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Abdul Manan, Victor Wiley, Thomas Lucas
JUITA : Jurnal Informatika, Volume 7; doi:10.30595/juita.v7i2.5645

Abstract:Providing good services and satisfaction to customer is main concern on online business. As technology is developed rapidly, many online restaurants has sought user-friendly platform to serve their customer. The purpose of this research is to build an Android-based online order application for online delivery restaurant. We added features of outlets distribution and product promos. We also developed a more user-friendly interface as new design. Through Waterfall development method, we design the application which based of android APP Inventor framework. Based on the assessment result of four aspect (e.g., software engineering defect, learning design, visual communication), we got average scores of 2.45, 3.40, 3.35 and 3.07. The assessment results showed that our application design is eligible to be implemented for real situation with fairly eligible score. It is recommended that the application is implemented with partial improvement especially on the software engineering debugging to get a more decent score.
Agung Handayanto, Khoirya Latifa, Nugroho Dwi Saputro, Rahmat Robi Waliansyah
JUITA : Jurnal Informatika, Volume 7; doi:10.30595/juita.v7i2.4378

Tri Herdiawan Apandi, Castaka Agus Sugianto
JUITA : Jurnal Informatika, Volume 7; doi:10.30595/juita.v7i2.3608

Algi Muhkamaat Abdillah, Rianto Rianto, Neng Ika Kurniati
JUITA : Jurnal Informatika, Volume 7; doi:10.30595/juita.v7i2.4141

Hindayati Mustafidah, Muhamad Zaeni Budiastanto, Suwarsito Suwarsito
JUITA : Jurnal Informatika, Volume 7; doi:10.30595/juita.v7i2.5863