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Aesa Farhan
Journal of University of Babylon, Volume 27, pp 406-419;

The complexes of Co(II), Cu(II) and Ni(II) were synthesized by using schiff base – azo as a ligand, which were prepared under this study by the reaction between the Schiff base diazonium salt and the imidazole derevitive. They were characterized by element analysis, FTIR spectroscopy and UV.VIS. spectroscopy. Their electric conductivity and magnetic features were determined. Their stepwise and overall stability constants and their thermodynamic data ( , and ) were determined. The results showed that all the complexes have paramagnetic features and all of them have good conductivity. The formula of the complexes under this paper were suggested by using the mole ratio method which lead to the formation of (1 : 2) metal : ligand formula for all the complexes. In all the complexes the coordinated sites was through N atoms of the azo groups and N atom of the imidazol ring. The suggested geometrical shapes of the complexes was the octahedral shape due to the ( d2sp3 ) hybridization. Their stepwise stability constants were determined, it was found that for all the complexes they were increased toward the addition of ligand that because of the chelate effect. Their overall stability constants were determined, it was found that for all the complexes were high that because of the chelate effect. Their thermodynamic functions ( , and ) were had negative value, that refer to good stability for the complexes and these results were satisfied with the spontaneous reaction and high stability complexes.
Nihal A. Abdulwahhab, Ferruccio Renzoni
Journal of University of Babylon, Volume 27, pp 457-467;

The Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC) is created in a magnetic trap in the Quadrupole-Ioffe configuration (QUIC). This kind of trap combines an anti-Helmholtz quadrupole field with an offset field produced by a single coil perpendicular to the quadrupole field axis to suppress Majorana transitions. In the quadrupole trap evaporative cooling is performed by using radio frequency, reaching the phase transition to a BEC in the QUIC trap. By using Time of Flight (TOF) technique, the expansion velocity is measured with and which lead to temperature of and It is roughly around the recoil temperature.
Zaher Al Haddad, Mahmoud Amer
Journal of University of Babylon, Volume 27, pp 295-305;

In this research, the solubility Process of the binary liquid solution(1-Propanol and butyl acetate) were studied at temperature(40,50.60)0C. Densities ? by pycnometer method and viscosity ? by OSTWALD tube that calibrated with distilled water was measured. Then excess molar volume was calculated of pure component and its mixtures that was prepared over the entire mole fraction range. It has been observed that excess molar volumes values were negative at all temperatures. After that, the deviation in viscosity ? ? and Excess Gibbs free energy ?GE was determined and it has been observed that it takes negative values at all temperatures. Excess molar volume, deviation in viscosity, excess Gibbs free energy were correlated with Redlich-Kister equation Type polynomial and the showed an accepted standard deviation between the experimental and calculated values it has been shown the effect of Hydrogen bonds formation and the spherical shape for the molecules and its size on the excess thermodynamic properties.
Journal of University of Babylon, Volume 27, pp 468-477;

Nowadays, the high speed and accurate optimization algorithms are required. In most of the cases, researchers need a method to predict some criteria with acceptable accuracy to use it after in their algorithms. However, in the field of parallel computing the execution time can be considered the most important criteria. Consequently, this paper presents new execution time prediction model for message passing interface applications execute over numerous grid scenarios. The model has ability to predict the execution time of the message passing applications running over any grid configuration in term of different number of nodes and their computing powers. The experiments are evaluated over SimGrid simulator to simulate the grid configuration scenarios. The results of comparing the real and the predicted execution time show a good accuracy. The average error ratio between the real and the predicted execution time for three benchmarks are 4.36%, 5.79% and 6.81%.
Dhia S. Al – Waily, Sabreen M. Hassan
Journal of University of Babylon, Volume 27, pp 446-456;

This research aimed to isolate and identified the pathogen caused wilt in pumpkin plants and control by two bioformulation Trichoderma harzianum and Pseudomonas fluorescens. The results revealed that the caused pathogen of pumpkin wilt plants was Fusarium oxysporum which diagnosis has been confirmed by using PCR Technique. The results of pathogenesity revealed that 60.17% from Plants grown in contaminated soil infected with F. oxysporum. Also the results showed that use the T. harzianum that has high antagonism with pathogen, the degree of antagonism has reached 2 with F. oxysporum at Bell scale. P. fluorescens showed inhibition ratio against F. oxysporum and T. harzianum. reached 44 and 27% respectively. The results with use antibiosis for T. harzianum , P. fluroescens and manure revealed that the least severity was in the transactions MThPf (manure, fungi and Bacteria), MTh (manure and fungi), ThPf (fungi and bacteria), Th (T. harzianum), Pf (P. fluorescens), MPf (manure and bacteria), where ranged 0 - 5.56% , which did not differ significantly between them compared to M (manure) and control that reached 13.69% and 22.22% respectively. Weight in soil contaminated with pathogen in MThPf and ThPf that reached 376.83 and 379.22gr compard with control in the same soil when reached 66.41 gr .The results of the analysis with used GCMas revealed transactions in presence of Antibiotics and substances Phenol 2,5-bis (1,1-dimethyl), 4-Fluorobenzyl alcohol, Hexadecanoic acid (2) -methyl ester, 1-Pyrrolidine butanoic acid, gamma-Tocophenol and 9-Octanoic acid (2) -2-hydrox.
Ali Hakem Jabor, Ali Hussein Ali
Journal of University of Babylon, Volume 27, pp 171-183;

The features selection is one of the data mining tools that used to select the most important features of a given dataset. It contributes to save time and memory during the handling a given dataset. According to these principles, we have proposed features selection method based on mixing two metaheuristic algorithms Binary Particle Swarm Optimization and Genetic Algorithm work individually. The K-Nearest Neighbour (K-NN) is used as an objective function to evaluate the proposed features selection algorithm. The Dual Heuristic Feature Selection based on Genetic Algorithm and Binary Particle Swarm Optimization (DHFS) test, and compared with 26 well-known datasets of UCI machine learning. The numeric experiments result imply that the DHFS better performance compared with full features and that selected by the mentioned algorithms (Genetic Algorithm and Binary Particle Swarm Optimization).
Najlaa Jawad Hasani
Journal of University of Babylon, Volume 27, pp 189-194;

The spread of insufficiency of vitamin D may expose primary students at hazard for bone development, innate and adaptive immune responses, and increases risk of certain chronic diseases. The study provides an examination of the pervasiveness of 3 levels of sera 25(OH)D (?30, 29-20, and
Raad Abdulameer Oleiwi
Journal of University of Babylon, Volume 27, pp 178-188;

This study discusses the phenomenon of money laundering and its impact on the financial sector in general and the Iraqi banking sector. The research methodology describes money laundering in detail and the three basic stages of money laundering, placement, layering, and integration. How and where money laundering is a key reason to address this problem and what is the role of governments? It also deals with the impact of money laundering on the Iraqi economy, which is the theft of banks, the suspension of industrial projects, terrorism and corruption. The most important recommendations that limit this phenomenon is international cooperation and legal assistance in money laundering investigations. The use of programming and electronic systems to enter the information of owners of real estate and businesses to detect suspicious activities. To reduce this problem requires the establishment of specialized units in the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance, Justice and the security services to apply all laws against money laundering. As for the Iraqi banking sector, it is necessary to verify the identity of the owners of the funds deposited in banks. Inform the competent authorities by the bank's management of any suspicious activity. In addition to confirming the documents proving the legality of the funds deposited.
Jasim M. Abdul Hussein, Saadon A. Owda, Samaá M. Hassan
Journal of University of Babylon, Volume 27, pp 146-163;

This search includes preparation of new cis–platin, in the form of iodin, and new two cis - carboplatin complexes {cis [Pt(4-aminoantipyrine) (NH3)2]I2 and cis[Pt (aminosalicylicacid) (NH3)2]I}, which used as anti - cancer drugs, they are prepared by using the organic ligands 4-amino salicylic acid and 4-amino anti pyrine. These complexes were characterized by using UV–Vis., FTIR, XRD and 1HNMR spectroscopic techniques . The effect of the concentration and the temperature on the molar electrical conductivity of its solutions were studied. The expiry date (half-life) for the solutions of the complexes in the circumstances at the degrees (350C) and (20 0C) was determined
Siti Sarah Maidin, Marini Othman, Norzariyah Yahya
Journal of University of Babylon, Volume 27, pp 380-386;

Several structural and non-structural measures and approaches have been implemented by the Malaysian government in order to overcome and alleviate the flood disaster. To date, Education, Partnership and Research have been identified as crucial components in forming an effective Flood Management system in Malaysia. This argument has been supported by many public and private institutions worldwide. As such, the standards and plans can be developed and implemented at district, state and federal levels. The spirits of Hyogo and Sendai were used as the guiding principles. Semi-structured interviews with several responding agencies were conducted for data collection. The findings indicated that less emphasis was given to the roles of components such as Education, Partnership and Research in Flood Management. The aim of this paper is to propose an integrated system for storing, disseminating and analyzing information pertaining to Education, Partnership and Research.
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