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International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation, Volume 5, pp 23-29;

Justice is like a machine that rolls on itself when someone has once given it the starting. In the discussion of justice, the term social problem has been used many times in modern social tragedy, known as problem plays for their concerns with social problems. These plays reveal the awful forces of society against a man that caused his suffering and death. They overemphasize the social dilemma and social consequences. The absence of justice leads to the failure of the legal system that gives severe punishments to the poor without taking into consideration the circumstances behind their crimes. The unfair practices of the judicial system never punish the upper class for their crimes in time and put wretched poor people in prison for committing unimportant or trivial acts. In the modern world, a man, especially the poor, is crushed under the wheel of justice. The hypocrisy, intolerance, ignorance, tyranny, and the false values of the world heap injustice on man and make him find peace only in death. Man is inherently good, but the social institutions have often victimized him and hindered his subsistence and development. The absence of justice is the main reason that causes all man's depression, out of which is born disappointment, disillusionment, and death.
Zhang Feifei
International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation, Volume 5, pp 52-60;

This article, based on Zhang Delu’s synthetic theoretical framework for multimodal discourse analysis (MDA), conducts a multimodal discourse analysis on the documentary-The Lockdown: One Month in Wuhan. It is found that the documentary discourse involves two necessary modalities: language modality and image modality. The main relationship between them is complementary reinforcement. The common relationships between necessary modality and selective modality are interaction, primary and secondary, and context interaction. Although the overlapping relationship has little effect on the meaning construction of the discourse, its existence is justified in some cases. Through the analysis of the synergy of different modes, it is hoped that the article will provide some enlightenment for multimodal relationships in the meaning construction of documentary discourse.
, Suminto A. Sayuti
International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation, Volume 5, pp 30-45;

In this study, he studied a poem by Djoko Saryono entitled Rahwana's the Voice of the Heart. Researchers reviewed by analyzing the lyrics and background of the author and the creation of the poem. The lyrics analyzed will be parsed and interpreted for meaning. While the background is in the form of experiences and background of Djoko Saryono. This research uses qualitative descriptive research methods derived from the poem Rahwana's the Voice of the Heart. This study used three concepts from Wilhelm Dilthey namely erlebnis (life experience), ausdruck (expression), verstehen (understanding). Djoko Saryono has experience living in the field of culture that has a long process, and it has been believed that having knowledge about culture, art, and literature with evidence is often invited to be a resource person. Since childhood, he has been dabbling and loves puppetry. In addition, Djoko Saryono has credibility with evidence of many books published and has been one of the institutions in the arts. Therefore, the writing of the poem Rahwana's the Voice of the Heart is influenced by his background, which has long been in the field of culture. Especially the puppetry that takes the figure of Rahwana as one of the figures that are indeed interesting to discuss. The concept of ausdruck according to hermeneutic Wilhelm Dilthey in the poem Rahwana's the Voice of the Heart is divided into two parts, namely: 1) the style of language and the diction of the poem Rahwana's the Voice of the Heart is used to understand the poem of The Voice of The Heart of Rahwana and 2) the expression djoko Saryono in the poem Rahwana's the Voice of the Heart. The concept of verstehen that can be understood in the poem entitled “Rahwana's the Voice of the Heart” is, Rahwana, which is interpreted as a figure that describes the thoughts of Djoko Saryono. Rahwana, who objected to the reproach he received, was a depiction of Djoko Saryono himself.
International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation, Volume 5, pp 13-22;

Wole Soyinka, the first African writer Nobel Prize winner in literature in 1986, is famous universally, mostly for his plays. But one of his novels, The Interpreters (1965), has been acclaimed as well as criticized by many critics for some stylistic and ideological problems. The interpreters of Soyinka's novel are five intellectuals who have come back from abroad, mainly England, to their country, post-independence Nigeria. The critical perspectives of these interpreters towards predominant corruption and other social problems in most parts and institutions of Nigeria are clearly noticeable. The identity crisis, which is rampant throughout this novel, can be recognized as cultural and, in some cases, biological hybridity. Two social psychological identity problems, that is, identity and hybridity crisis, as well as 'neocolonialism' term, are the main concerns of this thesis. Neocolonialism, as a less debated term in comparison to two other dominant terms, postmodernism and postcolonialism, has been analyzed coherently. Having delineated the neocolonialism term and its connections with literature, this thesis has gone through the characters of this novel and has argued the manifestation of hybridity and identity in all aspects of their lives. Post-independence Nigerian as the context of this work reveals clearly these identity and hybridity crises through its characters. Destructive outcomes of identity and hybridity crisis, which left Nigeria a paralyzed country, and warning to avoid further crises is among Soyinka's concerns, as well as the main points which this thesis is searching to highlight. Not to be mesmerized by western culture and amalgamate it ineptly with one's own, as well as the highly valuable political intervention of literature to reflect psychological problems of supressed societies would be regarded as a significant finding of such research.
International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation, Volume 5, pp 91-99;

Language learning strategies are activities consciously chosen by learners for the purpose of regulating their own language learning, and it has a strong relationship with learning success. On the other hand, employing effective language learning will improve students' achievements. Effective learning strategies are not the preserve of highly capable individuals but could be learned by others who had not discovered them on their own. Speaking skills as one of the majors in learning a language is expected to be mastered by Indonesian students in the globalization era. SILL questionnaire has been used in many countries around the world to investigate strategy use among groups of students of English as a Second or Foreign language. Therefore, this paper showed the relation between the use of SILL Oxford and the speaking learning strategies. The mixed-method approach was employed, and 183 Indonesian students participated in this research. The SILL Oxford questionnaire was adapted in this research in order to find the speaking learning strategies employed by the students. The interviews were conducted to get the students’ reasons as well as confirm the students' strategies and SILL Oxford. The finding showed that most successful Indonesian students employed metacognitive strategies with percentage responses of 72.7% and the affective as the least with a percentage of 56.8%. It was also found that most of them used paying attention, using resources for receiving strategy sending messages, and self-monitoring strategy strategies. The interviews resulted showed that the SILL Oxford result was the same as the students learning strategies. And their reason for choosing the strategies was their awareness of learning asn the importance of English. Therefore, it can be the basis for the students improving their speaking proficiency by applying successful student learning strategies.
International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation, Volume 5, pp 85-90;

The Church of England, the greatest Anglican establishment and the symbol of Great Britain's imperialism, has been the juncture of English history and literature throughout history. Although, after industrialization, the British society went toward a religious reformation in the Victorian era, some historians consider the early nineteenth century England as the 'Golden age' of England's ecclesiastical imperialism. Jane Austen, in her six published novels, has scrutinized the true essence of the Church of England from her specific glasses of sharpness. So, with reference to Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, this paper engages in questioning whether her works, as famous literary works of the nineteenth century which satirically depict the original social context of the time, influenced the social mind toward the Victorian reformation. In Pride and Prejudice, Miss Austen doubts the power and real position of the church and shows her disdain for religion through the foolish narrow-minded characterization of the story's clergyman: Mr. William Collins. The present study aims to illuminate the true essence of The Church of England during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century according to what Jane Austen has depicted in her novel Pride and Prejudice. Hence, this paper first probes into the religious climate of the pre-Victorian era, then it investigates Jane Austen's role, as one of the greatest writers of the age, in Victorian religious reformation, and lastly, the study aims to conclude how the British society led to the decline of religion and ecclesiasticism in the modern age.
Jiawei Zhang
International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation, Volume 5, pp 141-147;

The New Year Addresses by Chinese President Xi Jinping has the function of conveying New Year’s blessings and constructing a national image. Based on the conceptual metaphor theory of cognitive linguistics, this study selects the English version of New Year Addresses by President Xi Jinping from 2014 to 2021 as the research corpus and adopts the method of combining quantitative and qualitative analysis to identify the distribution of conceptual metaphors in the New Year Addresses and what kind of national image has been constructed by the main conceptual metaphor types. It is found that President Xi Jinping’s New Year Addresses mainly constructs the national image through the use of journey metaphor, construction metaphor, war metaphor, and personification metaphor. China’s image is political integrity, full of vitality, committed to world peace, and making a greater contribution to humanity.
Olivia Devi, M. R. Nababan, Djatmika
International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation, Volume 5, pp 135-140;

This research aims to identify the type of speech acts in the Indonesian Horror Game named Pamali: Indonesian Folklore Horror. This research uses a descriptive qualitative method that focuses on the speech act only. To collect the data, we used two methods; there are document analysis and FGD. FGD consists of the researcher and two raters. The rater has been chosen by several criteria before. This research uses four series from Pamali: Indonesian Folklore Horror. The researcher uses Spradley's theory to analyze the data. The result reveals that in Pamali 1 (The White Lady), there is 39 speech with the directive as the dominant speech act; in Pamali 2 (The Tied Corpse), there is 41 speech with expressive as the dominant speech act; Pamali 3 (The Little Devil) there is 16 speech with expressive as the dominant speech act, and Pamali 4 (The Hungry Witch) there is 43 speech with assertive as the dominant speech act.
International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation, Volume 5, pp 61-75;

Usage of mental images is one of the elegant and creative methods employed by Qur'anic verses to help the audiences comprehend and grasp the described scenes of The Day of Resurrection and is considered as the backbone that aid in clarifying and illustrating the philosophical problems and mystic religious problems related to the domain, particularly the ambiguous events of that day. The Quranic verses contain an abundance of imagery that is conveyed by figurative languages, such as metaphors, similes, symbols, etc. However, many Quranic images are conveyed literally. These are constituted by the usage of descriptive imagery whereby they clarify or give a vivid picture of something; consequently, they highly help us to analyze the content of the existing context. Having supported the notion of the abundant usage of imagery by Qur'anic verses, certain verses that employ resurrection images have been purposefully selected to address the research question and categorized into three categories, including; comparing the process of bringing life to dead land to the process of raising up the dead on the Day of Resurrection, after they have disintegrated, this represents the first category, whereas the description of how Allah Almighty resurrects the dead generally, represents the second one, and the third category will be the description of the state of the righteous' happiness and sinners' sadness in that day. An analytical descriptive qualitative method will be adopted.
Nahid Ali Mohamed Hasan Kamal, Abdul Aziz Mohammed Bulila
International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation, Volume 5, pp 148-164;

The aim of this study was to find out whether there is a correlation between UoB students’ English Language Proficiency (LP) and their Idiomatic Competency (IC). In addition, to determine whether culture plays an important role in influencing the students' understanding of idioms. Furthermore, to assess how far the current situation of teaching and learning the English language affects the process of developing IC. And to find out any difficulties and shortcomings of teaching and learning idioms at UoB. Reviewing the previous studies in the field of idiomatic language usage showed that the issue of the correlation between learners' LP and their IC is controversial. This study investigated the controversy around the issue in order to explore the UoB students and to examine whether there is a significant correlation between their LP and IC. The researcher selected a sample of students who sat for a proficiency test along with a test for idiomatic language. Two questionnaires were administered to elicit the UoB students' and teachers' views on the importance of the use of idiomatic expressions in a classroom. The researcher compared scores from both teachers' and students' LP test and their idiomatic language tests. She also measured the effect of culture on the ability to comprehend idiomatic expressions. She examined the current situation of teaching the English language and its role in the learners’ comprehension of idiomatic expressions. She discussed the difficulties faced by the UoB’s students in learning idioms. The study found that there is a significant correlation between UoB students' LP and their IC. In addition, culture plays a huge role in influencing teaching and learning idioms. Both teachers and students encounter some difficulties in teaching and learning idioms in the classroom.
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