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Nurwan Nurwan, Muhammad Rezky F. Payu
BAREKENG: Jurnal Ilmu Matematika dan Terapan, Volume 16, pp 147-156;

Queues are often found in public service providers, including port services. Therefore, the InaPortNet scheme was developed to facilitate and minimize queues in and out of ships. Also, service performance was optimized through behavior analysis and queuing system stability. This study focused on designing the max-plus algebra model and time estimation on the incoming ship service scheme. The results showed that the InaPortNet system is useful for modeling. Furthermore, the max-plus algebra matrix is used to obtain an estimated service time from registration to the ship docking process at the port. However, further study needs to be carried out by scheduling the max-plus algebraic matrix in order to analyze the behavior and stability of the queuing system
Hasbi Yasin, Syarifah Inayati, Setiawan Setiawan
BAREKENG: Jurnal Ilmu Matematika dan Terapan, Volume 16, pp 171-180;

The number and quality of the population are one of the determining factors for the success of national development. The quality of the population of a region can be seen from Human Development Index (HDI) achieved by a region. The HDI is based on three basic dimensions: a long and healthy life, knowledge, and a decent standard of living. This study aimed to determine the factors influencing HDI in Central Java Province in 2018-2020. The data used tend to follow the 3-Parameter Gamma distribution, which implies the HDI is modeled with 3-Parameter Gamma regression. 3-Parameter Gamma Regression is a regression that explains the relationship among one or more predictor variables with response variables that follow the 3-Parameter Gamma distribution. This research also includes the preparation of algorithms and computations in modeling 3-parameter Gamma regression. The estimation of model parameters was carried out using Maximum Likelihood Estimation (MLE) and Berndt Hall Hausman (BHHH) methods. HDI modeling with 3-Parameter Gamma regression produces a coefficient of determination of 61.58%. The results show that increasing HDI can be done by increasing the Pure Participation Rate (APM) for SMP/MTs, the ratio of SMP/MTs students, population density, Labor Force Participation Rate (TPAK), the percentage of households (RT) with access to water, drinking water, and the percentage of households (RT) that have their toilet facilities, as well as by reducing the student-teacher ratio of Junior High School(SMP)/Islamic Junior High School (MTs) and the Open Unemployment Rate (TPT).
Happy Alyzhya Haay, Adi Setiawan
BAREKENG: Jurnal Ilmu Matematika dan Terapan, Volume 16, pp 189-198;

Twitter is one social media that often provides much information for its users, one of which is information regarding the COVID-19 vaccination. This study aimed to explore and find out what topics are often discussed on Twitter social media. One of which is the topic of COVID-19 vaccination using the Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) method and analysis of the frequency of keywords that often appear with this topic. The Tweet data used in this study was taken from Twitter users worldwide in November 2021. In this study, the results of sentiment analysis were obtained from the tweet data taken, which was divided into positive sentiment and negative sentiment, namely "vaccination" with 40 words and "'Covid19" with 35 words
Anwar Fitrianto, Sim Hui Xin
BAREKENG: Jurnal Ilmu Matematika dan Terapan, Volume 16, pp 243-252;

The study aimed to compare a few robust approaches in linear regression in the presence of outlier and high leverage points. Ordinary least square (OLS) estimation of parameters is the most basic approach practiced widely in regression analysis. However, some fundamental assumptions must be fulfilled to provide good parameter estimates for the OLS estimation. The error term in the regression model must be identically and independently comes from a Normal distribution. The failure to fulfill the assumptions will result in a poor estimation of parameters. The violation of assumptions may occur due to the presence of unusual observations (which is known as outliers or high leverage points. Even in the case of only one single extreme value appearing in the set of data, the result of the OLS estimation will be affected. The parameter estimates may become bias and unreliable if the data contains outlier or high leverage point. In order to solve the consequences due to unusual observations, robust regression is suggested to help in reducing the effect of unusual observation to the result of estimation. There are four types of robust regression estimations practiced in this paper: M estimation, LTS estimation, S estimation, and MM estimation, respectively. Comparisons of the result among different types of robust estimator and the classical least square estimator have been carried out. M estimation works well when the data is only contaminated in response variable. But in the case of presence of high leverage point, M estimation cannot perform well.
Umi Mahmudah, Sugiyarto Surono, Puguh Wahyu Prasetyo, Muhamad Safiih Lola, Annisa Eka Haryati
BAREKENG: Jurnal Ilmu Matematika dan Terapan, Volume 16, pp 253-262;

One of the most widely used methods of survival analysis is Cox proportional hazard regression. It is a semiparametric regression used to investigate the effects of a number of variables on the dependent variable based on survival time. Using the Cox proportional hazard regression method, this study aims to estimate the factors that influence the survival of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. The estimated parameter values, as well as the Cox Regression equation model, were also investigated. A total of 1293 diabetic patients with type 2 diabetes were studied, with data taken from medical records at PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. These variables have regression coefficients of 1.36, 1.59, -0.63, 0.11, and 0.51, respectively. Furthermore, the results showed the hazard ratio for female patients was 1.16 times male patients. Patients on insulin treatment had a 4.92-fold higher risk of death than those on other therapy profiles. Patients with normal blood sugar levels (GDS 140 mg/dl) had a 1.12 times higher risk of death than those with other blood glucose levels. Type 2 diabetes mellitus is a challenge for many Indonesians, in addition to being a deadly condition that was initially difficult to diagnose. As a result, patient survival analysis is needed to reduce the patient's risk of death.
Ines Saraswati Machfiroh, Widiya Astuti Alam Sur, Robby Tri Pangestu
BAREKENG: Jurnal Ilmu Matematika dan Terapan, Volume 16, pp 343-354;

This study compared the Semi Average and Least Square methods to determine the sales trend of Yamaha motorcycles in obtaining the best method for predicting motorcycle sales at CV Surya Prima Pelaihari. Mean Absolute Percentage Error (MAPE) was used to determine the accuracy of the Semi Average and Least Square methods in predicting the sales of CV Surya Prima Pelaihari motorbikes. Semi Average method was based on the MAPE value of 43.96%. The Least Square method has a MAPE value of 31.89%. The comparison of MAPE values shows that the Least Square method provides better predicting results because of the lower MAPE value. Therefore, the Least Square method was used to predict sales at CV Surya Prima Pelaihari. A more accurate output can be obtained than the Semi Average method.
Sylvert Prian Tahalea, Elvis Salouw, Astrid Wahyu Adventri Wibowo
BAREKENG: Jurnal Ilmu Matematika dan Terapan, Volume 16, pp 199-206;

This research aims to analyze and describe the development of tourism in Maluku Province, Indonesia on Instagram.The data used in this study are hashtags from several excellent tourist attractions or tourist priorities set by the maluku province tourism office. The data is then processed using social network analysis to find the level of importance and connectedness of tourism hashtags with other hashtags used in image captions on Instagram posts.The results showed that there are nine hashtags that have an important role in the network because they have high values in the measurement of degree centrality, betweenness centrality, closeness centrality, and eigenvector centrality. The hashtags are #maluku, #ambon, #natsepa, #pulauosi, #pulaubair, #beach, #repost, #indonesia, and #namalatu. Two of nine hashtags have a high betweenness centrality value, namely #natsepa that represent natsepa beach tourism and #namalatu that represents namalatu beach tourism. Both of these tours have a high value betweenness centrality with a different form of hashtags, namely and #namalatu02.This research conducted using social network analysis degree measurements such as degree, betweeness, closeness, and eigenvector to analyze insight of tourism topics in Instagram.The result of this research can give insights to the tourism actors, especially in Maluku Province, of how the hashtags are connected and related. The relation of the hashtags can be used as social media marketing strategy.
Wahri Irawan, Kiki Ariyanti Sugeng
BAREKENG: Jurnal Ilmu Matematika dan Terapan, Volume 16, pp 041-046;

Let  be a simple, connected, and undirected graph. The graph  can be represented as a matrix such as antiadjacency matrix.An antiadjacency matrix for an undirected graph with order  is a matrix that has an order  and symmetric so that the antiadjacency matrix has a determinant and characteristic polynomial.In this paper, we discuss the properties of antiadjacency matrix of a graph join, such as its determinant and characteristic polynomial. A graph join is obtained of a graph join operation obtained from joining two disjoint graphs  and .
Alvin Nuralif Ramadanti, Dian C. Rini Novitasari, Indra Ariyanto Wijaya, Victory T. Pambudi Swindiarto, Wika Dianita Utami
BAREKENG: Jurnal Ilmu Matematika dan Terapan, Volume 16, pp 263-270;

Optimizing adequate tugboat services is very much needed to support the operational improvement of the Tanjung Perak port. This study uses the triple exponential smoothing method to predict the number of tug service requests in 2021 and the assignment model to determine the optimal level of operating tugboats. The data used in this study is data on demand for tugboat services for small, medium, and large vessels from 2019 to 2020. Forecasting results show that the highest demand for small boat services is 4551 and 3235. The highest demand for medium vessel services is 479 and the lowest is 365. Meanwhile, for the highest demand for large ship services 61 and the lowest 40. The assignment results show the optimization of Tanjung Perak port by operating 13 tugboats every day.
Mario Nikolaus Dalengkade, Meidy Kaseside, Cornelia Dolfina Maatoke, Fiktor Imanuel Boleu, Oktosea Buka, Samsul Bahri Loklomin, Jubhar Christian Mangimbulude
BAREKENG: Jurnal Ilmu Matematika dan Terapan, Volume 16, pp 113-120;

Kumo, Kupa-Kupa, Pitu, and Luari beaches are tourist destinations that are always crowded with local and foreign tourists. This becomes interesting, because recently the problem of human population density in an area has become a hot topic for study. Using the polynomial method, it resulted in 6th order with R2 0.950 (Kumo), 0.868 (Kupa-Kupa), 0.799 (Pitu), and 0.399 (Luari) representing the distribution of visits. The highest levels of visits occurred in the twelfth, fifth, fourth, and sixth months, respectively. The analysis by applying the logistics function shows the highest level of visits throughout 2018 which are Kumo 283.95 tourists, Kupa-Kupa 342.12 tourists, Pitu 81.77 tourists and, Luari 1088.35 tourists. Based on the threshold analysis, the threshold value shows 255.56 tourists (Kumo), 297.08 tourists (Kupa-Kupa), 65.58 tourists (Pitu), and 836.42 tourists (Luari). The results of this study inform the level of tourist visits exceeding the threshold value in four tourist destinations. Given that the four tourist destinations carry the concept of ecology as a selling point, the manager needs to reorganize the level of tourist visits. Excess levels of tourist arrivals can have a negative impact on the comfort and sustainability of tourist destinations
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