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Ezi - Angraini
JURNAL PENDIDIKAN DAN KELUARGA, Volume 12, pp 67-75; doi:10.24036/jpk/vol12-iss01/765

Abstrak -- Semangka (Citrullus Vulgaris) merupakan buah yang hampir ada disetiap daerah di Indonesia. Hasil panen buah semangka yang dijual biasanya berukuran sedang (±2 kg) dan besar (≥2 kg), sedangkan yang berukuran kecil (≤ 2 kg) kurang termanfaatkan dan dijual dengan harga relatif murah. Semangka dalam ukuran kecil ini dapat dikategorikan kedalam semangka afkir, yaitu semangka yang umur panen serta tingkat matangnya telah cukup tetapi ukurannya kecil, sehingga kurang termanfaatkan dan memiliki harga jual yang rendah. Salah satu alternatif pengolahan yang bisa dilakukan untuk meningkatkan nilai jual dan memperpanjang umur simpan semangka ini adalah dengan pembuatan Nata de Citrullus. Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk meningkatkan harga jual dan memperpajang umur simpan semangka afkir, serta mengetahui nilai gizi nata de citrullus. Dalam penelitian ini dilakukan analisis gizi nata semangka afkir. Hasil penelitian ini menunjukan bahwa nata dari semangka afkir ini mengandung protein 62,3%, air 99,03 %, abu 0,26 %, lemak 0,27 % dan karbohidrat 29,1 %. Sedangkan untuk kandungan antioksidannya setelah dilakukan pengujian terdapat 18,28 mg kandungan antioksidan didalam Nata de Citrullus.
Wiwik _ Indrayeni, Ezi Anggraini, Wirnelis Syarif
JURNAL PENDIDIKAN DAN KELUARGA, Volume 12, pp 76-81; doi:10.24036/jpk/vol12-iss01/737

Based on preliminary observations, fern is a plant that has mucus, contains a lot of liquid and is easily blackened. Therefore all this time, fern vegetables cannot be processed with various kinds of preparations. Vegetable fern can only be processed for clear vegetables and rendang only by the community, while vegetable ferns are often found in areas in Indonesia, especially in West Sumatra. Based on these observations, food preparations made from vegetable ferns were accepted and liked by the community, as well as souvenirs from various regions producing ferns. The purpose of this study is to vary the variety of processed from vegetable ferns and see the level of community preference for food preparations on vegetable ferns. In this study a nutritional analysis was done through a proximate test to see the nutritional content (Carbohydrates, Protein, Water and Fat) in the products produced. The expected results in this study are the products produced have good nutritional value and are suitable for public consumption
Wiwik Gusnita, Kasmita Kasmita
JURNAL PENDIDIKAN DAN KELUARGA, Volume 12, pp 60-66; doi:10.24036/jpk/vol12-iss01/762

Banana (Musa paradisiaca normalis linn) is a type of tropical fruit that is very popular, because of it is tastes good, is easy to get and the price is relatively cheap, bananas also contain vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates which are quite high. Society in general consumes bananas as a dessert. Therefore, in the context of developing food diversification, processed banana products can overcome the saturation of fresh bananas and increase their shelf life and increase their economic value. Bananas can be processed into various processed products such as dry banana, banana flour, banana jam, banana wine, banana tapai, and banana sauce. Among the processed banana products, fermentation processing that is making banana tapai is an alternative that is not yet well known to the public, but has a pretty good future. The purpose of this study was to analyze the effect of giving different amounts of leaven and to analyze the right amount of leaven in making Kepok banana tapai. This type of research is an experiment with panelist data sources using organoleptic tests. Based on the results of experiments with 4 (four) treatments and 4 (four) quality repetitions which resulted in the color produced from tapai banana kepok is yellowish white the best results in the third treatment (0.35), the aroma of tapai banana produced is typical scented tapai Banana Kepok the best results in the third treatment (0.35% leaven), taste Banana Kepok tapai produced, sweet and taste leaven, the best results in the third treatment (0.35% leaven), and texture of Kepok banana tapai produced was the best soft yield at the third treatment (0.35% leaven).
Yuliana Yuliana
JURNAL PENDIDIKAN DAN KELUARGA, Volume 12, pp 53-59; doi:10.24036/jpk/vol12-iss01/766

Rinuak fish is a species of small fish in Lake Maninjau. At the end of 2016 to mid-2018, rinuak fish are threatened with extinction. But at the end of 2018 until now, the catch of rinuak fish in Lake Maninjau is abundant again. Rinuak, including fish species that quickly rot if not processed immediately. So far, the form of rinuak fish processing is still limited. Therefore, it is necessary to develop in the form of processed food products made from rinuak fish, one of which is nuggets. The purpose of this study is to standardize the formula and identify the quality of the rhinoceros fish nuggets. The research conducted was an experiment to get the design of rinuak fish nugget products with a standard recipe. The formula standardization stage is carried out by eight expert validators in the fields of food, food, and nutrition. The results found a standard formula or recipe, which is done through a validation process twice with three trials. The results of rinuak fish nugget quality obtained an average score on the color quality categorized quite good, the shape quality was categorized quite good, the aroma quality was categorized very good, the texture quality was categorized good (soft and savory), and the taste quality was categorized good (tasty and delicious)
Yolanda Miranti, Yuliana Yuliana
JURNAL PENDIDIKAN DAN KELUARGA, Volume 12, pp 42-52; doi:10.24036/jpk/vol12-iss01/751

This study began with observations during the pre-study of guests staying at the Prince Beach Hotel in Padang. It was found that there were problems with the needs of guests who were not properly met so that guests were dissatisfied, including those who complained about room facilities that were experiencing a lot of damage that were considered less provide comfort for guests. This study aims to analyze the effect of room facilities on guest satisfaction staying at the Prince Beach Hotel Padang. This type of research is classified as quantitative research with a causal associative approach. The study population was individual guests who stayed overnight with an average monthly rate of 1,707 people. The research sample of 95 using purposive sampling technique. Data collection is done by distributing questionnaires using a Likert scale that has been tested for validity and reliability. Data analysis using simple linear regression with SPSS version 16.00. The results showed that: room facilities were classified as good (73.7%), and guest satisfaction was classified as good (61.05%). R square values ​​were obtained (10.3%), and the significance was 0.002
Citra Unik Mayasari, Siti Nurjanah
JURNAL PENDIDIKAN DAN KELUARGA, Volume 12, pp 30-41; doi:10.24036/jpk/vol12-iss01/761

Purchasing is part of the accounting department whose job is as a buyer as well as procurement of goods in the form of services and materials and providers of hotel needs that are ordered to vendors. The problem that often occurs in the procurement of goods is that there is often no availability of goods to vendors when there is a request from the hotel. The research method used is qualitative descriptive and data collection techniques used are observation, interviews, documentation, and literature study. The results of this study are in the form of constraints that often occur in crystal lotus Yogyakarta hotels, namely late delivery of goods, goods that do not match the type and quantity ordered, lack of quality and quantity safeguards and frequent increases in the price of goods, these constraints adversely affect operations hotels, such as guest complaints and hotel cost overruns. The solution to deal with the obstacles experienced by purchasing is that the purchasing party is strived to find a replacement for a vendor that is better and can be consistent with the contract system that has been established and has been agreed by both parties. Keywords: Purchasing, Vendors, Procurement of goods
Ranggi Rahimul Insan, Asmar Yulastri
JURNAL PENDIDIKAN DAN KELUARGA, Volume 12, pp 1-11; doi:10.24036/jpk/vol12-iss01/750

This study aims to find out how the application of personal hygiene for street food traders in Padang Primary Schools can be seen from cleanliness; head, hair, face, nose, ears, mouth, teeth, hands, fingers, skin, and work clothes. This research was conducted in October 2019 at State Elementary School the in Padang. The type of research in this paper is a review using descriptive methods. This research was conducted by distributing questioner. The results of this study indicate that (1) Snack traders in State Elementary School 22 still do not pay attention to the cleanliness of the head and hair. (2) Face and nose hygiene of hawker merchants at 22 Andalas Padang Elementary School, Padang City is still not hygienic (3) Ear cleaning of street hawker vendors at 22 Andalas City Padang, still dirty (4) Oral and dental hygiene of hawker traders in Public Elementary Schools the 22 City of Padang is still dirty (5) Hand and Finger Cleanliness of snacks traders in State Elementary Schools the 22 City of Padang is still dirty (6) Skin hygiene of street vendors in State Elementary Schools the 22 City of Padang is still dirty (7) Cleanliness of work clothes of traders snacks in State Elementary School 22 Andalas Padang City is still lacking.
Asmar Yulastri
JURNAL PENDIDIKAN DAN KELUARGA, Volume 12, pp 12-29; doi:10.24036/jpk/vol12-iss01/764

Training Entrepreneurship is one of the efforts to streamline the purpose of supporting entrepreneurship education in universities. This study aims to develop and produce a model of entrepreneurship training of "Smart Entrepreneur Model" (SEM) developed by using Four D's approach. The design development of the SEM Model Training Model was using ADDIE Instructional Design. Results of the research on the stages of needs analysis showed that students have a very high requirement for learning entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial planning, and business management, as well as a high need for a training online business based. Rationalization development carried out was a matter of lack of funded proposals by Ditjen which were only 21.42% of the submitted proposals which met the criteria set forth. Then, from 81 funded business proposals, it was only 30.86% that run caused by weak of business management committed by participants of Students Entrepreneurial Program (PMW). In the development of SEM Training Model, the design is Needs Analysis stage and skills gap analysis. Stages of the design were based on objectives, performance, goals of activities, methods, place and time, content, and syntax. Developed Syntax of SEM consisted of 8 steps of training activities where Syntac of SEM training Model consisted of the 8-step training process. They are Preparation Participants Training, Psychometric Test, Identification Results of Psychometric Tests, Analysis of Business, Management Mentoring, Mentoring Online Business, Business progress report, Evaluation of training implementation.
Siti Atina Fajrianisa, Yuliana Yuliana
JURNAL PENDIDIKAN DAN KELUARGA, Volume 11, pp 284-291; doi:10.24036/jpk/vol11-iss02/654

Penelitian berawal dari pengamatan peneliti terhadap tampilan visual feeds dan postingan Instagram hotel-hotel berbintang di kota Padang. Sementara masyarakat pada era milenial ini cenderung memanfaatkan Instagram sebagai sumber informasi ketika akan memesan hotel. Kemudian, banyaknya keluhan terhadap media promosi online hotel-hotel tersebut karena tidak memberi informasi sesuai yang diharapkan padahal sebenarnya fasilitas hotel tersebut bagus dan layak. Penelitian bertujuan untuk melihat tampilan visual feeds dan postingan Instagram hotel-hotel berbintang di kota Padang. Jenis penelitian adalah penelitian deskriptif dengan metode survei. Data penelitian didapat dengan menyebarkan angket penilaian yang disusun menggunakan skala likert kepada penilai yang meliputi ahli desain komunikasi visual, ahli pemasaran dan konsumen. Data dianalisis dengan menggunakan skor rata-rata berdasarkan klasifikasi penilai. Dari penelitian disimpulkan bahwa tampilan visual feeds dan postingan Instagram hotel-hotel berbintang di kota Padang tersebut berada pada kategori tidak baik, kurang baik, cukup dan baik. Dan tidak ada satu hotel berbintang pun yang berkategori sangat baik.
Fakhrul Rozy Ms, Pasaribu Pasaribu
JURNAL PENDIDIKAN DAN KELUARGA, Volume 11, pp 277-283; doi:10.24036/jpk/vol11-iss02/626

The objectives of the research are to find out determine the effect of the general manager's leadership style on employee performance at Kharisma Hotel Bukittinggi. This research was conducted on 38 employees of Kharisma Hotel Bukittinggi who were respondents, data collection was done by questionnaire. Sampling is determined using the Total Sampling technique. Data collection is done by distributing questionnaires to respondents and using secondary data from the hotel. The analysis technique in this study uses simple linear regression analysis. The data in this study were processed with SPSS version 21. The results of this study showed leadership style had a positive and significant effect on employee performance at Kharisma Hotel Bukittinggi.
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