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Elisabeth Oriana Jawa La, Repining Tiyas Sawiji, Ni Made Rai Yuliani
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 185-200; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.2136

Degenerative diseases triggered by antioxidants in the body are unable to neutralize the increased concentration of free radicals that can cause cell damage, so to destroy free radicals it is necessary to have antioxidants from outside the body. Grapefruit peel (Citrus Maxima Merr) is one plant that is known to have a lot of secondary metabolite content however it is not fully utilized. To analyze the content of chemical compounds and the antioxidant effect of n-hexane extract of Grapefruit peel (Citrus Maxima Merr.). Identification of chemical compounds was carried out by phytochemical screening and confirmed by the analysis of the extract thin layer chromatography profile, whereas the antioxidant activity test was carried out using the radical capture method of 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) with Trolox as a comparison. The results of the identification of Grapefruit peel (Citrus Maxima Merr) extracts is containing secondary metabolites in the form of flavonoids, saponins, alkaloids, triterpenoids/steroids, and tannins. The results of antioxidant activity test extracts of grapefruit peel(Citrus Maxima Merr) and Trolox each showed values that: IC50 111.69 ppm and 12.143 ppm. From the results of this test, the extract of grapefruit peel (Citrus Maxima Merr) has moderate antioxidant activity when compared to Trolox.
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 45-52; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.1829

Fatigue is a widespread clinical complaint among adults with type 2 diabetes. Fluctuating glucose levels can cause fatigue. Several factors are associated with fatigue in diabetic patients, including physiological factors such as hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia, psychological factors such as depression associated with diabetes. Progressive muscle relaxation is a procedure to get relaxation in the muscles through two steps, namely by applying tension to a muscle group and stopping the tension then focusing on how the muscle relaxes, feeling the sensation of relaxation and fatigue is reduced. The aim of this study was to identify the effect of progressive muscle relaxation on fatigue symptoms in type II DM clients in 15 control groups and 15 intervention groups. The research method used a quasi-experimental design with a pretest-posttest control group design approach, consisting of one treatment (in the intervention group) and a control group. Data analysis was performed using univariate and bivariate analysis using t-independent and t-dependent tests. Wilcoxon test results in the intervention group and the control group showed a significant p-value of 0.002 (
Irma Wulandari, Fitri Indahsari
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 201-209; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.2137

The medical record is one of the most important parts of a health service which must be supported by an adequate number of human resources, so it is necessary to calculate the exact workforce requirements. Medical record activities at Ramdani Husada Inpatient Clinic are not done by officers with medical record education qualifications but are carried out by officers with qualifications of high school education, midwifery diploma, and midwifery diploma. The research objective was to describe the need for medical record personnel based on the WISN (Workload Indicator of Staffing Need) method at the Ramdani Husada Inpatient Clinic. The research design used descriptive quantitative with a cross-sectional approach. The population and sample of the study were all officers who carried out medical record activities as many as 3 people including the clinic manager, head of administration, and administrative staff. The results showed that the available work time was 1,953 hours/year or equivalent to 117,180 minutes/year, the workload standard was not in accordance with the number of available officers, the allowance standard was 1.70 workers. So that the need for medical record officers based on the WISN method is 9 workers. Based on the research results, there is a gap between theory and practice, where the Ramdani Husada Inpatient Clinic does not use the WISN method or other methods for planning its workforce. It is suggested that the Ramdani Husada Inpatient Clinic do deeper planning related to the workforce, especially for medical record officers to increase work productivity and reduce the risk of fatigue in officers.
Indah Mastikana
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 146-154; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.2132

Prevention of dysplasia or pre-cancer is prevention before the arrival of cervical cancer is by Vaccine Immunization. The cervical cancer prevention program using HPV vaccination should have been obtained and known to young women in the educational process both at school and campus as well as through print and electronic media. The research design is descriptive-analytic with a cross-sectional approach. The sampling technique used nonprobability techniques with a sample size of 86 adolescents from each of the two schools. The result showed that of the 86 girls in SMA N 5 Batam City who had good knowledge, were 56 students (65.1%), only 26 students (30.2%) and less 4 students (4.7%) and that out of 86 girls in class X SMA N 5 Batam, as many as 78 students had positive attitudes (90.7%) and 8 student negative (9.3%) while the result of research at MAN Batam showed that from 86 girls who had good knowledge of 42 students (48.8%), quite 38 students (44.2%) and less than 6 students (7.0%) and of the 86 teenage girls of class X MAN Batam, 48 students had a positive attitude (55.8%) and 38 students (44.2%) negative attitude toward HPV Vaccine Immunization. The conclusion from the research results is that there is a majority of knowledge of adolescents SMAN 5 and MAN Batam have good knowledge and positive attitudes and there are significant differences in knowledge and there are no significant differences in attitude about HPV vaccine immunization.
Rumentalia Sulistini, Musonathul Khasifah, Hanna Dl Damanik
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 1-4; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.1533

Stroke is a loss of brain function caused by the cessation of blood supply in part of the brain. Death of brain tissue due to stroke can cause muscle weakness in the affected limb such as fingers. This condition affects the ability to move and the quality of life of patients. Patients not only experience paralysis but also experience cognitive impairment, communication disorders, and visual field disorders or deficits in perception. Aims this study was to describe handgrip strength The average age of respondents was 60.5 years with the youngest age 41 years and 80 years of age. The average strength of the handgrip is 7.4 kg with the lowest strength is 1.3 kg and the highest is 18.6 kg. Obtained a relationship between age and muscle strength after stroke (p 0.023). The relationship between age and post-stroke muscle strength shows that the relationship between medium strength and negative patterning means that as you age, muscle strength decreases. So it is necessary to develop the Pattern of Activities and exercises for Post Stroke in Hospitals and the Community.
Theresia Jamini, Putri Perdana Anggreni, Dwi Marta Agustina
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 35-39; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.1802

Hypertension is a significant health problem considering the complications it causes. The research objective was to describe hypertensive patients' perceptions of their treatment at the inpatient installation of RSUD Tamiang Layang in 2019. Quantitative research methods with descriptive research design were applied with sampling with non-probability sampling is purposive sampling, amounting to 30 respondents—the process of collecting data using a questionnaire instrument. The data obtained were then processed and analyzed using Univariate Analysis. The results showed that 93.33% of respondents had a positive perception classification of their treatment, and as many as 6.67% of respondents had a negative perception classification. It was concluded that hypertensive patients' perception towards treatment in the inpatient room at RSUD Tamiang Layang in 2019 has a positive classification of treatment, which means that most patients know and understand hypertension treatment both pharmacologically and non-pharmacologically, although it is still not optimal.
, Rizka Appriliani, Husda Oktaviannoor
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 111-118; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.2127

Cempedak plants are widely distributed in Indonesia, one of which is Kalimantan. Cempedak is a tropical plant, so its potential can be used as an additive in the manufacture of pharmaceutical preparations. Previous studies used cempedak seed starch as a binding agent in tablet formulations. This study aims to determine the effect of variations in concentration and optimum concentration of Cempedak seed starch (Artocarpus champeden) as a filler for Paracetamol tablets. The study used a True Experimental Design design with a posttest-only control group design. Making tablets using the wet granulation method. Data analysis used the one-way ANOVA test followed by the LSD test and the Kruskal-Wallis H test which continued with the Mann Whitney Test as a derivative test of the one-way ANOVA. Granule evaluation includes organoleptic, flow properties, tapping test, and stationary angle test. The results of the evaluation of the granules produced granules produced from each formulation are in accordance with the requirements. Tablet evaluation included organoleptic, uniformity in weight, the hardness of tablet, friability, and disintegration time. The results of the tablet evaluation showed that the maximum concentration of cempedak seeds was found in F1 because it showed the evaluation results that were in accordance with the requirements. In evaluating the uniformity of weight and hardness of tablets with the Kruskal Wallis H test and the Mann Whitney test, the results show that there are differences in each formula with a P-value
Fitriani Ningsih, Rizki Muji Lestari, Raynaldi Raynaldi
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 61-69; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.2120

In breastfeeding, it is necessary to carry out lactation management efforts by the mother to support the success of exclusive breastfeeding, because in essence lactation management starts during pregnancy, after childbirth, and during the breastfeeding period of the baby. Lactation management regulates the entire breastfeeding process to run smoothly and successfully, from the production of breast milk to the process of the baby sucking and swallowing breast milk. Therefore, it is necessary to support the fulfillment of breastfeeding for infants, namely the control model of lactation management which aims to ensure that lactation management can be carried out properly so that exclusive breastfeeding can be carried out. The design of this study used a Quasy Experiment research design with a Pre-Post-test Control Group Design, using a sample of 30 post-partum mothers in Pahandut Health Center, Palangka Raya City. This group was divided into 15 respondents as the intervention group and 15 respondents as the control group. In this study using the Paired T-Test statistical test. The results of statistical tests were also obtained from each control variable, the value of P value for counseling (0.000), family support (0.000), exclusive breastfeeding policy (0.000), breast care (0.017) and hypno breastfeeding (0.048). P value
Rohama Rohama, Zainuddin Zainuddin
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 125-129; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.2129

The Gayam tree is widespread in the territory of Indonesia, the Gayam plant (Inocarfus Fegifer Fosb) is also used as a medicine for bloody bowel movements in the community by boiling the stems and drinking boiled water. Besides having medicinal properties, Gayam is also used as food in the community in the Banjarmasin area. The common people certainly do not know the benefits of gayam and its nutritional value. Research on the identification of secondary metabolite compounds in Gayam leaf extract (Inocarpus Fagifer Fosb) using TLC where Gayam Leaves (Inocarpus Fagifer Fosb) was extracted by maceration method, the thick extract obtained was then carried out by testing the identification of secondary metabolites with color reagent and TLC. The results of the identification of the compound metabolite of gayam leaves (Inocarfus Fegifer Fosb) by color reagent and TLC test showed positive test results for alkaloids, flavonoids, terpenoids, saponins.
Mustaqimah Mustaqimah, Rina Saputri, Ali Rakhman Hakim
Jurnal Surya Medika, Volume 6, pp 119-124; doi:10.33084/jsm.v6i2.2128

Distribution of pharmaceutical products from the pharmaceutical industry before reaching the pharmacy service point must be through wholesale. Good distribution practice methods are a set of standardized routine working methods, which ensure the quality, safety, and efficacy of pharmaceutical products remain intact from the very beginning to the end of the expiration period. Good distribution practice methods must be implemented by all wholesale in Indonesia so that wholesale operations can run effectively and efficiently. All pharmaceutical wholesalers must have standard operating procedures, personnel with integrity, and a good documentation system.
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