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Megamawarni Megamawarni, Aliah Pratiwi
Jurnal Maksipreneur: Manajemen, Koperasi, dan Entrepreneurship, Volume 11, pp 47-68; https://doi.org/10.30588/jmp.v11i1.829

The rapid technological developments have an impact on the opening of global trade opportunities so that banks that carry out intermediary functions in the financial sector will be increasingly needed. The purpose of this study was to analyze the effect of financial ratio and company growth on the stock price of banks with the status of State-Owned Enterprises (SOE) listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) with Dividend Payout Ratio (DPR) as an intervening variable. This study is quantitative research with an associative approach. The research population includes 44 banking companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). The sample in this study amounted to four banks. The sampling technique used is purposive sampling. This study uses secondary data with data analysis methods used multiple linear regression analysis, partial test (t-test), and path analysis with the help of the SPSS version 23 application. This study indicates that DER significantly affects DPR, while ROE and company growth do not affect DPR. Furthermore, the DPR has a significant effect on stock prices, while DER and ROE have a significant effect on stock prices through the Dividend Payout Ratio (DPR), and company growth does not affect stock prices mediated by the Dividend Payout Ratio (DPR).
Shita Lusi Wardhani, Manggar Wulan Kusuma
Jurnal Maksipreneur: Manajemen, Koperasi, dan Entrepreneurship, Volume 11, pp 90-104; https://doi.org/10.30588/jmp.v11i1.782

The Covid-19 outbreak and the enactment of restrictions on community activities have had many impacts, one of which is the change in teaching methods from offline learning or face-to-face activities to online learning or distance learning. These changes can affect the learning process, especially subjects related to business practices, such as entrepreneurship. In online learning, several factors contribute to the successful delivery of online courses. However, little is known about the impact of these factors on Indonesian students' interest in entrepreneurship. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to examine the effect of personal attitude and e-learning on interest in entrepreneurship in the Covid-19 pandemic era. Data was collected through an online survey of 190 students who were taking entrepreneurship courses at selected universities in Yogyakarta. Data collected through online surveys were analyzed using Smart Partial Least Square (SmartPLS) 3.0. The results of this study found that interest in entrepreneurship is significantly influenced by personal attitude and e-learning. This study also found that perceived learning was not able to moderate the effect of e-learning on entrepreneurial interest.
Bambang Arianto, Andriya Risdwiyanto
Jurnal Maksipreneur: Manajemen, Koperasi, dan Entrepreneurship, Volume 11, pp 19-46; https://doi.org/10.30588/jmp.v11i1.636

This study aims to determine the role of netizen actors on social media in the digital marketing of a product brand, like #HondaBeAT. Nowadays, the use of social media to exchange information is increasing for the dissemination of messages and other contents. In the digital marketing ecosystem, social media plays an important role in introducing products, enhancing a positive image, and building relationships with customers. The use of social media platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram, has attracted the attention of the younger generation, especially the millennial generation (Y) and the post-millennial generation (Z). The level of effectiveness of digital marketing is also influenced and determined by the progress of netizen actors, such as followers, influencers, and buzzers. Their role is increasingly important to convey information more effectively through various product and service brand content on various social media platforms. This study uses a qualitative approach to analyze data from social media conversations on Twitter and Instagram within a certain period of time with the help of the Drone Emprit Academic (DEA) application. This research reveals the progress of netizen actors on the company’s official accounts of Twitter and Instagram as a basic understanding for designing and compiling digital marketing strategies using product brand hashtags. This study also found that the netizen actors studied had their respective roles in strengthening the delivery of messages and content on social media.
Suci Susilawati, Nafisah Nurulrahmatiah
Jurnal Maksipreneur: Manajemen, Koperasi, dan Entrepreneurship, Volume 11, pp 69-89; https://doi.org/10.30588/jmp.v11i1.833

The financial performance of a bank can be measured through ROA. Bank Indonesia as a supervisory and supervisory institution prioritizes greater profitability, namely the Return on Asset (ROA) of a bank, so banks need to know what factors can affect the ROA of a bank. This study was conducted to analyze the effect of Non Performing Loans (NPL) and Loan to Deposit Ratio (LDR) on Return on Assets (ROA) with Net Interest Margin (NIM) as a mediating variable. The sample of this research consists of Bank Mandiri, Bank BNI, Bank BRI, and Bank BTN for the period 2015-2019. The research methods used include descriptive statistical analysis, outer model analysis, and inner model analysis. The results of this study indicate that NPL does not affect NIM, while LDR has a significant effect on NIM. Furthermore, NPL has a significant effect on ROA, while LDR does not affect ROA. This study also proves that NIM has a significant effect on ROA, but NIM does not mediate the effect of NPL on ROA, and NIM can mediate the effect of LDR on ROA.
, S. Nurul Hidayati
Jurnal Maksipreneur: Manajemen, Koperasi, dan Entrepreneurship, Volume 11, pp 157-176; https://doi.org/10.30588/jmp.v11i1.881

Recently, many people are switching from conventional shopping to digital shopping. even so, people feel that online shopping is less secure. Finally, many consumers search for information through the internet before shopping at brick and mortar stores. This study investigates how webrooming affects consumers’ experience and determines the effect of webrooming on consumer confidence, smart shopping feeling, user-generated content, and search process satisfaction in the beauty industry. The population in this study were all the beauty industry consumers who experience webrooming in the shopping process. The total sample used in this study was 166 people using purposive sampling. The result obtained from this study finds that webrooming has a significant and positive effect on confidence, smart shopping feeling, user-generated content. Both factors, confidence and smart shopping feeling subsequently significant and have a positive effect on search process satisfaction.
Dito Vidya Riadianto, Ahmad Rizki Sridadi
Jurnal Maksipreneur: Manajemen, Koperasi, dan Entrepreneurship, Volume 11, pp 105-121; https://doi.org/10.30588/jmp.v11i1.746

The role of human research is basic to determine the objective of an organization or company. The case of a work accident can be detrimental for workers and can decrease the safety performance of the company. Some factors could affect it for instance human factors (unsafe actions), which are caused by undiscipline in applying regulation of work, worker's skilled less in mastering production tools, etc. While environmental factors can be caused by various things for instance an unsafe circumstance of work which concerns all equipment or machinery, and also buildings. The purpose of this research is to obtain the knowledge to gain broader knowledge about the influence of Safety Climate, Perceived Supervisor Safety, and Psychological Strain on Safety Performance. The research population is about 115 employees consist of 45 supervisors and 70 active employees in the Commercial Ship Division of PT PAL Indonesia (Persero), Surabaya. Due to a total population of 115 employees which consist of 45 supervisors, and 70 active employees are used as respondents to the commercial ship division. The data analysis in this research uses partial least square (PLS). The result obtained from this research is that safety climate and perceived supervisor safety are low practice, so the company's safety performance will be low as well and for the psychological strain highly level could make a negative impact on the company's safety performance.
Faisal Cahya Pramudiya, Ajat Sudrajat
Jurnal Maksipreneur: Manajemen, Koperasi, dan Entrepreneurship, Volume 11, pp 144-156; https://doi.org/10.30588/jmp.v11i1.844

The automotive industry is a company engaged in the production of land transportation equipment, including motorcycles. The rapid development of the automotive industry is in line with the human need to move more dynamically. This study aims to determine the role of brand image and product quality perceptions on purchasing decisions for Suzuki Satria F150 motorcycle products in the Karawang Regency. This research is quantitative research that uses a preliminary study and a questionnaire as a data collection instrument. This study uses the formula of unknown populations to determine the number of samples. The sample used in this research is 96 respondents. The primary data that has been collected is processed using SPSS version 25. The results of this study found that brand image and product quality perceptions had a significant effect on purchasing decisions for Suzuki Satria F150 motorcycle products in Karawang Regency.
Desak Made Diah Prama Yanti, I Gede Sanica
Jurnal Maksipreneur: Manajemen, Koperasi, dan Entrepreneurship, Volume 11, pp 122-143; https://doi.org/10.30588/jmp.v11i1.840

This study analyzes strategies that can be used in managing human capital in the millennial generation in the current new normal era and to find out the supporting and inhibiting factors in managing human capital during the covid-19 pandemic. The research method used is a qualitative research method with a case study model approach. The research location is in Denpasar City, Bali Province. The selection of informants used the purposive sampling technique by determining four companies from various fields as informants, namely Garment, Vila, Cargo, and University. Data in this study analyzes the results of observations, interviews, and documentation obtained. Data analysis uses source triangulation through four stages: data collection, data reduction, data presentation, and drawing conclusions or verification. The study results stated that the human capital management strategy for millennial employees in the new normal era had been affected on two sides. First, from the company side were the COVID-19 pandemic had an impact on decreasing company income and reducing operational activities. For this reason, changes are made, such as dividing work schedules and hours. Employee work, distribution of the rolling system, some employees work from home (WFH), and maximize employee skills into multitasking. Meanwhile, from the employee's perspective, it impacts the income of the employee, where employees receive a much-reduced salary or income, even if they are dismissed at any time to reduce operational costs.
Bustani Bustani, Kurniaty Kurniaty, Rahmi Widyanti
Jurnal Maksipreneur: Manajemen, Koperasi, dan Entrepreneurship, Volume 11, pp 1-18; https://doi.org/10.30588/jmp.v11i1.810

Fundamental analysis of companies with financial ratios is essential in making investment decisions for any company. Therefore, to obtain maximum profit, investors need to perform a study before making investment decisions. This research aims to examine the effect of Earning Per Share (EPS), Price to Book Value (PBV), Dividend Payout Ratio (DPR), and Net Profit Margin (NPM) on the stock price. The research at the Indonesia Stock Exchange, a sub-sector of food and beverage companies, period five years (2014-2018). The sample of this study amounted to 12 companies from 26 companies in the population of food and beverage companies that have met the researchers' criteria. Data analysis with bootstrapping used SEM (statistical equation modeling) in hypothesis testing. The research findings confirmed the significant effect of Earning per Share, Price to Book Value, and Dividend Payout Ratio on stock prices. Meanwhile, the Net Profit Margin does not significantly affect stock prices in the study period, with an alpha significance of five percent. These findings imply practical implications that EPS, PBV, DPR, and NPM ratio information can be considered in investment decisions for anyone.
Asma'Ul Khomsiyah, Sanaji Sanaji
Jurnal Maksipreneur: Manajemen, Koperasi, dan Entrepreneurship, Volume 10, pp 242-257; https://doi.org/10.30588/jmp.v10i2.756

This study aims to investigate the effect of loyalty and fanaticism on supporters’ loyalty in purchasing original merchandise. Fanaticism was proposed to mediate the effect of loyalty on purchase. About 100 samples from supporters of Persela Lamongan football club were used to test the proposed model. Data were collected by questionnaire and tested its validity and reliability. We apply Partial Least Square (PLS) method to test the hypothesis. Based on the research results, it could be concluded that fanaticism did not affect purchasing decisions. Meanwhile, it had been proven that supporter loyalty had a positive effect on fanaticism, supporter loyalty had a significant positive effect on purchasing decisions. It means that fanaticism was not able to strengthen the influence of supporter loyalty on purchasing decisions.
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