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Nurfitria Ningsi, Noorhasanah Z, Gusnawati Gusnawati
INTENSIF: Jurnal Ilmiah Penelitian dan Penerapan Teknologi Sistem Informasi, Volume 4, pp 142-158; doi:10.29407/intensif.v4i2.13707

This study discusses the measurement of the quality of motor vehicle tax of information system services at the SAMSAT Kolaka office using the servqual method by emphasizing the five dimensions of servqual namely Tangibles, Reliability, Responsiveness, Assurance and empathy. This study aims to understand the level of user satisfaction by comparing expectations and expectations and updating the standards provided by SAMSAT Kolaka through the application of the SIZ application. Data collection activities were carried out by distributing 100 questionnaires to all SIZ service users. The results of this study indicate that the use of SIZ is not by customer needs; this can be demonstrated by the high value of the gap between expectations and perceptions. The Assurance dimension obtaining the most top difference is the Tangibles dimension indicating that the limitations of the IT facilities used are still limited. It is evidenced by the continued complaints of customers regarding queue buildup due to a system that suddenly goes down while the service is in progress. It is necessary to improve IT infrastructure that can improve customer satisfaction in the future.
Khurotul Aeni, Randi Adzin
INTENSIF: Jurnal Ilmiah Penelitian dan Penerapan Teknologi Sistem Informasi, Volume 4, pp 203-214; doi:10.29407/intensif.v4i2.14297

The SIMBARU (Academic information System) has The obstacles that currently occur in the SIMBARU process is how to utilize an IT-based academic service system that is ready to run/use in the optimal time optimally, providing services with the right target, fast access that can provide satisfaction to users (user), as well as vision of mission and institutional business objectives can be realized. By using PDCA data analysis Method (Plan, Do, Check, and ACT), it is expected to design a SIP document (Service Improvement Plan) to improve the performance of SIMBARU. The design of SIP documents on SIMBARU can be done by using IT Infrastructure Library V. 3 by analyzing the condition of SIMBARU which then produce output in the form of SIP. Results of this research SIP designed in accordance with the knowledge gained from the results of the analysis, can be used as a strategy to improve IT services in college, which resulted in recommendation of improvement and output in the form of SIP. Repair and SIP recommendations are expected to be implemented to improve IT services, so that the IT service i.e. SIMBARU can help the academic staff in conducting academics in college.
Nurrokhman Nurrokhman, Hindriyanto Dwi Purnomo, Kristoko Dwi Hartomo
INTENSIF: Jurnal Ilmiah Penelitian dan Penerapan Teknologi Sistem Informasi, Volume 4, pp 259-271; doi:10.29407/intensif.v4i2.14460

Campus competition in Central Java creates superior and empowered human resources to make XYZ campus optimize the Knowledge Sharing process. In optimizing the Knowledge Sharing process on the XYZ campus through interaction and communication between students in the study program. This study aims to identify the Knowledge Sharing collaboration of students on the XYZ campus in three study programs with 100 respondents using the Social Network Analysis (SNA) method. The parameters used in this study include density, degree centrality, closeness centrality, betweenness centrality, and clicks (subgroups). Based on the analysis of the results obtained by the level of density level of 4.7% or weak ties because under 50%. Actor 98 has the highest degree of centrality with outdegree value 32 and indegree 7, while actor 65, which has the highest closeness centrality with inCloseness value 16,952 and outCloseness value 1,020. Actor 15 also has the highest centrality betweenness with an amount of Betweenness 2750,148 and nBetweenness 28,346. In this study, it can be concluded that there is collaboration in the Knowledge Sharing of students on the XYZ campus from each divided into three study programs, namely, informatics engineering, accounting computerization, and graphic design.
Muchamad Dani Chairudin, Novita Br. Ginting, Hersanto Fajri
INTENSIF: Jurnal Ilmiah Penelitian dan Penerapan Teknologi Sistem Informasi, Volume 4, pp 232-246; doi:10.29407/intensif.v4i2.14321

A PT. Astra Components Indonesia manufactures injection plastic goods to be sent to customers, in the production process the machines used are capable of producing several types of injection plastic goods, so that products can be provided regularly and there is a process of changing products or better known as the Dandory process. Found an obstacle that is an error in determining the order of dandory for production. Consequently, the condition of goods in the warehouse is irregular. It is detrimental to the company with the time, material and labour that has been expended for production so that an Information System is needed to determine the priority schedule for the replacement of injection plastic goods in this study taking the case at machine number A36. The system development uses the Waterfall method; the system description will be described by the Unified Modeling Language Modeling (UML) method. Data collection is done by observing directly observing production activities in the company as well as interviews with relevant parties, and for solving problems, the system will be assisted by Priority Scheduling method. The results of the research get an information system that will provide recommendations for items that will first be produced appropriately.
Fadel Diva, Yudi Priyadi
INTENSIF: Jurnal Ilmiah Penelitian dan Penerapan Teknologi Sistem Informasi, Volume 4, pp 184-202; doi:10.29407/intensif.v4i2.14097

Eiger Adventure Store Bandung is a company that manufactures outdoor clothing and accessories. The problem with Eiger, related to the lack of activities to educate customers about the difference between original and counterfeit products. Referring to the problems in Eiger, the purpose of this study is to design a Business Model Canvas (BMC), design a business model using the Unified Model Language (UML), create a User Interface visualization through a MockupMockup. The research method used is qualitative through SWOT support. Referring to the BMC of this research, a new business model recommendation has been produced, namely QR Code Scan. This business model has been described through UML and is visualized with Mock-Up. The UML diagram involved, among them, is the Use Case Diagram, which consists of five actors, namely customers, employees, cashiers, admins, and warehouse employees. The actor interacts on four Use Cases, namely choosing a product, QR Code Scan, Database, and payment. The Class Diagram consists of five main classes: customers, employees, cashiers, admins, and warehouse employees. The process contained in the QR Code Scan is a solution to provide education to customers to be able to distinguish genuine or imitation products.
Felia Anjani Ramadheena, Muhammad Zhafari, Qurrotul Aini
INTENSIF: Jurnal Ilmiah Penelitian dan Penerapan Teknologi Sistem Informasi, Volume 4, pp 159-172; doi:10.29407/intensif.v4i2.13993

The development of the industrial world that accelerates the growth of competition between businesses. It causes the need for activities or efforts to increase the selling power of the company or organization. One of them is by evaluating the level of performance in the supply chain at SME Tosuka Coffee. It is done to determine the level of current business conditions and to know what elements have good potential in business development and what components need to be improved. This evaluation uses the SCOR method in assessing supply chain performance. The assessment with SCOR is based on Tosuka's current condition. The results of this study state that the final value of the SCOR calculation yields a figure of 86.24, which means that Tosuka Coffee's business is at a good level, especially in the Plan process that receives the highest value with Responsiveness dimension and is followed by the Return process with the Reliability dimension. However, Tosuka Coffee is recommended to make performance improvements in the Make, Source, and Deliver processes because it produces a relatively low value. With the evaluation, it is expected that Tosuka Coffee can improve supply chain performance in the future.
Olivia Michelle, Agustinus Fritz Wijaya
INTENSIF: Jurnal Ilmiah Penelitian dan Penerapan Teknologi Sistem Informasi, Volume 4, pp 272-282; doi:10.29407/intensif.v4i2.14494

Maman Elektronik Sokaraja has implemented SI / IT, but it is not evenly distributed in all fields. The uneven implementation of the business process is still not effective and efficient. The purpose of this research is to provide an IS / IT strategic plan so that it can assist in the implementation of the company's IS / IT so that it is more equitable. The method used in this research is the Ward and Peppard method which consists of a SWOT analysis, Value Chain, Five Force Model, McFarlan Strategic Grid. The results of the study that have been carried out have obtained a recommendation for the development of several applications such as SI Sale, SI Debt and Receivable, SI Purchase and SI Inventory. Some of the recommended apps, such as SI Sales Distributor, SI Accounting, SI Payroll, SI Attendance. The application is approved in stages over 4 (four) years according to company conditions. Developments in several SIs required several application plans to be implemented within four years.
Samiaji Sarosa, Agustina Retno Setyowati
INTENSIF: Jurnal Ilmiah Penelitian dan Penerapan Teknologi Sistem Informasi, Volume 4, pp 247-258; doi:10.29407/intensif.v4i2.14455

This article is investigating the acceptance of the iPad among new students at a university. IPad usage is compulsory, and the purchase is part of the new student admission package. Two previous surveys using UTAUT have shown mixed results. The author decided to use survey results from both studies and reanalyze the questionnaire's answers. Data analysis was conducted using the SEM-PLS tool. The result showed only Anxiety and Self-Efficacy influencing Intention to Use while Intention to Use and Facilitating Condition influencing the use of iPad. The relation between Self-Efficacy and Intention to Use was moderated by gender, while the relationship between Intention to Use and Usage was moderated by experience in using a tablet.
Tyas Pratama Puja Kusuma, Muhamad Awiet Wiedanto Prasetyo
INTENSIF: Jurnal Ilmiah Penelitian dan Penerapan Teknologi Sistem Informasi, Volume 4, pp 173-183; doi:10.29407/intensif.v4i2.14000

The research aims to produce applications that can analyze the quality of the questions, know the statistics of student grades, and determine the appropriateness of the items to be tested for the subjects of network system administration competence in Computer Network Engineering Class XI Vocational School Kesatrian. Research and development. The development model in this study uses the Analysis-Design-Development-Implementation-Evaluation (ADDIE) Model. With the stages of development, ranging from analysis, planning, development, implementation, and evaluation. The application is developed based on the website. This research resulted in the form of question items named Kana Buso Application, which is suitable as a medium for determining the quality of questions. This application is useful to make it easier for teachers to assess the quality of the items that will be given to students. Based on the test results, it can be concluded that the use of this application can also minimize student cheating in working on exam questions because the questions issued are random.
Muhammad Aliyya Ilmi, Fajar Pradana, Widhy Hayuhardhika Nugraha Putra
INTENSIF: Jurnal Ilmiah Penelitian dan Penerapan Teknologi Sistem Informasi, Volume 4, pp 215-231; doi:10.29407/intensif.v4i2.14320

Reducing the risk of failure in working on software projects is one of the successes for the company. It can be done by implementing project planning management properly. One important aspect of project management planning is scheduling. Scheduling includes recording human resources and tasks in the project. The Kanban method is one of the methods used to overcome problems in controlling project schedules. This study aims to develop a project scheduling system that applies the Kanban method. In this research, project management and scheduling system will be developed using the Kanban method. This system expected to be able to assist companies in handling projects. Kanban was chosen because it can easily respond to project changes, easily implemented, and company needs. In this study, unit testing was performed on the system's three main features and tested the validity of the system's 49 functional requirements. The usability test produces a value of 76. Based on the validation and usability test results, it can be concluded that the system is included in the acceptable category.
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