics and Literature), Volume 4, pp 50-63; doi:10.33019/lire.v4i1.61

This research aims to formulate the similarities and the differences of the death motif employed in Ragnarok and the Book of Revelation. Both of these stories use the same motif of death but with different portrayal and explanation of the death. The data used in this research are Ragnarok in the epic poem Voluspa and the Book of Revelation in the Bible. This research utilizes qualitative descriptive method and the theory of Genetic Structuralism to dissect the data. The steps are identifying the motifs, interpreting the motifs, and comparing the result. The findings show that even though the death motifs are prevalent in these two works, the themes riding the motifs are different. This happens because of the different collective subjects and the worldviews in which the works are created.
Risda Aulia Wulandari
Lire Journal (Journal of Linguistics and Literature), Volume 4, pp 81-91; doi:10.33019/lire.v4i1.64

Media is currently changing sharply. This has encouraged various groups to utilize social media in transferring various information include transferring religion through Instagram. This opportunity makes preachers like Ustadz Khalid Basalamah use social media as a means of da'wah. The purpose of the study is to see the representation of men as leaders in the household. This research uses descriptive analysis method and uses Fairclough discourse analysis. The result of this research is the existence of the masculinity discourse which Ustadz Khalid Basalamah wishes to convey through the video he uploaded on his Instagram account
Ersika Puspita Dani, Friska Yanti Simaremare
Lire Journal (Journal of Linguistics and Literature), Volume 4, pp 64-80; doi:10.33019/lire.v4i1.67

This qualitative research investigated real events in the case of immigrant parents in raising their multilingual children. This focused to find out what kinds of the parenting style to make their children multilingual, how the processes occurred, and what the language problems during the multilingual children process were. In conducting this research, natural social phenomenon methods in interview transcript, field notes, visual materials, photographs, video recordings, documented human experiences whose data were collected and analyzed. There were three findings, they were (1) there are two styles of parenting applied by 8 parents, involves: 7 parents applied the authoritative parenting styles, and 1 parents applied authoritarian style in raising their multilingual children. (2) There are many processes that are done by parents in raising their multilingual children. Dominantly, multilingual children have used to learn multilingual languages from their parents and environments, their parents always familiarize themselves to always be able to adjust in social, cultural, habits, geographical residence, and so on, which is always supported by the situations, and conditions occurred at that time. (3) There are only two kids are found to have a problem, namely dyslexia and code switching.
Aurelia Reza Hayuwardhani
Lire Journal (Journal of Linguistics and Literature), Volume 3, pp 118-126; doi:10.33019/lire.v3i2.51

This paper aims to see the word formation processes in the fashion terms proposed by UK Vogue’s website. There are twenty six terminologies listed from A to Z. The terminologies became the data of the analysis in this paper. Each of the terminology was paid attention closely to identify the processes in the termilogies. The results show that fashion terms that are specifically listed on UK Vogue’s website implement five kinds of processes: 1) eponym, 2) borrowing, 3) compunding, 4) affixation, and 5) multiple processes or combination of previously mentioned processes. Out of those processes, borrowing processes are commonly used in forming fashion terms. Thus, it can be inferred that the formation of fashion terms are linked to the language that contributes more words in the fashion terminology vocabulary.
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