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Haqiq Rahman Hutak, Daqiq Rahman Hotak
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 10, pp 94-105; doi:10.31033/ijemr.10.5.17

From an early age, human beings have been involved in a number of works and activities for the supply and continuing of life, the most important and main work was to trade. Ever since humans began social life, their business and trade relationships have been more significant due to meeting and needs of their lives alongside other human relationships. Day by day human communities expanded and the world divided into dependent and independent countries, and the countries considering to their needs and other effective factors developed their trade relationships with each other. Afghanistan and India from the early age considering to the Economical, Social, Cultural, Political and Geographical factors have followed the good trade relationships with each other and this trend is expanding and developing day by day. India is the second importer and exporter for Afghanistan and the main motivation behind this trade is some impactful factors (Economical, Social, Cultural, Political and Geographical factors) that based on them the trade relationships between India and Afghanistan is increasing and developing.
Abhijeet Bhattacharya
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 10, pp 106-109; doi:10.31033/ijemr.10.5.18

The goal of this study is to analyze the factors affecting violent crime rates in the US. It is hypothesized that an increase in the gun ownership rate tends to increase violent crimes in the US. It is hypothesized that urban areas in the US tend to have more violent crimes than rural areas. An OLS regression model is formulated using cross-sectional data set across 50 states and the District of Columbia for the year 2019. The endogenous variable is the violent crime rates per 100,000 inhabitants across 50 states and the District of Columbia. The independent variables used in the OLS regression model are population density per square mile, unemployment rate, percentage of the population living in poverty, and gun ownership rate. The four exogenous variables that are found to be statistically significant are gun ownership, unemployment rate, population density per square mile, and percentage of population living in property. An attempt is also made to formulate strategies that would help in reducing violent crime rates in the US.
Raunaq Dash, M Piyushkant
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 10, pp 110-118; doi:10.31033/ijemr.10.5.19

The purpose for developing this research paper was to get an in-depth understanding of the mechanisms, features, domains, etc. of social media advertisements, across social media platforms and how these specific things are influencing potential consumers in their buying behavior or in other words their purchase intention. The design of methodology is a mixture of exploratory research design and causal research design, (involving a questionnaire) as the study satisfies both mentioned research design protocols. The findings in terms of the responses (of the questionnaire) collected were intriguing as it depicted that some characteristics of social media advertisements had more impact in influencing their purchase intention, than some of the other. Consumers preferred certain attributes more than some other attributes pertaining to ads on their feeds. Thus, the study of their implications will provide valuable insights to any concerned party. The potential limitations of this research paper will be mainly that the respondents, demographic were limited to a certain figure thus a larger sample size, would make more sense in the future. Also, the practicability of developed hypothesis may vary according to circumstances, which act as a potential limitation. The practical implications of this study can act as a guideline to organizations looking to understand their consumer base, preferences over the social media domain, which could result in potentially building their brand equity.
Gaurav K Mangar, Ramandeep Singh Arneja, Deepti Thakur
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 10, pp 88-93; doi:10.31033/ijemr.10.5.16

Online Food Delivery channels have emerged in recent years which have made all the customers almost their slaves across India as most of us heavily rely upon them. At a lesser cost, these help us to order our food items with a wide variety of choice. When it comes to cost, Delivery charges play a major important factor in determining the price of different items through different online food channels.Customers as well as business houses now a days have a contemporary perception of delivery charges associated with such products and services available in the market This research paper explains the customer perception towards their ordering capacity when delivery charges are taken into consideration by them and more often are possibly changed by these food delivery partners. To study the customer perception, a sample size of 106 respondents was chosen and the data collected from such respondents was analyzed using Cross Tabulation and Chi Square Tests. It was elucidated from the analysis that for most of the customers delivery charges influences their capacity to order and most of the times customers have changed their mind to order online food when delivery charges are considerably high.
Isha Arora, Navjot Singh
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 10, pp 82-87; doi:10.31033/ijemr.10.5.15

A corporate’s insolvency can have catastrophic effects on not only the corporate but also on the returns of its lenders and investors. Predicting bankruptcy has been one of the most sought-after areas for researchers for many decades. This study involves predicting the bankruptcy of the United States corporates using financial ratios and news data. The financial ratios of the companies were extracted from yearly financial reports of the companies, and the news data of the companies was scrapped from online newspapers, reports and articles using Google News. The news data was analyzed for negative and positive sentiments. The sentiment scores, along with the financial ratios of the companies, were given as features to the machine learning models. Various models were analyzed for their results such as Random Forest, Logistic Regression and Support Vector Machines (SVM). The study finds the best results from the random forest model with an accuracy of 90%. Moreover, the significant feature importance of the sentiment score given by the model proves that unstructured data, such as news, can play a crucial part in predicting bankruptcy in conjunction with the structured data, such as financial ratios.
Charles Mazhazhate, Tapiwa C Mujakachi, Shakerod Munuhwa
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 10, pp 75-81; doi:10.31033/ijemr.10.5.14

Whilst literature has many monetary and economic policies that were enacted before and after the dawn of the New Dispensation in Zimbabwe the country still faces a downward trend in terms of economic recovery. This study reviews the various policies put in place by the government and their impact on socio-economic development of Zimbabwe. A review of Zimbabwe’s economic history shows that the country dropped from being one of the best economies in Sub-Saharan Africa and now ailing and characterised by hyperinflation, agricultural challenges, corruption, very high tax regime, huge domestic and foreign debts, increase in consumer prices and being a chief net importer of most goods or services. The study was underpinned by a case study survey from Singapore’s revival with both qualitative and quantitative instruments used. The study found out that even though the land reform had an impact on economic performance, corruption, party-power politics and absence of an economic institute eroded any necessary contribution to economic transformation and industrialization in Zimbabwe. The study also revealed that the bilateral and multi-lateral agreements that were enacted in the dawn of the new dispensation have not yielded the desired economic revival transformations. The study recommended establishment of an economic institute to direct policy as well as removal of unethical practices in both public and private sectors so as to ensure financial and economic discipline.
A. B. Nitalikar, R. D. Kulkarni, A. Z. Patel
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 10, pp 68-74; doi:10.31033/ijemr.10.5.13

This paper postulates the study of the structural analysis of steering yoke. In a steering system, steering column is one of the main device of an automobile. It is a very important to attain stability and steady movement of vehicle. The core part of steering column is manufactured through various processes such as hot forging, machining and assembly by welding. Power transmission system of vehicle consist several components which sometimes suffer from different stresses (failures) While a generalized case shall be taken up for study while pursuing dissertation work on this topic, the findings are expected to throw light on the causes, location and extent of stresses on the parts in the sub-assembly In this study, the nature and characteristics of stresses acting on the component by using software tools (for simulation/analysis) are carried out.
Noe P. Garcia, Roel D. Juevesa
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 10, pp 52-67; doi:10.31033/ijemr.10.5.12

This study determined the relationship of workplace spirituality, work well-being, and job satisfaction among faculty members in state universities and colleges (SUCs) in Region XII, Philippines. The descriptive survey and correlational design were used employing quantitative data. The data were gathered through the questionnaire and administered to the 234 respondents. The gathered data were analyzed through frequency, percentage, weighted mean, and Pearson (r) Coefficient Correlation. The findings of the study revealed that faculty members agreed that their workplace spirituality has a “very high” positive correlation to work well-being (Ho₁). It was also found out that faculty members agreed that their workplace spirituality has a “very high” correlation to job satisfaction (Ho₂). Given the overall results, the study recommends sustaining the workplace spirituality of the faculty members to remain high in their work well-being and job satisfaction.
Navendu Mishra, Jayant Sawarkar, Suraj Dubey
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 10, pp 46-51; doi:10.31033/ijemr.10.5.11

Managing large chain of Hotels and ERP database comprises of core areas such as HRMS & PIP.HRMS (Human Resource Management System), which further includes areas such as Soft Joining, Promotion, Transfer, Confirmation, Leave Attendance and Exit, etc. PIP (Payroll Information Portal), wherein employees can view their individual Salary details, submit investment declaration, Reimbursement claim & CTC structuring, etc. Management of Large Chain of Hotels and ERP Database in AWS Cloud involves continuous monitoring with regards to the areas such as Performance of resource usages and optimization techniques relating to the use of PL/SQL. High Availability (HA) of data is accomplished through the Backup and Recovery mechanism and security of the data by Encryption & Decryption mechanism.
Israa M. Al-Dulaimi, Ayman Khalil
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume 10, pp 40-45; doi:10.31033/ijemr.10.5.10

Vehicles in a vehicular ad-hoc network (VANET) broadcast information about the driving environment in the road. Due to the open-access environment, this means that the VANET is susceptible to security and privacy issues. However, none of the related works satisfies all security and privacy requirements. Besides, their proposed has huge overhead in terms of computation and communication. The present paper is a provide a thorough background on VANETs and their entities; different security attacks; and all requirements of the privacy and security for VANETs. This paper may serve as a guide and reference for VANETs in the design and implementation of any new techniques for protection and privacy.
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