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Fathurrahman Fathurrahman, Akhmad Gazali
Media Ilmiah Teknik Sipil, Volume 7, pp 99-105; doi:10.33084/mits.v7i2.842

Abstract:Floods that occurred in the city of Banjarbaru especially those that occurred in residential areas caused problems for the community as well as challenges for the government to evaluate the drainage channel in the settlement. The existing rainwater drainage channels need to be reviewed and developed so that they can accommodate the water flowing in the area. One of the settlements that had occurred in the city of Banjarbaru was a residential area in Cempaka Subdistrict, Cempaka Village, precisely on Jalan Getah Tunggal. The data needed in this study are rainfall data, land use data, topographic data and existing data on channel conditions at the study site. Rainfall data were analyzed by Log Pearson III, Gumbel and Iwai Kadoya methods, then tested by Chi Square to choose the distribution of statistics received. The rainfall data was analyzed into the intensity of hourly rain using the mononobe method. Rain intensity is analyzed using a rational method to get a plan debit (Qchannel). Furthermore (the plan) is compared with (Qchannel), and (Qexisting). Based on the calculation results obtained (Qplanning) of 0.76 m3/sec, (Qchannel) of 0.78 m3/sec, (Qexisting) of 0.0645 m3/sec, the comparison results are obtained (Qchannel)>(Qplanning), (Qexisting) <(Qplanning). So that it can be concluded that the causes of flooding and inundation are sediments as high as 70 cm which reduce the storage capacity of the initial dimensions of the channel
Irna Hendriyani, Martheana Kencanawati, Agus Nur Salam
Media Ilmiah Teknik Sipil, Volume 7, pp 87-97; doi:10.33084/mits.v7i2.841

Abstract:The problem of providing clean water is currently a special concern for developed countries and developing countries. Indonesia as a developing country cannot be separated from the problem of providing clean water for its people. One of the main problems faced is the lack of available sources of clean water, the uneven distribution of clean water services, especially in rural areas and existing clean water sources that have not been utilized optimally. This study aims to analyze the clean water needs of PDAM Samboja which uses 2 pumps in the next 10 years (2028). By using primary and secondary data obtained from PDAM Samboja and a number of related references, it was found that the IPA clean water needs of PDAM Tirta Mahakam Samboja with 2 pumps, in 2018 amounted to 2,599.5 m3/day. With the estimated results of the number of customers in the next 10 years (2028), the number of water requirements is 3,048 m3/day. Therefore it is necessary to add 1 pump to the PDAM Samboja IPA so that it can still serve the needs of customers in the next 10 years
Akhmad Gazali, Fathurrahman Fathurrahman
Media Ilmiah Teknik Sipil, Volume 7, pp 79-86; doi:10.33084/mits.v7i2.840

Abstract:South Kalimantan is one of the areas that has a lot of swamps. The use of galam wood is an alternative to the construction of landslide resistors on the roadside in swamp areas. Landslides often occur on the edge of road piles in swamp areas. Not infrequently damage due to landslides on several roads. This study aims to determine the effect of galam wood plaster reinforcement on increasing soil carrying capacity and stability of embankment due to the operation of external forces. The factor of manual embankment slope safety with the fellenius slice method shows that SF = 0.857
Bagus Priambodo Prima, Utami Sylvia Lestari
Media Ilmiah Teknik Sipil, Volume 7, pp 61-70; doi:10.33084/mits.v7i2.838

Abstract:PAL 6 Main Terminal of Banjarmasin city is the type of terminal type B. The purpose of this study was to determine and analyze the operational PAL 6 Induk Terminal of Banjarmasin city at this time and know the performance of services provided by the terminal to the users, as well as the alternative of appropriate strategies to be executed so that the terminal can operate optimally. This Terminal Performance Evaluation is facilities to analyze variables by using Importance-Performance Analysis. The survey was conducted on the operating hours of the terminal as well as the location of the survey carried out in the PAL 6 Induk Terminal of Banjarmasin city. Surveys conducted surveying service facilities provided by the terminal to the user terminal and the interview survey questionnaires to the terminal users as much as 220 respondents. The survey questionnaire interviews in this study to own two types of questionnaires, the interests questionnaires, and satisfaction questionnaires. A questionnaire was addressed to stakeholders interests or terminal manager, while the performance or satisfaction questionnaire addressed to the user terminal. From the results, the IPA analysis obtained a concordance rate of (70.74%) while the performance or satisfaction questionnaire addressed to the terminal user. So that the overall performance of service quality according to the criteria of value Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) is in a Good category.
Sulardi Sulardi
Media Ilmiah Teknik Sipil, Volume 7, pp 71-77; doi:10.33084/mits.v7i2.839

Abstract:The aim of the study was to provide an overview of the specifications of primary coating materials and their application method for corrosion control under the fireproofing of pipe rack structures and supporting structures of equipment in the oil refinery industry. The target to be achieved from this research is the availability of specifications of the primary coating material and the ease of its application to the structure of the pipe rack and the supporting structure of the oil refinery industry equipment. This research is an applied research method with a case study approach, namely in order to overcome the problem of corrosion under fireproofing. Allegedly the cause of corrosion under fireproofing is because in the refinery project specifications there is no provision of primary coating applications under fireproofing. The assumptions developed in answering the research problems are the availability of specifications of materials and methods for primary coating applications under fireproofing so that corrosion under fireproofing can be controlled and reduced. Specifications of primary coating material with service temperature (-45)oC - (650)oC with hi-built epoxy coating material, epoxy phenolic, epoxy nonov, inargonic copolymer and multi polymetric matrix, fulfilling NACE SP 0198-2010 technical specifications and application methods primary coating with a variation of the thickness of the primer coating is 100-200 micron (dry film thickness) DFT, proven to be suitable and suitable to be used to control corrosion problems under fireproofing. The results of this study also recommend that the specific material and primary application method for coatings that have been compiled in the primer guidelines for coatings that are in accordance with the specifications of NACE SP 0198-2010 can be used as the standard.
Sari Marlina, Novrianti Novrianti
Media Ilmiah Teknik Sipil, Volume 7, pp 35-42; doi:10.33084/mits.v7i1.683

Abstract:The population growth rate continues to increase directly proportional to the rate of environmental damage. This is due to the increasing need for clothing, food, and shelter. Or primary needs and secondary needs. For example, the impact of floating houses on pollution of the Kahayan River in the City of Palangka Raya, Central Kalimantan. One example of the impact that will be caused is river siltation, river water pollution, and the generation of garbage around the river. The purpose of this study was to identify the silting of the Kahayan River due to sedimentation and to determine the crossing of the Kahayan River in the study area. The research location was in the Kahayan Palangkaraya Tugu Soekarno River Catchment Area to Ropi Ropi. In the sedimentation calculation using USLE modification (MUSLE) has calculated the results of the increase in sediment in the river. The Kahayan River has an area of 81,648 km2, a length of 600 km, a width of 500m, its depth reaches 7 m and empties into three regencies between the cities of Palangkaraya, Kabupaten Gunung Mas, and Kabupaten Pulang Pisau. From the calculation of flood discharge, the peak discharge (Qp) is 0.0105 km�. Prediction of Sedimentation Rate using the MUSLE Method of each Protection Forest = 0, Sebangau National Park = 901, Tourist Park = 73, Forest Park = 112, Tetat Production Forest = 3.422
Sulardi Sulardi
Media Ilmiah Teknik Sipil, Volume 7, pp 1-8; doi:10.33084/mits.v7i1.679

Abstract:The aim to be achieved from this research activity is to provide an overview of the factors and causes of cracks, labar and crack depth on the concrete slab of the vehicle floor of the parking building and recommendations for improvement methods. This research method is a used research method and is a success story of crack evaluation and handling methods that have been carried out. The results showed that the crack width that occurred was 0.624-1.022 mm vs. 0.33 mm, out of tolerance. The results of the deflection measurements also show an average deflection in the concrete slab of the vehicle floor is 5.8-10.5 Cm and indicates that the crack has reached the concrete reinforcement, out of tolerance. With the results of this study, it is recommended that improvements be made with crack injection methods using low-pressure injection tools and specifications of an epoxy resin material.
Fitri Wulandari, Nirwana Puspasari, Noviyanthy Handayani
Media Ilmiah Teknik Sipil, Volume 7, pp 51-60; doi:10.33084/mits.v7i1.685

Abstract:Jalan Temanggung Tilung is a 2/2 UD type road (two undirected two-way lanes) with a road width of 5.5 meters, which is a connecting road between two major roads, namely the RTA road. Milono and the path of G. Obos. Over time, the volume of traffic through these roads increases every year, plus roadside activities that also increase cause congestion at several points of the way. To overcome this problem, the local government carried out road widening to increase the capacity and level of road services. The study was conducted to determine the amount of traffic volume, performance, service level of the Temanggung Tilung road section at peak traffic hours before and after road widening. Data retrieval is done by the direct survey to the field to obtain primary data in the form of geometric road data, two-way traffic volume data, and side obstacle data. Performance analysis refers to the 1997 Indonesian Road Capacity Manual (MKJI) for urban roads. From the results of data processing, before increasing the road (Type 2/2 UD), the traffic volume that passes through the path is 842 pcs/hour and after road widening (Type 4/2 UD) the traffic volume for two directions is 973 pcs/hour, with route A equaling 528 pcs/hour and direction B equaling 445 pcs/hour. Based on the analysis of road performance before road enhancement, the capacity = 2551 pcs/hour, saturation degree = 0.331, and the service level of the two-way road are level B. Based on the analysis of the performance of the way after increasing the way, the direction capacity A = 2686 pcs/hour and direction B = 2674 pcs /hour, saturation degree for direction A = 0.196 and direction B = 0.166, service level for road direction A and direction B increase to level A
Hendra Cahyadi, Sucmana Wijaya Kasuma
Media Ilmiah Teknik Sipil, Volume 7, pp 27-34; doi:10.33084/mits.v7i1.682

Abstract:Asphalt Concrete-Wearing Course (AC-WC) has been used widely in Indonesia as a surface layer, because of its water-resistant nature and high durability. An essential characteristic of Asphalt Concrete is that its continuous graded aggregate produces a pavement layer with high stability properties. Fillers as fillers in asphalt mixes. In this study, lime was used as a substitute for fillers in the AC-WC mixture. Extinguished lime is a material that passes the no. 200 (0.075 mm), as the primary condition for filler material. The purpose of this study was to determine the Marshall characteristics of the AC-WC mixture using extinguished lime fillers and to assess the performance of the mix and the effect of quenched lime fillers in the AC-WC mixture. The research method was carried out in several stages starting from inspection of 60/70 asphalt penetration, abrasion testing (Los Angeles), screening analysis, aggregate specific gravity testing, Sand Equivalent testing, testing of concrete mixture particular gravity up to testing with Marshall tools. From the results of the study, the use of extinguished filler lime in the AC-WC mixture showed that the use of quenched lime as a filler substitute fulfilled the requirements of stability, flow, VFB, VMA and Marshall Results.
Akhmad Gazali, Robiatul Adawiyah
Media Ilmiah Teknik Sipil, Volume 7, pp 9-17; doi:10.33084/mits.v7i1.680

Abstract:Stabilization is an attempt to improve the physical and mechanical properties of the soil so that it meets specific technical requirements. One method of stabilization is the addition of portland cement additives. This study aimed to compare the CBR values of soft soil of peat before and after stabilization with portland cement and to determine the effect of variations in ripening time on carrying capacity of soft soil peat. Soft peat soil used was taken from Handil Bakti Village, Alalak District, Barito Kuala District, South Kalimantan Province. Variations in the addition of cement levels used 5%, 10%, and 15%, while the variety of curing time starts from 7 days, 14 days and 21 days. In the results of the modified Proctor compaction test, the addition of cement levels in the soft soil of peat was shown to increase the maximum dry weight volume (?d) value continuously. While the value of optimum water content (?opt) has decreased which is not too significant at each addition of cement content. For the value of the soft soil type of peat mixed with cement, the increase in weight compared with the original soil type weight. In CBR Laboratory testing using modified Proctor compaction at 15% cement content addition and 21 days curing time, the maximum CBR value of the Laboratory was 18.039%. The addition of Portland cement has been shown to increase the CBR value and the carrying capacity of the soil