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Oki Candra
Published: 30 August 2020
Journal Sport Area pp 106-115; doi:10.25299/sportarea..vol().3761

The purpose of this study is to determine how far the extent of Vo2Max capability towards female basketball athletes in Riau National Police. This research is a quantitative descriptive study with the method that used in this study is a survey method that is the collecting data that using only tests and measurements. The population of this research is the POMNAS Riau female basketball athletes. The sample in this study is 15 people with a total sampling technique, where all populations are be samples. The data analysing technique that used is descriptive statistics that aimed for collecting data, presenting data, and determining score. The data that obtained from each test is the initial data from each test item that has been achieved. Referring to the data that have been obtained, from the final results of the study and discussion, it can be concluded that the level of Vo2Max ability of POMNAS Riau female basketball athletes by using the Balke testt, amount to 15 athletes are in the category of very little. For this reason, this research needs to be followed up in the future that a coach must have a structured and continuous program so that in future the results of Vo2Max of basketball athletes will be even better without experiencing significant exhaustion.
Romi Cendra, Novri Gazali, Solihin
Published: 18 June 2020
Journal Sport Area, Volume 5, pp 97-105; doi:10.25299/sportarea.2020.vol5(1).4721

This study aims to look at the perception of Physical Education students using e-learning in the learning process. Type of quantitative descriptive research. The research location was carried out in the Physical Education Study Program FKIP Universitas Islam Riau. While the sample in this study was a class of 2017/2018 students totaling 155 people, with a total sampling technique. The stages of the research were carried out in three stages, namely: (1) pre-field; (2) field work; and (3) data analysis. Data collection techniques using attitude scale questionnaire. The data analysis method used is descriptive statistics, these statistics are intended to collect data, present data and determine value. The results of the study are outlined in 4 categories: strongly agree, agree, disagree, and strongly disagree. Based on the data analysis that has been done 98% of students agree to use e-learning in learning, it can be concluded that students' perceptions about the use of e-learning as a technology-based learning media really provide convenience to improve the quality of their learning, because e-learning is easily accessed anytime without being limited space and time. In terms of the content available on e-learning as well as the usefulness of e-learning in the learning process, it is very easy for students to find information, discuss online, and upload assignments and can save student costs in printing the paper assignments given by their lecturers.
Rachlai Eko Arisetiawan, Andi Fepriyanto, Nugroho Agung Supriyanto
Published: 15 June 2020
Journal Sport Area, Volume 5, pp 76-83; doi:10.25299/sportarea.2020.vol5(1).4059

The aim of this study was to determine the effect of plyometric exercises in single leg jump and depth on explosive power and under shoot. This study used 18 basketball players. The results showed a significant influence between before and after training in group I plyometric single leg jump to increase power and under shoot results, in group II depth jump was a significant effect between before and after training on increasing power and under shoot, whereas in group III the control had no significant effect on increasing power and under shooting. It can be concluded that the group I plyometric single leg jump and group II depth jump explosive power and under shoot both have a significant influence on basketball athletes.
Puja Perdana Putra, Rufi'I, Abd Cholid
Published: 15 June 2020
Journal Sport Area, Volume 5, pp 84-96; doi:10.25299/sportarea.2020.vol5(1).4634

The objective of this research was to develop circuit training exercise model to increase the accuracy of backhand strokes for badminton athletes and trainers. This research was conducted by several stages which started from validation stage by instructional design expert and content expert, then designing questionnaire which was validated by content expert and sports psychology expert, testing stage to colleagues, athletes as group and wide group. This testing was carried out in Patriot Sidoarjo Badminton Federation. The instrument of this research was questionnaire from coaches’ response and athletes’ response. Those responses were analyzed by descriptive statistics. The finding shows that the results of validation from content expert and instructional design expert, testing to small group and wide group, and implementation testing were good category. It can be concluded that this model that is intended to increase backhand strokes in badminton is valid to adopted by badminton coaches.
Adhe Oktaria Bustomi, Taufiq Hidayah, Ardo Okilanda, Dede Dwiansyah Putra
Published: 14 June 2020
Journal Sport Area, Volume 5, pp 65-75; doi:10.25299/sportarea.2020.vol5(1).4807

This study aimed to analyze pointing movement skill of Semarang Petanque athlete. This study was descriptive quantitative design which described systematically facts and characteristics of pointing movement by Semarang Petaque Athlete. The pointing movements as data were descriptive. This analysis used descriptive statistic which measured frequency. This data was taken from Biomechanics aspect of 3 pointing movements of Petaque by 8 men and women players of Semarang city. They were; (1) holding a boule, (2) foot position, and (3) throwing the boule. The measurement was carried out by two national coaches and one international coach of Petaque. The result shows that; 1) the average value of holding a boule is 4.4 or 88% of percentage which categorized as very good, 2) the average value of foot position is 4.6 or 92% of percentage which categorized as very good, and 3) the average value of throwing a boule is 3.72 or 74.4% of percentage which categorized as good. Overall movements point out good category with 88% of percentage.
Zulkifli Zulkifli, Ahmad Yani, Kamarudin, Sasmarianto, Alficandra, Raffly Henjilito
Published: 10 June 2020
Journal Sport Area, Volume 5, pp 51-64; doi:10.25299/sportarea.2020.vol5(1).4693

This study aims to determine the effect of applying the teaching style of practice and inclusive teaching style on groups of students who have high and low motor abilities in the process of learning the basic techniques of sepak takraw. This research method uses experiments factorial 2x2 with by level design, the population of this study was 82 students of physical education study programs at the Riau Islamic University. The sample of this study was 44 people taken using purposive sampling technique, consisting of 22 people with high motor ability and 22 people with low motor ability. Furthermore the sample was divided into four groups of 11 people each. The data analysis technique used ANAVA with the results of the t-dunnet advanced test. (1) For students who have a high motor ability, the results of the learning of the takraw basic techniques of teaching practice style groups are better than inclusi teaching styles, with t0 = 5.06 ≥ ttable 1.67 then H0 is rejected. (2) Students who have low motor ability, the results of the learning of the basic techniques of takraw group inclusi teaching style is better than the teaching style of practice, with t0 = -1.81 ≤ ttable 1.67 then H0 is rejected. (3) There is an interaction between teaching style and motor ability on the results of the basic takraw learning techniques, with p-value = 0,000 ≤ 0.05 or H0 rejected.
Rahmat Sanusi, Fadli Surahman, Hilda Oktri Yeni
Published: 6 June 2020
Journal Sport Area, Volume 5, pp 40-50; doi:10.25299/sportarea.2020.vol5(1).4761

The aim of this research is generating a text book of treatment dan injuries therapy in sports for students of physical education and recreation program at Karimun University. The study is a research of developing that refers to Borg and Gall desain that involving four validators, those are lecture as user, therapist, masseur dan media expert. Small-scale testing involves 10 students and large-scale testing involves 30 students. The data collecting in this research uses the implementation test and expert judgment by using questionnaire sheet and competition test with data analysis technique using descriptive analysis. The results of research that obtained based on validator assessment that is user lecturer, therapist, masseur, and media expert, are in “Good” category. The result of usage assessment and competition test from students shows in “Good” category. Based on this data, it can be conlcuded that the developing of text book of treatment and injuries therapy in sports is feasible and effective to be used.
Rusmanto, Rola Angga Lardika, Novri Gazali
Published: 6 June 2020
Journal Sport Area, Volume 5, pp 30-39; doi:10.25299/sportarea.2020.vol5(1).4791

Lung vital capacity is the status of physiological conditions associated with the ability to treat respiration together with the increasing of physical fitness, so lung vital capacity is a process involving the mechanism of the heart and blood vessels and blood which aims to provide O2 to cells in the body and transport CO2 out of body. The purpose of this study is to determine the correlation between lung vital capacity and the physical fitness level of Pendor Football Athletes from Universitas Riau. The collecting of data in this study is data from lung vital capacity tests and physical fitness with a sample of 20 athletes. Analysis of the data that used to process data is Product Moment correlation. For determining the significance of data, it uses formulation of t distribution. The results that obtained from lung vital capacity have a significant correlation with the level of physical fitness, this is indicated by the results obtained by r count (0622) > r table (α = 0.05) = 0.456. Meanwhile, t distribution test is obtained the result of t count (3,369) > t table (1,734). So H0 is refused and Ha is accepted. Thus it can be concluded that there is a significant correlation between the lung vital capacity (x) and the level of physical fitness (y).
Een Juliasti, Mury Kuswari, Idrus Jus’At
Published: 4 June 2020
Journal Sport Area, Volume 5, pp 22-29; doi:10.25299/sportarea.2020.vol5(1).4053

Physical activity on students in Jakarta is the lowest if it is compared to various regions in Indonesia. The low physical activity has an impact on the declining of health and fitness so that it affects toward the risk of various non-communicable diseases. The purpose of this research is to know the influence of gymnastics rhythm of Gizi Seimbang’s song to the level of fitness on students in State Elementary School Kebon Jeruk 08 Pagi West Jakarta. The type of research uses design experimental quasi research with design of Pre test - post test group control design. This design involves two groups of subjects, one is given an experimental group and one group is not enforced (control group). The population of this study are children aged 10-12 years old with 60 respondents (30 students of gymnastic group and 30 control group students) with gymnastics 3x/week for 12 times. Data analysis use t-dependent test, wilcoxon test because the data is not normally distributed. The result of the research shows that there is the influence of rhythmic gymnastics of Gizi Seimbang’s song to the significant fitness level (p value = 0.0001). Based on the results of this study, gymnastics rhythm of Gizi Seimbang’s song increases the level of fitness compared with control group on students in State Elementary School Kebon Jeruk 08 Pagi West Jakarta.
Muhammad Fadli Dongoran, Chyntia Novita Kalalo, Syamsudin
Published: 4 June 2020
Journal Sport Area, Volume 5, pp 13-21; doi:10.25299/sportarea.2020.vol5(1).4621

This study aimed to identify the psychological profile of athletes PON Papua. In addition, each psychological aspect of Athlete PON Papua will be analyzed the condition of each psychological aspect along with the spread of athletes and their presentation. The method used in this study is a survey method with expost facto research design. The population in this study are athletes Papua who will be prepared road to PON XX 2020. The sampling technique used purposive sampling with the criteria for athletes PON Papua who had conducted training camps Papua Province in 2019. Based on that, the research samples obtained from athletes in sports are; Handball, Softball, Athletics, Cricket, Futsal, Basketball, Pencaksilat totaling 101 athletes. Data collection uses the Psychological Skills Inventory for Sports (PSIS) questionnaire. The results showed that the psychological profile of athletes PON Papua road to PON XX 2020 was generally in good condition.
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