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Nora Wulandari, Vivi Anggia, Tuti Wiyati
Jurnal Pengabdian Pada Masyarakat, Volume 4, pp 381-386; doi:10.30653/002.201943.188

Abstract:TRAINING ON MAKING HEALTHY AND ATTRACTIVE NUTRITION AS FOOD FOR CHILDREN IN SCHOOL. This community service program was motivated by hazardous food found in schools in the DKI Jakarta area. The purpose of this community service activity was as an effort to promote health in realizing the community, especially the healthy of young people by making it a habit to consume snacks or healthy foods that are unique and attractive in the form of bento. The community service was carried out by means of socialization and counseling followed by a direct demonstration of making bento to the target audience, namely the students' parents and the Al-Hikma Kindergarten school committee Perumnas Klender, East Jakarta. This activity showed a positive response from the participants which was shown from the enthusiastic participants' devotion in participating in the activities as well as being potential entrepreneurs in schools in the East Jakarta area. The outputs obtained from this activity were: a) creation of community understanding, especially housewives on the importance of healthy nutrition for children, b) increasing community creativity in making attractive healthy food as provisions for school children, c) entrepreneurial opportunities for housewives which can increase community income.
Rela Adi Himarosa, Cahyo Setiadi Ramadhan, Evy Yulianti
Jurnal Pengabdian Pada Masyarakat, Volume 4, pp 353-358; doi:10.30653/002.201943.177

Abstract:POTENTIAL EXPANSION OF JOGLO AND GAMELAN AS CULTURAL TOURISM DESTINATIONS. Joglo is one of the heritage forms of traditional Javanese houses in Yogyakarta, as well as traditional Gamelan musical instruments. The former Head of the Gilangharjo Village Jetis, Gilangharjo, Pandak, Bantul opened a Joglo with a set of Gamelan music equipment. Joglo has been approved as a cultural heritage building by the DIY Provincial Government. Even though Joglo has become a cultural heritage building, the potency for cultural heritage houses and Gamelan musical instruments are underutilized by residents. The development of Joglo cultural tourism and Gamelan will run well by involving the village community. This service aims to empower the community to increase the potency of Joglo and Gamelan to become cultural tourism destination and become community-based tourism. The purpose of this service are to participate by involving the village community involved in tourism development and starting to become known as the Joglo location and Gamelan arts in Jetis Village. The results of this service consist of profiles of Joglo websites and videos. Utilizing the advances in information technology and social media, the more popular Joglo in Jetis RT 03.
Makhabbah Jamilatun
Jurnal Pengabdian Pada Masyarakat, Volume 4, pp 273-278; doi:10.30653/002.201943.154

Abstract:EDUCATION OF HANDWASHING AS AN EFFORT TO PREVENT HELMINTHIASIS AT ASSOMADIYYAH ORPHANAGE TANGERANG. Children are the nation's assets in the future that should receive special attention, such as to protect them from various diseases and infections. Children have a habit of paying less attention to the need for handwashing in everyday life. Diseases that can be caused due to lack of their concern for handwashing, such as helminthiasis. One of the factors that result in high worm infection is the lack of handwashing. Based on this background, it is necessary to do community service, especially in children who are in orphanages in the hope of contributing to prepare early generation of health conscious, so that will have an impact on quality of students' character formation and care for health. The purpose community service activities are children in Assomadiyyah orphanages can understand the importance of hand washing and understand how to perform proper hand washing as well as its application in everyday life. Method of community service activities conducted by providing information and practices related to handwashing. The results of this community service activities is increasing understanding of the children at the Assomadiyyah orphanage about the importance of hand washing and can do it the right way.
Ali Rachman, Muhammad Andri Setiawan, Jessica Ester Bawimbang, Faisal Rachman
Jurnal Pengabdian Pada Masyarakat, Volume 4, pp 293-298; doi:10.30653/002.201943.156

Abstract:CLASSICAL GUIDANCE SERVICES IMPACT PHUBBING IN CLASS VII STUDENTS OF SMP NEGERI 25 BANJARMASIN. Millennial generation is inseparable from the use of smart phones as the latest communication technology media. The negative impact that is felt from the development of smart phones is the birth of phubbing behavior which means the act of ignoring others when interacting with social communication with more focus on paying attention to cellphones. Departing from these problems, it is necessary to provide classical guidance services on the effects of phubbing. What was done in SMPN 25 Banjarmasin was based on the request of partners, namely the SMPN 25 Banjarmasin guidance teacher based on the results of developing practical conditional information in the field. Implementation of classical guidance services. To find out the description of phubbing behavior in class VII students, the Generic Scale of Phubbing (GSP) instrument is used before and after service delivery. The results of the implementation of the service showed that this classical guidance service was successful in reducing students becoming phubbing actors. It is suggested that the implementation of classical guidance services can be a preliminary study for phubbing research.
Dewi Nurul Musjtari, Maesyaroh Maesyaroh
Jurnal Pengabdian Pada Masyarakat, Volume 4, pp 299-312; doi:10.30653/002.201943.158

Abstract:THE IMPROVEMENT OF COMMUNITY LEGAL AWARENESS IN SANGGRAHAN II, MUNTUK VILLAGE, DLINGO SUB DISTRICT, BANTUL DISTRICT, DIY PROVINCE. The formulation of the problem in the community service activities is how is the process of increasing legal awareness for the community in Sanggrahan II, Muntuk Village, Dlingo Sub District, Bantul District, DIY Province. The method used is counseling, training, focus group discussion, and mentoring. The activity was carried out with the participation of administrators, the Family Welfare Program group and the community. The results of this community service activity were that the process of increasing legal awareness for the community in Sanggrahan II, Muntuk Village, Dlingo Sub-District, Bantul District, DIY Provine was carried out with 3 (three) types of activities including: legal Comuncation on the legal awareness (neighbors and familylLaw), training for facilitator of the legal awareness and mentoring in resolving disputes in the community of Sanggrahan II, Muntuk Village, Dlingo Sub District, Bantul District, DIY Province.
Eko Yohanes Setyawan, Yusuf Ismail Nakhoda, Basuki Widodo, Choirul Soleh
Jurnal Pengabdian Pada Masyarakat, Volume 4, pp 313-320; doi:10.30653/002.201943.159

Abstract:TEMPERATURE CONTROL DEVICES USING SOLAR PANELS TO REDUCE MORTALITY RATES IN CATFISH HATCHERIES IN KEDIRI REGENCY. Pelemahan District, Kediri Regency is one of the centers of catfish breeding that is visited by many industry players in the field of catfish enlargement for consumption. This nursery has been done for a long time in this region because of the good geographical and topographic conditions for catfish hatchery, so many entrepreneurs’ enlargement catfish for the consumption of buying catfish seeds in Kediri Regency. From the results of a survey of the Malang National Institute of Technology’s dedicated team for Pelemahan Subdistrict, there were several problems with the catfish breeding business, namely poor environmental conditions so that the number of dead fish caused by temperature changes caused the fish to become stressed. Water quality is a factor that must be cleaned because it is contaminated with catfish food and catfish feces. So that water circulation needs to be done, so a tool is made that can reduce the temperature of the water in the pool between 28-30 °C. The workings of the tool first measure the temperature of the water in the pond when the high temperature of the water pump will automatically turn on, until the temperature drops and to maintain clean water in the pool the water pump automatically turns on every three hours. Because the place of catfish is maintained which is sometimes far from home and to facilitate the maintenance of catfish, this tool is made easy to move, and using solar energy that is easily available. From the results of observing using a temperature controller in the pool can reduce the death rate due to stress and lack of oxygen.
Yoyo Zakaria Ansori, Indra Adi Budiman, Dede Salim Nahdi
Jurnal Pengabdian Pada Masyarakat, Volume 4, pp 321-328; doi:10.30653/002.201943.167

Abstract:FOSTERING MULTICULTURAL VALUES IN THE COMMUNITY IN ANTICIPATING THE IMPACT OF THE EXISTENCE OF THE WEST JAVA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT IN KERTAJATI DISTRICT, MAJALENGKA. The phenomenon of diversity is like a double-edged knife, one side has a positive impact, that is, we have a rich diversity of cultural treasures, but the other side also has a negative impact, because diversity can trigger conflicts between community groups which in turn can cause instability in various fields. This is what was tried to be facilitated through fostering multicultural values ​​in the community as an anticipatory effort towards the impact of the existence of the West Java international airport in the Kertajati sub-district of Majalengka Regency carried out by the Community Partnership Program (PKM) team. The purpose of coaching activities is to increase the knowledge of multicultural values ​​and have the attitude of accepting other groups equally as a unit, regardless of cultural, ethnic, gender, language, or religious differences. The method used in this training includes the provision of material, discussion, question and answer, and the application of the value internalization model, namely the value analysis model.
Yanuar Fahrizal, Fahmi Irfanudin, Syahruramdhani Syahruramdhani
Jurnal Pengabdian Pada Masyarakat, Volume 4, pp 285-292; doi:10.30653/002.201943.184

Abstract:EDUCATION OF ADOLESCENT ADDICTION TREATMENT WITH HEALTH AND RELIGIOUS EDUCATION APPROACHES AT SCHOOL. Smoking, drugs, pornography and video game addiction cases are iceberg mountain phenomenon which the cases are seen only as small part from fully part of the cases particularly in adolescent. This effects to health status of adolescent involve physics, mental, spiritual and social. Smoking, drugs, pornography and video game behaviour as abnormal behaviour on adolescent are an immature response from stress that happened in developing phase of adolescent. As the effort to prevent the incidence of adolescent abnormal behaviour and to increase mental health promotion especially on adolescent and teachers is needed preventive and pro-motive program with adolescent addiction education program. This program was conducted to teachers of MTs Muhammadiyah Kasihan because the teachers have much interaction with adolescent. This community service program was conducted with various method such as screening, preparation, teaching, empowering and evaluation. The result showed that the rate of teacher’s knowledge before conducting the education program is low or bad with score 48.1 and after conducting the education program increased to fair or enough with score 61.45. This community service program also developed module book about adolescent addiction treatment with health and religious education approaches.
Faiqul Hazmi, Ahmad Fauzan Mubarok
Jurnal Pengabdian Pada Masyarakat, Volume 4, pp 239-248; doi:10.30653/002.201943.139

Abstract:FAMILY FINANCIAL PLANNING FOR MEMBERS OF BKM UNGGUL JAYA PECANGAAN KULON, JEPARA. Community Self-Reliance Agency of Unggul Jaya (BKM) is as a local non-profit institution. The members are the citizen of Pecangaan Kulon. The management and the staff are grouped voluntarily. The program of the community self-reliance agency is financial services for micro business group. The positive impacts of the program are (1) increasing community welfare; (2) increasing job opportunities from villagers. However, social dynamics leave problems such as the diversion of loan objectives is not in accordance with the average business application of businesses to non-businesses such as school funding, household purchases, house improvement, jewelry, entertainment, etc. It causes negative impacts such as (1) additional debt for members; (2) the changing of food consumption to debt payments; (3) bad loans so that funds cannot be handed over to other members; (4) the increased debt of the member to other institutions so that it makes getting worse for the finance; (5) the conflict of payment in a group; (6) the environmental development programs have stalled due to insufficient funding participation because members do not have good financial planning; (7) the environmental services and finance programs will be terminated by BKM to the environment which has arrears in installments. The solutions provided in the service program are (1) providing skills in determining the priority scale of household needs; (2) providing financial planning skills; (3) providing Financial Check-Up training; (4) providing skills in making a family financial budget; (5) Assisting and monitoring participants.
Eko Fuji Ariyanto, Bianda Putri Ramadhani, David Firmansyah, Rizkiani Tri Ramdani, Muhammad Abian, Lauditta Nurseptia Prihandhini, Anisha Salmah Azhar, Fahmi Zacki Mubarak, Dwi Wahyudha Wira, Rima Destya Triatin
Jurnal Pengabdian Pada Masyarakat, Volume 4, pp 267-272; doi:10.30653/002.201943.153

Abstract:EFFORTS TO IMPROVE COMMUNITY KNOWLEDGE ABOUT STUNTING PREVENTION THROUGH EDUCATION OF INTERACTIVE COMMUNITIES. Stunting is one of the main health problems in Indonesia, including West Java Province. Some factors can cause this problem, especially inadequate nutrition. Community education regarding stunting prevention were delivered through interactive health promotion in Sayang village, Jatinangor sub-district, Sumedang district, West Java. The audiences were purposively selected, including village cadres and mothers with under-five children. The materials delivered in this program included practical information about how to prepare balanced nutrition for babies and under-five children. Seventy two audiences actively participated in this program. The enthusiasm of the audiences was very high, shown by very interactive discussion during this program. The participants could answer most of the questions given by the speakers. Community education through interactive health promotion which involved cadres and purposively selected group as the audiences was a reliable method to increase knowledge and awareness of the community for stunting prevention.