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H. Holden Thorp
Science, Volume 376, pp 675-675;

The Biden administration is sheepishly waving a checkered flag on the pandemic. If you look closely, you can see its members cringing as they do so. Chief Medical Advisor Anthony Fauci told the PBS Newshour that the United States was “out of the pandemic phase” and then walked it back, saying he meant that the “acute component” of the pandemic phase was over. President Biden attended the likely superspreading White House Correspondents’ Dinner last weekend but skipped cocktails and the meal, opting to just give his talk. Fauci avoided the whole affair. Meanwhile, Vice President Harris continued to isolate after her positive COVID-19 test, and many members of Congress and the administration announced positive test results as well. All of this happened while the White House allowed a renegade federal judge in Florida (where else?) to end the nationwide mask mandate without much of a fight. These mixed messages have been emanating from the administration for months now, and although those with resources have tools to manage COVID-19, care needs to be taken that those without such means are not forgotten.
Kyla Tienhaara, Rachel Thrasher, B. Alexander Simmons, Kevin P. Gallagher
Science, Volume 376, pp 701-703;

Global action on climate change could generate upward of $340 billion in legal claims from oil and gas in vestors
, , Yekaterina Shulgina, Jose I. Rojas Echenique,
Science, Volume 376, pp 630-635;

Epistasis can markedly affect evolutionary trajectories. In recent decades, protein-level fitness landscapes have revealed extensive idiosyncratic epistasis among specific mutations. By contrast, other work has found ubiquitous and apparently nonspecific patterns of global diminishing-returns and increasing-costs epistasis among mutations across the genome. Here, we used a hierarchical CRISPR gene drive system to construct all combinations of 10 missense mutations from across the genome in budding yeast and measured their fitness in six environments. We show that the resulting fitness landscapes exhibit global fitness–correlated trends but that these trends emerge from specific idiosyncratic interactions. We thus provide experimental validation of recent theoretical work arguing that fitness-correlated trends can emerge as the generic consequence of idiosyncratic epistasis.
Zack Savitsky
Science, Volume 376, pp 568-568;

Atmospheric analog to ocean’s acoustic channel could be used to monitor eruptions and bombs
Hinnerk Feldwisch-Drentrup
Science, Volume 376, pp 567-568;

As prosecutors evaluate complaints from animal rights groups, labs try to reduce surplus
Fangfang Yuan, Jizhen Cai, Jianfeng Wu, Yiting Tang, , Fang Liang, Fanglin Li, Xinyu Yang, Zhihui He, , et al.
Science, Volume 376, pp 609-615;

Heatstroke is a heat stress–induced, life-threatening condition associated with circulatory failure and multiple organ dysfunctions. If global warming continues, heatstroke might become a more prominent cause of mortality worldwide, but its pathogenic mechanism is not well understood. We found that Z-DNA binding protein 1 (ZBP1), a Z–nucleic acid receptor, mediated heatstroke by triggering receptor-interacting protein kinase 3 (RIPK3)–dependent cell death. Heat stress increased the expression of ZBP1 through heat shock transcription factor 1 (HSF1) and activated ZBP1 through a mechanism independent of the nucleic acid sensing action. Deletion of ZBP1, RIPK3, or both mixed lineage kinase domain-like (MLKL) and caspase-8 decreased heat stress–induced circulatory failure, organ injury, and lethality. Thus, ZBP1 appears to have a second function that orchestrates host responses to heat stress.
, , , Wenjun Liu, George R. Rossman
Walter et al . issue a number of critical comments on our report about the discovery of davemaoite to the end that they believe to show that our results do not provide compelling evidence for the presence of davemaoite in the type specimen and that the hosting diamond had formed in the lithosphere. Their claim is based on a misinterpretation of the diffraction data contained in the paper, an insufficient analysis of the compositional data that disregards the three-dimensional distribution of inclusions, and the arbitrary assumption that Earth’s mantle shows no lateral variations in temperature, inconsistent with state-of-the-art assessments of mantle temperature variations and with their own published results.
, Kenji Ueura, , Yukimasa Fukuta, Thomas E. Davies, , , Jizhen Qi, James Singleton, Jennifer. K. Edwards, et al.
Science, Volume 376, pp 615-620;

The ammoximation of cyclohexanone using preformed hydrogen peroxide (H 2 O 2 ) is currently applied commercially to produce cyclohexanone oxime, an important feedstock in nylon-6 production. We demonstrate that by using supported gold-palladium (AuPd) alloyed nanoparticles in conjunction with a titanium silicate-1 (TS-1) catalyst, H 2 O 2 can be generated in situ as needed, producing cyclohexanone oxime with >95% selectivity, comparable to the current industrial route. The ammoximation of several additional simple ketones is also demonstrated. Our approach eliminates the need to transport and store highly concentrated, stabilized H 2 O 2 , potentially achieving substantial environmental and economic savings. This approach could form the basis of an alternative route to numerous chemical transformations that are currently dependent on a combination of preformed H 2 O 2 and TS-1, while allowing for considerable process intensification.
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