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Sahadev Bandyopadhyay
International Journal of English Literature and Social Sciences, Volume 7, pp 293-296;

The branch of metaphysics dealing with the nature of being, a complete supernaturalfield of Philosophy is Ontology. I shall be lawful during the presentation of my arguments which I do believe. I believe present world needs to apply its thought in a positive way and that will give birth to ‘being’. This will accelerate our well-being to achieve our aims, aims for the better world – a new oxy-world. Romance and love may merge inside the soul to touch the first morning Sun for a new tomorrow.
Márcio Rogério De Oliveira Cano, Luiz Guilherme Esteves da Silva
International Journal of English Literature and Social Sciences, Volume 7, pp 113-123;

The newspaper is a discursive practice that aims to impart information to individuals, with a heavy burden of responsibility. Its pages contain news and reports about the different subjects of everyday social life, but there is a certain predisposition in news about violent incidents. Nonetheless, across all forms of media, it is possible to encounter a transgression of the genre’s characteristics. Given that problem, we seek to understand how journalistic discourse is presented as a scenography of the discourse of entertainment, pervaded by the discourse of violence. Moreover, we attempt to analyze how the strategies of journalistic discourse enable the construction of that scenography. To this end, we draw on the theoretical assumptions of Dominique Maingueneau (2008), Muchembled (2012), Michaud (1989) and Cano (2012) to achieve our objectives. We thus hope to contribute to discussions in the area of discourse analysis, particularly those on journalistic discourse. We understand that the strategies used by the newspaper enable an interaction with entertainment and that a subtle violence pervades this relationship. As a result, the reading public is not only informed about world affairs but also consumes violence and entertainment, through the scenography that is constructed.
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