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Norma Eralita, Siti Khuzaimah
Eksakta : Berkala Ilmiah Bidang MIPA, Volume 21, pp 85-97; doi:10.24036/eksakta/vol21-iss2/239

This research aims to study the production of essential oil from Piper Cubeba using the solvent-free microwave extraction (SFME) method. Before extraction, the raw materials are prepared in the form of grains and powders to vary the size of the raw materials. Time variation was carried out at microwave power 180 Watt Analyses were then performed on the resulting essential oil using both physical and chemical tests of density and solubility with 96% alcohol. Analyses of chemical compounds within the essential oil were then performed using the Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS). It was found that the production of essential oil from Piper Cubeba using the SFME method was affected by microwave power, grain size, and treatment duration. Results from physical and chemical analyses revealed that the resulting cubeb oil has 0.86 g/mL density, which means that essential oil produced using the SFME method is lighter compared than those produced using MAHD methods. Results from GC-MS analyses showed eight components detected from the production of essential oil from Piper cubeba using the SFMEmethod; Copaene (39.28%), Cubebene (23.83%), Isoledene (11.66%), Naphthalene (6.65%), Phellandrene (5.81%), Asarone (5.71%), Cadidene (4.90%), and Caryophyllene (2.16%) which contents belong to the sesquiterpene group
Sherli Yurinanda, Cut Multahadah, Reni Aryani
Eksakta : Berkala Ilmiah Bidang MIPA, Volume 21, pp 110-123; doi:10.24036/eksakta/vol21-iss2/244

Jambi Province is one of the province in western Indonesia, which was affected by COVID-19 in March and until mid-September the number confirmed positive reached 345 people. Until now COVID-19 has become a pandemic.Based on this data, it is necessary to predict the number of COVID-19 in Jambi Province, including every district in Jambi city. Double exponential smoothing: The Holt two-parameter method determines the value of the trend with a tang parameter different from the parameter used in the original series. The principle of forecasting using multiple exponential smoothing: The Holt two-parameter method uses two smoothing constants with values between 0 and 1. Based on the results of forecasting using the double exponential smoothing by Holt method, it can be seen that the number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in each region in Jambi Province continues to increase. This case is estimated to increase to 352 people in mid-October.
Reni Susanti, Ramadhan Sumarmin
Eksakta : Berkala Ilmiah Bidang MIPA, Volume 21, pp 148-154; doi:10.24036/eksakta/vol21-iss2/228

Anuran is an animal with a short body size, wide and stiff. The head and body are united and have no tail. Ecologically, Anuran plays an important role in the food chain as secondary consumers. It is known that all types of Anuran are carnivores with a diet such as arthropods and worms. This study aims to determine the natural food preferences of F. cancrivora and F. limnocharis on the West Coast of Sumatra Island. This research is a descriptive study which was conducted in 3 stages, namely the first stage of taking Anuran in the field, the second stage of washing the stomach and the third stage of identifying the type of feed. The results showed that the type of feed that was mostly found in the stomachs of the two frogs was the Hymenoptera order from the Insect class. The overlapping niche values ​​of the two types of frogs in the village of Setara Nanggalo show a highly competitive tendency, the conclusion is that these two types of Anuran food have the same diet and are sympathetic populations.
Fatma Suryani Harahap, Adi Syaputra
Eksakta : Berkala Ilmiah Bidang MIPA, Volume 21, pp 131-138; doi:10.24036/eksakta/vol21-iss2/225

The presence of heavy metals in waters can be sourced from mining, household, agricultural waste and industrial wastes. Some heavy metals are toxic such as Cu, Hg, and Pb can accumulate in aquatic sediments. Sediments that are contaminated with heavy metals will endanger the organisms that live in them. This research aims to identify the concentrations of heavy metals Cu, Hg, and Pb in sediments in the Batang Ayumi River. This research uses a descriptive exploratory method by conducting a survey in advance. Determination of sampling locations using purposive sampling method at four determined stations. This research uses an Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer. Data analysis was performed by comparing the test result data with the quality standards issued by the IADC / CEDA. The test results show that the concentration of Cu, Hg and Pb in the sediment has a value smaller than the target level value, so the substance in the sediment is not too dangerous for the environment.
Witriani Marvinatur Ihsan, Ratnawulan Ratnawulan
Eksakta : Berkala Ilmiah Bidang MIPA, Volume 21, pp 98-109; doi:10.24036/eksakta/vol21-iss2/235

In the South Coastal Forest area, West Sumatra, a luminous mushroom with the species Neonothopanus Sp. This research was conducted with the aim of seeing the effect of heavy metals on the bioluminescence reaction of luminous mushrooms. Starting from the effect of heavy metal concentrations on the intensity and inhibition coefficient of luminous mushroom biolumination. From the measurement results, the maximum intensity value of luminous mushrooms is 499.6 au occurring at a wavelength of 505 nm. At a wavelength of 505 nm, visible light is produced in green. The results obtained are in accordance with observations, because the light emitted by the glowing mushroom is green. If the concentration of heavy metals is greater, the intensity of the bioluminescent fungus (Neonothopanus sp) will decrease. The type of heavy metal affects the intensity of the fungus biolumination. The greatest decrease in intensity occurred in copper (Cu) and iron (Fe), zinc (Zn) and lead (Pb). If the heavy metal concentration is greater, the inhibition coefficient will be smaller. The greatest inhibition coefficient due to the presence of heavy metals occurs in copper (Cu) then iron (Fe), zinc (Zn) and the smallest is lead (Pb).
Januar Sahri, Nurul Ihsan, Bafirman Bafirman, Asep Sujana Wahyuri
Eksakta : Berkala Ilmiah Bidang MIPA, Volume 21, pp 139-147; doi:10.24036/eksakta/vol21-iss2/226

This study aims to design an agility test instrument based on sensor technology that is specifically designed to suit the conditions of pencak silat athletes in the field. This research method is Research and Development with the research development steps Borg and Gall. The sample for the small-scale trial was 100 people, while the large-scale trial sample was 120 people. The sample of this study were athletes at Padang State University aged 19-23 years. Based on the development, the resulting tool is a prototype in the form of a rectangular 8 measuring 1x1 M and has 8 sensors in each corner which functions to calculate the number of steps of the athlete's stance which describes his agility. Expert validation shows that the percentage of the assessment is 91% which means that this measuring instrument has the category of "Good/feasible". Reliability with thetechnique test and retest obtained the r value of small and large group trials for men and women with the "High" category, obtained a practical value of 88.75%, the effectiveness value of 95%. The conclusion is that this instrument is good to use as a measuring tool to measure agility.
A. Mohamad Boynawan, Ratnaningsih Ratnaningsih, Windi Kurnia P, Yulita Ika P, Asep Hapiddin, Muhammad Azzumar
Eksakta : Berkala Ilmiah Bidang MIPA, Volume 21, pp 77-84; doi:10.24036/eksakta/vol21-iss2/241

National Measurement Standards-National Standardization Agency of Indonesia (SNSU-BSN) as the National Metrology Institute of Indonesia has provided time and frequency calibration services for customers. Time and frequency equipment should be calibrated to traceable to the SI units. The calibration process can be carried out in a calibration laboratory. However, some measuring devices cannot be sent to the calibration laboratory. One of the devices that cannot be sent to the calibration laboratory is Cesium atomic clock. It must be calibrated to get the time difference with the local coordinated universal time (UTC), namely UTC(IDN). Therefore, to calibrate the Cesium atomic clock, a remote calibration method is needed. The remote system is also intended to conduct the calibration more effectively and efficiently. This method requires two Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver devices placed on the client-side and a calibration laboratory. For this reason, an algorithm for remote calibration has been developed. The algorithm has been tested to calibrate Cesium-3 of SNSU-BSN against UTC(IDN). The time difference between Cesium-3 and UTC(IDN) was 5.8 microseconds by using the algorithm. Based on the algorithm that has been built, it was concluded that the algorithm can be used to perform remote calibration for the related customer.
Mhd Zalil Efendi, Ramadhan Sumarmin, M. Syukri Fadil
Eksakta : Berkala Ilmiah Bidang MIPA, Volume 21, pp 124-130; doi:10.24036/eksakta/vol21-iss2/230

Torch ginger has a wide range of good antimicrobial, antioxidant, anticancer, larvicidal and repellent activities. Active compounds in Torch ginger that affect pharmacological activities are phenols, polyphenols, flavonoids, and terpenoids. Based on these ingredients Torch ginger can be used to heal wounds. This study aims to observe the effect of Torch ginger Umbut extract on wound healing in mice. This study hopes to add information about the effect of Torch ginger umbut extract on the healing of cuts in mice so that it can be another alternative for wound healing and can be a reference for other researchers. This study used a completely randomized design with 5 treatments and 3 replications. Tests carried out on adult male mice. The results showed that the optimal wound healing in P2 is treatment with 10% Torch ginger umbut extract which requires a range of wound healing 7-8 days. Based on these results, Torch ginger umbut extract can heal wounds.
Zasmeli Suhaemi, Sari Gando Hayati
Eksakta : Berkala Ilmiah Bidang MIPA, Volume 21, pp 70-76; doi:10.24036/eksakta/vol21-iss2/240

Colocasia esculenta is the plants feed ingredients shown to reduce the cholesterol content of livestock products, such as in ducks. This study aims to examine the use of Colocasia esculenta Scho. plant in local duck rations on egg production, and the content of cholesterol and triglycerides. As a treatment in this study were the level of use of Colocasia esculenta meal (CM), 0%, 5%, 10%, 15% and 20%, with 4 replications, which designed with a completely randomized design. As many as 80 ducks in the laying period were used, ranging in age from 19 to 30 weeks. The data obtained showed that an increasing level of CM up to 10% resulted in increased egg production, egg weight and decreased feed convertion ratio. Conversely, the blood and yolk total cholesterol and triglyceride content actually decreased until the level CM was 20%. It was concluded that the use of CM up to a level of 10% could improve the performance of egg production, and the use of up to a level of 20% decreased the cholesterol and triglyceride content of blood and egg yolk. This is an important role about those subject for required healthy food for human nutrition
Badrulfalah Badrulfalah, Iis Irianingsih, Khafsah Joebaedi
EKSAKTA: Berkala Ilmiah Bidang MIPA, Volume 21, pp 24-28; doi:10.24036/eksakta/vol21-iss1/217

This paper discusses a nonlinear boundary value problem of system with rectangular coefficients of the form with boundary conditions of the form A(t)x' + B(t)x = f(t,x) and which is is a real matrix with whose entries are continuous on the form B1x(to)=a and B2x(T)=b which is A(t) is a real m n matri with m > n matrix with m > n whose entries are continuous on J = [to,T] and f E C[J x Rn, Rn]. B1, B2 are nonsingular matrices such that and are constant vectors, especially about the proof of the uniqueness of its solution. To prove it, we use Moore-Penrose generalized inverse and method of variation of parameters to find its solution. Then we show the uniqueness of it by using fixed point theorem of contraction mapping. As the result, under a certain condition, the boundary value problem has a unique solution.
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