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JARES (Journal of Academic Research and Sciences), Volume 5, pp 14-26; https://doi.org/10.35457/jares.v5i1.900

This study aims to analyze the effect of intellectual capital and Sharia Compliance on Financial Performance. This study also uses several variables that are identified as factors that affect Financial Performance including intellectual capital as measured by using Value Added Intellectual Coefficient (VAIC), and sharia compliance as measured by using Islamic Income Ratio (IsIR) proxy. The research method used is quantitative descriptive by using multiple linear regression test models. Sampling was carried out using a purposive sampling method so that 7 Islamic banks in Indonesia were obtained with 42 researched data used as research samples and hypothesis testing was performed using simultaneous significant tests (F test) and partial significant tests (t test) with ɑ = 5%. F Test results show that intellectual capital, and sharia compliance together have a significant positive effect on financial performance. T test results show that intellectual capital and Sharia Compliance have a significant positive effect on financial performance.
JARES (Journal of Academic Research and Sciences), Volume 5, pp 1-13; https://doi.org/10.35457/jares.v5i1.899

Pew Research Center reported that Islam is the fastest-growing religious group in the world compared to another religious group. The research mentioned that in 2050 Islam population will be 30% of world’s population while Christian will be silghtly more, 31% of world’s population therefore PEW Research Center predicted that in 2100 Islam population will lead religious group’s population even Christian. Terrorism news, extrimist and radical moslem group and Islamophobic culture almost in every western media platforms that rationally contradictory of reality that Islam is the fastest growing religious group. This research is to analyse terrorism issues in mass media and world’s Islam population. Research conducted in qualitative descriptive by literature research methode. The results of the research showed that despite of negative stereotypes in media who tend to correlated Islam and radical moslem group through several platforms such as movie and news, the decision to join Islam was uninfluenced. The stereotypes in news and movies about terrorism, radical moslem group, and extrimist in media could become an initial point for someone to dig information about Islam although it could not concluded as a pure motivation to join Islam.
JARES (Journal of Academic Research and Sciences), Volume 5, pp 27-35; https://doi.org/10.35457/jares.v5i1.907

The purpose of this research was to determine the calculation of cost of goods sold of Wajik at Mrs. Sulasmi’s Cap Kuda Terbang Small and Medium Enterprise (UKM) in Kademangan, Blitar Regency. This research was carried out to figure out how to determine the selling price of Wajik, and to analyze whether the selling price was appropriate. The research method used in this research was qualitative approach so that it can develop and obtain in-depth findings. Data were obtained through interviews and observations. The data of interview and observation were subsequently analyzed to find out how to determine the selling price of Wajik at UKM Cap Kuda Terbang, and to analyze whether the prize has yet to be approriate. The technique used to check the validity of the data was the triangulation technique. Findings show that the cost of goods sold based on full costing method was higher than the cost of goods sold calculated by the company; it appears that there are differences in the calculation of cost of goods sold according to the company after being evaluated.
JARES (Journal of Academic Research and Sciences), Volume 5, pp 36-43; https://doi.org/10.35457/jares.v5i2.927

This research aims at investigating factors affecting enterepeneurship interest in a young entrepreneur program known as KURASA (Kelompok Mahasiswa Wirausaha/Student Enterprise of UNISBA Blitar). This research adopted descriptive qualitative approach. Data were collected through interview, participant observation, and documentation. Then, the student enterprise was selected, and access to informants was built. This research was carried out by collecting data, recording information, comprehending contents, and restoring data. The result shows that young men’s interest in entreprenurship involved in student enterprise was affected by three factors: personality, entrepreneurship education, and environment factors.
Khaidarulloh Khaidarulloh
JARES (Journal of Academic Research and Sciences), Volume 5, pp 44-51; https://doi.org/10.35457/jares.v5i1.937

This article focuses on the study of the unification of marital age in Indonesia with the contestation of legal paradigms that occur, both on the government side through legislators and on non-government parties such as the influence of religious ideology or the role of other humanitarian activists. The issue of marital age is not a dynamic issue, either juridical or sociological problems are strongly reflected in the discourse that has developed to date. The results of the study show that even though marital age has been compared to the new rules through Law No. 16 of 2019 stating that the minimum marital age for the bride and groom is 19 years, yet the potentials of the legal paradigm contestation in the national marriage legal system will always develop along with the social dynamics of the community.
JARES (Journal of Academic Research and Sciences), Volume 4, pp 39-50; https://doi.org/10.35457/jares.v4i2.841

Profit sharing is a mutually beneficial collaboration between two or more people on mutual agreement. The purpose of this study is to find out the profit sharing model “nderes” for brown sugar farmers in Nglegok Kabupaten Blitar sub-district. One area in Blitar regency which is a producer of brown sugar is Nglegok Subdistrict. This is because Nglegok village has fertile land and there are still many coconut trees that grow up. Therefore, many Ngelgok subdistrict residents who utilize the results of coconut tree sap to be made into brown sugar even though to take coconut palm juice the risk is quite large because it is not impossible to have an accident when taking the sap, such as falling from coconut trees and others. Because of the large risk, many owners of coconut trees do not dare to climb by themselves, so in order to obtain additional income they work together with other people who dare to take the sap water with a profit sharing system. This research method used a qualitative approach with the interview method to the beneficiary, coconut tree owners and “legen” cookers in Nglegok sub-district Blitar Regency. The results of this study produce various concepts of cooperation, namely based on the results of “nderes” in the form of ounces and profit sharing based on the day.
Qurrotul Uyun
JARES (Journal of Academic Research and Sciences), Volume 4, pp 20-32; https://doi.org/10.35457/jares.v4i2.809

Designation (naturalization) includes giving Indonesian citizenship status of one or a number of people from foreign nationals, or gives the status as a citizen of Indonesia or the number of people who do not have citizenship (stateless) .According to the laws of the Republic of Indonesia citizens who have dual citizenship must choose one of these citizenship so until he has only one nationality. For Indonesian citizens are treated when these approvals to those Indonesian nationals, according to Indonesian citizenship legislation that called "gain" or "select" nationality of the Republic of Indonesia will be replaced with Indonesian nationality, and which are called "retained" Dutch nationality or nationality of foreign countries or "reject" Indonesian nationality. So goes the Indonesian nationality, if it has lost the nationality Indonesia automatically all matters concerned with the rights and obligations of citizens or her country also erased or lost. The problem that will be discussed are: Does the right of repudiation in the process of selecting citizenship status lead to legal consequences for those concerned? Does repudiation rights used in the process of selecting citizenship status in Indonesia? By studying this research, it is expected to find out the point of problems in selecting indonesian citizenship.This research used qualitative. Since this method is a directed and systemic method. In addition, this research study used statute approach and conceptual approach. It is an approach which comes from views and doctrines that are developed in the science of law.The findings of this research are: first, as a result of law that is rejected, rejected state has no right to force someone to reject the offer, this happens because of self-will without intervension from other sides. Since, the status of citizenship related to the existence in getting right and obligation of someone in every action. The second problem is repudiation right that is used in Indonesia by special naturalization. It means that the state is able to offer or give citizenship status by using it, and in this session, the citizen has right to receive or reject that offer.
Dewi Hidayati
JARES (Journal of Academic Research and Sciences), Volume 4, pp 32-38; https://doi.org/10.35457/jares.v4i2.840

The aim of this study to determine the analysis of English needs for shariah economic department. Based on the objectives of students who focus on analyze targets and learning requirement. The subjects of this study were students of the Department of Islamic Economics STAI Diponegoro Tulungagung. The method in this research uses qualitative methods. Data collection methods were obtained from questionnaires, interviews, and documentation. The results of the study in the form of a target analysis show that the goal of learning English for students in Islamic economics department be able to communicate using English actively. The results of the analysis of learning needs obtained are students needed the ability to speak directly and communicatively in order to prepare themselves to meet the demands of their profession in the future. It is shows that the desires of speaking students’ ability (speaking) it is very accordance with the needs of the job market which requires the ability to communicate in English well. The results of this reference are expected to be a reference for preparing syllabus and learning material.
JARES (Journal of Academic Research and Sciences), Volume 4, pp 1-10; https://doi.org/10.35457/jares.v4i2.751

The purpose of this study is to describe the market transaction model "candak kulak" in the empowerment of women in restricted village in Panggungduwet especially those who live in rural areas. The research method uses interview, participant observation and documentation studies. Next is determination of location, building access to informants, and its implementation by collecting data, recording information, breaking content, and storing data again at the initial step. The subject of this research is the market transaction model in the form of "candak kulak" in the Panggungduwet village of Blitar Regency. Analysis that arises in restricted and underdeveloped areas, the development strategy of restricted villages in Blitar District is development in the agribusiness-based agricultural sector, because most of the population are farmers. The output of this study can provide an overview related to the market transaction model "candak kulak" in the restricted village in Panggungduwet Blitar Regency. In this effort to spur development in terms of economic and social aspects in restricted areas, the development program must prioritize three main aspects, namely alleviating poverty, improving the quality of human resources, and building infrastructure.
JARES (Journal of Academic Research and Sciences), Volume 4, pp 11-19; https://doi.org/10.35457/jares.v4i2.757

The level of public understanding of autistic disorders and how to handle them that still lacking is the main reason in this study. How to know that a child has an autistic disorder or not is generally done by manual and simple way, it done by filling out a checklist or questionnaire that contains facts, attitudes and behaviors that often appear in children. The checklist is filled by parents who will then be observed again by the therapist to get clear, accurate, and reliable results. The weakness from this method in diagnosing there is an autistic disorder or not is it must involve therapists/experts who are currently still few in number. The purpose of this study is to make a software namely an expert system application that able to diagnose autistic disorders in children that are tailored to the needs of parents. The results of this study are a series of product design systems for expert systems to diagnose autistic disorders in children including ongoing system flowcharts, computerized system flowcharts, Data Flow Diagrams, application program flowcharts and display of application programs that have been built. The results of designing expert system software applications are expected to be used by therapists in diagnosing children who come to consult
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