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Tomi Setianto
Optimum: Jurnal Ekonomi dan Pembangunan, Volume 10, pp 87-96; doi:10.12928/optimum.v10i2.15012

This paper discusses the ranking of Indonesia in various indicators of measuring Ease of doing business and attempts that Indonesia has taken to move up the Ease of doing business ranking. Indonesia’s rank in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business 2020 report stuck at 73 from last year ranking. Since the last two years, Indonesia did not have any significant policy in improving the business climate despite many measures already been taken by the government. The lack of a policy to improve the business climate and the increasing difficulty in starting a business has led to Indonesia's EODB ranking stagnation. Indonesia needs to reform more in order to be in top 50’s EODB ranking by improving its business environment especially around starting a business, enforcing contracts, trading across border dan registering property.
Tasya Salsabilla
Optimum: Jurnal Ekonomi dan Pembangunan, Volume 10, pp 97-102; doi:10.12928/optimum.v10i2.15037

The writing of this article is intended to explain the development of tourism by villagers in Gondoriyo to improve the welfare of citizens. The method for updating this article is to read various references in scientific journals that discuss the development of bases to improve citizens' finances, then analyze them and present them systematically in this article. The results of this article discuss the topics, namely: 1) The origins of the development of the Gondoriyo waterfall 2) The role of the community in the development of the Gondoriyo waterfall 3) Obstacles in the development of the Gondoriyo waterfall 4) The benefits of the development of the Gondoriyo waterfall for the development of the Gondoriyo welfare village. Based on the results of a study submitted by the village-based community developer Gondoriyo is very effective to improve the economy of citizens.
Achmad Daengs Gs, Mahjudin Mahjudin, Eva Desembrianita
Optimum: Jurnal Ekonomi dan Pembangunan, Volume 10, pp 112-118; doi:10.12928/optimum.v10i2.16062

The objectives of this study are to probe the effects of land area and agricultural investment on labor through district / city GRDP in East Java. This research uses explanatory type by a quantitative approach. Data collection techniques in this study are carried out by means of a literature study. Data analysis technique used is Structural Equation Model (SEM) with the Smart Partial Least Square (PLS) tool. The results in this study indicate that: (1) Land Area has a significant effect on district / city GRDP of East Java; (2) Agricultural Investment has a significant effect on district / city GRDP of East Java; (3) GRDP has a significant effect on District / City labors of East Java.
Mahrus Lutfi Adi Kurniawan
Optimum: Jurnal Ekonomi dan Pembangunan, Volume 10, pp 153-162; doi:10.12928/optimum.v10i2.18002

This study examines the demand for money for both M2 and M1 in Indonesia using the autoregressive distributed lag (ARDL) approach. Based on the results of the bound test, the demand for money in Indonesia is co-integrated, and there is a long-term relationship with factors its determinant namely, income, inflation, domestic interest rates, foreign interest rates and exchange rates. Income, inflation and exchange rate variables have a positive effect on M2 and M1 in the short and long term, while the interest rate variable only affects M2. The stability test using the CUSUM and CUSUMQ approaches found that the demand for money in Indonesia is unstable. The instability in demand for money implies that the money targeting policy in Indonesia cannot be implemented
Suwarno Suwarno, Teguh Pramono
Optimum: Jurnal Ekonomi dan Pembangunan, Volume 10, pp 126-139; doi:10.12928/optimum.v10i2.17457

The purpose of this study is to explore the relationship between human resource development in order to improve the 2014-2018 human development index in Kadiri City. Previous studies state that there is no significant relationship between economic growth and the process of human development. Economic growth does not contribute to human development. However, this is not the case in Kediri City. By using descriptive research methods documentation and literature. Data obtained using the method of documentation from formal government sources that have been published so that it can be categorized as valid and responsive data. The analysis was carried out by describing human resource development policies in terms of education, health, income level, employment, and other aspects that could increase the human development index (HDI) in Kediri City. Based on the results of the study revealed that the human resource development policy in the City of Kediri in the context of increasing the human development index (HDI) has been going very well, it is proven, the HDI of the City of Kediri for the last five years has always been above the East Java and National average. The success of the City of Kediri in increasing the HDI is due to the seriousness of the local government in increasing participation rates and the level of public education. Local governments are also serious in improving public health. In addition, the city government of Kediri also increased community income, poverty alleviation, increased GRDP, and various other businesses that were simultaneous and continued to manage. Furthermore, new findings from this study can contribute to stakeholders in taking strategic policy steps and suggesting that local governments increase the human development index (HDI) in their region by encouraging the development of human resources.
Hendra Kusuma, Fidanti Pramay Sheilla, Nazaruddin Malik
Optimum: Jurnal Ekonomi dan Pembangunan, Volume 10, pp 140-152; doi:10.12928/optimum.v10i2.17493

This study discusses export growth and its importance to the economic growth of comparative studios between Indonesia and Thailand from 1979 - 2018. The method used is multiple linear regression analysis to see the effect of the independent variables on the resulting dependent variable. The results showed that the f-statistics test of Indonesian exports did not have a significant effect with the direction of a negative relationship on economic growth. Thai exports also have no significant effect on the economy with a positive direction of relations. This is because the raw materials produced from export products are not entirely from within the country and the supported products are still primary products. In addition, the company's competitiveness in the use of technology for export activities is still lacking. While imports in Indonesia, and imports in Thailand have a significant influence on economic growth.
Mohammad Dendi Abdul Nasir, Nunuk Khomariyah
Optimum: Jurnal Ekonomi dan Pembangunan, Volume 10, pp 119-125; doi:10.12928/optimum.v10i2.17238

Locally-generated revenue is a regional income from various businesses carried out by the Regional Government to finance regional activities and development. One of the potential sectors is the tourism sector. It is known that during the 2013-2018 tourism sector revenue in the Province of DIY has always increased. According to this matter, it is necessary to analyze several factors that touch the acceptance of the tourism sector in DIY Province. This study aims to analyze the influence of the variable the number of tourists, the number of hotels, and the number of tourism objects to Locally-generated Revenue in the Province of DIY. The data of this research are secondary data. The analytical tool used in this study is panel data. Partially, the number of tourists and the number of hotels have a significant influence, while the number of tourist objects has no effect on the locally-generated revenue from the tourism sector.
Nurul Azizah Az Zakiyyah
Optimum: Jurnal Ekonomi dan Pembangunan, Volume 10, pp 163-172; doi:10.12928/optimum.v10i2.18022

This study analyzes the comparative advantages of Indonesia's defense industry products against ASEAN-4 and China in the context of the ADIC (ASEAN Defense Industry Collaboration) collaboration. The data used is data from 10 defense industry products taken from UN COMTRADE using the 4 digit HS classification so that 248 commodities were analyzed. The measure of comparative advantage used is the Revealed Symmetric Comparative Advantage (RSCA), while to determine whether the country is a net-importer or net-exporter, the Trade Balance Index (TBI) is used. Finally, the authors combine the two indices of comparative advantage to draw a mapping of Indonesia's defense industry products for each ASEAN-4 country and China. The analysis shows that most of Indonesia's export commodities (net-exporters) and comparative advantage are still primary products. While some products that have advantages over one country are primary cells and primary batteries and electrical materials (8506), roter or spark-ignition internal combustion piston engines (8407), vending machines for goods (postage, food or beverage) including exchange machines. money (8476), Tubes, pipes and hollow profiles of cast iron (7303).
Satri Yani, Rifki Khoirudin
Optimum: Jurnal Ekonomi dan Pembangunan, Volume 10, pp 103-111; doi:10.12928/optimum.v10i2.15733

Autonomy in Indonesia is a form of government that the system changes centralization to decentralization. The existence of this decentralization is expected to accelerate the organization of public wealfare, as local goverments will be able to manage the financial resources of the region independently for welfare. This study aims to determine the effect of capital expenditure, general allocation funds, special allocation funds and local original income. The population in this study were all district and town in the province of West Java. The sampling technique used purposive sampling method and obtained 108 samples from 27 counties and cities of West Java in the years 2014-2017. Analysis toll using panel data regression analysis use of e-views 9. The results of this study indicate that capital expenditure, general allocation fund, earmarked grants and local rvenue simultaneously affect the interes and partial capital expenditure, general allocation fund, earmarked grants and local revenue positive effect on financial performance.
Bambang -- Arianto
Optimum: Jurnal Ekonomi dan Pembangunan, Volume 10, pp 52-65; doi:10.12928/optimum.v10i1.14343

This article explains the role of social media buzzers that discuss the Pasar Kakilangit Mangunan Bantul to residents through hashtags which have become trending on Twitter topics. With creative content such as; videos, memes and texts, social media buzzers receive unique approval from Kakilangit Market to citizens. Through the hashtag #PasarKakilangit which can be included in the Twitter Indonesia trending topic, the buzzers together support the promotion of Pasar Kakilangit products to viral and widely known by citizens. The presence of social media buzzers has built a new culture and new knowledge of the importance of trending Twitter topics in increasing the promotion of digital products and services. This article proves that media buzzer has supported positively in strengthening the digital marketing ecosystem.
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