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Kate McIntyre
The Missouri Review, Volume 44, pp 179-191;

Frankenstein in Baghdad by Ahmed Saadawi, Jonathan Wright trans. Penguin Books, 2018, 281 pp., $16 (paper)
Jesse Lee Brooks
The Missouri Review, Volume 44, pp 150-167;

The evening Lori left, she had of course tried to bring Jack along to her parents' in Pensacola. But he had refused, and she was unwilling to force him. So he stood there outside the car while they waited for his father to return. Behind locked doors and rolled-up windows, Lori made a muffled threat to Sam that he'd better take good care of Jack. She swore to return for their son with an officer and a court order. And not five minutes after her taillights faded into the dense Louisiana brush, Sam brought Jack to the casino for the first time, in order to win his mother back.
Thomas Dodson
The Missouri Review, Volume 44, pp 20-40;

Danica Li
The Missouri Review, Volume 44, pp 140-153;

Lisa Katz
The Missouri Review, Volume 44, pp 177-189;

In her iconic essay on the memoir genre, "But Enough about Me," scholar Nancy K. Miller makes an optimistic claim: that the form, often derided as belletristic, has an active social, even political function. It enables readers to enlarge the national picture in which their own story takes place. And so, she writes, memoir "may well be the most important narrative mode of our contemporary culture."
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