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Julia R. M. Monis, Yos A. Tangkasiang, Arief R. Hakim, Asro’ L. Indrayanti, Yulia Yustha
Daun: Jurnal Ilmiah Pertanian dan Kehutanan, Volume 7, pp 138-150; doi:10.33084/daun.v7i2.2013

Efforts to cultivate sungkai plants are hampered due to the limitations of good seedlings. Sungkai plants reproduce by seeds and stems (cuttings). This research will try to investigate the effect of using Growth Regulatory Substances (ZPT)against stem cuttings of sungkai plants. The study was designed in the Draft Randomized Complete (CRD) with 2 factors, each with 5 treatments. The factors tested were (1) synthetic auxin (Rootone F) with 5 concentrations, i.e. 20 grams / l (R1), 40 grams / l (R2), 60 grams / l (R3), 80 grams / l (R4) and 100 gram / l (R5); (2) natural auxin (onion extract with 5 concentrations, i.e. 20% (B1), 40% (B2), 60% (B3), 80% (B4) and 100% (B5). Besides that control plots were also carried out, which were not treated at all. Each treatment was repeated 3 times, so in a manner in total there were 33 experimental units (including 3 treatment experimental units control). The results showed that giving Rootone F solution affected the growth of sungkai stem cuttings (Albertisia papuana Becc.) on the observed variabels, namely shoot height, number of leaves, root length, and root wet weight. Giving Rootone F solution to sungkai stem cuttings at a concentration of 80 grams and immersion for 24 hours gave the best effect.
Eldy Indra Purnawan, Renhart Jemi, Antonius Triadi, Petrisly Perkasa
Daun: Jurnal Ilmiah Pertanian dan Kehutanan, Volume 7, pp 100-116; doi:10.33084/daun.v7i2.2006

This research was examine the potential for CO2 absorption and the provision of other ecosystem services of the Dipterocarpaceae-dominated Gunung Bondang Protection Forest in Murung Raya Regency, Central Kalimantan. The study focuses on potential carbon and ecosystem services in the form of CO2 sequestration, O2 production and payments in the form of Carbon creditsin the Gunung Bondang Protected Forest area.The study was conducted non-destructively using the parameters of the diameter and total height of the tree. The results showed the composition of the tree species was dominated by Dipterocarpaceae family, the potential biomass was 624.86 tons/ha, the potential C was 293.68 tons/ha and the potential of environmental services in the form of CO2 absorbed was 1,077.83 tons/ha, the production O2 was 786.81 tons/ha and the carbon credits was US$ 41,788/ha. Moreover, these result show the strong relevance of the Gunung Bondang Protection Forest for climate change mitigation. The protection and restoration of degraded forest parts contribute to the climate mitigation goals set by the Indonesian government, and the issuance of Carbon credits will be an important financial incentive for sustainable forest management and conservation.
Aflahun Fadhly Siregar, Salsabila Salsabila, Ade Firmansyah Tanjung
Daun: Jurnal Ilmiah Pertanian dan Kehutanan, Volume 7, pp 88-99; doi:10.33084/daun.v7i2.2001

The consumption needs of the Indonesian population for fruits is quite high but cannot be balanced with the low national fruit production so that market needs are not fulfilled. When compared with local fruits in Indonesia, the level of demand for imported fruit is higher and much in demand by consumers because of the relatively cheaper price, maintained quality and in accordance with the wishes of consumers. The objective of this research is to analyze the number of local and imported fruit supplying which supplied by retailers, analyze the selling value of local fruits and imports offered, analyze the influence of selling prices on the supply of local fruits and imported fruits by retailers of fruit in the traditional market of Medan City. The analysis method used is a simple linear regression model. Data collection method through the dissemination of questionnaires and interview techniques to local and import fruit retailers in the traditional market of Medan. The results of the study obtained that the average number of local fruit supply was as much as 132 kg/day while imported fruit as much as 23 kg/day. The selling value of local fruit was higher than imported fruit which was Rp 2,126,340/day and Rp 1,520,840/day. The selling value of local fruit was higher than imported fruit which was Rp 2,126,340/day and Rp 1,520,840/day. Based on the results of the analysis, the selling price positively influenced the local fruit supplying with a significance value of 0.042 (<0.05). Similarly, the selling price of imported fruit has a positive effect on the offer of imported fruit with a significance of 0.002 (<0.05).
Maya Pattiwael, Amatus Turot
Daun: Jurnal Ilmiah Pertanian dan Kehutanan, Volume 7, pp 151-162; doi:10.33084/daun.v7i2.2014

One of the animals that are easy to find is a bird. Based on data about the increase in the number of bird species, it can be ascertained that these animals can be found in every region in Indonesia, with diverse species and even species that are endemic to a certain area. West Papua is one of the regions in Indonesia which is rich in various species of birds, including Cendrawasih which can also be found in the Natural Forest of Malagufuk Village, Klayili District, Sorong Regency. Based on information from the surrounding community, several types of Cendrawasih are often seen in the natural forests of Malagufuk Village, but their diversity and population are not known with certainty. This study aims to determine the diversity of species and population of Cendrawasih birds in the natural forest of Malagufuk Village, Klayili District, Sorong Regency, West Papua. Thus, the results of this study are expected to be a source of data in the context of preserving and protecting the existing Cendrawasih species. Data collection on the species composition and population of Cendrawasih was carried out using the Line Transect method by making 10 observation lines with a line length of 500 m each and a distance between lines of 100 m. The results showed that there were found 3 spesies of Cendrawasih with estimated populations and densities as follows: Cendrawasih Kuning Kecil (Paradisaea minor) had an estimated population of 7.48 individuals with a density of 2.93 individuals / ha; Cendrawasih Raja (Cicinnurus regius) has an estimated population of 5 individuals with a density of 1.67 individuals / ha; and Toowa Cemerlang (Ptiloris magnificus) had an estimated population of 2.22 individuals with a density of 0.74 individuals / ha. When the research was carried out, it was seen that the three types of Cendrawasih used several types of trees as places for activities (playing or dancing), namely Matoa (Pometia coreacea), Merbau (Intsia bijuga), Damar (Agathis dammara). Beringin (Ficus benjamina), and Pala hutan (Myristica sp) with tree heights above 20 m.
Gayuh Prasetyo Budi, Teguh Pribadi
Daun: Jurnal Ilmiah Pertanian dan Kehutanan, Volume 7, pp 117-125; doi:10.33084/daun.v7i2.2011

Black soybean (G. max (L.) Merr.) is an important food crop and has a high nutritional content. Demand for this commodity is increasing. National soybean demand in 2015 about 2.6 million tons but domestic production only 982,967 tons. One of the obstacles to increasing black soybean production is Asian soybean rust disease caused by P. pachyrhizi. The susceptibility of black soybean to rust makes the farmers often use chemical fungicides to control it. Alternative control of rust leaves that suitable for the environment is through the selection of more resistant varieties of rust and the application of biological agents of Corynebacterium sp. and Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR). The research was conducted in endemic area of ​​ Asian soybean rust disease, using Complete Randomized Design 2 factors. Factor 1 varieties of black soybeans consists of V1: Detam 1, V2: Detam 3, V3: Detam 4 and Factor 2 biological agents consist of: control, Corynebacterium sp. and PGPR with 3 replications. The results showed that Detam 1 varieties produced the most massive seeds: 6.86 g plant-1. Corynebacterium sp. and PGPR treatment can significantly reduce the intensity of Asian soybean rust disease compared to controls. The intensity of rust disease in Corynebacterium sp. (11.7%), PGPR (8.9%), control (33.9%). Both soybean varieties and biological agents showed no interaction in all observed variables.
Mohamad Ihsan, Srie Juli Rachmawati, Irsan Styadi
Daun: Jurnal Ilmiah Pertanian dan Kehutanan, Volume 7, pp 126-137; doi:10.33084/daun.v7i2.2012

The use of liquid organic fertilizers is currently increasing. This study aims to determine the effect of the moringa leaf extract filtering method (Moringa oleifera, Lam) as a liquid organic fertilizer for growth and yield of mustard greens (Brassica juncea, L) and to determine the response of plant to the concentration of liquid organic fertilizer. The research design used was a two-factor factorial randomized completely block design with three replications. The first factor treatment was the type of moringa leaf extract filtering method (filtered with cloth, filtered with ordinary filter paper, and filtered with Whatman filter paper). The second factor was the concentration of organic liquid fertilizer from moringa leaf extract (0%, 5%, 10%, 15%). The data were analyzed with variance at the 5% and 1% significant levels, and were further tested using Duncan's Multiple Range Test (DMRT) at the 5% significant level. The results showed that the filtering method of moringa leaf extract had an effect on mustard greens for the parameters of plant height, leaf width, fresh plant weight, consumption of mustard greens per plant, and weight of consumption of mustard greens per plot. The filtering treatment of moringa leaf extract using ordinary filter paper gave the best results, with the best concentration of extracts was 5%.
Wahyu Supriyati, Alpian Alpian
Daun: Jurnal Ilmiah Pertanian dan Kehutanan, Volume 7, pp 163-170; doi:10.33084/daun.v7i2.2015

Communities in Kalimantan areas need wood for building materials. They use Tumeh wood (Combretocarpus rotundatus Dans) because of its found abundantly in forest area in Central Kalimantan. Tumeh is a kind of pioneer. Wood parts affect the quality of wood. The purpose of this study was to study the effect of the radial position on the mechanical properties of wood tumeh. The properties of the wood analyzed is hardness, Modukus of Rupture (MOR) and Mdukus of Elasticity (MOE) (British Standard No.373,1957). Data analysis using Completely Randomized Design (CRD. The results show that the location in the radial direction has no significant effect on hardness, MOR and MOE values.The highest value of hardness and MOR was near the bark and then decreased in the middle and near the heart, respectively. Meanwhile, the highest MOE value is near the heart, then decreases in the middle and near the bark, respectively This research can be continued on the physical and chemical properties of the wood for a more comprehensive understanding. Research in different directions and at different diameters can also be carried out as a comparison.
Alpian Alpian, Raynold Panjaitan, Adi Jaya, Yanciluk Yanciluk, Wahyu Supriyati Supriyati, Emmy U. Antang
Daun: Jurnal Ilmiah Pertanian dan Kehutanan, Volume 7, pp 1-10; doi:10.33084/daun.v7i1.1602

Energy is a major component in human daily life so it is needed in daily activities and production. The main source of energy used today comes from fossils such as petroleum, natural gas and coal which are non-renewable, unsustainable, limited in existence and can damage the environment. One of the more environmentally friendly and renewable energy substitutes is charcoal briquettes. The raw material used for the manufacture of charcoal briquettes is charcoal powder from biomass waste in land clearing in the Village of Kalampangan, Palangka Raya City. The fire burn the Kalampangan urban area in 2015. The burning area makes succession and overgrown of pioneer plants such as Gerunggang and Tumih that cannot use maximum. Both types of wood can be used as material for making charcoal briquettes. The purpose of this study is to determine the physical and mechanical properties of charcoal briquettes produced from biomass waste without burning fuel with several raw material compositions from Gerunggang and Tumih charcoal powders. The charcoal briquettes refer to the Indonesian National Standard (SNI 01-6235-2000) and ESDM Permen No. No. 047 of 2006. The number of treatments was 5 (T100: G0; T25: G75; T50: G50; T75: G25 and T0: G100) of 3 replications. The composition with the most potential test results in accordance with the both of standards that used is the composition of T100: G0 with a lower moisture content of 10.10%, density 0.98 g/cm3, and compressive strength 25.68 kg/cm2.
Pienyani Rosawanti, Nurul Hidayati, Fahruddin Arfianto, Djoko Eko Hadi Susilo
Daun: Jurnal Ilmiah Pertanian dan Kehutanan, Volume 7, pp 33-49; doi:10.33084/daun.v7i1.1605

This research aims to know the effect interaction of application of types and different dosage of organic fertilizers on production and fruit quality of melons on peatlands, effect of application of types and different dosage of organic fertilizers on production and fruit quality of melons on peatlands, and the agronomic efficiency of the use of several types and different dosage of organic fertilizers on production of melons on peatlands. This research design was used as a Randomized Block Design (RBD) consists of two factors with 4 replication. The first factor consisted of types of organic fertilizer (P) i.e. chicken manure (PA), guano manure (PG), and cow manure (PS). The second factor consisted of fertilizer dosage (D) i.e. 0 tons ha-1 (without fertilization, called control), D1 = 15 tons ha-1, D2 = 30 tons ha-1 and D3 = 45 tons ha-1. The data obtained by analysis of variance (ANOVA) or F test at a = 5% and 1% levels to determine the effect of treatment was tested further by HSD (honestly significant difference) testat the level of 5%. The result shows that the interaction type of organic fertilizer and the dosage of organic fertilizer treatment significant effect on the weight of the melon. Chicken manure is the best organic fertilizer on the size and quality of the melon. Dosage of 45 tons ha-1 organic fertilizer gave the highest results but it was not significantly different with a dosage of 30 tons ha-1. The use of chicken manure fertilizer of 30 tons ha-1 is more efficient in agronomy in increasing melons yield on peatlands.
Melhanah Melhanah, Lilies Supriati, Dewi Saraswati
Daun: Jurnal Ilmiah Pertanian dan Kehutanan, Volume 7, pp 11-22; doi:10.33084/daun.v7i1.1603

Pertanian organik merupakan teknik budidaya pertanian yang berorientasi pada pemanfaatan bahan-bahan alami (lokal) denganmenekankanpada kestabilanlingkungan sedangkan pertanian konvensional merupakan kebiasaan yang dilakukan petani setempat.Indikatorkestabilan pertanianorganik maupun konvensional dapatdiketahuidaridiversitas dankelimpahan arthropoda nokturnal.Penelitian bertujuan untuk mengetahui struktur komunitas arthropoda nokturnal pada jagung manis dan kacang panjang organik dan konvensional di lahan gambut. Penelitian dilaksanakan pada lahan seluas 210 m2, yang dibagi menjadi 12 petak percobaan (luas per petak 12 m2). Lahan tersebut ditanami sayuran jagung manis dan kacang panjang dengan perlakuan organik dan konvensional. Penelitian menggunakan teknik perangkap cahaya (Light Trap)untuk menangkap arthropoda nokturnal. Pengolahan data ditabulasi dengan Microsoft Excel. Pada petak organik dijumpai 8 Ordo dan 25 famili, sedangkan pada petak konvensional dijumpai 7 ordo dan 28 famili. Komposisi peran ekologis arthropodanokturnal yang ditemukanpada petak organik maupun konvensional terdiri dari predator (62,50%), hama (18,54%),serangga berguna lainnya (10,00%) dan parasitoid (8,96%). Diversitas arthropoda nokturnal yang diperoleh pada petak organik kacang panjang berdasarkan indeks diversitas Shannon-Wiener menunjukkan nila tertinggi (H'=2,12), sedangkan petak lainnya menunjukkan nilai H > 1.
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