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Samsul Hadi
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 162-166; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.2134

The ORF3a protein from SARS-CoV has functions in terms of ion channel activity, modulates the trafficking properties of SARS-CoV spike (S) protein, increases fibrinogen expression in pulmonary epithelial cells, and induces apoptosis. So that research is needed to overcome the ORF3a experiment. The method in this research uses the computational screening method with autodok4 software. The results of this study resulted in free binding energy between Hassk Rhodomyrtus tomentosa (Aiton) and ORF3a compounds, namely: α-tocopherol-quinone (-5.86); blumeatin (-4.98); methyl cinnamate (-4.44); myricetin (-4.49); naringenin (-4.93); quercetin (-4,9); rhodomyrtone (-6); rhodomyrtosone B (-7.11); rhodomyrtosone C (-6.77); tetrahydroxyflavanone (-4.91); α-tocopherol A (-6.72); verimol K (-4.89); watsonianone A (-7.55). Based on the data obtained, the ligand with the most potential due to the stability of the bond is watsonianone A.
Rohama Rohama, Zainuddin Zainuddin
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 125-129; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.2129

The Gayam tree is widespread in the territory of Indonesia, the Gayam plant (Inocarfus Fegifer Fosb) is also used as a medicine for bloody bowel movements in the community by boiling the stems and drinking boiled water. Besides having medicinal properties, Gayam is also used as food in the community in the Banjarmasin area. The common people certainly do not know the benefits of gayam and its nutritional value. Research on the identification of secondary metabolite compounds in Gayam leaf extract (Inocarpus Fagifer Fosb) using TLC where Gayam Leaves (Inocarpus Fagifer Fosb) was extracted by maceration method, the thick extract obtained was then carried out by testing the identification of secondary metabolites with color reagent and TLC. The results of the identification of the compound metabolite of gayam leaves (Inocarfus Fegifer Fosb) by color reagent and TLC test showed positive test results for alkaloids, flavonoids, terpenoids, saponins.
Mustaqimah Mustaqimah, Rina Saputri, Ali Rakhman Hakim
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 119-124; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.2128

Distribution of pharmaceutical products from the pharmaceutical industry before reaching the pharmacy service point must be through wholesale. Good distribution practice methods are a set of standardized routine working methods, which ensure the quality, safety, and efficacy of pharmaceutical products remain intact from the very beginning to the end of the expiration period. Good distribution practice methods must be implemented by all wholesale in Indonesia so that wholesale operations can run effectively and efficiently. All pharmaceutical wholesalers must have standard operating procedures, personnel with integrity, and a good documentation system.
Linda Handayuni, Hendra Nusa Putra
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 40-44; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.1814

The Community Health Center hereinafter referred to as the Puskesmas, is a health service facility that organizes public health efforts and first-rate individual efforts, prioritizing promotive and preventive efforts. The recording and reporting system (SP2TP) is a comprehensive and integrated recording and reporting activity for Puskesmas with the concept of puskesmas working areas. PIECES include Performance, Information, Economic, Control, Efficiency, and Service. Puskesmas Lubuk Buaya already uses the e-Puskesmas application and already has PIECES, but it is not yet perfect in its application. This community service's purpose is that the implementation of SP2TP by using PIECES is better at the Lubuk Buaya Health Center. The method used with Research Development. Medical record officers' performance on the implementation of e-puskesmas has been running well on the information is still not accurate in providing information. The economy is still lacking facilities and infrastructure in the smooth implementation of e-puskesmas. There are still errors in the data in control so that supervision is still not guaranteed; efficiency has not been found to increase efficiency in the performance of health centers and services there are still processes that have not been implemented. In the implementation of SP2TP using PECES, it should be optimized so that errors do not occur in the information available at the Puskesmas, and other fields related to reporting will be easier to monitor, including external parties.
Noval Noval, Rosyifa Rosyifa
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 94-101; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.2125

Diclofenac sodium is included in the class II category based on the biopharmaceutics classification system (BCS), sodium diclofenac has low solubility and high permeability. Low solubility will affect the absorption of drugs in the body because the rate of dissolution will decrease. Polyvinyl Pyrrolidone (PVP) K30 is an inert carrier that dissolves easily in water and can affect the solubility of an active drug substance. To know solid dispersion system increasing dissolution rate of sodium diclofenac by adding variations concentration of PVP K30. Solid dispersion uses a solvent method with variations concentration of PVP K30 1:3, 1:5, 1:7, and 1:9. Test physical properties of solid dispersions using a moisture test and compressibility. Solid dispersion dissolution test using type 2 dissolutions test and determination of concentration using UV-VIS spectrophotometry. Test results were analyzed using One Way ANOVA and continued test. Solid dispersion has a good physical whit moisture percentage not >5% and compressibility not >20%. Solid dispersion of sodium diclofenac with the addition of PVP K30 can increase dissolution rate compared to pure sodium diclofenac (p
Erwin Erwin, Asmawati Asmawati, Suhikma Sofyan
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 5-9; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.1535

Dental health practitioners need to consider the use of alternative materials for the examination of plaque indexes derived from natural ingredients as a substitute for disclosing materials because they are not always available despite the high price. one example of this natural ingredient is the kesumba seed plant. The purpose of this study was to determine the differences in plaque index on examination by disclosing solution and kesumba material. This type of research is quasi-experiment. This study used a sample of 47 students from Lawulo Elementary School-aged 9-12 years, data collection was done by checking the PHP plaque index. The results showed that the average plaque index score on examination with a disclosing solution was 3.08, and the average plaque index score on examination with the examination was 2.17 with a difference of 0.91. Statistical test results obtained ρ-value: 0,000 <α (0.05) so that, it can be concluded there are differences in the plaque index on examination with Disclosing solution and examination with kesumba.
Sofia Mawaddah, Novia Karlawaty
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 167-171; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.2135

The low coverage of exclusive breastfeeding is a challenge for midwives to be more active in promoting health about the importance of exclusive breastfeeding for infant growth. The low coverage of exclusive breastfeeding can have an impact on the quality of life for future generations of the nation and also on the national economy. One of the efforts to increase the rate of breast milk secretion and production is through the use of traditional herbal medicines such as katuk leaf tea. The aim of this study was to determine the effectiveness of katuk leaf tea. on milk production in postpartum mothers on day 4-7. This research method is a quasi-experimental post-test-only non-equivalent control group design with a sample size of 30 postpartum mothers who meet the inclusion criteria. The statistical test of this study is the independent T-test. The results showed that there was an effect of giving katuk leaf tea on increasing breast milk production in postpartum mothers with a P-Value = 0.000 (
Vina Agustina, Suryagustina Suryagustina, Henry Wiyono
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 82-87; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.2123

A fracture or often called a fracture is a break in the continuity of bone tissue and is determined according to its type and extent. Pain is the most common complaint in fracture patients. Based on the results of the preliminary survey on February 14, 2018, in the Dahlia room, RSUD dr. Doris Sylvanus Palangka Raya, from 10 patients, it was found that 6 patients did not know that warm water compress therapy could reduce pain and 4 patients had heard that warm water compresses could reduce pain but still did not dare to take action alone without advice from a health professional. The results of the analysis research with the Wilcoxon test obtained a significant p-value (0.008
Rizki Muji Lestari, Fitriani Ningsih
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 75-81; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.2122

Pregnancy is something that every married couple always looks forward to, but over time not all pregnancies go smoothly. Hypertension in pregnancy is one of the complications that often occur in pregnant women. Hypertension in pregnancy is common and is the leading cause of maternal death and has other serious effects during labor. Hypertension in pregnancy occurs in 5% of all pregnancies. Garlic is one type of natural wealth that can reduce blood pressure because garlic has active compounds that are known to affect the availability of ions for the contraction of smooth muscle in blood vessels. This study used a sample of 30 respondents of pregnant women with hypertension who came to the KIA room at the Pahandut Health Center, Palangka Raya City, totaling 30 respondents. In this study, the independent variable was garlic extract intervention, while the dependent variable was blood pressure. In this study, using a Paired Sample T-Test statistical test using a computerized. From the results of the study, it can be seen that the mean difference between the first and second measurements is 8.63 with a standard deviation of 5. This difference is then tested with the paired T-test resulting in a test that is obtained by 0.00, so it can be concluded that there is a significant difference in blood pressure at the first measurement and the second measurement.
Lensi Natalia Tambunan, Dewi Aprilianti
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 70-74; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.2121

The physiological condition experienced by all maternity mothers is labor pain. It is caused by ischemic u muscles, withdrawal and traction of the uteri ligament, ovarian traction, fallopian tubes, and distension of the lower part of the uteri, pelvic floor muscles, and perineum. How to reduce pain with non-pharmacological treatment namely endorphin massage (Endorphine Massage) and aromatherapy rose administration. Aromatherapy is a method that uses essential oils that can improve physical health and also improve emotional health. The aroma of essential oils can provide calmness and can reduce pain in childbirth. Rose or rose atrisi oil referred to as the queen of oils has a delicious aroma, stimulates feelings of comfort, and reduces pain. This study used a sample of 30 maternity respondents who came to the maternity room of Pahandut Puskesmas Palangka Raya city which numbered 30 respondents. In this study as a variable independent is the intervention of Endorphin Massage and aromatherapy rose, while as a variable dependent is a pain. In this study, we used statistical T-Test using computerization. From the results of the study, it can be known that the mean rank of pain in the maternity mother is not given endorphin massage and aromatherapy rose is greater than the pain in the maternity mother given endorphin massage and aromatherapy rose, and obtained a p-value of 0.00, so it can be concluded that there is a significant difference in labor pain in times I without endorphin massage and rose therapy with endorphin massage and aromatherapy rose.
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