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Zuohua Liu, Feiya Li, Zihan Liu, Qiuxia Wu, Xiangyu Li, Qiang Wang
Journal of Advances in Medicine Science, Volume 4, pp 35-41;

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, various regions of China have been rapidly deployed under the leadership of the Central Committee of the Party to actively prevent and control the COVID-19. The rural areas of my country have weak links to the prevention and management of public health emergencies. Problems include lack of medical and health resources and farmers’ low awareness of epidemic prevention. Situations that correspond to the prevention and management of the COVID-19 are more serious. As the patient’s first contact and “gatekeeper” in the fight against the epidemic, the general practitioner is responsible for the “first visit-subsequent ongoing intervention”. This article is about the prevention and control of the COVID-19 epidemics and epidemic prevention in terms of dissemination of knowledge, informed crowd control, joint prevention and control, and standardized management of people. This is a summary of the efforts of general practitioners. Quarantine at home, interactive referrals to medical consortiums, special care for contracted families. The function during the management period aims to analyze the role played by general practitioners during the epidemic and to provide new ideas for the prevention and management of the epidemic. Provide more targeted general practitioner-style services in rural areas to promote the implementation and improvement of health and poverty alleviation. The health level of the rural population provides a theoretical standard.
Xu Cao, Ke Ma, Yuhao Tao, Deyang Xi, Fangyu Hu, Jingjing Li
Journal of Advances in Medicine Science, Volume 4, pp 20-30;

Atherosclerosis (AS) is a primary cause of morbidity and mortality all over the world. Molecular imaging techniques can enable early localization and diagnosis of atherosclerosis plaques. Recent newly developed chitooligosaccharides (CSO) is considered to be capable of target mannose receptors on the surface of macrophages and to inhibit foam cell formation. Here we present a targeting magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) nanoprobe, which was successfully constructed with polyacrylic acid (PAA) modified nanometer iron oxide (Fe3O4) as the core, and coating with CSO molecules, possessing the abilities of targeted MRI and specifically inhibition of the formation of foamy macrophages in the atherosclerotic process. The experimental results showed that the distributions of PAA-Fe3O4 and CSO-PAA-Fe3O4 were uniform and the corresponding sizes were about 5.93 nm and 8.15 nm, respectively. The Fourier transform infrared spectra (FTIR) testified the CSO was coupled with PAA-Fe3O4 successfully. After coupled with CSO, the r1 of PAA-Fe3O4 was increased from 5.317 mM s-1 to 6.147 mM s-1, indicating their potential as MRI contrast agent. Oil Red O staining and total cholesterols (TC) determination showed that CSO-PAA-Fe3O4 could significantly inhibit the foaming process of RAW264.7 cells induced by oxidatively modified low density lipoprotein (ox-LDL). In vitro cellular MRI displayed that, compared with PAA-Fe3O4,CSO-PAA-Fe3O4 could lower the T1 relaxation time of RAW264.7 cells better. In summary, construction of CSO-PAA-Fe3O4 nanoprobe in this study could realize the targeted MRI of macrophages and inhibition of ox-LDL induced macrophage foaming process. This will provide a new avenue in the diagnosis and treatment of AS.
Yuying Chen
Journal of Advances in Medicine Science, Volume 4, pp 16-19;

Objective: To observe the maternal and infant outcomes of pregnant women with twins terminating their pregnancy at different timings. Methods: Among the twin pregnant women admitted to our hospital from August 2019 to August 2020, 50 primiparous women who opted to terminate their pregnancies at 5 different timings of “34——34+6 weeks”, “35——35+6 weeks”, “36——36+6 weeks”, “37——37+6 weeks”, “38——38+6 weeks” were selected as the research subjects. According to the timing of pregnancy termination, they were divided into 5 groups, each with 10 cases of pregnant women, and the impact of the timing of pregnancy termination on the outcome of the mothers and infants were compared. Results: The “37——37+6 weeks” group had the largest amount of postpartum hemorrhage, and the difference in Hb level before and after delivery was the largest. With the increase in gestational week, the weight of both large and small fetuses increased. In terms of neonatal diseases, the comparison between “34——34+6 weeks”, “35——35+6 weeks”, “36——36+6 weeks” and “37——37+6 weeks”, “38——38+6 weeks”, P<0.05, the comparison between “37——37+6 weeks” and “38——38+6 weeks”, P>0.05. Conclusion: The extension of the gestational week of twin pregnancies has no effect on postpartum hemorrhage, but it can improve the outcome of infants.
Jianhao Wu, Qinnan Zhang, Yubiao Yang, Chunyue Wang, Xindi Yue, Zhilu Li, Pingping Yan
Journal of Advances in Medicine Science, Volume 4, pp 31-34;

Objective: To study the effect of metformin on lactate metabolism in hepatocytes in vitro under high glucose stress. Method: LO2 hepatocytes was cultured in vitro, hepatocytes were randomly divided into blank control group, 25 mmol/L glucose solution, 27 mmol/L glucose solution, 29 mmol/L glucose solution, 31 mmol/L glucose solution, 33 mmol/L glucose solution, 35 mmol/L glucose solution treatment group, after determining the optimal concentration as 31 mmol/L, use 30 mmol/L metformin solution, and then divided into blank control group, normal hepatocytes + the optimal concentration of glucose solution, normal hepatocytes + metformin solution , normal hepatocytes+. The optimal concentration of glucose solution normal hepatocytes + metformin solution, calculate the number of hepatocytes on cell count plate respectively in the 12 h, 24 h, 48 h, and use the lactic acid kit to determine the lactic acid value of the cell culture medium of normal liver cells + optimal concentration glucose solution and normal liver cells + optimal concentration glucose solution + metformin solution at 12 h, 24 h, and 48 h, respectively. Results: There was no significant change in the lactic acid concentration but significant increase in the number of surviving hepatocytes in the high-glycemic control group compared with that in the high-glycemic control group without metformin. Conclusions: Metformin has no significant effect on lactic acid metabolism of hepatocytes under high glucose stress in vitro, and has a protective effect on hepatocytes under high glucose stress. Based on this, it is preliminarily believed that metformin is not the direct factor leading to diabetic lactic acidosis.
Wenjing Zhu, Zhuanglian Mai
Journal of Advances in Medicine Science, Volume 4, pp 42-45;

With the gradual development of social economy, the social function of medical institutions is becoming more and more important. Strengthening the efficiency and quality of medical management can alleviate the contradiction between doctors and patients and improve the level of medical service. Promoting the sustainable development of medical institutions plays a key role. Under the background of the development of science and technology, the theoretical research and practical application of block chain technology are becoming more and more mature, which can not only store and transmit information effectively, but also strengthen the security of information storage. The effective combination of block chain technology and medical management can create a new operation mode and train of thought for medical management and promote the overall improvement of medical management quality and efficiency. It is very helpful to optimize the social service function in medical field. This paper mainly expounds and probes into the concept characteristics of block chain technology, its concrete application in medical management, application effect control strategy and so on. It aims to further strengthen the depth and breadth of application of block chain technology in medical management, provide strong power support for the improvement of medical management service level and promote the sustainable development of medical and health industry.
Fang Xie
Journal of Advances in Medicine Science, Volume 4, pp 12-15;

Objective: To evaluate the nursing effect of Ecmo treatment for severe patients.Methods :66 patients treated with extracorporeal membrane pulmonary oxygenation were included in the experimental data. From August 2018 to August 2019, the patients were divided into experimental group and reference group by random digital table method, each group was 33 cases. Routine nursing and targeted nursing were performed to compare the complications of the two groups.Results :(1) The correlation index of extracorporeal membrane pulmonary oxygenation treatment before treatment was consistent, P>0.05, the oxygen saturation and oxygen partial pressure of 2 h、4h after treatment in the experimental group were higher than those in the reference group, compared with the reference group, the carbon dioxide partial pressure of 2 h、4h after treatment in the experimental group was lower, showing statistical significance of data test (PP>0.05). (2) The incidence of infection, bleeding, coagulation, embolism and hypotension in the experimental group (12.12%) was lower than that in the reference group (45.45%), showing statistical significance (P<0.05).Conclusion: the specific nursing effect of extracorporeal membrane pulmonary oxygenation in severe patients can effectively improve the success rate of treatment, and the possibility of complications during treatment is low.
Yanan Jin, Jingxin Wang, Huayun Liu, Jiamei Zhen
Journal of Advances in Medicine Science, Volume 4, pp 8-11;

Object: Explore the application and actual effect of MET (Muscle Energy) technology after breast cancer surgery with upper limb dysfunction. Methods: Taking 40 female breast cancer patients who underwent surgical treatment in our hospital from September 2017 to June 2019 as the research objects, all of them successfully completed modified radical mastectomy for breast cancer. According to different nursing methods, the patients were randomly divided into two groups. The experiment There were 20 cases in each group and the control group. The control group was given routine functional recovery exercise intervention after the operation, and the experimental group added MET technology to the base of the control group. One month after the operation, the functional recovery of the affected limbs of the two groups of patients was effectively assessed. The upper limb dysfunction of the two groups was compared by statistical methods, and the shoulder joint range of motion (ROM) was used for performance. Results: Through early functional recovery training and MET technology, 19 cases of ROM in the experimental group showed compliance (95%), compared with only 14 cases (70%) in the control group. The difference in upper limb dysfunction between the two groups is very obvious with statistical significance (P<0.05). Conclusions: Early functional recovery training combined with muscle energy technology can promote the recovery of upper limb dysfunction after breast cancer surgery faster and better, which is conducive to the recovery of patients as soon as possible and improve the quality of life.
Qin Li, Weibo Wen, Li Wang, Fang Fang, Fang Ye, Juexuan Wang
Journal of Advances in Medicine Science, Volume 4, pp 56-66;

Objective: To analyze the age and gender distribution characteristics of 7,632 HIV/AIDS patients at the onset of HIV infection-related high-risk intravenous drug abuse and sexual contact in Yunnan province. Methods: Data were collected from the database of Chinese Medicine Treatment of AIDS Pilot Project in Yunnan province. Gender, age and demographics of HIV/AIDS patients were analyzed. Results: The patients were almost in relatively high educational background. The number of male intravenous drug users (12.90%) was more than female, and the earliest average age was 10-14 years. The percentages of men in 10-19 years and 35-59 years were more than that of women. No obvious difference was found in heterosexual sexual contact in both men (48.11%) and women (51.89%), and the earliest ages was 15-19 years in males and 10-14 years in females. The percentage of males at 10-34 years old was less than that of females, just opposite to the age of 35-85 years. Homosexual contact was more in males (92.73%) than that in females (7.27%). The earliest homosexual sexual contact associated with HIV infection was 15-19 years in males and 25-29 years in females. Among 128 AIDS patients with pulmonary tuberculosis infection, intravenous drug abuse accounted for the highest proportion (76.56%) of the three high-risk behaviors related to HIV infection. Conclusions: Reducing risk behaviors and preventing intravenous drug abuse could be effective in preventing AIDS. Compared with other high-risk behaviors, patients with intravenous drug use and AIDS are at greater risk of contracting tuberculosis.
Shaojie Yuan, Tong Zhang, Xiaohui Zhao, Liying Yuan, Dan Wang
Journal of Advances in Medicine Science, Volume 4, pp 46-50;

Objective: It is very important to study the factors affecting the incidence, progress and prognosis of patients with vascular dementia. Methods: 50 cases of severe middle cerebral artery stenosis or occlusion underwent endovascular treatment (25 cases of mild cognitive dysfunction, 25 cases of moderate cognitive dysfunction) were divided into two groups, where a medical drug treatment group and a control group established with 25 cases in each group. The cognitive function of each group of patients was evaluated before operation, 7 days after operation, 30 days after operation, and 180 days after operation. CTP was used to compare the hemodynamic changes in patients before and after operation. Results: The severe stenosis or occlusion of the middle cerebral artery in patients can be improved, and the intracranial blood supply of patients with poorly compensated medial cranial circulation and hypoperfusion can be restored to a certain extent. Meanwhile, improvement of cognitive function was definitive in some patients with cognitive dysfunction. Conclusion: To guide the formulation of treatment plans for patients with severe middle cerebral artery stenosis or occlusion.
Jing Wang
Journal of Advances in Medicine Science, Volume 4, pp 1-7;

To identify Ejiao and its adulterants at the DNA level by using DNA molecula marker. Ejiao (Asini Corii Colla) is a commonly used medicinal material. However, its adulteration is a serious concern. Due to the morphological characteristics of Asini Corii Colla and its adulterants, traditional identification techniques often complex and professional, which is not conducive to the circulation management and safety of the medicinal materials. To improve the distinction between Asini Corii Colla and its adulterants accurately, this study identified and its adulterant samples based on the CytB sequence. Sequence characteristics, Basic Local Alignment Search Tool (BLAST) application, genetic distance, construction of phylogenetic tree showed the CytB sequence to accurately identify Asini Corii Colla from its adulterants. Furthermore, in this study, we designed a specific primer, based on the CytB sequence, and established a PCR detection system for rapid, sensitive, and specific identification of Asini Corii Colla. Compared to DNA barcoding technology, this method has shorter detection time, stronger specificity, and higher sensitivity, which lays the foundation for the rapid identification of Asini Corii Colla.
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