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Quanshui Peng, Peng Chen, Di He
Journal of Advances in Medicine Science, Volume 4; doi:10.30564/jams.v4i1.2848

Objective: To investigate risk factors and distribution of pathogens for pulmonary infection in patients with severe acute pancreatitis. Methods: The clinical data of 285 patients with severe acute pancreatitis were retrospectively analyzed. Sputum specimens of patients with lung infections were studied. Univariate analysis and logistic regression were performed to screening the factors correlating to lung infections. Results: Gram-negative bacilli were the principal microorganisms isolated from those lung infections, and these bacterial pathogens demonstrated a marked pattern of antibiotic resistance. It was identified that age (OR 1.05, 95% CI 1.01-1.09, p=0.01), Ranson scores (OR 3.01 , 95% CI 1.13-8.03, p = 0.03) and surgical treatment (OR4.27, 95% CI 1.03-17.65, p = 0.04)were independent risk factors of lung infections in patients with severe acute pancreatitis. Conclusion: Analysis of pathogen spectrum and drug sensitivity will contribute to choosing antibiotics empirically. And preventive measures aimed at risk factors could help reduce the incidence of lung infections in patients with severe acute pancreatitis.
Bei Zhang, Zongchao Ning
Journal of Advances in Medicine Science, Volume 4; doi:10.30564/jams.v4i1.2888

Pharmaceutical technology is an indispensable and important link in drug research and development, which plays a key role in drug research and development quality. In the background of science and technology development, pharmaceutical technology has been greatly developed, but also to promote the quality of drug research and development, to provide more guarantee for people’s health. In the new era, how to achieve pharmaceutical technology innovation, so as to further improve the quality of drug research and development, is an important research topic in the current related industries. This paper mainly revolves around quality of pharmaceutical technology development of a series of exploration, in the traditional drug development based on a better control of drug quality, the future of smart pharmaceutical green pharmaceutical development direction, aims to further enhance the pharmaceutical technology, promote the quality of research and development to promote the comprehensive, promote the steady development of the pharmaceutical industry as a whole.
Zhongliang Wang
Journal of Advances in Medicine Science, Volume 4; doi:10.30564/jams.v4i1.2573

Objective: The programmed death process of cells according to gene coding belongs to apoptotic natural extinction (PCD). The purpose of this study is to explore the phenomenon of “returning to old age and rejuvenating children” in the extreme anoxia, no nutrients and survival in the extreme environment of fish and earthworm. Methods: the adult earthworms were put into the sealed quartz sand or fine yellow sand plastic bottle with humidity of 35-40%70 ml and poured out 100-150 d, then put back into the natural environment (simulated natural plastic basin) and raised 100-150 d, to collect the experimental information. The same object can be observed repeatedly. Results: The earthworms which were closed in the little oxygen-free and nutrition-deficient vials were reduced by autophagy, and the rings and reproductive pores disappeared completely. When they were put back into the natural environment for two or three months, they were all restored to their original morphological structure. Conclusion: Most of the same subjects underwent 1-3 years of cyclic observation. The biological structure was adapted to the changing environment. It was helped by the resonance of many biota and complex stress factors.
Weiyi Shi, Yang Yan, Yifan Zheng, QiFeng Wang, Xinxin Zhou, Zhilu Li, Jing Zhang
Journal of Advances in Medicine Science, Volume 4; doi:10.30564/jams.v4i1.2828

The incidence of coronary heart disease increases year by year with the material level of our country. It has a harmful effect on the patient’s life health and quality of life. Movement Instruction is an important aspect of the secondary prevention project of cardiac rehabilitation in patients with coronary heart disease. Although it has a history of decades at inland and abroad, the present situation in China is not optimistic. Some studies have shown that the popularization and participation of cardiac rehabilitation is true and lacking. This paper sums up the relevant knowledge of coronary heart disease, coronary heart disease movement instruction and its impact on community life of patients at home and abroad, and reviews the research results of movement instruction on community rehabilitation of coronary heart disease in recent years, which provides a theoretical reference and prospect for the future research of community exercise rehabilitation of coronary heart disease.
Daxu Peng, Qingchen Liu, Xiuyang Cao, Guanwen Deng
Journal of Advances in Medicine Science, Volume 4; doi:10.30564/jams.v4i1.2724

Objective: To observe the effect of light specific gravity ropivacaine combined with sufentanil in elderly patients undergoing hip replacement. Methods :89 elderly patients with hip arthroplasty from July 2019 to September 2020 were randomly divided into experimental group and control group. The experimental group was anesthetized with light specific gravity ropivacaine combined with sufentanil. The control group was anesthetized with equal specific gravity ropivacaine to compare the effect of anesthesia and the incidence of adverse reactions. Results: there was no significant difference in sensory recovery time and motor recovery time between the experimental group and the control group (P>0.05), and the incidence of adverse reactions between the two groups was low. The sensory block time in the experimental group was shorter than that in the control group (PP>0.05). Conclusion: ropivacaine combined with sufentanil subarachnoid anesthesia is more effective in elderly patients undergoing hip arthroplasty, and the safety of the anesthesia scheme is higher, which will not lead to serious adverse reactions during operation. Moreover, the application of the anesthesia scheme can effectively improve the analgesic effect during and after operation, and the clinical application value is high.
Jiadian Wang, Muzi Cui, Siyi Wang, Xiao Xue, Kerong Ren, Zhilu Li, Saijia Li, Pingping Yan
Journal of Advances in Medicine Science, Volume 4; doi:10.30564/jams.v4i1.2728

Vitamin D is a hormone precursor with multiple biological effects. It binds to vitamin D receptors on target cells. It is an important participant in the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus in vivo. It is closely related to cell cycle, cell proliferation, differentiation, apoptosis, signal transduction and immune regulation. Its role in the treatment of infection, tumor and even immune diseases has been gradually recognized and studied. Patients with systemic lupus erythematosus generally have decreased levels of active vitamin D, and low levels of vitamin D are associated with disease occurrence, disease activity and complications. In the past ten years, a large number of studies have been carried out on it globally to explore the role of vitamin D in the occurrence and development of systemic lupus erythematosus. This paper summarizes its recent research progress.
Lulu Yang, Xia Lu, Yao Zhong, Man Lin, Fangfang Lu, Rui Wang, Tianhui You
Journal of Advances in Medicine Science, Volume 4; doi:10.30564/jams.v4i1.2546

Objective: To provide basic information and theories for prehypertension early intervention, a systematic analysis of the epidemic status and risk factors among young and middle-aged was carried out here. Methods: This study relied on the data bank of a health check-up population of a class a tertiary general hospital in Guangdong province in 2015. Total 9540 young and middle-aged adults were enrolled, and 733 people were included to find out the effect with lifestyle in these crowd. Principal Components Analysis (PCA) of Factor (FA) was used to identify dietary patterns. The logistic regression model was used to find the risk factors of prehypertension. Results: Among 9540 young and middle-aged cases, the incidence of prehypertension was 36.6%. Moreover, the average age, proportion of male gender, overweight, FBG (fasting blood glucose), dyslipidemia, and hyperuricemia were significantly higher in the prehypertension group than in the optimal BP group. Multivariate logistic regression analysis indicated that age, total cholesterol, triglycerides, uric acid, body mass index and HR (heart rate) were risk factors, and female was a protective factor for prehypertension. Among 733 cases, the incidence of prehypertension was 35.1%. The proportion of smoking, drinking, physical workers, moderate and severe physical activity, and the intake of meat, dietary energy were significantly higher in the prehypertension group than in the optimal BP group. Dietary patterns included “meat model”, “spice model”, “main vegeTables model” and “high protein model”. Multivariate logistic regression analysis indicated that age, drinking were risk factors for prehypertension, while dietary milk intake, dietary magnesium intake were protective factors. Conclusions: Prehypertension is highly prevalent in Guangzhou. However, education about effective lifestyle modifications as an alcohol limit, increasing the intake of dairy products, and magnesium may intervene in the development of prehypertension. But how to develop targeted interventions for such groups need to be further explored. The present study would lay the theoretical foundation and basic data for the next step.
Yuheng Jiang, Chenxu Yang, Xuchen Deng, Zhilu Li, Saijia Li
Journal of Advances in Medicine Science, Volume 4; doi:10.30564/jams.v4i1.2719

The number of sudden cardiac death (SCD) has increased year by year, which has become one of the main causes of death in China. Timely cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and timely and accurate use of automatic external defibrillator (AED) can greatly improve the survival rate of patients with sudden cardiac death. Because the large probability of sudden cardiac death occurs outside the hospital, it is very important for the general public to master first aid skills. This paper will mine all kinds of data from multi-dimensional and multi-angle, analyze the mastery of public first aid skills in China, and provide practical suggestions and ideas for popularizing first aid skills in the future.
Huiying Zhai, Siping Wang, Jingzhi Li, Juan Wang
Journal of Advances in Medicine Science, Volume 4; doi:10.30564/jams.v4i1.2822

Job burnout is an important factor affecting the work attitude and professional behavior of family doctors. This paper reviews the measurement tools, influencing factors and intervention strategies of job burnout, it is suggested that improving job burnout can improve job satisfaction, work efficiency and reduce turnover intention of family doctors,and it is of great significance to the construction of family doctor team and the improvement of work quality.
Fang Xie, Jiarong Zhang, Ming Zhang
Journal of Advances in Medicine Science, Volume 4; doi:10.30564/jams.v4i1.2883

Objective: experience in post-implantation care and pipeline maintenance in patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome. Methods:2020Admitted on 27 July1 Cases of severe pneumonia were transferred to severe ventilator on August 6 and to critical ECMO on August 10. Results: after active treatment, especially for the late stage of ECMO pipeline, the vital signs of the patients improved obviously and the condition gradually stabilized. Conclusion: The nursing care before and after the establishment of ECMO pipeline in patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome, the matters needing attention and the working experience after the establishment, It can provide a reference for the treatment of severe infectious diseases in the future.
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