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Harsoyo Harsoyo, Suparno Suparno
Jurnal Sosial Humaniora, Volume 14; https://doi.org/10.12962/j24433527.v14i1.8447

Public service is the role of the function of the state apparatus as a public servant, so that the position of the Government Apparatus in public services is very strategic because it determines the extent to which the government can provide the best possible service to the community and the extent to which the state carries out its role properly. The level of community satisfaction with public services at the Semarang City Population and Civil Registration Service is already good. This indicates that the community is satisfied with the performance that has been carried out by the government. In addition, every element of the Community Satisfaction Index assessment is all in the good category, although there are three elements that are of little value among others, namely service time, tariff, and product specifications for service types. The three types of public services are noted by the government to improve their performance in the future
Yusuf Siswantara, Thomas Lingga, Willfridus Demetrius Siga
Jurnal Sosial Humaniora, Volume 14; https://doi.org/10.12962/j24433527.v14i1.8062

Research "intensity and sociality of diversity in the environment or work unit", aims to find indications of work effectiveness and the values of diversity in a pluralistic work environment on work optimization and productivity. This study uses a quantitative approach with a questionnaire as a random sampling instrument. The data population is 39 respondents. The correlation of the intensity of diversity values and work practices in a pluralistic environment is the main aspect that supports work effectively both internally and externally. Positive influence supports each person to feel safe, comfortable, and have very good relationships. Based on the results of the analysis, this study shows that there is a strong and positive correlation between performance and tolerance values in a pluralistic environment with a positive percentage of 93% and 0.7% value deviation that does not support the correlation of the two variables
Kartika Nuswantara, Banu Prasetyo, Gita Widi Bhawika, Ni Wayan Suarmini
Jurnal Sosial Humaniora, Volume 14; https://doi.org/10.12962/j24433527.v14i1.8349

To help universities non-academic staffs maintain their productivity amid the COVID 19 outbreak, MOOC ENAS was developed. To guarantee the eligibility of the program, through this research, ADDIE model was employed to evaluate the course plan. Step 1 and 2 out of the whole 5 steps of ADDIE were used to describe qualitatively about the course design. Using an online questionnaire, the authors received 110 responses and were able to demonstrate that the design had the quality for a good course design. This was led by the results of investigation on the participants’ background correspond to the course plan including the description and objectives. It was figured out that the design was able to accommodate the participants’ language learning demands. The course design facilitated students learning by serving their education background, their workplace origin, and their already existing language learning experience. However, the study was lacking in the generalizability. To serve this, further research is needed by adding quantitative data so that the results of the evaluation could be presented in numbers that were more accurate and elusive. Finally, in terms of design, the MOOC ENAS is quite accommodating to be further continued into development of course content, implementation, and evaluation as assigned in ADDIE Model.
Puti Sinansari, Nugroho Priyo Negoro, Muhammad Muadz Abdillah
Jurnal Sosial Humaniora, Volume 14; https://doi.org/10.12962/j24433527.v14i1.7966

The development of business and technology ecosystems demands industry to always make adjustments. Supply chain changes become one that is certain to happen. This change process allows the company to manage and minimize risks. Therefore, it is necessary to apply good risk management to minimize the impact of risk. As one of the vending machine service companies in Indonesia, PT XYZ has a long supply chain, covering the production process, assembling, shipping and customer service. This research aims to identify risk events and risk agents and determine the priority of risk agents in the vending machine service company at PT XYZ. The design of this research uses the first stage House of Risk method to identify risk events and risk agents as well as determining the highest risk agent. Then the highest risk agent is ranked in Pareto diagram to determine risk agent priority. The prospect of this research will be an overview of the risks that may arise in the vending machine service company in Indonesia.
Mushonnifun Faiz Sugihartanto, Syarifa Hanoum, Nalaputi Basoeki, Elif Tiryakioglu, Cynthia Ferrier
Jurnal Sosial Humaniora, Volume 14; https://doi.org/10.12962/j24433527.v14i1.8945

Cheese using the packaging evaluation method and to propose suggestions to improve the efficiency of packaging logistics that would impact the efficiency of the entire supply chain. We engage all supply chain actors for evaluating the packaging features. The first packaging is not convenient as its weight and cost are quite high for cheese, the secondary packaging is deemed less efficient, whilst the tertiary packaging is not optimal in terms of traceability. Speaking of cost, environmental impacts, especially impact on other features in the supply chain, we propose solutions to replace the circular wooden box of the cheese with a cardboard box with a round shape. Then, only the cardboard trays will be used as secondary packaging all along the supply chain. These combined solutions reduce the handling work, the packaging material cost and provide more convenience for all actors.
Arief Bustomi, Ali Yunus Rohedi, Muchamad Nurif
Jurnal Sosial Humaniora, Volume 14; https://doi.org/10.12962/j24433527.v14i1.8594

SMA Negeri 1 Bantur Malang is located in the southern area of Malang Regency. The demographic conditions and the Bantur community characteristics have caused many SMA Negeri 1 Bantur graduates to choose to work rather than continue their education to higher education. As a solution to this condition, the school has provided job training to students for one year as a provision for them after graduation. Apart from being in the form of student knowledge and skills, job training activities also produce goods and services that can be marketed to the public. Therefore, after participating in the training activities, SMA Negeri 1 Bantur students need to also be given training in marketing goods and services. This paper presents the results of online marketing training for goods and services at SMAN 1 Bantur. The method used in the training is tutorial and practice using text and video media. Measuring the success of training activities using the questionnaire method and assessment of the training participants' practice results. The results of measuring the success of training and their evaluation can measure the increase in knowledge and skills of each student who participates in the training.
Muhammad Ichsan Kabullah, Sudarmoko Sudarmoko, Hendri Koeswara, Fajri Rahman, Azwar Azwar
Jurnal Sosial Humaniora, Volume 14; https://doi.org/10.12962/j24433527.v14i1.8476

Current research on public administration has generally concluded that collaborative governance is a key factor to solve the contemporary crisis. This argument departs from the essence of a concept that brings state and private stakeholders together in policymaking. Through a case study in the Jambi Province, we find that the collaboration between local governments and society has useful in handle Covid-19 crisis because they may shared understanding to prioritize Covid-19 pandemic as common problem. At the same time, the religious tension also gave a positive impact for the collaboration. However, the collaboration performance has followed several challenges such as incompatible procedures, inequality for the same access between individuals, and intervention by local elites.
Yuseptia Angretnowati, Palupi Anggraheni
Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) takes effect on state management in Indonesia. Good crisis management is necessary to mitigate COVID-19. This research uses Beland ‘s conceptual framework on politics of insecurity and its implementation on the state's management crisis process, especially on how the state protects its citizens towards non-traditional threads while performing political accountability. The 2020 Simultaneous Regional Election (Pilkada) during pandemic is positioned as a case study, especially on how policy conflicts and calculation of benefits-risks occur. It has a pivotal role in establishing perception of collective thread. In the case of 2020 Simultaneous Regional Election, conflict in policy creates social anxiety and political tension caused by a health crisis. This research finds that the government (de) politicized the 2020 Simultaneous Regional Elections by using a repertoire of types of strategies, i.e. avoiding blame and claiming credit, which were carefully compiled and implemented in a specific frame.
Lienggar Rahadiantino
The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on people's lives. The economic sector is so affected that a balanced and well-targeted policy is needed to overcome the difficulties arising from the pandemic. Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) which has been intended to reduce the spread of Covid-19 indirectly makes economic activities in production, consumption, and distribution to be hampered, so to speak, cause an economic contraction. The national economy was contracted by 5.32 percent (y-o-y) and the economy of East Java was contracted 5.90 percent (y-o-y) in the second quarter of 2020. Nevertheless, there are several economic sectors that still have good performance and have contributed greatly to East Java's Gross Regional Domestic Product. Using Location Quotient (LQ) analysis, this study aims to identify basic sectors and formulate the composition and shift of the basic sectors by using GRDP as an indicator of regional growth
Mezia Kemala Sari
This study aims at investigating the positive impact of the Covid-19 pandemic which has changed the learning process from offline to online. The research focuses on the use of the internet as a means of technological literacy which is the reference for research on student learning experiences. This study uses a comparative descriptive method by comparing internet usage before and during the pandemic related to the learning process. A structural questionnaire link using google form was sent to students through WhatsApp. A total of 36 students provided complete information regarding the survey. The simple percentage distribution was used to assess the learning status of the study participants. The results showed that there was a significant increase in the use of technology and internet literacy where downloading, uploading, attending workshops, webinars, and online competitions increased by using many online learning applications. The positive impact that can be seen is the increase in digital skills of students and lecturers as shown by their creativity and willingness to be more active, which of course supports online learning
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