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Asyari Rosidin, Acwin Hendra Saputra
Gorontalo Development Review, Volume 3, pp 114-125; doi:10.32662/golder.v3i2.1184

This research aims to determine the effect of economic growth and local revenue on the level of regional financial independence in districts/cities in East Java province for the period 2006-2016. This study's secondary data sources came from Statistics Indonesia (BPS) and The Audit Board of Indonesia (BPK RI) audit reports. We choose the panel data analysis technique to provide more information, more variation, less co-linearity between variables, more degree of freedom, and more efficiency. The results showed that the variables of economic growth and local own-source revenue, either alone or together, had a significant positive effect on the level of regional financial independence.
Paulus Rikumahu
Gorontalo Development Review, Volume 3, pp 126-139; doi:10.32662/golder.v3i2.1004

The COVID-19 pandemic has been going on since December 2019 and changed all predictions of tourism competitiveness in various countries in the world, including various regions in Indonesia. The research objective is intended to measure the competitiveness of tourism in the AmboThe COVID-19 pandemic has been going on since December 2019 and changed all predictions of tourism competitiveness in various countries in the world, including various regions in Indonesia. The research objective is intended to measure the competitiveness of tourism in the Ambon City area to determine the contribution of tourism to the economy of Ambon City and Tual City. This study was done in an exploratory manner. The results of the Competitiveness Monitor analysis show that the competitiveness indicators (Human Tourism, Price Competitiveness, Infrastructure Development, Environment, Human Resources, and Social Development) in Ambon City was better than the ones in Tual City. However, the tourism competitiveness analysis referred to had completely changed along with the regional quarantine (lockdown) system implemented in various countries, and the Regional-Scaled Social Restrictions (Pembatasan Sosial Berskala Regional (PSBR)) system implemented in various provinces in Indonesia – which also included a temporary closure of inter-province seaports in Maluku to limit the virus spread. Therefore, there is an urgency of the role of government and related stakeholders to prepare for a new tourism business order, especially in the provision of transportation, and availability of hotels, restaurants, human resources, and environment which are free from the COVID-19 virus.
Zulkarnain Matandra, Abdul Wahab, Syaharuddin Syaharuddin
Gorontalo Development Review, Volume 3, pp 72-87; doi:10.32662/golder.v3i2.1151

This study aims to determine the role of community ta'awun in the city of Makassar in alleviating poverty, and find factors that exist in ta'awun implementation and solutions. This study uses a phenomenological approach as the main approach and assisted pedagogical approach. The results of this study indicate that ta'awun has the opportunity and potential to reduce poverty in the city of Makassar. Ta'awun inhibiting factors of the implementation is poor social ethics, their social stratification and level of understanding of religion is still lacking. As for the solution of these problems is to maximize the role of government, community leaders, and religious leaders in policy, education, and dissemination of the importance ta'awun behavior.
Reny Fitriana Kaban, Selamet Riyadi
Gorontalo Development Review, Volume 3, pp 88-101; doi:10.32662/golder.v3i2.1150

This research aims to describe the phenomenon of the current account deficit problem in Indonesia especially service balance for the last ten years due to a low number of migrant workers in the formal sector, despite the increase of remittance numbers. The research method is descriptive exploratory, which describes and analyses accurate data such as BI annual reports, data from BP2MI (previously BNP2TKI), and data from related institutions also some supportive kinds of literature. The Result shows the professionalism of Indonesian Migrant Workers has proven in making a significant contribution to increase the remittance and solve the deficit of the current account. Authors recommend the Synergy and Coordination of Funding Financing (SCFF) strategy concept which involves various concerning sectors as a solution for the current account deficit.
Silviana Taniu, Anggita Permata Yakup, Moh Arif Novriansyah
Gorontalo Development Review, Volume 3, pp 102-113; doi:10.32662/golder.v3i2.1088

This article aims to analyze the economy of regencies and cities in Gorontalo Province. The research methodology used is to use Shift Share analysis to analyze components in determining the growth of economies in the regency and cities in Gorontalo Province in 2010-2019 obtained from Regency / City BPS in Gorontalo. The results of the study showed economic growth in Gorontalo City and Gorontalo Regency including growing rapidly, and Pohuwato Regency, Bone Bolango Regency, North Gorontalo Regency, and Boalemo Regency grew slowly, that districts/cities have different regional potential so that they still need support for development policies Furthermore and equalization of the Gorontalo Regional Government.
Gorontalo Development Review, Volume 3, pp 28-38; doi:10.32662/golder.v3i1.848

This study aims to analyze the duration of unemployment in Gorontalo Province. The data used in the form of secondary data came from the National Labor Force Survey (Sakernas) in August 2018. The data source was obtained from the Statistics Indonesia (BPS). The total observation units used in this study were 707 individuals consisting of 122 censored data and 585 uncensored data. The technical analysis used in this study is survival analysis. The results showed that on average, the duration of unemployment in Gorontalo Province was 3.8 months. From the results of testing the variables that are significant to the duration of unemployment in Gorontalo Province, namely: sex, education level, and classification of residential areas.
, Meisa Fitri Nasution
Gorontalo Development Review, Volume 3, pp 59-71; doi:10.32662/golder.v3i1.920

The research was conducted to discover the impact of the existence of palm oil plantations on the economy and welfare of the community at Labuhanbatu. The type of data used in this research was the secondary data obtained from BPS, the research method used in this research was descriptive method, which described the problems in the field and then analyzed according to the facts. While the analytical tool to determine the impact of the economy on welfare was used SPSS version 22 to answer the hypothesis of palm oil plantations. The results showed that the variables of poverty, underprivileged families, plantation GRDP, processing industry GRDP, protected forests, community forests, and determinants of rice fields have an economic and welfare impact of 0.949. of palm oil plantations affected the increasing of socio-economic conditions of the community. So that the level of welfare of the community may increase. Cointegration test results showed that there was an economic impact of the increasing palm oil plantations on the level of community welfare by looking at the HDI data of Labuhanbatu through economic growth
Gorontalo Development Review, Volume 3, pp 48-58; doi:10.32662/golder.v3i1.935

The aim of the research in this paper was to examine the prospect of halal tourism in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam province as the instrument of Indonesia’s soft diplomacy in increasing international cooperation that affects Indonesia’s economy. The reason behind this research conduct was due to the myriad of Indonesia halal tourism as destination which had earned several achievements in the context of the ‘World's Most Popular Halal Tourism Destinations’ by the Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI). Aceh became one of the provinces in Indonesia that is made as the focus of halal tourism development and has won two prestigious awards at the World Halal Tourism Award. By using the theory of soft diplomacy by Joseph S. Nye, Jr., and Qualitative data approach from journal, book, and other credible resources, this article found that Aceh can be a unique and appealing halal tourism area that can become a medium for Indonesia’s soft diplomacy in conducting international cooperation, especially with others Islamic countries in the world. Therefore, it can increase Indonesia's domestic economy significantly, especially to Aceh province, which will eventually give a significant impact to Indonesia’s national economy.
Gorontalo Development Review, Volume 3, pp 14-27; doi:10.32662/golder.v3i1.838

The existence of infrastructure disparity between regions is considered as one of the factors that drive economic inequality between regions. This happened in areas that had been divided into several districts. Regional expansion is the formation of new administrative regions at the provincial level as well as cities and regencies from their parents. The most prominent reason in the discourse of regional expansion is that some regions are considered to have too large an area so that efforts are needed to facilitate administrative services and bureaucratic pruning by division /pemekaran (Koswara, 2001). Efforts to accelerate regional development can be implemented by increasing economic growth. One of them is to encourage infrastructure development in areas (districts) that are far from the provincial capital, due to the topography of the region, there are hills, valleys, swamps, and forests, thus encouraging an increase in the potential of an area / region on an ongoing basis. Infrastructure is a driver of economic progress. From the allocation of public and private financing, infrastructure is seen as a locomotive of national and regional development. Infrastructure also has an important influence on improving the quality of life and human well-being. This study aims to see whether the infrastructure of sanitation, water, electricity has a significant influence and contribution to economic growth in the regencies / cities of Papua province. This research method uses panel data regression with Random Effect Model (REM).
Gorontalo Development Review, Volume 3, pp 1-13; doi:10.32662/golder.v3i1.735

The objectives of this study are: 1) Analyzing the income of corn farmers in Tabongo District. 2) Analyzing seed and corn assistance programs to increase farmers' income in Tabongo sub-district, Gorontalo district. This research will be carried out in Tabongo sub-district in Gorontalo regency with the time the research will begin in December 2018 until February 2019 with a sample of 31 farmers. The results showed that farmers' income on hybrid corn farming in Tabongo District was based on an average of Rp. 7,979,282 while based on the average/Ha of 5,496,839. With the seed and fertilizer assistance program in Tabongo District, it can increase the amount of income generated by farmers and can reduce the amount of costs incurred to buy seeds and fertilizer. Based on the results of calculations that have been done using multiple linear regression analysis obtained that the seed and fertilizer assistance programs simultaneously have a significant effect on increasing the income of corn farmers in Tabongo sub-district. Whereas the farmer assistance program to partially increase the income of corn farmers in Tabongo District, namely the seed and fertilizer variables, has a positive and significant effect on the increase in income of corn farmers in the Tabongo sub-district
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