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Cui Huang
English Language and Literature Studies, Volume 11; https://doi.org/10.5539/ells.v11n4p1

Spatial relation is a basic existent relation in the objective world, and in English, prepositions are the important spatial terms to describe spatial relations people perceive. Using Langacker’s trajector-landmark theory from cognitive grammar, this paper attempts to analyze the cognitive process of the six main spatial meaning of English preposition across based on the entries collected by the Collins Dictionary, with data from the the Leeds Collection of Internet Corpora. The findings can be concluded: (1) The use of across should include at least a tr and a lm, and the lm cannot be covert. (2) The spatial relations across contains could be divided into simple atemporal relation and complex atemporal relation. (3) The tr in some dynamic relation of across sometimes will represent some kind of schema, such as source-path-goal schema.
Julie Prathibha Leo
English Language and Literature Studies, Volume 11; https://doi.org/10.5539/ells.v11n4p17

The foundation of Dubliners of James Joyce was laid on the cross-pollination of Freudian and Kantian theories. Cross-pollination of Kantian imperatives and Freudian psyche is conspicuous in ‘Eveline’ and ‘Painful case’ in Dubliners, where lies the focal point of this analysis. Cross-pollination is highly obvious in the protagonists of two short stories ‘Eveline’ and ‘Painful case’. Psychological and scientific analysis of the characters brought the embedded cross-pollination into the limelight. For Freud, humans exist as a composite of a natural, biological matrix (termed unconsciousness) and another part, the conscious ego (Tauber, 2009). Sigmund Freud’s super-ego is the womb of guilt feeling, which functioned so well in the characters of Joyce. The explicit dilemma of Eveline and the implicit dilemma of Mr. Duffy have been analyzed through the lens of Kantian imperatives.
Jian Li
English Language and Literature Studies, Volume 11; https://doi.org/10.5539/ells.v11n4p22

Under the new form of education, the continuation writing task is officially incorporated into college entrance examination English. This is a collision of imitation and innovation, and it is a very good direction of education and teaching. But at the same time, it brings challenges to both English teachers and students who have been stuck in the rigid writing mode. Therefore, they should change writing patterns, select high-quality composition materials reasonably, and set up interesting plots. Then, teachers should organize valid information to improve the students’ self-improvement levels. Finally, they should integrate high-quality articles to stimulate writing interest and enthusiasm, thus promoting students’ continuation wring abilities.
Chunxia Lu
English Language and Literature Studies, Volume 11; https://doi.org/10.5539/ells.v11n4p8

Argumentative writing plays an important role in higher education with college students needing to know how to compose persuasive arguments for academic and career purposes. While writing an argumentative essay, Chinese college students not only face the challenges of the activity itself but also the difficulties of writing in a foreign language. To facilitate their argumentative writing, a revised six-element argumentative model based on Toulmin’s framework infused with critical thinking skills was taught to 30 students in an English course at a Chinese Teacher-training University. Using an argumentative essay test in a pre- and post-test design, it was found that the students’ holistic argumentative writing ability significantly improved after the intervention. However, the students’ ability to rebut remained weak.
QiQi Wang, Jun Gao
English Language and Literature Studies, Volume 11; https://doi.org/10.5539/ells.v11n3p77

Poetic line drawing is a great challenge in translation since its simplicity and realism not only use the simplest words to concisely depict the fact but also enable readers to understand in numerous ways. Taking Tianjingsha·Qiusi as an example, this paper discusses the translation strategies of line drawing in poetry from the perspective of transitivity. By the comparison of three translations, it is found that line drawing can trigger multiple processes in the mental cognition of readers, and in most cases, different translators tend to maintain a certain process type and abandon others, which might lead to some loss of the poem’s original charm and the translation turns out to be inaccurate. However, our study shows that such loss can be remedied through form equivalence strategy, for neither of the process types can be representative of all but only form equivalence can generate the same effect of the original poem.
Xinlu Zhang, Jingxiang Cao
English Language and Literature Studies, Volume 11; https://doi.org/10.5539/ells.v11n3p55

Anger as one of the basic emotions has attracted much attention. In the construction of “Anger adjectives + prepositions”, the temporal duration of the Anger adjectives is closely related to their prepositional collocates. Differences in the use of the Anger adjectives and their prepositional collocates might be captured in the world English varieties. The corpora used in this study cover eight varieties of English. The five varieties of English used in Canada, Philippines, Singapore, India and Nigeria are from the International Corpus of English (ICE). The China English corpus (ChiE) consists of news texts crawled from six Chinese English media. American English is taken from the Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA) and British English is taken from British National Corpus (BNC). By investigating the use of the Anger adjectives and their prepositional collocates in the eight varieties of English, this paper finds that, on the continuums of the temporal duration of Anger adjectives, most varieties of English are closer to American English, whereas only Singapore English is close to British English. The distribution of Anger adjectives in the English varieties is largely in accordance with the Concentric Circles of world Englishes whereas the continuums of the temporal duration of emotions present a new insight into their relations.
Cuiping Niu
English Language and Literature Studies, Volume 11; https://doi.org/10.5539/ells.v11n3p66

The outbreak and quick spread of COVID-19 quickly shut down almost all educational institutions in different parts the world by mid-March, 2020, presenting severe challenges to educators all over the world. The paper investigated the teaching situation of elementary schools in China and the United States during the epidemic period. The results show that the common challenges faced by the two countries in distance education are: 1) Elementary school students are young and have poor self-control ability, which requires close supervision and cooperation from parents; 2) Teachers’ information technology level is limited, lack of network teaching ability. There are some problems in Distance Education in American elementary schools, such as parents can’t urge students to study at home, digital technology inequality, low online attendance rate and so on, which further exposed the unfair problems in education. The problem of distance learning in elementary schools in China is that the learning resources are mainly subject knowledge, and the ability and methods of teachers to serve students’ autonomous learning are insufficient. American distance learning experience is to make full use of the rich network learning resources and professional distance teaching platform, and pay attention to the cultivation of students’ network autonomous learning ability. China’s distance teaching experience is to give play to the advantages of centralized management, organize famous teachers to record high quality courses, establish the Air Classroom platform, and provide high-quality classroom teaching resources. Therefore, basic education institutions in both countries should strengthen the training of teachers’ distance learning ability, improve the information-based teaching environment, learn from the experiences of both sides, and explore an effective mode of integrating online and offline education resources, so as to meet the challenges of basic education in the post epidemic era.
Tingting Zhou
English Language and Literature Studies, Volume 11; https://doi.org/10.5539/ells.v11n3p45

The development of genetic science brings forth a third group besides the healthy and the ill: the high-risk group who carries certain disease-related genes. In the era of genetics, people try to assess risks with statistical numbers and eliminate risks by Western medical measures. In this context, personal genetic risk narratives (usually in the form of memoirs) emerged in Great Britain and America in the 1990s. The thesis has a close reading of three British and American genetic risk memoirs and wants to find the characteristics and values of the new genre. The memoirs are featured by their vivid description of the narrator’s difficult and complex situation in face of genetic risks. In an era when the body is dominated by statistical numbers, these narratives make personal meaning of impersonal statistics. Genetic risk narratives express a strong belief in genetic technology and Western medical myth. However, the narrative divergence and self-contradiction in the memoirs exposes the limitation of genetic determinism and thus deconstructs the Western medical myth.
Xiaohong Fan, Xinfan Yang
English Language and Literature Studies, Volume 11; https://doi.org/10.5539/ells.v11n3p49

On the basis of the relevant research status at home and abroad and in-depth study of the drama texts, combining with Chinese and Western cultural traditions, social backgrounds, and the creative thoughts of playwrights, this paper compares and analyzes the similar characteristics, different artistic functions and underlying reasons of the “garden” image and the “forest” image in Tang Xianzu’s and Shakespeare’s plays.
Aliaa Aloufi
English Language and Literature Studies, Volume 11; https://doi.org/10.5539/ells.v11n3p40

Orthography is an undeniably unique human achievement; this work aims to provide a comprehensive overview of this achievement, by clarifying the concept of orthography and acknowledging its significance. Besides that, it demonstrates the broader types of orthographies that will face any foreign language learner—language orthography and linguistic orthography—and highlights the distinction between the two. In addition to discussing relevant work on orthography, it concludes with an evaluation of the two types, highlighting the differences in many aspects that are related to function, development and usage. Such work will enhance our understanding of orthography and surely contribute, not only to linguistic, but also to language research in general.
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