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Fadhila Malasari Ardini, Aprilia Setyowati, Mufied Fauziah
Indonesian Journal of Educational Counseling, Volume 4, pp 161-169;

EXISTENTIAL GROUP COUNSELING TO IMPROVE SENSE OF SCHOOL BELONGING IN VOCATIONAL SCHOOL STUDENTS IN YOGYAKARTA CITY. The aim of this study was to develop existential group conseling model to increase sense of belonging vocational school stundents in Yogyakarta. The development of group counseling models using an existential approach is one alternative that can be used to improve the sense of school belonging. The type of research used is Research and Development model that developed by Borg and Gall. The research subjects were students of State Vocational Schools in Yogyakarta who had low sense of school belonging. Data collection techniques using the sense of school belonging scale adapted from The Psychological Sense of School Membership (PSSM) Scale, developed by Carol Goodenow. Through testing the model, it is known that the average posttest score has increased from 42.75 to 52.75, meaning that the average value of students' sense of school belonging has changed by 10. As for the minimum value, the pretest scores obtained the minimum student is 34.00 in the low category, experiencing a change in grades when the post-test becomes 42.00 in the medium category, meaning that there are no students in the low category. For the maximum score, which in the pretest the maximum value of the students is 47.00 in the medium category, it changes in the score at the post test to be 65.00 in the high category.
Nadia Aulia Nadhirah, Ipah Saripah, Esty Noorbaiti Intani
Indonesian Journal of Educational Counseling, Volume 4, pp 143-152;

ADOLESCENT SOCIAL ADJUSTMENT OF SINGLE SEX SCHOOLS. Teenagers sometimes have the inability to overcome the conflicts they face. This inability can be seen from the behavior of not finding the right ways to overcome problems, resolve demands from the environment, unable to build good relationships with others, hard to believe and be accepted by other people or their environment. The study aims to determine social adjustment in adolescent single sex schools which is a practice of learning by dividing students according to gender, male students are in a classroom with the same sex, and vice versa. The results of evaluations carried out on single sex schools, there are several problems that hinder the task of adolescent development, one of which is the aspect of social adjustment. The study was conducted using a survey method in class XII students of one of the boarding school high schools in Bandung. The results showed 50% of students included in the category of well-adjustment, and 50% of students included in the category of maladjustment. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate an appropriate requirement for guidance and counseling services designed for the development of boarding school students’ self-adjustment.
Umar Talatu Ibrahim
Indonesian Journal of Educational Counseling, Volume 4, pp 153-160;

The purpose of this study was to investigate resilience and gender as determinants of entrepreneurial intentions among secondary school students in Kwara State, Nigeria. Descriptive research design of ex-post-facto type was used in the study. Five hundred respondents were selected randomly from 5 Local Government Area in Kwara State, Nigeria. The respondents were measured with validated scale and the data obtained was analyzed using the Pearson Product Moment Correlation (PPMC) statistical analysis. Two research hypotheses were formulated and tested at 0.05level of significance. The result showed that there was significant relationship between the resilience and entrepreneurial intentions among secondary school students (r = 0.817; p < 0.05) and there no significant difference in the entrepreneurial intentions of male and female secondary school students (t = 0.71; p > 0.05). In view of these findings, the study recommended that the entrepreneurship training should be made compulsory at all levels of learning from primary schools to the tertiary institutions and curriculum should be tailored towards learning the skills for starting businesses after graduation from school, thus changing the orientation of the students at an early stage towards entrepreneurship.
Yuliani Eka Putri, Nurbiana Dhieni, Hapidin Hapidin
Indonesian Journal of Educational Counseling, Volume 4, pp 107-116;

SOCIAL BEHAVIOR OF CHILDREN AGED 5-6 YEARS IN ROLE PLAYING CENTER ACTIVITIES AT TK LABSCHOOL JAKARTA. This study aims to find and build theories of the forms of social behavior of children 5-6 years in the role playing center activities, the process of the formation of social behavior of children 5-6 years in the role playing center activities, the role of the teacher in the formation of social behavior of children 5-6 years in the role playing center activities, as well as the role of parents in shaping the social behavior of children 5-6 years in the role playing center activities. This research uses a qualitative approach with a case study method. The results of the study found that the social behavior of children 5-6 years old in Labschool Kindergarten Jakarta showed social behavior related to human relations, namely good human relations (social humanity), namely empathy, tolerance, cooperation, responsibility, fair, close behavior , share and wait their turn.
Annisa Mawaddah Mutiara Sari, Sofia Hartati, Tjipto Sumadi
Indonesian Journal of Educational Counseling, Volume 4, pp 125-132;

JAVANESE TEMBANG MUSIC AS A CHARACTER EDUCATION MEDIA. The purpose of this study was to study about Dolanan Song can be character media or develop character in Sidogemah Village. Dolanan song is a tradition in Sidogemah Village to develop the character of young children. This research was carried out for 6 months, housed in Sidogemah Village, Sayung Subdistrict, Demak Regency Data collection techniques using the method of observation, documentation, and interview. This research used etnography method with descriptive qualitative. Then the results are obtained that Dolanan song is a song from generation to generation in the land of Java, containing deep meaning. Parenthood is conveyed by parents to children as a form of character education. The process of character education by parents of children in Sidogemah Village, Sayung Subdistrict, Demak Regency is developed before going to sleep, at school, and when children play. The process of character building of children through dolanan song in Sidogemah Village, Sayung District, Demak Regency can be classified into three, namely knowing, doing and caring.
Susilo Rahardjo, Edris Zamroni, Sumarni Sumarni, Derta Prihastuti
Indonesian Journal of Educational Counseling, Volume 4, pp 179-186;

DEVELOPING ASSERTIVE BEHAVIOR WITH SOCIODRAMA TECHNIQUES TO PREVENT BULLYING BEHAVIOR. The influence of mass media has an impact on the spread of bullying behavior including in the school environment. The negative impact of student bullying becomes depressed, performance decreases, and can ultimately lead to students dropping out of school. Therefore it needs to be prevented so that it does not expand, and the school becomes a friendly and pleasant environment. The purpose of this research is to provide students with an understanding of bullying behavior that can occur at school, and students can prevent it by behaving assertively. One way to prevent bullying is to develop assertive student behavior. Through PTBK students are trained to prevent bullying behavior with the guidance of sociodrama techniques. The reader can develop a model of preventing bullying behavior in the same way or in other ways, so that the school becomes a pleasant and friendly environment.
Arie Purwanto, Palasara Brahmani Laras
Indonesian Journal of Educational Counseling, Volume 4, pp 170-177;

DEVELOPMENT OF INSTRUMENTATION DOCUMENTATION OF POTENTIAL STUDENTS BASED ON RISK MANAGEMENT IN ISO 9001: 2015. This dedication is based on the devotion in the documentation of students' potential risks. The purpose of this service is to help teachers, especially guidance and counseling teachers, be able to measure and document the potential risks experienced by their students. In addition, this instrumen was deliberately developed so that it is expected to be able to make a positive contribution to the teacher in designing classroom learning. By using this instrumen teachers are expected to also be able to choose and use learning models that are in accordance with the results of the analysis that has been done. From the service that has been done, it is obtained that 92% of teachers strongly agree with the holding of this service activity. Further analysis shows that there is a real difference in understanding between before and after with a p-value of 0.00 with a correlation between the differences of 0.816. It can be said that assistance is effective in answering partner problems.
Neny Rahmawati
Indonesian Journal of Educational Counseling, Volume 4, pp 133-142;

EVALUATION OF THE REACTION TO THE IMPLEMENTATION OF STRENGTHENING SCHOOL PRINCIPAL IN BPSDM DKI JAKARTA PROVINCE. The strategic role of the headmaster in education requires the implementation of the school principal strengthening. This study aims to see the results of the reaction evaluation of the participants of the strengthening school principal, held by the BPSDM DKI Jakarta province with the evaluation model of Kirkpatrick Level 1. The method used is a descriptive evaluative with the survey method. The instruments used are questionnaires. Sampling with a random sampling purpose technique and selected 90 participants from the total population of 900 people. The results showed an average of the participants’ overall response to the faculty evaluation element of 3.61, so it could be stated that the Participants had a very good perception of the whole teacher. The average is obtained because the quality of module and quality of organizers have been good, while the quality of facilities and infrastructure is very good. The conclusion of this research is the response of participants in the implementation of the school's strengthening training (MCC) is very good towards the teacher evaluation element. So also the participants ' response to the quality of the modules and organizers is good, and the response is excellent to the facilities and infrastructure.
Fitra Nugraha, Wirda Hanim, Eko Siswono
Indonesian Journal of Educational Counseling, Volume 4, pp 117-124;

IMPLEMENTATION OF HUMANISM IN LEARNING OF ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS. This study aims to determine how the application of humanism in learning at Cinta Kasih Tzu Chi Elementary School, West Jakarta. This research uses a qualitative approach with a case study method in which data collection procedures are in the form of observation, interviews, document analysis or documentation and combination (triangulation). In addition, this study uses data analysis, namely by matching the pattern or pattern matching with the Campbell matchmaking technique. The results of the study found that the application of humanism in learning in grade 1 at Elementary School of Cinta kasih Tzu Chi was using the Cooperative Learning model. The curriculum used is the government’s recommended curriculum, namely the 2013 Curriculum with the addition of local content in humanistic culture and character subjects adopted from the teachings of Master Cheng Yen from Taiwan. In the case of learning in the classroom, educators train how to communicate well, remind that they must be empathetic and kind to everyone, for educators’ assessment not only from exam results but also daily attitudes. In addition, the role of parents from the research results shows that the role of parents is very important in the success of the humanist application itself. This can be seen from parents who have to monitor attitudes and learning processes when at home.
Rina Nurhudi Ramdhani, Andi Kiswanto
Indonesian Journal of Educational Counseling, Volume 4, pp 95-106;

THE IMPORTANCE OF ADAPTABILITY AND CAREER RESILIENCE DURING THE PANDEMIC. The main focus of this article is to explore the importance of career adaptability and resilience in dealing with a pandemic. Through various sources of literature it was found that career adaptability and resilience not only as a goal but also as a process. The development of career adaptability and resilience requires professional intervention through career guidance and counseling.
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