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Ismet Sulila
Publik (Jurnal Ilmu Administrasi), Volume 9, pp 176-185; doi:10.31314/pjia.9.2.176-185.2020

The research objective was to find out the influence of competence and independence on the work effectiveness of auditor at Regional Inspectorate of Gorontalo Province either partially or simultaneously. The approach used in this research was quantitative. The research method used expost facto. The technique of data analysis used multiple regression. The research finding showed that (1) competence of auditor had a positive and significant influence on the work effectiveness of auditor at Regional Inspectorate of Gorontalo Province by the determinant value of 23,50%. The meaning of the positive coefficient indicated that the higher the competence of auditor, the more effective work result of auditor at Regional Inspectorate of Gorontalo Province. (2) Independence of auditor had a positive and significant influence on the work effectiveness of auditor at Regional Inspectorate of Gorontalo Province by determinant value of 56,60%. The meaning of positive coefficient indicated that the more independent of auditor in doing inspection and functional supervision function, the more optimum work effectiveness of auditor at Regional Inspectorate of Gorontalo Province. (3) The competence and independence of auditor, simultaneously, had a significant influence on the work effectiveness of auditor at Regional Inspectorate of Gorontalo Province by determinant value of 61,70%.
Rita Rita, Muhammad Arifin
Publik (Jurnal Ilmu Administrasi), Volume 9, pp 132-145; doi:10.31314/pjia.9.2.132-145.2020

This study aims to describe the strategies used in increasing restaurant guest visits in Barru Regency. This research uses a quantitative descriptive approach. Based on the results of the study, it was found that the 4P marketing mix strategy (Price, Promotion, Place and position) was applied to the Barru district restaurant to increase guest visits, this proved effective in attracting guests to visit the restaurant. product, price, place, promotion, have shown conformity with the segmentation, targeting and positioning expected by the restaurant. For example, the products offered are varied and use quality raw materials in accordance with the positioning that the company wants to achieve as the only restaurant that uses healthy raw chicken and seafood. Apart from that the price, physical evidence and promotion are also in accordance with the targeting of young people and families, because the prices offered are still quite affordable, the place is also unique and is promoted through online media.
Roni Ekha Putera, Tengku Rika Valentina, Siti Annisa Silvia Rosa
Publik (Jurnal Ilmu Administrasi), Volume 9, pp 155-167; doi:10.31314/pjia.9.2.155-167.2020

The issue of spatial planning becomes crucial for vulnerable areas. Padang, as one of the areas prone to earthquakes, needs to pay attention to the allocation of space. After the 2009 earthquake, it was recorded that Padang City had revised the Regional Spatial Plan (RTRW) twice, namely in 2010 and 2015. In the revised RTRW, mapping of the areas prone to earthquake and tsunami disaster. The purpose of this research is to explain the policy efforts made by the City of Padang in spatial planning based on disaster mitigation. This study used qualitative research methods. The technique of selecting informants using purposive sampling, primary data obtained from interviews, while secondary data from documentation and literature studies. Data analysis was performed using an interactive model. The results showed that the spatial planning in the city of Padang based on Regulation No. 4 of 2012 had paid attention to disaster-prone areas, it can be seen from the categorization of disaster-prone regions in the city of Padang. But there are still disaster-prone areas that even violate the rules of development. For this reason, Padang City Government needs to pay attention to building permit recommendations, especially in disaster-prone areas from the relevant agencies.Persoalan penataan ruang menjadi hal yang krusial bagi daerah yang rawan bencana. Padang sebagai salah satu daerah yang rawan terhadap bencana gempa bumi perlu memperhatikan peruntukan ruang. Setelah kejadian gempa tahun 2009, tercatat Kota Padang telah dua kali melakukan revisi terhadap Rencana Tata Tuang Wilayah (RTRW) yaitu tahun 2010 dan 2015. Dalam revisi RTRW tersebut telah dilakukan pemetaan terhadap daerah-daerah yang rawan bencana gempa dan tsunami. Tujuan dari Penelitian ini adalah untuk menjelaskan upaya-upaya kebijakan yang dilakukan oleh Kota Padang dalam penataan ruang yang berbasis mitigasi bencana. Penelitian ini menggunakan metode penelitian kualitatif. Teknik pemilihan informan dengan menggunakan purposive sampling, data primer diperoleh dari wawancara, sedangkan data sekunder dari dokumentasi dan studi pustaka. Analis data dilakukan dengan model interaktif. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa penataan ruang di Kota Padang yang didasarkan pada perda No. 4 Tahun 2012 telah memperhatikan daerah rawan bencana, terlihat dari adanya pengkategorian daerah rawan bencana di Kota Padang. Namun masih terdapat daerah rawan bencana yang masih menyalahi aturan pembangunan. Untuk itu, pemerintah Kota padang perlu memperhatikan rekomendasi izin mendirikan bangunan terutama di daerah-daerah yang rawan bencana dari instansi-instansi yang terkait.
Lia Nurhayati, Srihandayani Suprapto
Publik (Jurnal Ilmu Administrasi), Volume 9, pp 168-175; doi:10.31314/pjia.9.2.168-175.2020

This study aims to evaluate the Paket A equivalency education program for school dropouts in Gorontalo District. This program evaluation research uses descriptive method with the CIPP model (Context, Input, Process, and Product). The data analysis in this study was carried out in a qualitative descriptive manner, then the qualitative data were analyzed using thematic analysis, namely comparing the data at each stage of the CIPP then concluding. In this thematic analysis, an analysis flow is adopted which consists of data collection, data presentation, data reduction and conclusion verification. The results showed that the implementation of the Paket A equivalency education program in Gorontalo District has been optimal. This is based on the objective standard criteria that have been set in this evaluation study. The length of learning for the Paket A Equivalent Education program for each class or class is adjusted to the curriculum structure above. The learning process includes academic learning, namely the efforts made by the tutor to provide insight and knowledge to learning citizens facilitated by the tutor. Penelitian ini bertujuan mengevaluasi program pendidikan kesetaraan paket A bagi anak putus sekolah di Kabupaten Gorontalo. Penelitian evaluasi program ini menggunakan metode deskriptif dengan model CIPP (Context, Input, Process, dan Product). Analisis data dalam penelitian ini dilaksanakan secara deskriptif kualitatif, kemudian data kualitatif dianalisis menggunakan analisis tematik yaitu membandingkan data pada setiap tahapan CIPP kemudian disimpulkan. Dalam analisis tematik ini, ditempuh alur analisis yang terdiri atas pengumpulan data, penyajian data, reduksi data dan kesimpulan verifikasi. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa sudah optimalnya pelaksanaan program pendidikan kesetaraan paket A di Kabupaten Gorontalo, Hal ini berdasarkan pada kriteria standar objektif yang telah ditetapkan dalam penelitian evaluasi ini. Lama pembelajaran program Pendidikan Kesetaraan Paket A untuk setiap angkatan atau kelas disesuaikan dengan struktur kurikulum diatas. Proses pembelajaran meliputi pembelajaran akademik, yaitu upaya yang dilakukan tutor untuk memberikan wawasan dan ilmu pengetahuan kepada warga belajar yang difasilitasi oleh tutor.
Gita Susanti, Rifany Rifany
Publik (Jurnal Ilmu Administrasi), Volume 9, pp 125-131; doi:10.31314/pjia.9.2.125-131.2020

Bureaucratic services tend not to improve their performance and carry out reforms. Service users are often faced with so many problems when they are dealing with bureaucracy. The purpose of this study is to describe the reform of the Public Service Bureaucracy in terms of coordination in One Stop Services (KPTSP) in Takalar Regency. In this study, a qualitative approach was used. The type of research used in this research is descriptive research type. The results showed that hierarchical mechanisms in the form of a structured flow of coordination and power need each other to establish cooperation within organizational units. The market mechanism shows that the change in the bureaucracy from services to revenue to provide income for the region through the collection of fees. Licensing and providing incentives can improve the performance of One-Stop Services, Takalar District has a network mechanism that is interrelated and needs each other, this can be seen from the requirements given by the Service Agency One-Stop Integrated Takalar Regency that asks for recommendations from related Regional Work Units (SKPD).
Wahdania Suardi, Suswanta Suswanta
Publik (Jurnal Ilmu Administrasi), Volume 9, pp 146-154; doi:10.31314/pjia.9.2.146-154.2020

This study aims to describe the role of the government-private and role of the government-NGO coalition in Green Open Space Based Urban Governance in Makassar City. This type of research is qualitative, research conducted to systematically search for and compile all data obtained, both interview data, field notes and other data that support research. The results of this study indicate that the confidence of the private / private sector in the city government green open space policy is still low because the government's political will problem is that it does not involve all components in the private sector. One of the strategies is optimizing planters in RTR in strategic areas such as in the Untia region. The strategy that is pressed on the private sector is segmentation of activities that can increase green open space. Decisions taken by the private or private sector are based on the mission of the organization itself which has environmental concerns as outlined through CSR programs, the program is not intervened by the city government. Although there have been Regional Regulations Number 3 of 2014 concerning the arrangement and management of green open spaces but not yet assessed WALHI has provided significant progress for the addition of RTH in Makassar Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mendeskripsikan peran koalisi pemerintah-swasta dan peran koalisi pemerintah-LSM Dalam Tata Kelola Perkotaan Berbasis Ruang Terbuka Hijau (RTH) di Kota Makassar. Jenis penelitian ini adalah kualitatif, penelitian yang dilakukan untuk mencari dan menyusun secara sistematis seluruh data yang diperoleh baik itu data hasil wawancara, catatan lapangan dan data-data lain yang sifatnya menunjang penelitian. Hasil penelitian ini menunjukkan bahwa keyakinan sektor swasta/privat terhadap kebijakan RTH pemerintah kota masih rendah karena persoalan political will dari pemerintah yang kurang melibatkan seluruh komponen pada sektor swasta. Salah satu strateginya adalah optimalisasi penanam pada RTR Kawasan strategis seperti di Kawasan Untia. Strategi yang ditekan pada pihak swasta adalah segmentasi pada kegiatan yang dapat meningkatkan ruang terbuka hijau. Keputusan yang diambil sektor privat atau swasta adalah berdasarkan misi dari organisasi itu sendiri yang memiliki kepedulian terhadap lingkungan yang dituangkan melalui program CSR, program tersebut tidak mendapat intervensi oleh pemerintah kota. Meskipun telah ada Peraturan Daerah Nomor 3 Tahun 2014 tentang penataan dan pengelolaan ruang terbuka hijau namun belum dinilai WALHI memberikan kemajuan berarti bagi penambahan RTH di Kota Makassar
Subarling Subarling, Andi Rasyid Pananrangi, Syamsul Bahri
Publik (Jurnal Ilmu Administrasi), Volume 9, pp 89-101; doi:10.31314/pjia.9.2.89-101.2020

This article discuss about the level of effectiveness of public services One Stop Investment Service and Integrated Services regarding the management and issuance of Building Permit at Bulukumba Regency. The Office of Investment and Integrated Services (DPMPTSP) with the service unit for the management and issuance of the Buidling Permit is in the category of the most visited by the people in Bulukumba Regency. This condition has an impact on the high frequency of public services that occur in these service units, so it is necessary to know the level of service effectiveness. This study used a survey approach to employees of the Building Permit Service Unit and the community who use the Building Permit service. The data collection technique used a questionnaire. The data analysis technique used frequency tabulation and a Likert scale as the rating scale. Overall, the results of this study indicate that the level of effectiveness of public services at the Investment and Integrated Services Office is in the 'Good' category or the 'Effective' category. The conclusion of this study is that basically public services at the Investment and Integrated Services Office have been going well and have received a good response from the community who use Building Permit services even though this still requires maximum efforts from the local government of Bulukumba Regency to improve these services.Artikel ini membahas tentang tingkat keefektifan pelayanan publik pada Dinas Penanaman Modal dan Pelayanan Terpadu Satu Pintu Kabupaten Bulukumba terkait pengurusan dan penerbitan IMB. Dinas Penanaman Modal dan Pelayanan Terpadu (DPMPTSP) dengan unit layanan pengurusan dan penerbitan IMB terkategori paling ramai dikunjungi masyarakat. Kondisi tersebut berdampak pada tingginya frekuensi layanan publik pada unit layanan tersebut sehingga perlu diketahui tingkat efektifitas pelayanannya. Penelitian ini menggunakan pendekatan survei terhadap pegawai pada Unit Layanan IMB dan masyarakat pengguna layanan IMB tersebut. Teknik pengumpulan data menggunakan angket. Teknik analisis data menggunakan tabulasi frekuensi dan Skala Likert sebagai skala penilaian. Secara keseluruhan, hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa tingkat efektifitas pelayanan publik pada Dinas Penanaman Modal dan Pelayanan Terpadu terkategori ‘Baik’ atau terkategori ‘Efektif’. Kesimpulan penelitian ini adalah pada dasarnya pelayanan publik pada Dinas Penanaman Modal dan Pelayanan Terpadu telah berlangsung baik dan mendapat respon yang baik dari masyarakat pengguna jasa pelayanan IMB meskipun hal tersebut masih memerlukan upaya maksimal dari pemda Kabupaten Bulukumba untuk meningkatkan pelayanan tersebut.
Muhammad Tang Abdullah
Publik (Jurnal Ilmu Administrasi), Volume 9, pp 102-114; doi:10.31314/pjia.9.2.102-114.2020

This study is based on the fact that there are several weaknesses that the government has in the provision of public service infrastructure, both in Indonesia and India. Some of these weaknesses include limited capacity of apparatus resources, budget shortages, management and technology weaknesses in the provision of public service infrastructure. This article aims to see how a public private partnership is conceptually and how the experiences of the Indonesian and Indian states in putting this concept into practice. This study uses qualitative research methods with library research techniques. Literature study is applied with data analysis techniques in several stages. Through this literature study method, it was found that public private partnership is strongly associated with the concept of new public management and governance. There are many forms of public private partnership such as BOT (Build Operate and Transfer), BT (Build and Tranfer), BTO (Build, Transfer, and Operate), BLT (Build, Lease, and Transfer), BOO (Build, Own, and Operate), ROO (Rehabilitate, Own, and Operate), ROT (Rehabilitate, Own, and Transfer), DOT (Develop, Operate, and Transfer), and CAO (Contract, Add, and Operate). But the overall form is essentially aimed at providing infrastructure and public services can be more efficient, effective and economical. In practice, both in Indonesia and India, has had a noticeable effect such as the opening of new jobs for residents because this public private partnership has long been applied in various development sectors, especially in the service of basic community needs, such as education, health, transportation, public housing, social services, and clean water supply.Kajian ini didasarkan pada fakta adanya beberapa kelemahan yang dimiliki oleh pemerintah dalam penyediaan infrastruktur pelayanan publik, baik di Indonesia maupun India. Beberapa kelemahan tersebut meliputi keterbatasan kapasitas sumberdaya aparatur, kekuragan anggaran, kelemahan manajemen dan teknologi dalam pengadaan infrastruktur pelayanan publik. Artikel ini bertujuan untuk melihat bagaimana public private partnership secara konseptual dan bagaimana pengalaman negara Indonesia dan India dalam mempraktekkan konsep tersebut tersebut. Kajian ini menggunakan metode penelitian kualitatif dengan teknik studi kepustakaan. Studi kepustakaan diterapkan dengan teknis analisis data dalam beberapa tahap. Melalui metode studi kepustakaan ini ditemukan bahwa public private partnership sangat terkait dengan konsep new public management dan governance. Terdapat banyak bentuk public private partnership seperti BOT (Build Operate and Transfer), BT (Build and Tranfer), BTO (Build, Transfer, and Operate), BLT (Build, Lease, and Transfer), BOO (Build, Own, and Operate), ROO (Rehabilitate, Own, and Operate), ROT (Rehabilitate, Own, and Transfer), DOT (Develop, Operate, and Transfer), dan CAO (Contract, Add, and Operate). Namun keseluruhan bentuk tersebut pada hakekatnya bertujuan agar penyediaan infrastruktur dan pelayanan publik bias lebih efisien, efektif dan ekonomis. Dalam prakteknya baik di Indonesia maupun India telah memberi efek yang nyata seperti terbukanya lapangan kerja baru bagi warga karena public private partnership ini sudah sejak lama diterapkan dalam berbagai sektor pembangunan, terutama pada pelayanan kebutuhan dasar masyarakat, seperti pelayanan pendidikan, kesehatan, transportasi, perumahaan rakyat, soaial, dan penyediaan air bersih.
Widya Kurniati Mohi, Nuzlan Botutihe
Publik (Jurnal Ilmu Administrasi), Volume 9, pp 115-124; doi:10.31314/pjia.9.2.115-124.2020

This article aims to analyze and find out the strategies implemented by the Regional Government, especially the Kelurahan Governments in Gorontalo District in providing maximum service to the community. This study uses qualitative research methods with the intention of comprehensively knowing several things related to the implementation of E-Gov and to reveal the phenomena that occur in the application of E-Gov. The results showed that the capacity or ability of the Gorontalo District government in implementing the ¬E-Gov concept needs to be evaluated and continuously improved, especially in relation to the budget. This can be seen from the limited funds that are not allocated specifically for the Electronic Government, the limited allocation of funds that have been budgeted by the Government in Gorontalo District is still insufficient for E-Government development, so that activities carried out follow the amount of the budget given, in other words the budget can affect effectiveness of the implementation of activities carried out in the application of E-Government, so that the use and utilization of the budget must be effective and efficient. the implementation of E-Gov in Gorontalo District has been going well. However, there are still some obstacles that are faced, this can be seen from the human resources recruited to manage the Electronic Government who do not have the competence and expertise in this field and some do not even have expertise in the technology field. This is a big challenge for the Gorontalo District governmentArtikel ini bertujuan menganalisis dan mengetahui strategi yang dilakukan Pemerintah Daerah khususnya Pemerintah Kelurahan yang ada di Kabupaten Gorontalo dalam memberikan pelayanan yang maksimal kepada masyarakat. Penelitian ini menggunakan metode penelitian kualitatif dengan maksud untuk mengetahui secara komprehensif beberapa hal terkait dengan pelaksanaan E-Gov dan mengungkap fenomena yang terjadi dalam penerapan E-Gov. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan kapasitas atau kemampuan pemerintah Kabupaten Gorontalo dalam menerapkan konsep E-Gov perlu dilakukan evaluasi dan terus ditingkatkan terutama terkait dengan anggaran. Hal ini terlihat dari keterbatasan dana yang tidak dialokasikan khusus untuk Electronic Government,terbatasnya alokasi dana yang telah dianggarkan oleh Pemerintah di Kabupaten Gorontalo masih belum mencukupi untuk pengembangan E-Government, sehingga kegiatan yang dilakukan mengikuti jumlah anggaran yang diberikan, dengan kata lain anggaran dapat mempengaruhi efektivitas pelaksanaan kegiatan yang dilakukan di dalam penerapan E-Government, sehingga penggunaan dan pemanfaatan anggaran harus efektif dan efisien.penerapan E-Gov di Kabupaten Gorontalo sudah berjalan dengan baik. Namun, masih ada beberapa kendala yang dihadapi, hal ini dapat dilihat dari sumber daya manusia yang direkrut dalam mengelola Electronic Government belum memiliki kompetensi dan keahlian di bidang tersebut bahkan ada yang tidak memiliki keahlian di bidang teknologi
Andi Yusuf Katili, Nolfi S. Tueno
Publik (Jurnal Ilmu Administrasi), Volume 9, pp 46-54; doi:10.31314/pjia.9.1.46-54.2020

Bentor is a modification between a rickshaw and a motorcycle which has become a characteristic of public transportation vehicles or modes of transportation for the people of Gorontalo. Bentor can operate from one place to another, it can even take passengers to household stairs, this cannot be done by other public transportation. This advantage makes most Gorontalo people choose it as the main transportation because it operates 24 hours. The purpose of this study is to conduct an analysis of the implementation of policies on the operation of bentor vehicles as a mode of transportation based on Gorontalo Provincial Regulation No. 6 of 2006. The research method used in this research is descriptive research with a qualitative approach. Data collection techniques are carried out through observation, interviews, and documentation. The results showed that (1) Compliance of Bentor riders with traffic regulations is still low, so it is necessary to take action by the relevant authorities; (2) Coordination between officers of the Transportation Service and the Police in carrying out their duties has not been well established, so that violations continue to occur; (3) The supervision of related offices of apparatus in the field in implementing regional regulations is still low, due to the lack of officers who will be assigned as field supervisors.Bentor merupakan modifikasi antara becak dan sepeda motor yang telah menjadi ciri khas kendaraan angkutan umum atau moda transportasi masyarakat Gorontalo. Bentor dapat beroperasi dari suatu tempat ke tempat lain, bahkan dapat mengantar penumpangnya hingga ke tangga rumah, hal ini tidak dapat dilakukan oleh kendaraan umum lainnya. Kelebihan ini yang membuat sebagian besar masyarakat Gorontalo memilihnya menjadi transportasi utama karena beroperasi selama 24 jam. Adapun tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk melakukan analisis mengenai Implementasi Kebijakan Pengaturan Pengoperasian Kendaraan Bentor Sebagai Moda Transportasi Berdasarkan Peraturan Daerah Provinsi Gorontalo Nomor 6 Tahun 2006. Metode penelitian yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah penelitian deskriptif dengan pendekatan kualitatif. Teknik pengumpulan data dilakukan melalui observasi, wawancara, dan dokumentasi. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa (1) Kepatuhan pengendara Bentor terhadap peraturan berlalu lintas masih rendah sehingga perlu dilakukan penindakan oleh aparat terkait; (2) Koordinasi antara petugas Dinas Perhubungan dengan Kepolisian dalam melaksakan tugas belum terjalin dengan baik, sehingga pelanggaran pun terus terjadi; (3) Pengawasan dinas terkait terhadap aparat di lapangan dalam menjalankan peraturan daerah masih rendah, karena minimnya petugas yang akan ditugaskan sebagai pengawas lapangan.
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