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Dian Hadiani, , Nana Supriatna
JKBM (JURNAL KONSEP BISNIS DAN MANAJEMEN), Volume 6, pp 69-79; doi:10.31289/jkbm.v6i1.2891

The decision process to choose the services of a wedding organizer is already considered an identity and a prestige now. With the number of start-ups engaged in this field that only rely on capital "brave" but does not have its own outlet space. Research evidence based on physical evidence on the CV. Anpian Wedding Organizer Ciamis. The assessment used is quantitative with an explanatory method. The technique of determining the sample using puposive sampling, with a total sample of 58 respondents. Data collection using questionnaires and interviews. The data is processed using validity and reliability test, coefficient of agreement and determination, multiple regression analysis, significance test. the influence of physical evidence on the decision to choose services by 57%. The results of the analysis: physical evidence elements servicescape dimensions and other physical communication partially or simultaneously have a positive and significant influence on the decision to choose wedding organizer services
Lestari Dwiyanti, Laila Refiana Said, Dahniar Dahniar
JKBM (JURNAL KONSEP BISNIS DAN MANAJEMEN), Volume 6, pp 24-32; doi:10.31289/jkbm.v6i1.2629

This study aims to analyze the influence of role conflict and stress on the affective commitment of female employees with social support as a moderating variable in Bank X in Banjarmasin. This type of research is explanatory research with a quantitative approach. Respondents in this study were all female employees of the Bank X in Banjarmasin. The sampling technique used is a saturation sampling technique. Data collection uses a Likert scale scale questionnaire. Data analysis techniques using Partial Least Square (PLS) analysis techniques with SmartPLS 3.0 software. The results of the study concludes that there is a significant negative effect of role conflict on affective commitment and there is a significant negative effect of stress on affective commitment. Other findings indicate that social support is able to act as a moderating variable on the influence of role conflict and stress on organizational affective commitment
Siti Salama Amar
JKBM (JURNAL KONSEP BISNIS DAN MANAJEMEN), Volume 6, pp 94-108; doi:10.31289/jkbm.v6i1.3049

This research was conducted to design a business strategy of crispy seafood SMEs, especially in Pamekasan Madura, in order to improve product competitiveness. The product development strategy was analyzed using Quality Function Deployment (QFD) which was subsequently integrated with Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) in a four-step analysis framework (ERRC Grip), in order to obtain highly competitive products and get out of red ocean competition. This study collected data with interview techniques on crispy seafood IKM and questionnaires involving 180 respondents. From the respondents' evaluation of 17 indicators of customer satisfaction, only 7 indicators exceeded customer expectations. Through the planning matrix, indicators of satisfaction (customer requirements) are identified into 9 technical requirements (responses) and result in an increase in product quality that must be considered and prioritized crispy seafood IKM outlined in the HoQ Matrix. The four biggest priorities for increasing the competitiveness of crispy sea seafood products are market reach, packaging design, quality of supporting materials and prices. All response techniques then analyzed using ERRC Grip, which can be used as a guideline for SMEs in conducting business and out of the competition for the red ocean to blue ocean
, Camelia Putri Utami, Kartika Yuliantari
JKBM (JURNAL KONSEP BISNIS DAN MANAJEMEN), Volume 6, pp 33-44; doi:10.31289/jkbm.v6i1.2662

Organization culture is a concept with multidimensional characteristic which consists of belief, values, and behavior pattern an assumption, that can be spread to organization, in other hand organization culture is one of element with have specific characteristic that can be improved quality and change in process management of organization performance, the research uses qualitative and qualitative design, data have been collected by observation, interview, and questionnaire. Data Analytic Technique uses factor analytic with other calculation, for other calculation, this research uses some indicator in organization culture, and it has been classified for some cluster consist of Constructive Cluster, Passive or Defensive cluster, and Aggressive cluster. The Result of research can be described some indicator of organization culture are constructive cluster consist of innovation, Information, and technology benefits, new methods, loyalty and belief, transparent and openness, in other hands passive or defensive cluster, consists of evaluation and controlling, monitoring system, opportunities for increased performance, change, and service of organization and aggressive cluster consist of opportunities for carrier development, self - improvement, empathy
Veny Mayasari, Liliana Liliana,
JKBM (JURNAL KONSEP BISNIS DAN MANAJEMEN), Volume 6, pp 13-23; doi:10.31289/jkbm.v6i1.2555

This research aims to find out the impact of business incubator activities against the interests of student entrepreneurship at the University of Tridinanti. This type of research is comparative. The population are 5,737 people. Sampling techniques using Accidental sampling by the number of samples was determined as many as 200 respondents. The primary data sources with the techniques of data collection using the questionnaire, interview and observation. Data analysis techniques using paired sample t test. The results showed that there is a difference of interest a student entrepreneurship before and after follow the business incubator activities with significance value of 0.000 where the average value of interest in entrepreneurship student business incubator activities after following increased by 1.960 point than before following the activities of the business incubator. The research also found that business incubator activities have changed the mindset of most college students.
, Tiara Puspa
JKBM (JURNAL KONSEP BISNIS DAN MANAJEMEN), Volume 6, pp 52-68; doi:10.31289/jkbm.v6i1.2860

The objective of this study is to examine and analyze the effect of brand logo identification, overall brand logo benefit toward customer loyalty through trust and commitment of Global System for Mobile (GSM) cellular operatorconsumers. The samples being used in this study is 200 respondents. The data collection method being used by this study is purposive sampling. The testing is conducted by using Structuctural Equation Model (SEM) analysis method. The findings of this study are: (1) endorser credibility identification has positive effect toward brand equity, (2) endorser credibility benefit has positive effect toward self-brand connection (3) self-brand connection has positive effect toward brand equity.
, Ari Riswanto
JKBM (JURNAL KONSEP BISNIS DAN MANAJEMEN), Volume 6, pp 1-12; doi:10.31289/jkbm.v6i1.2475

Facing the free market era, local governments need to make structural policies that favor and provide incentives for the development and improvement of SMEs performance. The potential of women in community life still has not received a reasonable portion. This needs to be addressed wisely and wisely by the government considering the women from the side of quantity ranks first from the composition of citizens. The type of research used is descriptive research with qualitative method. The discussion in this article is the role of local governments to improve women's empowerment in the economic field by providing women with sewing skills training, micro credit business, and women leadership training. Where the skills training and micro credit business is given to the community where the economic level is still below standard or pre prosperous in order to improve the welfare of the family through the efforts provided by the local government.
, Ismu Kusumanto, Fitria Roza, , Misra Hartati, Nofirza Nofirza
JKBM (JURNAL KONSEP BISNIS DAN MANAJEMEN), Volume 6, pp 109-120; doi:10.31289/jkbm.v6i1.3080

XYZ Group in running business have been several problems that is in the marketing of products not yet doing activity promotions, weakening the number of requests, well as the quality of a product produced less good. This research aims to obtain the weighting of every factor which are under consideration, to know the position of the company, and provide suggestions for marketing strategies that can did be company. The see problems happen, we need marketing strategies by using the method Analytical Hie-rarchy Proses (AHP) and Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat (SWOT). Based on weighting 7P using method AHP obtained product weight as much as 12.44%, promotion of 17.90%, price of 9.93%, place of 15.82%, people of 15.63%, process of 13.45%, and physical evidence of 14, 83%. In matrix SWOT known kuadran-III the company are in a meeting between IFAS at the point -0,05 and EFAS at the point 0,49. It means , the company had a great opportunity that the market high, but still have obstacles where which is still using a simple production equipment. Alternative strategy that can be carried out is to ensure the quality of the product, increase production facilities, improve the distribution of the product, and make use of the printed media and sosial media for promotion activity
Kamaluddin Rahmat
JKBM (JURNAL KONSEP BISNIS DAN MANAJEMEN), Volume 6, pp 45-51; doi:10.31289/jkbm.v6i1.2708

Word Division is a local shoe brand that uses endorsers in its promotion. One of the endorsers chosen was Yoshiolo but Yoshiolo was better known through promotional content for foreign brands. This study aims to determine the influence of Yoshiolo as an endorser of the Word Division brand image. This study uses this study using a survey approach using questionnaires as a basic data collection tool and generally uses statistical methods. The results of the analysis show that Yoshiolo as an endorser has a positive and significant influence on the Word Division brand image
Slamet Heri Winarno
JKBM (JURNAL KONSEP BISNIS DAN MANAJEMEN), Volume 6, pp 80-93; doi:10.31289/jkbm.v6i1.2984

This study aims to identify and test the factors that can affect customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, especially in hotels that apply sharia principles such as Sofyan Hotel Betawi. The subjects of this study were guests staying overnight with a sample size of 170 people who met the research criteria and requirements using a purposive sampling technique. The research design uses quantitative research survey methods, interviews and questionnaires. Data collection tools use a Likert scale as quantitative data. Quantitative data were analyzed using descriptive analysis and inferential analysis using the SEM path analysis method. The results showed that service quality and price perception had a positive and significant effect on customer satisfaction by 24.6%. Customer loyalty is influenced by factors of service quality and customer satisfaction positively and significantly by 51.9%.
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