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Published: 16 September 2021
Cultural and Social History pp 1-18;

When the Boat Comes In, a television drama set in working-class Tyneside after the Great War, reached millions of viewers in Britain in the 1970s and 1980s. It was also broadcast in parts of the English-speaking world. This article explores the reasons for its popularity, focusing particularly on the responses of older viewers born in north-east England. Looking at viewers in north-east England, in the rest of Britain, and abroad, it contributes to research on nostalgia, community-making, television viewing, and autobiographical writing in the late-twentieth century.
Published: 9 September 2021
Cultural and Social History pp 1-16;

This article questions the normalisation of tobacco use in the seventeenth-century Dutch Republic. The investigation shows that our present cultural ambivalence towards the intoxicant goes back to tobacco’s early introduction. The integration of tobacco use as an essential element in social rituals was situated on a line from general acceptance to social deviance. Tobacco use was successfully integrated in existing settings of alcohol use. However, because of the origins of tobacco use among specific social groups such as seamen, associations with deviance and marginality remained an inseparable element of the Dutch landscape of tobacco use.
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