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Henny Yulia
ETERNAL (English Teaching Journal), Volume 11; doi:10.26877/eternal.v11i1.6068

In March 2020 almost all cities in Indonesia face the scary viruses namely corona. The speed of the viruses spread influences all aspects of life without exception. Education system is one of the crucial things which is influenced by this virus. Whether want or not, the educators must change their way of teaching. Face to face in the class must be avoided. The purpose of this study is to clarify ways of corona virus pandemic reshape education. This study also explains about kinds of online learning which are used by the educators in the era of pandemic corona viruses in the world and the strategies to improve online teaching when university is closed. The advantages of using them are also clarified. In addition, the writer try to gain the information about the effectiveness of using online learning to teach.
Yosephin Wl Maria, Siti Musarokah, Asysyifa Dinar Prashanty
ETERNAL (English Teaching Journal), Volume 11; doi:10.26877/eternal.v11i1.6072

The study aims at knowing the use of technology in teaching learning process of pre-service teachers of English Study Program of Universitas PGRI Semarang. The subjects of the study are the eight semester students which are Pre-service teachers of the English Study Program of Universitas PGRI Semarang in the academic year 2018/2019. The instrument used in the study is questionnaire. The techniques used in the study are sharing the questionnaire to the eight semester students through WhatsApp to know what kinds of technology used by them are and interview to know how their perception of the use of technology in teaching learning process is. The qualitative data are analyzed by reducing the data, classifying the data and drawing conclusion. The result of the study shows that Pre-service teachers tend to use same kinds of technology in teaching learning process, and they have an opinion that technology is really important for the teachers and for students.
Alek Andika, Endah Mitsalina
ETERNAL (English Teaching Journal), Volume 11; doi:10.26877/eternal.v11i1.6064

Mastery of English as an international language is a necessity at this time. Indonesia as a member of the AEC (ASEAN Economic Community) should properly prepare for this challenge by preparing a capable and skilled generation of the nation. English is an international language that is very important for communication and connecting people with the world in various aspects including education. The government shows its seriousness in improving English language skills to the nation's generation, namely by requiring English at the educational level. In reality, there are various difficulties faced by students when learning English, especially in learners / students who are not from the English department called ESP (English for Specific Purposes) Learners. This study aims to explore deeper into the variety of difficulties faced by students in learning English in students of Indonesian Language Education Study Program at FKIP University of Ma'arif NU Kebumen. This study uses a qualitative approach with questionnaire instruments, observation and in-depth interview. Analysis of research data was carried out through three stages, namely data reduction, data presentation and conclusion drawing. The results of this study indicate that research subjects face a variety of difficulties learning English, namely: 1) lack of student confidence, 2) students rarely use English in daily life and, 3) lack of vocabulary mastery.
Muktamir Muktamir
ETERNAL (English Teaching Journal), Volume 11; doi:10.26877/eternal.v11i1.6067

Debate is supposed to be an excelent model of an analytical and communicative process that students learned. In this activity , students have much more opportunities to explore their speaking ability and to share argument critilly and cooperatively. The aim of the research was to describe the application of English debate to enhanced student’s speaking ability. The research design was classroom action research conducted in two cycles with two meeeting each. Each cycles consisted of planning , implementation, observation, and reflection. While for data collection, the research used some intruments i.e observation both in preliminary study and in the action , journal , questionnaire and handy cam. The finding showed that after cycle II was implemented, there were 25 from 34 students who actively participated in the speaking activity , and the average score of the students speaking ability could reach 9 the students questionnaires about the english debate showed that the students felt more confident to speak after the implementation of english debate, and even debate could be very satisfying and entertaining.
Dian Safitri
ETERNAL (English Teaching Journal), Volume 11; doi:10.26877/eternal.v11i1.6066

This study is a content analysis which aims at identifying sexist language types which exist in Interlanguage for Science and Social Study Programme Grade XII, revealing how gender roles are communicated as appropriate by the textbook, and how the textbook’s writers reflect gender equality. The result of this study showed that the type of sexist language which exists in the textbook is only “men as standard”. In addition, how this textbook communicates female gender roles as appropriate are by exposing contents which suggest that women cannot use their womb and brain at the same time, women are different from men, women cannot be both feminine and competent at the same time, and women will become less valuable as they age. Concerning men, the contents imply that men are physically strong, men must be successful in holding their professions, men must be the head of his family who have to earn money for the family, men must act independently, and men must be heterosexual and sexually active. Hence, it can be said that the writers of this textbook do not reflect gender equality. Therefore, the way how the writers reflect gender equality was not revealed. Further, the result of this study will be great interest to syllabus designers in composing the content of the textbooks. It is essential for them to take into account the learners’ gender equality in all forms because the instructional objectives of an educational program will not be achieved unless they do so.
Liya Umaroh, Yani Parti Astuti, Egia Rosi Subhiyakto
ETERNAL (English Teaching Journal), Volume 11; doi:10.26877/eternal.v11i1.6071

Since the governmnet proclaimed to WFH (Work From Home) during Covid-19 outbreak, online learning has fully implemented across the entiry universities. Lecturers are forced in technological literacy. Start to prepare all teaching materials, assesments, and evaluation. Therefore designing E-learning is highly worthwhile through collaborative research , between English lecturer and Information Technology lecturers. Prototyping is used for research method. The design process begins with requirements, quick design, built prototype, user evaluation, refining prototype, implement and maintain. Furthermore the main purpose of this research is designing a listening quiz through android based application and it is expected that the application will be used to assess listening class during online learning.
Nurcahya Nurcahya, Ikariya Sugesti
ETERNAL (English Teaching Journal), Volume 11; doi:10.26877/eternal.v11i1.6063

This study focuses on the implementation of Project Based Learning (PjBL) in writing greeting card to enhance students’ writing ability and creativity. It is based on the classroom action research at the eighth grade of SMPN 1 Sumber, Cirebon, in the academic year of 2019/2020. The subject of the study were 32 students, they were 16 females and 16 males. This study was conducted into two cycles, and each cycle consisted of two meetings. The data were taken qualitatively and quantitatively. Qualitative data were taken from classroom observation, interview and pictures documentation. While quantitative data were taken from the writing test, including the students’ score on pre-test and post-test in each cycle. The findings showed that the use of PBL was able to enhance students’ writing ability. The implementation of PjBL strengthened students’ creativity since it enabled students to explore themselves while developing the greeting card. They were enthusiastic and active in participating during the teaching and learning process of writing. The findings showed that the students’ mean score in the pre-test was 67,8 and it increased to 94,15 in their post-test with the gain score 26,35, which indicated that the improvement was very significant.
Nopa Yusnilita
ETERNAL (English Teaching Journal), Volume 11; doi:10.26877/eternal.v11i1.6069

This study enlightment how the online learning bring out impact for students achievement. 20 students as participant in this study. The descriptive qualitative was used as method of the study. Based on the result of questionnare 80% of online learning is interesting for students. 65% of students answer that online learning class are easier that regular class and 5% answer not. 85% of students always prepare their learning with taking notes or record it. 90% of students answer online learning practical for them. When talking about the time of online learning 7% of students feel disturb and hurry but 70% are not. 75% of students ask that online learning is cheaper than they should go to class, because they need to pay for bus fare, lunch, clothes etc. 68% of students always join discussion along the online learning. 75% of students feel more confidence joining online learning that face to face in class. That’s why 60% of students think online learning can improve high quality of learning. And 70% of the teacher always accomodate their students in learning. They teacher also give them feedback after they send their assignment and more of the students feel more confidence with online learning. In summary, online learning provide students practical and flexible way in learning, it also make them more creative and active. Online learning give them some benefit in learning.
Latifah Rakhma Romadhon, Emma Dwi Indriani, Kunrat Nur Setiawan
ETERNAL (English Teaching Journal), Volume 11; doi:10.26877/eternal.v11i1.6065

The purpose of this research is to find out the improvement of students writing short story about their most memorable experiences using Twitter as their writing media. Samples was students of class IX SMP N 3 Tangerang with a total of 30 students. According to Hadi, M, S. (2019), to solve problems and improve the quality of learning, researchers use Classroom Action Research to reduce misconceptions. Researchers conducted 1 Pre-Test session and 2 Post-Test sessions. And researchers collected data in this study by using Qualitative data from the description of students writing story using Twitter. From the results of the study showed that by using social media Twitter as written media students can improve students’ ability to write English and increase students' experience in conveying their expressions with written stories. From the results of the Pre-Test session, there were only 2 students who scored between 60 to 64. And 28 students get grades below 60. While during the Post-test 1 session, there was an increase in students with a total of 2 students getting grades above 70. Then during the Post-Test 2 session, the increase in students improved with the achievement of student grades the highest is 80 and the lowest is 65.
Rossanti Dewi, Testiana Deni Wijayatiningsih, Riana Eka Budiastuti
ETERNAL (English Teaching Journal), Volume 11; doi:10.26877/eternal.v11i1.6070

Listening is one of the skills in learning English. The 11th grade students of IPA 1 SMA N 15 Semarang had low ability in listening. Therefore, this research was done in order to know the response of the 11th grade students of IPA 1 SMA Negeri 15 Semarang in English learning by doing listening a song as the media. The object of this research is the 11th grade students of IPA 1 SMA Negeri 15, Semarang. It is a descriptive qualitative study which employed observation and interview. The results showed that the 11th grade students of IPA 1 SMA Negeri 15 Semarang like to do listening activities, but they still had less exercises in listening to songs or watching English movies.
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