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Maya Oktaviani
JISAE: JOURNAL OF INDONESIAN STUDENT ASSESMENT AND EVALUATION, Volume 5, pp 37-42; doi:10.21009/jisae.052.04

Abstract:This study aims to develop learning of direct and inverse proportion by using proportion tables based on Pendidikan Matematika Realistik Indonesia (PMRI) approach. Data were collected from preliminary test results, classroom observation, field notes, student activity sheets, test answer sheets, and interviews conducted on students grade VII at Islamic Junior High School Al-Azhar 12 Rawamangun. Based on the results of the retrospective analysis, PMRI characteristics have a role in developing direct and inverse proportion. Students' activities in observing the context presented can train students to develop learning strategies and explore the use of proportion tables. The proportion table can present the students' informal thinking processes and assist students in solving problems related to direct and inverse proportion. The use of student construction results in each meeting contributes to assisting students in understanding the direct and inverse proportion. The conceptual relevance of this study attracts students' attention because the context is given close to student life. Thus, the proportion table can help students to understand the proportion so that they can resolve the proportion problems.
Evi Sopandi
JISAE: JOURNAL OF INDONESIAN STUDENT ASSESMENT AND EVALUATION, Volume 5, pp 26-36; doi:10.21009/jisae.052.03

Abstract:This study aims to evaluate the inclusive education program at Madrasah Ibtidaiyah (MI) Badrussalam Surabaya. The education program aims to improve human resource competencies in increasing abilities. The evaluation model used in this study is the CIPP model (context, input, process, and product) of the qualitative research approach model introduced by Stufflebeam. The results showed that the education program at MI Badrussalam Surabaya had run well in accordance with the education program that had been prepared. However, in the implementation of inclusive education in MI Badrussalam, there are still some deficiencies both in the fields of funding, facilities and infrastructure as well as on the Welfare of mentors and special teachers (GP / K).
Syafaat Ariful Huda
JISAE: JOURNAL OF INDONESIAN STUDENT ASSESMENT AND EVALUATION, Volume 5, pp 13-25; doi:10.21009/jisae.052.02

Abstract:Purpose: In this study, we investigated the effects of organizational justice and trust directed at the organization as a whole on OCB. Also investigated were the influence between organizational justice and OCB, and the influence between trust and OCB. Design/Methodology/Approach: From a sample of 273 teachers from 305 Private Junior High Schools in Tangerang District, we tested the hypothesized model using structural equation models. Findings: The main findings are as follows: Findings show that organizational justice and trust have a positive effect on teacher’s OCB and OCB is also positively related to trust. Originality/value: The results of the study show that teachers could be engaged in organizational citizenship behavior when they perceive fairness of the equality, needs, rights of opinion, transparency, neutrality and acknowledging the same position of the organizational process.
Sharon Nicolas

Abstract:Today's world is known as the globalization era and is marked by rapid and complex changes both in social and values and learning structures. As such, it is natural for the education sector to review, update and orient their programs to the paradigm of these developments because education is crucial to global competitiveness and total human development. The main purpose/aim of this research is to determine the effectiveness of computer aided instructional materials in teaching cookery to grade 10 students. In this study, experimental method of research was used, the pretest and posttest design. The control group and the experimental group were both given a pretest, then exposed to different teaching methods. The experimental group was exposed to computer aided instructional materials while the control group was taught using the traditional approach. Both groups were given a posttest. The researcher used Mean, Percentage and T-test for the statistical treatment. Comparing the results of the pretest and posttest in the control and experimental group, it shows that students who used computer aided instructional materials performed well in class. The result of the experimental group increases in the post test. Therefore, computer aided instruction enhances the learning abilities of the students.
Wildani Hidayati

Abstract:This study aims to find out how effective the implementation of Qur'anic learning in MTs.N 7 East Jakarta models. This study is classified as evaluative research using the CSE-UCLA model consisting of assessment, program planning, implementation programs, programs improvement and program certification. The subject of this study consisted of: school principal, mentor, student and student guardian. Data collection methods are carried out with questionnaires, observation, interviews, and documentation. Data analysis techniques in this study are the Miles and Huburmen models. The activity in data analysis is data reduction , data display (data presentation), and conclusion drawing / verification (drawing conclusions / verification). The research findings show that the Al-Qur'an learning program has been running effectively even though there are obstacles that need to be corrected
Raden Roro Ernawati
JISAE: JOURNAL OF INDONESIAN STUDENT ASSESMENT AND EVALUATION, Volume 4, pp 49-56; doi:10.21009/jisae.041.05

Abstract:The purpose of this research to measure the comparation of distractors proportion number in economic question. This research was an experiment in a senior high school in Bekasi. The sample of the research was obtained technically cluster random sampling. Data was analyzed by using one way analyzed of variance (ANOVA) 3 x 1 treatment by level design. The results of this research is rejected hypothesis based on ANOVA number significant (0.127) higher than degree freedom (0.005). The conclution is distractors proportion two, distractors proportion three, and distractors proportion four have same proportion that’s no different absolutely. The results of the reseach recommended that the teacher used distractors two, distractors three, and distractors four in the learning process.and paid attention to teacher competency for the readiness of student.
Nayab Iqbal, Kaukab Abid Azhar
JISAE: JOURNAL OF INDONESIAN STUDENT ASSESMENT AND EVALUATION, Volume 4, pp 83-96; doi:10.21009/jisae.042.06

Abstract:The research paper aims at studying the attitudes of the students of Islamic Learning and Education Faculty towards English Language at the University of Karachi. It is based on testing the hypothesis that the students of Islamic Learning Faculty have less positive attitudes towards English language as compared to the students of Education faculty through a survey on first year students of both the faculties. A five point Likert scale was used to conduct a survey on 151 students of the Islamic Learning faculty and 135 students of the Education faculty. The results were calculated using an independent t-test and standard deviation which reveals that there is a minor difference in the attitudes of the student of both the faculties. The students of the Education faculty show more positive attitudes when asked about the importance of English language as compared to the attitudes of the students of Islamic Learning Faculty. However, the difference in their attitude is negligible. As the results reveal minor association between the attitudes of the learners and their faculty therefore, the study proves the null hypothesis which says that there is no significant difference between the attitudes of the students of both the faculties.
Andi Taufiq Umar
JISAE: JOURNAL OF INDONESIAN STUDENT ASSESMENT AND EVALUATION, Volume 4, pp 22-29; doi:10.21009/jisae.041.03

Abstract:: This research is a type 2x2 factorial design that aims to see the correlation between problem solving model and scoring type of multiple choice formative test in improving students' HOTS capability in Chemistry lesson. Type of scoring test is divided into two sub-variables that scoring by scores and scores are appropriate while the learning model consists of problem solving model and direct learning model. The student's HOTS capability consists of three stages of cognitive namely analysis, evaluation, and synthesis by using choice of choice test with several HOTS answer choices that have been validated by experts and panelists. The population in this study is all students of SMA Negeri in East Luwu regency. Sampling was done by cluster random sampling with total sample of 80 students who were integrated into empathy groups consisting of 20 samples per group. The result of analysis shows that FO value in main effect test and interaction effect is bigger than Ftable value is 3,968 which show the influence of interacation between problem solving model and scoring type to students’s HOTS ability.
Sri Nawati
JISAE: JOURNAL OF INDONESIAN STUDENT ASSESMENT AND EVALUATION, Volume 4, pp 30-36; doi:10.21009/jisae.041.04

Abstract:This study aims to determine the success of the program through the correct mechanism for the preparation of supervision programs, supervision and supervisory reports conducted by elementary school supervisors in Paser Regency East Kalimantan. This is an evaluation research using Formative-Summative Model By Scriven, the subjects in this study are school supervisors, supervisor coordinators, teachers, and principals. Selection of informants in this study was conducted by purposive sampling of teachers and principals while supervisors became the main object in the study. Data analysis was done by qualitative descriptive analysis. The conclusion of the elementary school supervisory program in Paser Regency East Kalimantan is specifically through formative evaluation there has been deviation on the preparation, implementation, and reporting of the program results so that the result of summative evaluation shows the failure of the supervisor in conducting the supervision. In general, it can be concluded: 1) Elementary School Supervisor in Paser Regency has performed its duty in accordance with the regulation of the functional position of supervisor that is at least 10 schools. 2) Obstacles in the implementation of supervision of the supervisor have not been able to develop the program well. 3) Overall results of the implementation of the supervisory program cannot be used to formulate the success of education in Paser Regency East Kalimantan.
Norma - Muningsih
JISAE: JOURNAL OF INDONESIAN STUDENT ASSESMENT AND EVALUATION, Volume 4, pp 10-21; doi:10.21009/jisae.041.02

Abstract:This study aims to determine the cognitive structure of high school students of class XI with free word-association method in teaching chemistry at the material buffer solution. The research was conducted in the second semester with a sample of 37 students at SMAN 89 Jakarta. The method used is qualitative in interpretivism paradigm, focused on the analysis of cognitive structures using free word-association method in teaching chemistry. Data obtained by interview, documentation, observation and student assignments through free word-association. Instruments free word-association tests contain stimulus word of "buffer" to collect information about students' conceptual structure in the material buffer solution. The data were subject to content analysis and divided into categories through coding. Results of this study is there are five categories in the distribution of cognitive structures through free word-association test. These categories include the definition of a buffer solution, buffer solution properties, creation of buffer solution, pH buffer solution and calculate the buffer system in biological systems. The most dominant category is category nature buffer solution. The conclusion is that students have the cognitive structure of the most widely through recall or rote learning and there are learning difficulties experienced by students in learning material buffer solution.