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Annie V. Reyes, Braulio A. Reyes
IAMURE International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, Volume 10; https://doi.org/10.7718/iamure.v10i1.867

The study determined the respondents’ profile, the level assessment of social anxiety disorder of the respondents and if there are significant differences in the level assessment of social anxiety disorder when grouped according to their profile. The respondents of the study were 306 college freshmen out of 1290 total population. Majority of the respondents were taking Bachelor of Industrial Technology, went to public schools for their secondary education and were living with their parents. As a whole, they have marked social anxiety disorder (SAD), males have moderate SAD while females showed a marked social anxiety disorder. Bachelor of Science in Architecture and Engineering and Bachelor of Industrial Technology courses have moderate social anxiety disorder while Education and Business courses have marked social anxiety disorder. Respondents from public secondary schools exhibited marked social anxiety disorder while those from private schools have moderate social anxiety disorder. Respondents regardless of their living conditions have marked social anxiety disorder. Keywords - Risk level assessment, Social Anxiety Disorder, first year college students, Philippines
Anna C. Bocar
IAMURE International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, Volume 10; https://doi.org/10.7718/iamure.v10i1.864

The study aimed to determine the participants’ writing, publication, research presentation, and professional competency. This paper also identified which one among the eight item-hindrances barred the respondents to do research paper writing, presentation, and publication within and outside the Philippines. This study utilized the descriptive survey method. The tool used to measure the educators’ profile is a researcher-made survey form. The participants consist of the 24 teachers with permanent employment status and the 30 probationary teachers. Meanwhile, the instrument utilized to ascertain the professional research competency of the participants is adapted from an online publication with modification to suit the present study. The findings of this study revealed that most of the participants desire to write a research paper. The majority said that to conduct research is very important. Only very few published their research paper in the International and national level. Nearly half of the participants have publication in the local level (in school), and almost similar to these number of participants have not published at all their research paper. The participants’ paper writing interests are present within; however, this interest needs more encouragement to boost their morale.
Ronora S. Malaga
IAMURE International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, Volume 10; https://doi.org/10.7718/iamure.v10i1.866

There are conflicting views concerning the adoption of mother-tongue based instruction. While there are issuances to use it in teaching preschool and primary grade subjects, many teachers are not lured to embrace it. Grounded on this, the study purported to ascertain the extent of use and acceptability of Hiligaynon as language of instruction in selected elementary schools in Negros Occidental during the academic year 2012-2013. Descriptive quantitative type of research was used with 117 teachers, 39 parents and 39 pupils as respondents. It utilized questionnaire and interview methods for data gathering. Mean, frequency and chi-square were the statistical tools employed. HiligaynonHiligaynon as the medium of instruction was used and acceptable on a moderate level among teachers and parents while higher level of acceptability was exhibited by the pupils. Its extent of use HiligaynonHiligaynon was influenced by gender and assigned school; and its acceptability was affected by the assigned school. Greater confidence in language utilization, the deployment of local learning resources and opportunity for creativity and innovativeness came out as its leading advantages. On the other hand, inadequate information, training and preparation appeared to be its major downsides. For the successful realization of the program, the Department of Education has to carry out significant steps encompassing problem-analysis, placement of appropriate content, adequate materials, clear directives as well as the fitting people to lead the implementation of Hiligaynon instruction. This also necessitates collaboration and higher appropriation for education. Keywords - Hiligaynon instruction, Mother Tongue Based Multilingual Education (MTB-MLE), descriptive-quantitative research, Philippines
Emma O. Suana
IAMURE International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, Volume 10; https://doi.org/10.7718/iamure.v10i1.868

The study aimed at finding out what Natural Leadership Quality Type is prevalent among La Salle University administrators as a whole when grouped according to whether they are academic or non-academic administrators, seasoned or new administrators, and whether they are from Basic Education Unit or College Unit. Fifty-six LSU administrators most of whom are members of the Expanded Operations’ Council served as the respondents of the study. The descriptive method of research was employed. Survey questionnaire on Assessing Your Natural Leadership Style adapted from Glanz (2002) was utilized. The statistical procedure that was used in the study was percentage distribution. Findings revealed that many LSU administrators are eclectic who exhibit combinations of natural leadership qualities. Besides, most of the LSU academic administrators are Adaptive Assertive while the non-academic administrators are eclectic. The administrators from the Basic Education Unit are Adaptive Assertive and Dynamic Supportive while the College administrators are eclectic. Lastly, the seasoned and new administrators are both eclectic who exhibit equally strong tendencies in many areas or natural leadership quality types. Keywords - -Education, leadership qualities, natural leadership style, descriptive method, Philippines
Helena B. Florendo
IAMURE International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, Volume 10; https://doi.org/10.7718/iamure.v10i1.865

Cigarette smoking is always harmful since it is one of the primary reasons for human death, however, smoking can be prevented. In the Philippines, there are dearth of studies conducted that deal with cigarette smoking and anxiety among college students. The main purpose of the study is to find out the cigarette-smoking behavior among college students and its correlates to anxiety. The researcher used of questionnaires, standardized test and interviews to gather data. Likewise, descriptive-correlational method, purposive sampling and SPSS were utilized. Out of 1,866 freshman students surveyed in Isabela State University Main Campus, Philippines, 286 were current smokers. Findings revealed that most of the participants are in their adolescence stage, male dominated, received minimal allowance, have parents with high educational attainment, and their parents’ jobs require physical labor. Results showed that peer, familial, mass media, environmental factors respectively except for the teacher factor had considerable impact on the smoking behavior of the participants. Findings indicated that most of the smokers have a high level of anxiety. Anxiety is significantly related to the developmental stage when one started smoking and sticks he/she consumed per day. An intervention program aimed at reducing anxiety and cigarette smoking among students need further research. Keywords - Health Science, smoking and mental health problem, cigarette smoking behavior, anxiety, current smokers, descriptive-correlational design, Isabela, Philippines
Jessy H. Maquirang
IAMURE International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, Volume 13; https://doi.org/10.7718/iamure.v13i1.1049

A taste test study on smoke-cured milkfish with food additives, fragrant screw pine and lemongrass leaves extract, to determine its acceptability (color, odor, and flavor) and the cost was conducted. The 9-point Hedonic Rating Scale was used to evaluate the product. Mean determined the acceptability of hot smoke-cured milkfish as to color, odor, flavor and general acceptability. ANOVA determined the significant differences among treatments and Least Significant Difference determined the significant difference in treatment means. A t-Test was used to evaluate the responses of both laboratory and consumer panelists on the quality attributes of the product. All tests were set at 0.01alpha. Results showed that Treatment 1 is least acceptable, Treatment 2 is very much acceptable, and Treatment 3 is extremely acceptable. The t-Test revealed that there was no significant difference in the product attributes of Treatments one (1), two (2) and three (3) as evaluated by both laboratory and consumer panelists. Treatment 3 was more viable and profitable based on simple cost and return analysis. Keywords-Food technology, fish processing, acceptability, costs, hot smoke-cured milkfish, fragrant screw pine, lemongrass leaves extract, food additives, experimental design, Philippines, Asia.
Arnold T. Pascua
IAMURE International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, Volume 13; https://doi.org/10.7718/iamure.v13i1.1048

Problem-solving is often associated with word problems that do not focus only the content knowledge but also on the ability of students to analyze the problem and apply appropriate strategy to arrive at the correct answer. This research used descriptive design to analyze the problem-solving abilities of the Bachelor of Elementary Education III students of the Isabela State University- Cauayan Campus for the SY 2011- 2012. The research used a teacher-made test. Frequency and percentage were employed to analyze data regarding sources of the difficulty of the students. Results showed that some students had a difficulty in representing the problem. A student who successfully represented the problem managed to produce the correct equation and eventually solve the problem correctly. The difficulty of the students lies in representing the unknown quantities. A proportion of those who did not make any attempts to represent the problem and those who did not correctly represent the problem can also produce correct equation by using the word matching approach. However, this approach is not applicable when the problem is using a less inconsistent problem that can be seen in the number problem. Some students with difficulty in solving equations were very minimal. Keywords-Mathematics, difficulty, problem-solving test, Isabela, Philippines
May T. Delgado
IAMURE International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, Volume 13; https://doi.org/10.7718/iamure.v13i1.1046

With the diversity of learners, identifying their multiple intelligences and vocabulary levels has a significant contribution to the academe. The study, which employed mixed methods, aimed to determine the multiple intelligences and the vocabulary level of the teacher education students enrolled in a state university in the Philippines. The quantitative data were obtained using the MIDAS-24 and the validated vocabulary test; while the qualitative data were obtained from interviews and some documents. The numerical data were processed considering the percentage, mean, standard deviation, and ANOVA, using the SPSS software. The text data were subjected to qualitative analysis, such as documentation, and coding and categorization. The findings revealed the following: (a) considering the multiple intelligence(s) they possessed, the students were grouped into seven clusters, where the most number of them had interpersonal intelligence; (b) when considered as a whole and when classified according to their multiple intelligences, they had an “average” vocabulary level, or they had a limited vocabulary; and (c) no significant difference existed in their vocabulary levels when grouped according to multiple intelligence classification. The results then served as bases on the development of instructional materials designed to complement the students' multiple intelligences and to improve their vocabulary. Keywords-Education, multiple intelligences, vocabulary level, teacher education students, mixed methods, Philippines
Jerr A. Cabahug, , Liza Lorena C. Jala, Judy Ann F. Gimena
IAMURE International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, Volume 13; https://doi.org/10.7718/iamure.v13i1.1047

The study assessed the quality of undergraduate researchers of the College of Teacher Education of one of the leading universities in Cebu from School Year 2008 to 2012. Also, the study determined the percentage ratings of plagiarism and identified sources of plagiarism in the research specimens. The study utilized documentary analysis to elicit information on the extent of piracy. The researchers used stratified sampling to select 41 research samples. The researchers used frequency counts, percentage, and average growth rate to gather information from the research specimens. The findings suggested that plagiarism is increased by 28% every year. Furthermore, the results showed that there were a significant number of validated cases of plagiarism on the research specimens. Also, the findings showed that undergraduate students get more information from the non–authoritative source than from reliable sources of information. The study recommended the acquisition of plagiarism detector software that is necessary for assessing the quality of undergraduate researchers. Keywords-Education, Undergraduate Research, plagiarism, sources of piracy, plagiarism detector software, descriptive design, Philippines
Mary Ann G. Salazar, Julieta A. Fabio, Jr. Teodorico A. Bastida, Olga R. Gallardo, Charito Bonghanoy, Teodorico A. Bastida, Jr.
IAMURE International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, Volume 13; https://doi.org/10.7718/iamure.v13i1.1045

Employability of graduates is one of the good barometers of successful academic curricula offered by the schools. The employers of business administration graduates must give credence to the efficiency or performance of their prospective employees. The study determined the employability of the graduates of Business Administration of a University in the Philippines. The findings served as the basis for proposed recommendations. The respondents of the study were the 215 graduates of the Business Administration of the biggest university in the Philippines. The researchers utilized descriptive research design. The research tool used in the study was the standard questionnaire adopted by the Commission on Higher Education and interpreted using simple percentage and rank. The study revealed that most of the respondents were locally employed, and salaries and benefits are the majority of the respondents answered in reasons for staying the first job. The study concluded that those who found employment landed on jobs in line with their course in the University. It was recommended that more training and experiential learning activities must be enhanced. Keywords-Business Administration, employability, descriptive method, Philippines
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