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Alexandre K. Ligo, ,
Computer, Volume 54, pp 106-110;

We discuss the human role in the design and control of cyberdefenses. We focus on machine learning training and algorithmic feedback and constraints, with the aim of motivating a discussion on achieving trust in autonomous cyberdefenses.
Computer, Volume 54, pp 3-3;

Provides a listing of current staff, committee members and society officers.
Victoria DaPoian, Eric Lyness, William Brinckerhoff, Ryan Danell, Xiang Li, Melissa Trainer
Computer, Volume 54, pp 69-77;

We use Mars Organic Molecule Analyzer engineering model data to develop mass-spectrometry-focused machine learning techniques. Initial results show that the preliminary categorization could permit autonomous operations, such as prioritizing example data and decisions about retuning parameters for specific samples.
Sahil Deo, Neha Sameer Sontakke
Computer, Volume 54, pp 38-48;

Robo-financial advisors are complex algorithmic decision-making systems with a high potential for mass adoption due to their low operating costs and multitasking abilities. The quantitative aspects of our study measure the efficacy and usability of explanations and qualitative aspects determine the effect of explanations on users and system usability.
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