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Naushin Nazifa Islam
IJOLTL-TL (Indonesian Journal of Language Teaching and Linguistics), Volume 5, pp 135-154; https://doi.org/10.30957/ijoltl.v5i3.633

Along with the subsequent development in the field of English Language Teaching, the idea of methods has been criticized for not being sensitive to the contextual factors and also for being imperialistic in nature. The linguistic and cultural dimensions of archetypal methods establish the culture and language of the native speakers as the only erudite variety by promoting monoculturalism and monolingualism. Furthermore, even in Bangladesh, it can be seen that CLT has been applied as a method to teach English as a foreign/second language since the mid-nineties, but it has not brought any significant changes. Therefore, to overcome the obstacles and limitations experienced by the application of the prototypical methods, the notion of postmethod pedagogy has been introduced which focuses on the significance of contextualized materials to bring authenticity in English language classrooms, which in turn ensures learners’ motivation and successful intake of the lesson. At the same time, it also emphasizes the importance of teacher and learner autonomy. Hence, this research paper explores the scopes of the implementation of postmethod pedagogy and its effectiveness at the tertiary level English language classrooms in Bangladesh.
Noor Mardliyah
IJOLTL-TL (Indonesian Journal of Language Teaching and Linguistics), Volume 5, pp 199-214; https://doi.org/10.30957/ijoltl.v5i3.637

This study aims to find out whether the implementation of TGT can improve students’ speaking ability and activity in grade IX-D of MTs Negeri 2 Kudus. This is a classroom action research. This research was carried out in several cycles. Each cycle consists of planning, implementing, observing, and reflecting. The variables of this study comprise of student achievement and teacher activity. The results showed the teacher's performance increased according to the criteria on the indicator, which was shown in cycle I was sufficient and cycle II to be good. Student activities during learning are very good, in the first cycle with a percentage of 66.67% and the second cycle with a percentage of 93.33%. The students’ speaking achievement is shown by the average of students’ evaluation result in the first cycle (6.85) and the second cycle is 8.63. In the first cycle the students who finished learning were 14 students or 46.67% and those who did not complete as many as 16 students or 53.33%, and classical learning completeness 46.67%. In cycle II there were 30 students who had finished learning and none of them had finished learning, and classical learning completeness was 100.00%. This means that the results of the second cycle evaluation are better (increased) than the first cycle and need not be continued in the next cycle. The learning model of Team Game Tournament (TGT) is relatively high, reaching 81.73%.
Isma Farikha Latifatun Nuzulia, Istiqomah Wulandari
IJOLTL-TL (Indonesian Journal of Language Teaching and Linguistics), Volume 5, pp 169-182; https://doi.org/10.30957/ijoltl.v5i3.635

The aim of this research is to define a linguistic framework based on Donald Trump's manuscript at the 2017 General Assembly since Trump is an influential person in the world and it was essential to note how the impact of his speech could have a strong effect on audiences. This research uses a descriptive qualitative approach to analyze and describe the types of lexical cohesion of HallidayHasan (1976) and Renkema's Theory (2004). In regard, the researchers analyze the most frequently known types of lexical cohesion following the analysis of the data and drawing conclusions based on the results. The findings showed that 80 data were found and 36 data included repetitions, 10 synonyms, 2 general terms, 3 superordinates, 10 collocations, 5 hyponymies, 6 antonyms, 27 anaphoras, and no cataphora and metonymy found in this analysis. After analyzing the results, the most dominant type found was repetition, which meant emphasizing their speech to show how powerful the American and show profound admiration for others.
IJOLTL-TL (Indonesian Journal of Language Teaching and Linguistics), Volume 5, pp 183-198; https://doi.org/10.30957/ijoltl.v5i3.636

This study aims to improve the students’ outcomes in learning to write English procedural texts through the Picture Word Inductive Model (PWIM). The research subjects were 27 students of MTs Negeri 1 Jepara. This research was conducted in 3 cycles in which the students worked in groups of four. In first cycle, the students describe a picture of a certain food or drink menu using the PWIM, while in second cycle the students explain the procedure of making food/drink recipes as in cycle 1. In the third cycle, the students ask for or provide information on food/beverage recipes using the PWIM. Data collection was carried out simultaneously with observation during the action, while the data analysis was carried out simultaneously at the time of reflection on the action. From the results of analysis/reflection, it reveals whether the action will be terminated (if it has reached the target) or continues to achieve the target. The data analysis was performed using the triangulation method. The results showed that there was an increase in student learning outcomes in participating in learning English writing with the PWIM. In the original situation, there were only 8 students (22.22%) out of 27 students who could describe certain objects/people/ places. In the first cycle of action, there were 10 students (37.04%) who could make the procedure text more correctly. In the second cycle, 17 students (62.96%) could write procedural texts correctly. In the third cycle, there was an increase in student learning outcomes. There were 27 students (100%) who could write the procedural text correctly.
Seyed Mohammad Hassan Hosseini
IJOLTL-TL (Indonesian Journal of Language Teaching and Linguistics), Volume 5, pp 155-168; https://doi.org/10.30957/ijoltl.v5i3.634

This paper attempts to throw into sharp relief my liberal instructional approach, Competitive Team-Based Learning, and shed light on its design, objective, syllabus, materials, and tasks. It also gives a glimpse of the significance of my pedagogical approach for today's world context of globalization, which is characterized by despotism, capitalism, and imperialism. Most importantly, the paper explicates the howabouts of my liberating approach transforming power and highlights its distinguishing features and characteristics with reference to the present methods and approaches like CLT and particularly CL methods.
, M. Khoirul Mufid, Eny Maulita Purnama Sari
IJOLTL-TL (Indonesian Journal of Language Teaching and Linguistics), Volume 5, pp 15-28; https://doi.org/10.30957/ijoltl.v5i1.612

This present study tries to investigate the students’ writing performance to know whether interlanguage fossilization is occurring or not. The primary goal of this research is to give information relating to interlanguage fossilization in students’ writing performance of the English Education Study Program of IAIN JuraiSiwo Metro. This research is qualitative research. It is used to describe interlanguage fossilization that occurred in students’ writing performance. The writer uses observation, documentation, and interview to collect the data. Purposive sampling is the technique for choosing the ten students of the sixth and the eight-semester of English Education Study Program of IAIN JuraiSiwo Metro in the Academic Year of 2017/2018. The result of this research shows that there are two types of interlanguage fossilization that are commonly produced by students’ writing performance. They are syntactical fossilization and morphological fossilization. Syntactical fossilization consists of 71,86% and morphological fossilization consists of 28,14%. Moreover, the interlanguage fossilization phenomenon in students’ writing performance is caused by the students’ low English proficiency. Therefore, students should be more active to improve their English ability.
IJOLTL-TL (Indonesian Journal of Language Teaching and Linguistics), Volume 5, pp 1-14; https://doi.org/10.30957/ijoltl.v5i1.611

The objective of this research was aimed to investigate the effect of peer review on students’ motivation and ability in writing recount text. The method of the research was a quasi-experimental design with a control and experimental group and a post-test only. The population of this research was the entire eight grade students of SMPN 1 Tanggunggunung. The cluster random sampling was used in the sampling technique. There were two classes of eight grade students as the sample of this research. They were VIII D that consists of 32 students as the control class and VIII G that consists of 30 students as the experimental class. Tests and questionnaires were the instruments of this research. The data collected from the tests were analyzed by using independent sample t-test and MANOVA through SPSS. Results show that the independent sample t-test was 0.001 for motivation and 0.000 for the writing ability. Moreover, the result of the MANOVA test was 0.000. The results were consulted to the score of the significant value generated Sig. (P-value) < α = 0.05. Thus, Ho was rejected and Ha was accepted. In other words, the result of the study revealed that peer review gave a significant effect on the students’ motivation and ability in writing recount text. It can be concluded that there is a significant effect on the students’ writing motivation and writing ability who taught using peer review.
Budi Rahayu
IJOLTL-TL (Indonesian Journal of Language Teaching and Linguistics), Volume 5, pp 51-64; https://doi.org/10.30957/ijoltl.v5i1.615

This study aims at comparing the TOEFL scores of the English Department students at the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Cenderawasih University. The questions that need to be answered are first, whether there are any differences of TOEFL scores amongst English department students from different semesters. Secondly, whether there are any different scores between male and female students, third between the students with different learning backgrounds, and forth between students with different levels of interest in English. The participants are the students of semester 2, semester 4, semester 6, and semester 8, commencing in the academic year 2017/2018. TOEFL prediction test was given to the participants to get the scores. The scores of each variable were then compared by the application of ANOVA and t-test. The result of this study can give a picture of how English teaching can be improved.
IJOLTL-TL (Indonesian Journal of Language Teaching and Linguistics), Volume 5, pp 45-50; https://doi.org/10.30957/ijoltl.v5i1.614

This research study Exploring the use of the TPACK framework in listening classrooms. This research focuses on how the teacher develops instrument design in listening classroom with the TPACK framework. Data collection consisted of classroom observation, a checklist with indicator guide and field notes Findings the result there is different the teacher 1 and 2 with developing instrument design in listening classroom with TPACK Framework. The different teacher 1 dominant with CK ( content knowledge) and PK ( pedagogical knowledge) and able to is able to design lesson plan involved technology, taught used technology that appropriates with learning material, and she manages the class by using technology. This the conclusion of the research in SMA Budi Bakti about developing instrument design in the listening classroom with TPACK framework
, Muhassin Muhassin
IJOLTL-TL (Indonesian Journal of Language Teaching and Linguistics), Volume 5, pp 29-44; https://doi.org/10.30957/ijoltl.v5i1.613

This Research is against the backdrop of demand in mastering English. EFL teacher becomes one of the main important parts of teaching-learning English to handle a certain role in maximal the students’ achievement. The students’ achievement here means not only someone that has a lot of knowledge and high value but also someone that can give a positive contribution to other people. Because of that, the teachers have a big responsibility to facilitate students in learning. One of the facilitation of teaching-learning that has to be prepared by teachers is media. This study aims to investigate the teachers’ perceptions of ELT media. This study is classified into three main dimensions of perception proposed by Vernon (1987) namely understanding, outlook and action. By conducting a survey study, the researcher collected, analyzed, elaborated and eventually drew conclusions dealing with the teachers’ perceptions of ELT media. The main data of this study were collected with an interview and a questionnaire, which was distributed to 29 English teachers in the city of Tulungagung. The findings showed that Media is able to be a benefit for both teachers and students, be applicable to every class. To select criteria of Media is based on Media Mastery or flexibility due to different reference and less facility. Besides that, The teachers have positive responses towards the two of the dimensions, understanding, and view. The teachers, however, do not show positive responses toward the action. However, in general, the English teachers’ perceptions of ELT media in this study were categorized as a good perception. In other words, all the teachers have a positive perception of ELT media.
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