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Muhammad Nur Abdillah, Eva Kusumahati, Anas Bunyamin
Jurnal Pengabdian Pada Masyarakat, Volume 5, pp 83-90; doi:10.30653/002.202051.245

DEVELOPMENT OF YOUTH AND SPORTS ORGANIZATIONS OF JATINANGOR’S WUSHU BRANCH INTO ACHIEVEMENT ORGANIZATIONS WITH HEALTH AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP INSIGHT. Youth organization (Karang Taruna) located in Margamulya RT 02 RW 10 Jatinangor developed into a health-oriented youth organization in the field of sports, namely the Jatinangor Wushu Unit (Martial Arts Organization). Events and programs are carried out through sports & health as well as entrepreneurship approaches. A newly established organization with limited access to information and knowledge about the organization, health, and entrepreneurship to achieve outstanding organizations, assisted and facilitated by the STFB Community Service team in collaboration with Padjadjaran University to achieve access to information related to health such as understanding and knowledge about healthy lifestyle pattern, nutrition intake supporting optimal body performance, body anatomy, disease prevention, and others, to support sports achievements, as well as coaching, by providing workshops on health & sports, organizational management also provides assistance in activating the formation of business units by utilizing potential local resources through the design thinking approach. Facilitation activities carried out in 3 main programs: A. Health Improvement Program: 1) Improvement of health knowledge and fitness conditions by training health vital signs and counseling the proper drug’s consumption, accompanied by assessments and monitoring of fitness programs through; 2) Health and Fitness Test; 3) Individual Health Counseling; B. Improvement of Organizational Achievement for Wushu athletes cadre: 4) Counseling of Organization and Leadership; 5) Enhancement of Entrepreneurial Insights, by assisting the activation of business units/entrepreneurs with design thinking approaches: 6) Organizational Business Model Workshops. Based on health and fitness tests, the fitness parameters of prospective wushu athletes must always be measured and mixed in a fitness improvement program through individual health counseling.
Siti Kurnia Widi Hastuti, Fatwa Tentama, Surahma Asti Mulasari, Triwahyuni Sukesi, Sulistyawati Sulistyawati, Muchsin Maulana
Jurnal Pengabdian Pada Masyarakat, Volume 5, pp 51-58; doi:10.30653/002.202051.252

ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND WASTE MANAGEMENT TRAINING IN ARGOREJO VILLAGE, SEDAYU, BANTUL, YOGYAKARTA. Ministry of Environment noted that the average population of Indonesia produces around 2.5 liters of waste per day or 625 million liters of the total population. This condition will continue to grow according to the environment. According to the Indonesian Waste Statistics (2012) the amount of waste that appears throughout Indonesia reaches 38.5 million tons per year with the dominant waste being in Java (21.2 million tons per year). Waste generation will not decrease or run out and will even continue to grow along with the growth of human population and the higher and more complex human activities. The accumulation of waste that is getting bigger from day to day will reduce space and disrupt human activities so that the human goal to improve the quality of life actually makes the quality of life decrease due to waste generation problems.Method used is to provide counseling and training directly to the general public with material for entrepreneurship motivation and waste bank management using lecture, discussion, and question and answer methods. Results obtained were the extension activities and the training went well and the participants actively participated in the extension activities to completion. Counseling is done interactively between the speakers and the participants present.
Nurul Asiah, Wahyudi David, Tuti Widiastuti
Jurnal Pengabdian Pada Masyarakat, Volume 5, pp 99-108; doi:10.30653/002.202051.260

This study is aiming to observe the role of community-services university training program to the participants knowledge on doing a micro enterprises and how effective the program to enhance the participant knowledge. The female micro enterprise group (18 persons) in South Jakarta was observed throughout the 5 months coaching. This study is applying the quantitative data collection based on the questionnaire and distributed prior and after the training programs. The finding of this study was the motivation of the most participant was household financial factors followed by hobby, skill of the participant as well as social factors. Most of the participant has been exposed by information through internet and they are most likely learns from internet. Training is the second sources for them for getting information. Financial investment and information of investment was the main obstacle for them to enhance their business beside managerial issues. This study found that training effectively delivers cognitive knowledge to the participant. This study concludes that training program may enhance the knowledge but further training is needed to enhance their attitude in doing business.
Erma Sulistyaningsih, Parawita Dewanti, Pulong Wijang Pralampita, Wiji Utami
Jurnal Pengabdian Pada Masyarakat, Volume 5, pp 91-98; doi:10.30653/002.202051.244

INCREASING THE ABILITY IN OVERCOMING STUNTING AND HEALTH PROBLEM BY COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT IN SUKOGIDRI VILLAGE, JEMBER. Indonesia has a high prevalence of stunting, and Jember is one of the six districts in East Java province that contribute to stunting prevalence. To overcome the stunting problem, it needs a holistic strategy including health, education and economic aspects, therefore the community empowerment is an important approach. The purpose of this public service program was to increase the awareness and capability of the community to overcome stunting and health problem by community empowerment. Several activities were conducted in this community service program, i.e. by examining the health status of the children, pregnant woman, and high risk people, counseling and education about stunting and the effect on health status and also the effect for the next generation, education about the efforts to prevent stunting, provide training to prepare a healthy food and specific training for the cadres who responsible for the stunting-alleviation program. The impact of the activity was an increase the knowledge and awareness of the community about stunting. And there were several trained-cadres about stunting and its prevention.
Husni Thamrin Sebayang, Kartika Yurlisa, Eko Widaryanto, Nurul Aini, Nur Azizah
Jurnal Pengabdian Pada Masyarakat, Volume 5, pp 45-50; doi:10.30653/002.202051.254

APPLICATION OF GINGER PLANT CULTIVATION TECHNOLOGY IN THE YARD BASED ON HEALTH AGRICULTURE IN BOKOR VILLAGE, MALANG DISTRICT. House yard is one of the lands that have the potential to be developed. The yard can be used by growing high-value commodity crops. To get high yields and productivity, Farmers must choose the right and proper cultivation techniques. Besides, to get the results in the form of healthy food products, the cultivation process must be carried out by reducing the input of chemical compounds into the farm business. Therefore, community service activities were carried out in Bokor Village, Tumpang Subdistrict, Malang Regency. It was aimed to utilize the house yard by planting ginger based on healthy agriculture. The target group is farmers in the Subur Farmers Group. The stages of activities which were carried out were counseling on the use of house yards, training in ginger cultivation, providing assistance in planting materials and media, and making demonstration plots. The results of community service show that farmers want to try to use the yard by planting ginger in their yard. It also increased knowledge of farmers about ginger cultivation following Good Agricultural Practice so that the use of the yard with proper agriculture-based ginger cultivation can be developed.
Ngatoiatu Rohmani, Dewi Utari
Jurnal Pengabdian Pada Masyarakat, Volume 5, pp 167-174; doi:10.30653/002.202051.271

COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT TROUGH EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION TRAINING FOR COMMUNITY HEALTH VOLUNTEER (CADRE) OF POSYANDU. Community participation for creating Indonesia’s health development is necessary. One of manifestation of community empowerment is through Posyandu activities that are managed by community health volunteers (cadre) with the aim of providing facilities to the public in obtaining basic health services as a promotive and preventive health strategy in community. Cadres as the driving agent need to be equipped with health promotion skills as an attempt to create national health development optimally. The purpose of this community service is to provide knowledge of effective communication, and to introduce of communication media for promoting of health information. The methods of conducting communication training include: survey activities, communication training, preparing health promotion media and evaluation. The results of the training showed that participants had good communication skills, participants were able to practice effective communication techniques and realized the importance of the media to promote Posyandu activities.
Ulfah Utami, Liliek Harianie, Nur Kusmiyati, Prilya Dewi Fitriasari
Jurnal Pengabdian Pada Masyarakat, Volume 5, pp 149-156; doi:10.30653/002.202051.268

TRAINING ON MAKING NATA DE COCO FOR PKK ORGANISATION IN TASIKMADU, LOWOKWARU, MALANG CITY. One of the functional food products is nata. Nata is a collection of cellulose which has a chewy texture, white, producing gel sheets that float on the liquid surface. Material that is often used as a medium for making nata is coconut water, known as Nata de Coco. Acetobacter xylinum bacteria are added in the process of making nata de coco on steril condition. The process is important to be informed to the community, in particular the PKK organization through community development program. The methods used include lectures, practice and evaluation. Survey of partners showed that 23,8% had known the process of making nata de coco while 76,2% had not known the process, through this training, 68% partners strongly agree nata production is used as a business idea.
Khoiriyah Isni, Siti Muthia Dinni
Jurnal Pengabdian Pada Masyarakat, Volume 5, pp 133-140; doi:10.30653/002.202051.266

PREVENTION OF STUNTING THROUGH EXCLUSIVE BREASTFEEDING TRAINING AND ASI COMPLEMENTARY FOOD (MP ASI). Randugunting Hamlet is one of the hamlets that have the highest number of children under five in the area of Tamanmartani Village, Kalasan, Sleman, DIY. Meanwhile, parenting patterns that are less responsive and supportive in breastfeeding and breastfeeding are suspected to be factors that trigger nutritional health problems of children under five. It is due to the ignorance of parents and caregivers in providing exclusive breastfeeding and complementary feeding according to WHO standards. This situation is very high-risk accounts for the number of stunting cases in Indonesia. Especially in Sleman Regency, so that the Community Partnership Program Proposal Team conducts community empowerment activities. It is the form of training in the context of stunting prevention. The targets of this activity are pregnant women, mothers who have toddlers, and health cadres. The method of activities used includes the provision of health education, simulations, and training or practice through the MP ASI cooking competition and process evaluation. Increased knowledge and target skills in exclusive breastfeeding and MP ASI standard WHO is the output of this empowerment activity. Besides, the dissemination of events in the form of scientific publication products and training modules. In general, this empowerment activity can increase target knowledge and skills. The evaluation of the process shows the enthusiasm of the target in implementing the knowledge that the Proponent Team provided through health education and simulations. It hoped that this activity could be continue in other hamlets located in the Tamanmartani village area. It can contribute to preventing and reducing the number of stunting cases in Indonesia.
Sofia Wardhani, Vina Mahdalena, Lusia Handayani
Jurnal Pengabdian Pada Masyarakat, Volume 5, pp 157-166; doi:10.30653/002.202051.275

PHBS SOCIALIZATION USING COMMUNICATION MEDIA AMONG STUDENTS OF MADRASAH IBTIDAIYAH MATHLA'UL ANWAR OF CILAJIM, CIPENDEUY VILLAGE, LEBAK. One of Indonesian Government effort to increase community health status is through PHBS (Perilaku Hidup Bersih dan Sehat) campaign. RISKESDAS 2013 data showed only 34,2% of Household in Banten practicing PHBS. There are five campaign group target, one of them are school community. We choose student of madrasah ibtidaiyah Matla’ul Andwar Cilajim desa Cipendeuy as responden because from previous observation there were a lot of student that didn’t practice PHBS, in this case washing hands with soap. Method. Audio visual using video and sing with song that created by the team and practicing washing hands with soap. Conclucion. All of the first year students (30) practicing the song and washing hands with soap and end with test.
Emmy Syafitri, Dwi Tika Afriani, Mekar Meilisa Amalia
Jurnal Pengabdian Pada Masyarakat, Volume 5, pp 109-116; doi:10.30653/002.202051.265

THE EDUCATION OF TUBIFEX WORM CULTIVATION BUSINESS AS ONE OF THE ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITIES FOR PEOPLE OF LUBUK SABAN VILLAGE, PANTAI CEMIN DITRICT, SERDANG BEDAGAI REGENCY. Lubuk Saban is one of the areas whose population is engaged in aquaculture businesses where a large supply of freshwater fish is needed. Most farmers use artificial pellets which are relatively expensive, while the production cost can be reduced using natural food. Besides being cheaper, natural feed such as Tubifex are environmentally friendly. The purpose of this community service activity is to enable freshwater fish farmers in Lubuk Saban Village gain knowledge of Tubifex worm cultivation as one of the natural feed substitutes. In addition, this activity is expected to help the community in opening new business opportunities, provide natural food, reduce production costs, and improve the community's economy. The implementation of service activities is carried out using counseling methods with material exposure activities and direct practice regarding the stages of this Tubifex cultivation, with questionnaires and interactive discussions between devotees and students. From the results of community service activities conducted, it is concluded that participants of the service received new knowledge on the cultivation of Tubifex worms as one of the very promising economic opportunities. Furthermore, the servants gained field knowledge and new experiences on how to approach the general public, especially freshwater fish farmers
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