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Mayra Armiantyara, Dwi Sloria Suharti
Journal of English Education Studies, Volume 2, pp 23-31; doi:10.30653/005.201921.29

The objective of the research is to see the effectiveness of Games and Simulation in speaking skill on the seventh grade students at SMP Teknologi Pilar Bangsa. The technique applied in this research was quas-experimental research. In this research, there were two classes taught by using different techniques. The experimental class was taught by using Games and Simulation technique while the controlled class was taught by using conventional technique. Futhermore, this research was conducted through the following procedures: giving pre-test, applying treatments, and giving posttest. The sample of this research were 30 students of class 7.1 and 31 students of class 7.3. Normality test was tested by using chi-square. From the calculation of normality showed that the data are normally distributed population. The homogeneity test result of students learning reading comprehension has homogeneous variance. Furthermore, the t-test showed that t-count of experimental class is 3.25, was higher than t-table. The t-test of control class is 3.25, was higher than t-table. It means that finding of this study shows that there is a significance difference in the result between students in class 7 as control class that were taught without games and simulation technique and students in class as experimental class that were taught speaking skill using games and simulation technique.
Dadan Hidayat
Journal of English Education Studies, Volume 2, pp 12-22; doi:10.30653/005.201921.28

This research investigated the effect of speed reading on students’ reading comprehension. The writer used quantitative as the research method and used the quasi experiment as a research design. The writer used experimental class to imply the speed reading method and control group for the other technique in teaching reading. For collecting the data the writer gave the pre – test for experimental and control group, then administrated the treatment for experiment class , finally the researcher administrated the post – test to find out the improvement of speed reading method for the student . Based on the writer interpretation it is concluded that hypothesis is is suggested that the teacher should imply the speed reading method in teaching reading because research finding proved that speed reading gave more improvement in reading comprehension that the other technique in teaching reading and the speed reading method was more interesting than conventional method.
Welliam Hamer, Ledy Nur Lely
Journal of English Education Studies, Volume 2, pp 43-51; doi:10.30653/005.201921.30

This article aims at sharing information on how pictionary game is used to increase the learners’ vacabulary mastery in the process of teaching and learning. It is clear that vocabulary is one of components of English language. When the learners are reading, they need to master vocabulary related to certain topic. Therefore vocabulary is important thing in learning English. However, mastering English vocabularies is not easy. English is foreign language in which learning English is often considered to be difficult to comprehend. This problem can be seen from the unsatisfactory result when learning English. The learning processs commonly used in the classroom just puts the teacher as a center of learning. It means that the teacher always dominates him/herself to teach, not to focus on how the learners learn effectively. This makes the learners passive and less interested in following the course of learning. In fact the learners’ interest is the most important factor in the study. Interest can be developed if the learning process run with fun, vary, and conducive athmosphere. There are many factors that can support the existance of an increase in the study, i.e. teachers, learners, materials, media, methods, and other learning sources. One factor that can help the learners learn vocabulary is the use of pictionary game. In this study, pictionary game is a classic game of drawing and guessing pictures. Pictionary game can also increase the imagination of learners, where learners are asked to draw according to the word given by the teachers. Things that are needed to play pictionary game are a list or card of vocabulary items, whiteboard, calkboard, or smart board and markers. Pictionary game will help learners to get involved in classroom activities. Other advantages of using pictionary game can be concluded that it provides fun language practice in the various language skills.
Ratu Amalia Mudianingrum, Sutrisno Sadji Evenddy, Rosmania Rima
Journal of English Education Studies, Volume 2, pp 1-11; doi:10.30653/005.201921.27

Classroom Management is a multifaceted concept and views about classroom and its styles can be categorized in various ways. This study focused on the classroom itself. Therefore, this study was intended to describe the classroom management and the use of teaching learning strategy at the eight grade students in SMPN 05 Kota Serang. This study was also aimed to give some contributions concerning the Classroom Management Strategy and the students’ participation on the use of the strategy in teaching learning process in the class. This study is qualitative research. The writer had chosen two english teachers who taught the eighth grade students of SMPN 05 Kota Serang in the academic year of 2017/2018 as the subject. The writers describe the process of organizing teaching and learning process in SMPN 05 Kota Serang by applying interview and observation to the teachers. The writers could conclude that T1 applied 72% and T2 applied 70% classroom management strategy in their classroom. They applied the classroom strategies from opening to closing activities, used seating arrangement during the teaching learning process, explained the material well, gave motivation, had positive attitude and built the relationship with students.
Riandi Riandi
Journal of English Education Studies, Volume 2, pp 32-42; doi:10.30653/005.201921.31

Learning media is a tool to convey messages or information aimed at instructional or contain learning purposes that can be manipulated, seen, heard, and read. Learning achievement is the result achieved after conducting learning activities. Both learning are done formally and non-formally which includes three aspects of student change cognitive, affective and psychomotor. The use of technology contributes greatly to the improvement of student achievement in English subjects, therefore students who use technology-based learning media in the teaching and learning process in the classroom will get good learning achievements. This research was conducted at SMK Nurul Muhtadin Kibin Serang, with a sample size of 32 students, from a population of 160 students, the researcher took 20% of the sample students from the total population of research. The method used in this research is quantitative descriptive method with research instruments: tests, questionnaires and literature studies. The conclusion obtained from this study is the effectiveness of the use of technology-based learning media in Nurul Muhtadin Vocational High School obtained mean value = 54 Median = 53.68 and Mode = 53.04 and SD = 5.16 While English Learning Achievement obtained mean = 79.53 Median = 77.5 Mode = 70 and Sd = 13.01 whereas from the results of the normality test L = 0.886 is thus Lo (0.2047)> of L (0.886). So that the null hypothesis (Ho) is rejected and the alternative hypothesis (Ha) is accepted, meaning that the sample is normally distributed. While the effect of the effectiveness of the use of technology-based learning media in SMK Nurul Muhtadin Kibin Serang, quantitatively it has a relationship that is sufficient or moderate, this is evidenced by the correlation coefficient ("r") of 0.60, the value is at intertval 0.60-0.80. The contribution of variable X to variable Y by using coefficient of determination (Cd) is = 36% while the remaining 64% is influenced by other factors both internal and external
Riandi Riandi, Leni Suryani
Journal of English Education Studies, Volume 1, pp 99-107; doi:10.30653/005.201812.21

This study aims to determine the effect of using Kim’s memory game towards students’ speaking skill at tenth grade students of SMAN 1 Malingping–Lebak under this research question: is there any effect of using Kim’s memory game towards students’ speaking skill?. The method used in this research is an experimental research. the population was taken 319 and sample 34 for experimental class and 34 for control class. The researcher uses English oral test (pre-test and post-test) as instrument of the research before and after giving treatment to each class, control and experimental class. From the result of the research, the researcher found that the students in experimental class got better result than those in control class. This can be seen from the data showed that t test (t0) is 3.17, while t table (tt) is 2.00, in other words t test > t table. This means that there is significant effect of Kim’s memory game in teaching speaking. So the hypothesis alternative (Ha) is accepted.
Efa Silfia
Journal of English Education Studies, Volume 1, pp 118-124; doi:10.30653/005.201812.24

Reading comprehension is the message that is imposed in the written form. It is most important element that students must recognize, because the primary purpose of reading comprehension is to know the way in getting what the students want to know from reading material. In fact, most of the students got difficulties to understand reading text because they think that answering reading is not interesting task and not explicitly stated on the text. The aim of this research is to find out whether any significant effect of using PORPE toward reading comprehension. The research used experimental method. The population was students at Eleventh grade in SMAN 3 Kota Jambi. The sample was divided into two randomized group: XI IPA 1 as experiment class and XI IPA 2 as control class. The instrument of the research had been done in reading comprehension test. The data of the research showed that after counting the students’ scores and analyzing by using t-test formula, the result of experimental class was significantly higher than the students’ score in control class. It was showed at the level of significance 0.05 with the degree of freedom (df) 60, t-observed value 2.512 > t-table value 2.000. The null hypothesis (Ho) was rejected and alternative hypothesis (H1) was accepted. The conclusion was using PORPE strategy affected the students’ reading comprehension.
Ade Sudirman
Journal of English Education Studies, Volume 1, pp 108-117; doi:10.30653/005.201812.22

This research aims to investigate the influence of teaching English tenses through group discussion method towards student’s achievement in tenses mastery at 1st semester students of English department of Mathla’ul Anwar University, Banten. In this research, writer employs the quantitative approach that based on the result of proposing item tests to respodents of the research. Meanwhile design with the characteristics of experimental method, here the researcher conducted test as an instrument. The research done through three steps: first, the writer selected students of Mathla’aul Anwar University as subjects, second, the writer taught tenses through group discussion method at experimental class, while control class taught by giving homework. The treatment is processed by a pretest, treatment, and ended by posttest. It is done to know which one is more effective towards students’ achievement in tenses matery. After that, the writer calculated and analysed the data. The last step is reporting the result. The result of posttest show us that the mean of experimental class is higher than at control class. The result of calculation of t-test shows that tcount (2,63) is higher than tcritic (1,67) in 5% level significant. These tell us that teaching tenses through group discussion method is effective to improve the students’ achievement in tenses matery. The research hypotheses is “there is significance influence of using group discussion method in teaching tenses towards students’ achievement in tenses matery”. From all the data above, the writer concludes that his hypotheses is justifiable.
Mariska Febrianti
Journal of English Education Studies, Volume 1, pp 86-98; doi:10.30653/005.201812.19

This research aims to compare the effectiveness of two methods, PQRST (Preview, Question, Read, State and Test) and SGD (Small Group Discussion). It was carried out at the second semester students of Penjaskesrek Department, Dehasen University. The design was a quasi-experiment. The sample consisted of two classes; one was taught by the PQRST method and another by the SGD method. The instrument was a reading test, which was tried-out; the reliability was 0.917 (very high). The result was as follows: at the pretest, there was no significant difference between both group on all aspects and at the post test, there were no significant difference between both groups on general comprehension, reading to learn from the text, and reading to integrate information. However, SGD was found to be more effective on finding general information while PQRST was found to be more effective on reading to skim and finding simple information.
Juvrianto Chrissunday Jakob
Journal of English Education Studies, Volume 1, pp 79-85; doi:10.30653/005.201812.18

Slang is an important feature in American culture. It is more effective than standard or conventional English, so I interested to discuss and classify of slang words in the movie of “The Blind Side”. The purpose of this research is to classify slang words in The Blind Side movie based on the characteristic on Andersson and Trudgill theory. This research used the descriptive qualitative method. The data source of this research is taken from the movie script of the movie of “The Blind Side” cited from IMDB. Based on the research result, there are 8 slang words or phrases in the movie of “The Blind Side”, the slang is divided into four categories: (1) 2 slang words or phrases as the neutral syntactic level; (2) 4 slang words or phrases as typical informal situations and (3) 2 slang words or phrases as creative.
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