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Ridho Saleh Silaban, Darmansyah Tjitradi, Syahril Taufik
Media Ilmiah Teknik Sipil, Volume 8, pp 104-115; doi:10.33084/mits.v8i2.1408

The column is a critical element in the building structure, the failure of the column will directly result in the collapse of other related structural components. The column must have strength, stability and ductility. In increasing the capacity and ductility of the column by providing confinement, to protect concrete elements from breaking due to the influence of the working pressure. Analyzing ultimate axial load capability, stress-strain distribution patterns and crack patterns in concrete elements and column ductility. Tests of several models and variations of the restraint distance in short columns of normal concrete quality with longitudinal reinforcement of steel steels and carbon steel transversal reinforcement. The columns were analyzed using the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) method with the help of a full scale ANSYS 3-D application, with material properties for concrete using SOLID65 and steel reinforcement using LINK8 and SOLID45 loading plates. The type of pedestal used is the joints with axial loading (axial loadstep) centric direction. The effect of the restraint model and the variation of the restraint distance to the value of the column ultimate axial load for the whole model is relatively small with a ratio of 1.079, while for the ratio of the axial deformation ratio of 1.496. The pattern of stress and strain distribution when yielding spreads throughout the column area but when it reaches the ultimate distribution the concentration is concentrated in the support area. The first dominant crack occurs in the pedestal area and generally occurs in the concrete blanket layer, in the ultimate condition cracks have occurred evenly throughout the column area. The ratio of the ratio of ductility values ??for all column models and the restraint distance is relatively large with a ratio value of 1.523
Muhammad Gemilang P. Utama, Nirwana Puspasari
Media Ilmiah Teknik Sipil, Volume 8, pp 96-103; doi:10.33084/mits.v8i2.1407

Transportation is an important role in aspects of social economic and cultural activities. Based on the distribution of passenger traffic in and out of the land transportation, the Bus fleet majoring in Palangkaraya-Pangkalan Bun is the most desirable transportation service because travel times are faster and more efficient. The research objective is to determine the magnitude of operational costs for public transportation vehicles Palangka Raya-Pangkalan Bun. The method of collecting passenger data and bus fleet data is a non-random sampling method. Primary data in the form of vehicle operating costs are analyzed by the method of cost per kilometer approach for each vehicle, revenue is analyzed by the method of approaching the average amount of revenue of the company per year and subtracted by total vehicle operating costs per kilometer, rates are analyzed by the method of adding the fixed cost components, costs variable and overhead costs in units per passenger and Fare Box Ratio (FBR) are analyzed using the method of comparing the value of Vehicle Operating Costs per year with annual income. From the results of the study, the amount of Operational Cost needs is spent at 81% of annual income. With a Factor Load calculation of 12 passengers per Trip over the past three years. The fare incurred for ticket purchase per one time departure is Rp 130,000.00 with a Fare Box Ratio (FBR) of 123% so that it can be categorized as a profit
DeviA Devia, Prihanika Prihanika
Media Ilmiah Teknik Sipil, Volume 8, pp 72-78; doi:10.33084/mits.v8i2.1404

The movement of people and goods is increasing in line with economic growth in society. This causes the potential for increased transportation activities in the City of Palangka Raya so it needs efforts to improve adequate transportation facilities and infrastructure. The application of technology-based Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) in Palangka Raya City is needed so that the management of the transportation system becomes more effective and efficient. This paper provides an overview of the application of ITS facilities and types in Palangka Raya City and provides recommendations for the use of new ITS facilities or optimizing existing technology so that ITS facilities can be utilized by stakeholders in traffic management and transportation systems in Palangka Raya City. Based on observations of the application of ITS in the City of Palangka Raya is applied to improve the performance of intersections and road services. The type of ITS facility is the Area Traffic Control System (ATCS), which is a vehicle traffic control system at the signal intersection to increase travel speed and travel time so that delays in travel can be minimized. It is also expected that the implementation of ITS in Palangkaraya City can also optimize the performance of public transport and traffic safety as well as the collaboration between stakeholders so that the improvement of the integrated transportation system can be well integrated.
Tahan Tahan
Media Ilmiah Teknik Sipil, Volume 8, pp 125-131; doi:10.33084/mits.v8i2.1435

Concrete is a widely used construction material now Compared to other materials such as wood and steel. This is because the constituent material is easy to obtain, has enough strength, good durability, the making process is easy and in terms of economic price affordable. Concrete is Generally classified into two classes, namely normal quality and high quality. Both of them are now widely used in the construction activities. Normal quality concrete has a quality of 20 Mpa up to 58 MPa, while high quality concrete ranges above 58 Mpa. One of the applications in the structures is collapse behavior concrete beams on the normal quality of norm with the confinement on the pressure area. To analyze the effect of collapse behavior of normal quality concrete beams and varied Finite Element Analysis (FEA) by using ANSYS Ed. 9.0 with stirrups variation space in te respective spans (40, 80,120,150) mm and stirrup variation distance in the respective field (40,80,120,125,150,100,75.50) mm with 15/20 beam size. The steel material used has stress power of 400 each Mpa, stirrup stress 200 Mpa, normal quality stress 25 Mpa. Based on manual analysis and FEA the magnitude of ultimate capacity that occurs in the model of the beam with the dense stirrup on the stress area the ultimate moment value will rise both in the moment span area and in the field. The deformation is decreasing and the crack behavior on the pressure area can be minimized
Rahmat Rahmat, Irna Hendriyani
Media Ilmiah Teknik Sipil, Volume 8, pp 88-95; doi:10.33084/mits.v8i2.1406

One of the innovations in the use of glass waste in the construction sector is as a mixture of concrete brick. In this research glass dust from a building demolition in the Klandasan area of ??Balikpapan was used as a substitute for sand in a mixture of concrete brick. This research aims to analyze the use of glass powder as a substitute for sand in a mixture of concrete brick based on SNI 03-0349-1989. Concrete brick specimens are made with a cement and sand ratio of 1: 6. The variation in the replacement of glass powder used is 0%, 25%, and 50% of the composition of the sand. From the results of the analysis it was found that the water absorption capacity of the concrete brick with the addition of glass powder to the mixture of the concrete brick as a substitute for sand in the 0% concrete brick glass powder was 5.13% greater than the variation of 25% glass powder and 17.1% greater than the 50% variation of glass powder. The compressive strength of the concrete brick making with the addition of glass powder as a substitute for sand in the mixture of the concrete brick compressive strength of 25% glass powder is 11.11% better than oncrete brick 0% glass powder and compressive strength of the concrete brick 50% glass powder is better 33.33% than concrete brick 0% glass powder. Based on SNI 03-0349-1989, water absorption and compressive strength on concrete brick with the addition of glass powder as a substitute for sand still meet the requirements
Fitriansyah Fitriansyah, Elva Shanty Widuri, Eriza Islakul Ulmi
Media Ilmiah Teknik Sipil, Volume 8, pp 79-87; doi:10.33084/mits.v8i2.1405

In the management of a good irrigation system will increase the production of irrigation areas because in the Operation of an Irrigation Network should always pay attention to the Availability of Water and Water Needs and how to divide the existing water regularly and evenly so that all plants grow well. To supply water to the paddy fields and will be divided to each plot through the floodgates with an open-close system with equitable distribution so that the Water Availability and Water Needs are still metatalltimes. The research location of the Danda Besar Swamp Irrigation Area (DIR) is located in Rantau Badauh District, Barito Kuala Regency. From the results of the analysis of water availability, the minimum water requirement is 37,760 lt/sec/ha in January 1 during the rice planting season. Maximum irrigation water demand is 711,558 lt/sec/ha in April 1, which is when preparing land for palawija (maize)
Ari Widya Permana, Noviyanthy Handayani, Norseta Ajie Saputra
Media Ilmiah Teknik Sipil, Volume 8, pp 116-124; doi:10.33084/mits.v8i2.1414

Yasmin Mother and Child Hospital in Palangkaraya City is one of the Class C Hospitals in Central Kalimantan. Yasmin Hospital has become one of the most visited hospitals every day. During visiting hours there was an increase in the need for parking spaces at Yasmin RSIA, so that vehicles that would not use the parking area were not accommodated. This study aims to evaluate the capacity of the parking lot at the RSIA Yasmin Palangka Raya City and provide suggestions for improvement to the Yasmin RSIA. Primary data were obtained from direct observations which included measurements of the number of parking lots, parking area, time count and circulation of the number of vehicles. Furthermore, the data were analyzed to obtain parking characteristics which include parking volume, parking accumulation, parking duration, parking change, parking capacity, and parking index. Based on the results of the analysis, the maximum accumulated vehicle parking occurs on Monday, the motorcycle parking index exceeds 100%, meaning that parking needs exceed normal parking capacity. The proposed improvement is to use the basement as a parking lot to increase the capacity of parking spaces and to arrange parking patterns and parking circulation
Muhing L. Agau, Rusdi H.A., Candra Yuliana
Media Ilmiah Teknik Sipil, Volume 8, pp 17-29; doi:10.33084/mits.v8i1.1132

Environment Structuring is an important factor in settlement improvement efforts. As an indicator of clean and healthy neighborhoods that continuing environmental improvement quality can be measured by the presence or not, and good or poor infrastructure such as residential areas. The settlement Palangka Permai is located between the street G. Obos and Yos Sudarso Palangka Raya. It indicates that there are some drawbacks in terms of infrastructure feasibility aspects. Problems and objectives set out in this study are to determine the condition, causes and alternative systems of infrastructure arrangement residential area which is managed by the developer in the Palangkaraya city, as a basis for making alternative arrangement of the infrastructure systems to prevent neighborhoods from becoming a slum in Palangkaraya city. The results calculated scores to gauge the feasibility of infrastructure categories shows that the environmental aspect and location aspects of ordinary uncategorized. Aspects of road infrastructure, water and drainage, social facilities, buildings and technical of liquid and solid waste disposal have deserved fewer categories. The alternative system proposed settlement infrastructure is on Road infrastructure by optimizing the way the existing environment, create a new road axis, providing an environment of interconnected roads, procurement of drainage on either side of the road with a width and height of > 10% from width of pavement, optimizing the public open space, private open space, trees, and green layout, landscape and green belt areas as social facilities, oversight, and action on changes in appearance of buildings, by evaluating the ownership of the IMB and to make special rules to regulate of the building function, waste solid management (waste) needs to form an organization for the handling of waste. For the liquid wastes, handling is the local provider is to disposal wastewater system (on-site system) with system or septic tank and cubluk disposal centralized (off-site system) to create a closed channel to a combination of wastewater and surface water
Tahan Tahan
Media Ilmiah Teknik Sipil, Volume 8, pp 1-7; doi:10.33084/mits.v8i1.1131

Generally, concrete can be categorized into normal quality concrete and high-quality concrete, both are commonly used in construction. Normal quality concrete has approximately 20 MPa to 58 MPa quality, while the high-quality concrete has higher than 58 MPa. One of the applications of these concrete in structure is the dimension and joist position toward the beam�s strength in a story structure. To analyze the effect of joist toward beam, Finite Element Analysis (FEA)is applied with the following: Utilizing ANSYS with SOLID65, SOLID45, LINK8 with varying size of joist and beam such as type A beam by the size of 30/40 and joist by the size of 20/40, 25/40, 30/40, type B beam by the size of 30/50 and joist size of 25/50, 25/40, 25/35 and type C beam by the size of 40/60 and the joist size of 35/60, 35/50, 35/40. Steel material is used each has 400 MPa for the main reinforcement tension, 200 MPa for the stirrup reinforcement, normal quality concrete tension of 25 MPa, placement tension of 400 MPa, steel modulus elasticity of 200,000 MPa. Based on the FEA it is obtained that the comparison of joist influence toward the beam is centered from the comparison result of
Maretina Eka Sinta
Media Ilmiah Teknik Sipil, Volume 8, pp 51-61; doi:10.33084/mits.v8i1.1149

Workers who have been declared competent will receive a certificate as proof of competence. The certificate serves as proof of competence, the certificate holder will treat the certificate as part of the pride, proof of ability as well as recognition of the knowledge it has. Based on the results of the study using the Frequency Distribution method, the results show that the presence of Experts and Skilled civil certified in Palangka Raya City has a significant effect on the progress of the construction world in Palangka Raya City with the relative frequency (F) value of 57.50% = 50, 00% ~ 75.00% and the high level of ability of Experts and Skills to overcome technical problems in the field with a relative frequency (F) value of 60.00% = 50.00% ~ 75.00%, which means it is satisfactory. Taking into account the results of research on the existence of experts and skilled workers who have had a real positive influence on the progress of the world of construction especially in the City of Palangka Raya, it is deemed necessary that every construction work is required to involve competent and certified experts and skilled civilians so that the quality of work construction can be maintained. Furthermore, in order to maintain continuity and anticipate the progress of the construction world, it is deemed necessary that certified experts and skilled civilians always learn and update their knowledge by always learning, either through training activities, seminars or workshops
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