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Ade Sudirman, Nur Azmi Rohimajaya
Jurnal Pengabdian Pada Masyarakat, Volume 3, pp 213-216; doi:10.30653/002.201832.104

Abstract:THE IMPROVING OF ENGLISH COMPETENCE FOR LECTURERS OF FACULTY OF TEACHER TRAINING AND EDUCATION OF UNIVERSITY OF MATHLA’UL ANWAR BANTEN. This community service activity is motivated by the thought that the need for lecturers to have good competence in using English in the teaching and learning process in the classroom. With the hope that through its application, students become more enthusiastic in learning. The purpose of this community service activity is to provide scientific assistance to the lecturers of FKIP Unma Banten in using English in the teaching and learning process. While the benefits of this activity are to have a positive effect on the lecturers of FKIP Unma Banten in communicating using English in class and the increasing enthusiasm and achievement of FKIP Unma Banten students in learning. This service activity was carried out in the form of short training for two meetings with members of 10 lecturers held in the hall of FKIP Unma Banten. The first meeting discussed the importance of English, introducing word, clause, and sentences, mastering tenses by using smart fingers technique. The second meeting was a deepening of the material followed by the practice of TOEFL questions and the practice of speaking English in everyday life with simple sentences by participants of FKIP Unma Banten lecturers. The method used in this community service activity is the lecture method, question and answer, discussion and demonstration methods. Based on observations during this community service activity, several positive results were obtained. The results of this community service are the increased insight of FKIP Unma Banten lecturers on English language material and its application in the teaching and learning process in the classroom.
Afifah Afifah, Rani Afifah Nur Hestiyani, Gema Citra Dwiputranti, Tri Okmawati Handini
Jurnal Pengabdian Pada Masyarakat, Volume 3, pp 195-200; doi:10.30653/002.201832.71

Abstract:THE EMPOWERMENT OF MADRASAH ALIYAH NEGERI 2 BANYUMAS STUDENTS TO IMPROVE THE REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH AND PREVENTION OF SEXUAL TRANSMITTED DISEASE. The incidence of pregnancy without marriage in students tens to increase. About 62.7% of teenagers in Indonesia have free sex and 21% who are pregnant have an abortion. About 30% of HIV-AIDS patients are teenagers. Knowledge of the importance of reproductive health, especially related to the way of transmission of sexually transmitted disease can help adolescents in making decisions of their health. Mandrasah Aliyah Negeri (MAN) 2 Banyumas is one of senior high school in center of city which were their students can access the information from either internet or mass media easely, so the tendency to access negative things that can affect theit actions is very possible. This empowerment was carried out with transfer knowledge, providing modules, leaflet, watch the video, and role play. The subject were 392 students of MAN 2 Banyumas. Pre-test and post-test score analyzed with wilcoxon sign-rank test. There were significant differences in students’ knowledge before and after the activity. In conclusion, this program can improve the knowledge of reproductive health and prevent the transmission of sexual transmitted disease in students of MAN 2 Banyumas.
Jusep Saputra, Thesa Kandaga, Anggoro Ari Nurcahyo
Jurnal Pengabdian Pada Masyarakat, Volume 3, pp 201-212; doi:10.30653/002.201832.64

Abstract:COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM (CPP/PKM) HIGH SCHOOL TEACHERS IN CITY AND BANDUNG REGENCY IN E-LEARNING DATA PROCESSING ACTIVITIES. The purpose of the Subject Teachers Consultation (STC) is that they are able to support teacher competencies. The STC included in the Community Partnership Program (CPP) is the Bandung and City Mathematics STC. Problems with both partners are: (1) Understanding of some teachers in collecting data according to the formulation of research problems is still lacking, (2) Teachers do not know e-learning applications that use video conferencing. (3) Some teachers in processing research data with SPSS are still lacking, (4) some teachers have not been skilled in making scientific articles. The two partners' solution-resolution procedures will be carried out by the team are training, guidance, and accompaniment. CPP was attended by 14 Mathematics Teachers from the City of Bandung, and 17 Mathematics Teachers The first meeting resulted in the following conclusions: (1) The quality of CPP in formulating problems, testing instruments, using SPSS features, and video conferencing was conducted very good, (2) The abilities of teachers to understand, master, and train in making either test or non-test research instruments are in a pretty good category, (3) t The teacher's ability to input data according to data or the scale of the data is in a good category, (4) The teacher's ability to use video conferencing and guidance in doing the work is in good category, 5) The ability to teach research data with SPSS; analyze, and interpret research data in the good category, (6) The scientific ability is in a good enough category.
Astri Hapsari, Resnia Novitasari, Hepi Wahyuningsih
Jurnal Pengabdian Pada Masyarakat, Volume 3, pp 135-140; doi:10.30653/002.201832.61

Abstract:TRAINING OF RESOURCE LITERACY AND LEARNING MATERIALS ON THE INTERNET FOR PAUD TEACHERS IN NGAGLIK DISTRICT, SLEMAN. Learning media and resources are parts of Early Childhood Education instructional design. Nowadays, learning media and resources include not only natural environment but also cyber space in internet. However, some Early Childhood Education teachers are not aware of the potential of using these learning media and resources in their teaching practice. Therefore, an in-house training of learning media and resources literacy was designed for Early Childhood Education teachers in District of Ngaglik, Sleman Regency. This training was attended by Rumah Anak Pintar Islami and Smart Child Al-Mubarok Pre-Schools. The outcome of the training was better understanding on learning media and resources in the internet which the teachers can use in their teaching practice.
Lantip Rujito, Diyah Woro Dwi Lestari, Fitranto Arjadi, Dinar Faiza
Jurnal Pengabdian Pada Masyarakat, Volume 3, pp 147-150; doi:10.30653/002.201832.60

Abstract:TRAINING OF THALASSEMIA-AWARE PMR IN XXV JUMBARA EVENT OF BANYUMAS REGENCY. Thalassemia is a health condition that still needs treatment and serious attention for the Indonesian government. As part of the thalassemia belt, Indonesia must act immediately to prevent the addition of thalassemia patients in the future. One of the mass educations that can be done is by self-awareness movement among school students. Palang Merah Remaja (PMR) became a potential youth organization as the educator agent. Intense training and debriefing on them can be a superior program for prevention among school students. Students, in this case, the Red Cross Youth who are at the junior and senior high school level are potential cadres to spread the right information about thalassemia to their peers.
Edy Supriyadi, Iha Haryani Hatta
Jurnal Pengabdian Pada Masyarakat, Volume 3, pp 107-116; doi:10.30653/002.201832.31

Abstract:PROGRAM OF MAPPING AND URGENCY OF HANDLING SOCIAL PROBLEMS IN NON-COASTAL AREAS IN GRESIK REGENCY, EAST JAVA. This program aims to determine the geography, demography, psychography, economic, and socio-cultural conditions, as well as the urgency of handling social problems. The study used 100 respondents consisted of 20 respondents for 5 villages. Analysis used Descriptive and SWOT. The results of the study include land altitude between 3-4 meters from sea level, rarely rain, lowland, and hot weather; densely populated with nearly equal female population with men; the community is actively learning and carrying out the religious activities that are followed and the means of worship are good and complete; most of the conditions of the region have not supported the welfare of the population and regional development; village heads have a big influence and high role for society. Each region has the urgency of handling different problems but the main problem to be addressed is inadequate facilities and infrastructure, environment, lack of development of SME.
Much Ilham Novalisa Aji Wibowo, Githa Fungie Galistiani
Jurnal Pengabdian Pada Masyarakat, Volume 3, pp 171-178; doi:10.30653/002.201832.79

Abstract:EMPOWERMENT OF YOUTH PUTRI MUHAMMADIYAH PURWOKERTO ORPHANAGE ABOUT SAFE AND HALAL COSMETICS USING THE GAME TEACHING METHOD. Cosmetics are a necessity that has an important role in the field of beauty for the beauty of the human body. LPPOM MUI said that the use of cosmetic ingredients should contain safe and halal material. Survey says that 6 out of 10 teenage girls orphanage muhammadiyah purwokerto that were used in cosmetics, assume that only halal cosmetics logo already been guaranteed safety and halal. The measurement results of pre-test knowledge of halal cosmetics is in a category of knowledge is low (
Vethy Octaviani, Sri Narti, Syisva Nurwita
Jurnal Pengabdian Pada Masyarakat, Volume 3, pp 117-124; doi:10.30653/002.201832.62

Abstract:IMPROVING RESOURCES OF VILLAGE SOCIETY IN COMMUNITY LEARNING ACTIVITY CENTER. The lack of productivity and economic activity carried out by the community is caused by the lack of knowledge and skills possessed. Thus, the Community Learning Activity Center (PKBM) was established as a community-based education tool. PKBM Alena Smart School in Tebat Monok Village and PKBM Az-Zahir in Talang Karet Village are two of several PKBM in Kepahiang Regency. PKM team and both of PKBM are together as partners make efforts to improve community skills and improvement of education services through training and advisory methods aimed to improve the quality of production, management and marketing with an expectation of achieving economic and educational improvements that lead to improving the welfare of Tebat Monok and Talang Karet Village Community. The result of the activity that has been achieved is the formation of a small industry managed by the community of Tebat Monok in the guidance of PKBM Alena Smart School which is focused on making handicraft and handmade with trademark of Tebat Monok Thonksys Galery And Craft. As for the Talang Karet village community, the business is focused on processed foods with trademarks of Talang Karet Thonksys Cake's. For the business able to run well, team also created the training and assistance in the field of management for administration and for direct marketing activities, team created the activity about to makin display in PKBM Location and created the promotion bay the sosial media instagram. Other than that, PKM activities are also carried out to improve education services in both PKBM so that the equalization of Package A, B, and C in PKBM Alena Smart School and guidance in PKBM Az-Zahir becomes more comfortable, which is also supported by the Park Community Reading.
Fauzan Zein Muttaqin, Widhya Aligita, Soni Muhsinin, Dadang Juanda, Aiyi Asnawi
Jurnal Pengabdian Pada Masyarakat, Volume 3, pp 159-164; doi:10.30653/002.201832.59

Abstract:PARTNER VILLAGE IN FAMILY MEDICINE PLANT CULTIVATION TOWARDS CIBIRU WETAN VILLAGE AS A HERBAL CENTER. The area of ​​Cibiru Wetan Village is a farming area because besides the limited water supply, the land is hilly. With the initiative and participation of women farmer groups which had so many achievements and skills, it was necessary to explore the potential that could provide a new icon for Cibiru Wetan Village. The purpose of the activity was to socialize and practice the cultivating of the medicinal plants carried out by a group of women farmers with simple and effective technology and finally able to become a center of dried herbs production. The method used in the cultivation program for medicinal plants was divided into three stages. The first stage was to provide material counseling on family medicinal plants including the understanding of the benefits of the plant, the second stage was to provide an explanation or training in planting family medicinal plants and the last stage or third stage was to practice directly in planting these medicinal plants. The results showed a positive understanding of both groups for both the socialization and counseling stages as well as for the practice of medicinal plants cultivation. It could be concluded, the partner village activities in medicinal plants cultivation could improve the understanding of the target group.
Ivan Rahmat Santoso
Jurnal Pengabdian Pada Masyarakat, Volume 3, pp 151-158; doi:10.30653/002.201832.66

Abstract:DISSEMINATION AND IMPLEMENTATION TRAINING OF CONTRACTS AND ISLAMIC BANKING PRODUCTS. The aim of this community service program is to improve comprehensive and integrative understanding of the community, religious leaders and students regarding products/contracts in Islamic banking. It is expected that the training provided by the dedication objects will be able to implement Islamic banking products / contracts in Islamic economic life. Increasing the effectiveness of sharia banking socialization is very important, for that it requires real efforts. To achieve a goal that is desired, it is necessary to make improvements in socializing Islamic banking in the community, it can be seen from what factors are a problem in increasing the effectiveness of sharia banking dissemination in the community, especially in the community. The results of the activities are the community, religious leaders and students who have knowledge of Islamic banking products and contracts and are able to implement in an Islamic economic life.