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Mawardi Mawardi, Agustina Tyas Asri Hardini
Jurnal Pengabdian Pada Masyarakat, Volume 5, pp 974-982; https://doi.org/10.30653/002.202054.466

EFFECTIVENESS OF MENTORING INSTRUMENT PREPARATION OF ATTITUDE ASSESSMENT FOR ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHERS. The purpose of devotion to society in the form of this training is to increase the competence of elementary school teachers in THE KKG Group of Dr. Wahidin Soediro Hoesodo District, Central Java in order to develop a scale instrument of attitude. The benefits gained by the participants in this training and mentoring are the increasing understanding and experience for the teacher in organizing the instrument of attitude. This activity is implemented by the following steps: 1) Identifying the ability of the trainees, 2) sets the need Gap, 3) develops the program, 4) conducting the training, and 5) evaluation. Based on the findings of the training as described above, the following steps included : 1) The training on the preparation of attitude assessment instruments is an urgent necessity; 2) The average Pretest score in training only reaches 54; While on final test reached 69.76. A minimum score pretest 23 and final test 47; Maximum score pretest 72 and final test 79. The increase in the achievement of the learning outcomes is quite meaningful, both seen from the average and from the achievement of the maximum score of 79; 3) found data from 25 elementary school teachers who attended the training, 16 of them (68%) has uploaded training products in the form of Likert model scale instrument. Compared to the specified PM target of 60%, this achievement has exceeded the target.
Aulia Nursyifa
Jurnal Pengabdian Pada Masyarakat, Volume 5, pp 1110-1121; https://doi.org/10.30653/002.202054.567

PREVENTION OF DEVIANT BEHAVIOUR DUE TO DRUG ABUSE IN MILLENIAL ADOLESCENTS IN UNTUNG JAWA ISLAND. The changing times are so rapidly that youth are susceptible to deviating behaviors, one of which is drug abuse among adolescents. The existence of tourist attraction becomes an attraction for tourists in Pulau Untung Jawa, the tourists can bring influence to the youth in Untung Jawa island including drug use. The purpose of this devotion is to provide knowledge to the youth to make precautions against deviant behavior due to drug abuse. Method of community devotion in the form of counseling to adolescent youth organization Untung Jawa Island which amounted to 30 people. The results of devotion to the community showed that there was increased understanding of participants related to drug hazards of 82%. The participants were also very enthusiastic to follow the activities that took place. With the activity of devotion to the community can provide awareness for adolescents to do prevention of the impact of the drug by conducting a variety of positive activities such as: following entrepreneurial training, attending sports activities, attending the arts, following religious activities, becoming a janitor, and developing tourism objects in the Untung Jawa Island. This effort is a preventive measure of deviant behaviour due to adolescent drug abuse. The youth of Untung Jawa Island has proved to be a healthy generation without drugs and a young generation that is useful to the surrounding community.
Encep Andriana, Indhira Asih Vy, Ratna Sari Dewi, Callista Aulina, Suci Ramadayanti, Tri Esti Noviyanti
Jurnal Pengabdian Pada Masyarakat, Volume 5, pp 983-992; https://doi.org/10.30653/002.202054.667

OPTIMIZING THE SWEET POTATOES’ POTENTIAL IN SINDANGKARYA VILLAGE, MENES SUB-DISTRICT, PANDEGLANG REGENCY. Sweet potato is one of the agricultural commodities that is suitable for cultivation in Sindangkarya village, Pandeglang Regency. Each year, Sindangkarya village produces 350 tonnes of sweet potato. However, the low price of sweet potato causes small income for the residents. One of the efforts to increase its selling value is processing sweet potatoes into various products such as sweet potato cake or various other processed products. The problem founded is that people do not have the knowledge and skills of sweet potatoes utilization. The purpose of this community service activity is to transfer knowledge and train the community skills in processing sweet potatoes so they will have a higher selling value and attract the buyers. This article concludes that Sindangkarya Village has a business potential that involves the participants, PKK Cadres, Posyandu Cadres and Youth Organization developing creative ideas to make valuable products and beneficial to the lives of Sindangkarya residents and can reduce unemployment.
, Maria Raras Rumanti
Jurnal Pengabdian Pada Masyarakat, Volume 5, pp 1077-1086; https://doi.org/10.30653/002.202054.518

ENGLISH TRAINING FOR ELEMENTARY SCHOOL EDUCATORS IN YOGYAKARTA IN THE TIME OF COVID-19. This community service activity was conducted in the form of an English training for eight teachers of an Elementary School in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. It was conducted from January 2020 up to April 2020. The elementary school in which the training was conducted was an inclusive school in the process of implementing English as Medium Instruction (EMI) policy. As such, its teachers’ mastery of English became paramount important to facilitate young learners with all their individual differences. The training consisted of ten meetings focusing on giving instructions in class. The first up to the sixth meetings were conducted at the school in a face-to-face mode, whilst the seventh up to the tenth meetings were conducted online, mostly through tele-conferences, due to the Covid-19 pandemic compelling both facilitators and the training participants to work from home. In the ninth meeting, the participants sent their micro-teaching videos on giving effective instructions in class. In the last meeting, the facilitators gave constructive feedback based on the videos sent earlier on aspects that the participants had been good at and aspects that still needed improvements.
Santi Susanti, Rachmaniar Rachmaniar, Iwan Koswara
Jurnal Pengabdian Pada Masyarakat, Volume 5, pp 943-953; https://doi.org/10.30653/002.202054.666

ONLINE TRAINING OF SOCIAL MEDIA APPLICATION FOR MARKETING BAMBOO CRAFT PRODUCT IN SELAAWI, GARUT, WEST JAVA. The distribution of goods and services needs marketing to reach the potential customers. The development of internet technology expand the marketing of goods and services from traditional to online market. The bamboo artisans of Selaawi Subdistrict, Garut Regency, realized that it was necessary to market their products online to increase the market share of their craft products, which are currently distributed offline. The Community Service (PPM) Team of Fikom Unpad conducted "Online Training on Social Media Applications for Marketing Bamboo Craft Products in Selaawi, Garut Regency" for creative bamboo economic people in Selaawi Subdistrict, who have not used social media or not optimally used social media as a marketing and promotion channels for bamboo handicraft products. This PPM aims to elevate bamboo artisan’s knowledge in using social media to support the marketing and distribution of bamboo handicraft products directly to customers and sales agents. The social media skills is expected to invite buyers, and increase bamboo artisan’s income. PPM activity presented speakers who owned Amygdala Bamboo, the Head of Selaawi subdistrict, the coordinator of bamboo craft artisans in Selaawi, and PPM Team of Fikom Unpad. This PPM activity was conducted online through Zoom Cloud Meetings, which was attended by bamboo crafts artisans and other participants.
Novi Sofia Fitriasari, Ayang Armelita Rosalia, Luthfi Anzani, Della Ayu Lestari, Kukuh Widiyanto, Wildan Aprizal Arifin, Denta Tirtana, Fawaz Fawaz, Cakra Rahardjo
Jurnal Pengabdian Pada Masyarakat, Volume 5, pp 927-934; https://doi.org/10.30653/002.202054.669

E-COMMERCE WEBSITE AS A MEDIA FOR PROMOTING SALES OF FISHERMEN’S WIFE GROUP SEAFOOD PROCESSING IN KARANGANTU. Currently fish caught from husbands who work as fishermen can only be marketed fresh, and if they are not sold, they will be discarded or used as animal feed. Fish product development processing is being carried out by agencies for groups of fishermen’s wives. We carried out community service by marketing team that can help increase fishermen household income. Marketing strategy is by creating a website. The objectives of community service through this activity are as follows: (a) Introducing fishermen’s wives to information media for sales, (b) Creating Banten Bahari E-Commerce Website (BAHARI) which later can be used as marketing media by fisherman wives. Method to achieve the first goal is by community education, and for online we use the Waterfall method. The socialization of online media introduction for marketing marine products in Karangantu was well responded by fishermen’s wives. Making the BAHARI website is one of promotional media that fishermen’s wives can use in the future.
Reni Pawestuti Ambari Sumanto, Henny Puji Astuti, Ni Kadek Aris Rahmadani, R Agustinus Arum Eka Nugroho
Jurnal Pengabdian Pada Masyarakat, Volume 5, pp 1004-1014; https://doi.org/10.30653/002.202054.387

NUTRITIONAL PARENTING ASSISTED WHATSAPP; DIGITAL LITERACY TO SUPPORT THE HEALTHY GENERATION OF ACHIEVERS. Parents have an important role in a family. Parental involvement in childcare has great potential to be developed. The potential of parents in parenting can be optimized through the potential of human and technological resources. In the current digital era, the potential for parental involvement can be strengthened by whatsapp-based digital literacy. Whatsapp is a technology resource that can convey various forms of messages such as text messages, voice messages, picture messages, even voice and video calls. This activity aims to empower parents in providing balanced nutrition for children through whatsapp-based parenting activities. The target group used as partners in this activity are parents of toddlers who attend Pos PAUD, at Pos PAUD Lestari II, Semarang City, Central Java. The method used in this activity was the initiation and parenting of whatsapp continuously. The results of activities carried out in the form of whatsapp-based nutrition parenting groups, the number of participants consisted of 20 parents, the results showed there were 85% of parents who had high enthusiasm when whatsapp parenting took place and 35% of parents were able to practice balanced diet for children. This activity needs to be continued given the limited number of parents who can practice balanced diet, the next activity can be in the form of literacy strengthening through peer education activities as an effort to increase parental involvement in fulfilling children's nutritional intake.
Irma Savitri Sadikin, Sri Lestari, Safi Aini
Jurnal Pengabdian Pada Masyarakat, Volume 5, pp 897-905; https://doi.org/10.30653/002.202054.647

INTERACTIVE, MEANINGFUL AND ATTRACTIVE ONLINE LEARNING AS AN EFFORT TO OPTIMIZE THE LEARNING PROCESS AMID COVID-19 PANDEMIC. The education policy of the Indonesian government is that temporary online learning has been conducted at almost all levels of education to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. This means that all Indonesian students need to study online. In relation to this, educators must be able to provide engaging, interactive, and productive online learning. This article aims to illustrate the program which promotes the mastery of the relevant online learning that can be applied to students by Elementary school teachers. Mentoring offered by the community service team (PKM) as trainers is the strategy used in community service, which is carried out in three stages: planning, implementing and reflection. The outcome of this service is that English teachers at Perguruan Cikini Elementary School have a variety of online interactive learning. It is also expected that some learning applications can help teachers develop engaging and pleasant online learning experiences so that students can achieve the required learning competence.
Suyadi Suyadi, Waharjani Waharjani, Sumaryati Sumaryati, Trisna Sukmayadi
Jurnal Pengabdian Pada Masyarakat, Volume 5, pp 1051-1064; https://doi.org/10.30653/002.202054.522

ANTI-CORRUPTION DA'I TRAINING FOR MUBALIGH-MUBALIGHAH AFFECTED BY PHYSICAL DISTANCING DUE TO THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC IN PRENGGAN VILLAGE, KOTAGEDE, YOGYAKARTA. Prenggan, Kotagede, Yogyakarta is one of the villages which is chosen to be the pilot project for anti-corruption by the Corruption Eradication Committee. This village is affected by physical distancing due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It implies to all components of the village that contribute to building the image of Prenggan as an anti-corruption village. One of the elements of the village is the mosque with its Mubaligh (preacher). However, during the pandemic, they contribute the smallest to establish the anti-corruption image. Therefore, they should learn to use online media to spread Islamic teachings in relation to anti corruption. The community service takes the form of online training that includes socialization, counseling, practice, and evaluation or monitoring. The application used in the program is Google Meet and WhatsApp Group. The results show that online training improves the anti-corruption competence of the Da’is and Mubalighs in Prenggan village. The improvement includes three aspects: the understanding of the fiqh (jurisprudence) of anti-corruption, the da’wah rhetoric for anti-corruption, and the skills to utilize the advance of information technology, especially Google Meet.
Sofyan Sofyan, M Hasbi, Muhammad Jhoni Nur
Jurnal Pengabdian Pada Masyarakat, Volume 5, pp 993-1003; https://doi.org/10.30653/002.202054.663

ERADICATING ILLITERACY OF AL-QUR'AN LETTERS ON RESIDENTS AND COMMUNITY OF SCAVENGERS AT THE FINAL WASTE DISPOSAL SITE (TPA) OF KARYABARU VILLAGE, PALEMBANG. The purpose of this community service program is to overcome literacy of the Koran in the scavenger community in the garbage dumps of Karyabaru Village, Alang-alang District, Palembang City. The method used The method used in this service is participatory action research (PAR) in the form of assistance in learning. Based on this service activity, it can be concluded that the ability of learning citizens to show an increase in writing and reading hijaiyah letters, this can be seen from the results of the evaluation at each meeting, namely: (1) the ability to write and read hijaiyah letters of learning citizens who are declared complete as many as 18 (90 %) and incomplete 2 (10%). (2) the ability to write and read changes in hijaiyah letters, namely 17 (85%) learning citizens were declared complete and 3 (15%) learning citizens were declared incomplete. (3) the ability of citizens to learn to pronounce letters correctly and fluently according to their meaning 15 (75%) learning citizens were declared complete and 5 (25%) learning residents were declared not complete, and (4) the ability of residents to learn to pronounce letters that were already marked with a long and short line according to the level in tajwid, namely there are 15 (75%) learning residents who have completed and 5 (25%) learning residents are declared incomplete.
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