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Algimantas Bikelis, Audrius Galinskis
Lietuvos matematikos rinkinys, Volume 48, pp 381–385-381–385; doi:10.15388/lmr.2008.18126

In this work it is researched H. Bergstrom work about asymptotic behavior of convolutions of probability distributions. We give the theorem about the members of expansion in decreasing order and the remainder term estimation. There we propose apply Levy–Scheffer polynomials and to construct pseudomoments for more profound H. Bergstrom’s asymptotic expansion investigations.
Lietuvos matematikos rinkinys, Volume 48, pp 372–375-372–375; doi:10.15388/lmr.2008.18124

In this paper non-uniform estimate of convergence rate in the min-scheme is obtained. Presented results make the estimates, given in [1] and [2], more precise.
Liudas Kaklauskas, Leonidas Sakalauslas
Lietuvos matematikos rinkinys, Volume 48, pp 314–319-314–319; doi:10.15388/lmr.2008.18116

The present article deals with statistical university network traffic, by applying the methods of self-similarity and chaos analysis. The object of measurement is Šiauliai University LitNet network node maintaining institutions of education of the northern Lithuania region. Time series of network traffic characteristics are formed by registering amount of information packets in a node at different regimes of network traffic and different values of discretion of registered information are present. Measurement results are processed by calculating Hurst index and estimating reliability of analysis results by applying the statistical method. Investigation of the network traffic allowed us drawing conclusions that time series bear features of self-similarity when aggregated time series bear features of slowly decreasing dependence.
Lietuvos matematikos rinkinys, Volume 50, pp 140–145-140–145; doi:10.15388/lmr.2009.25

Mathematics teacher Romualdas Paliokas (1929–1977) worked Mol˙ etai, Ignalina and Anykščiai districts, the city of Panev˙ ežys. He investigated the pupils’ mathematical capabilities and prepared a doctoral thesis. Two major articles were published in pedagogical periodicals. He was unable to defend the thesis, because he died.
Lietuvos matematikos rinkinys; doi:10.15388/lmr

Lietuvos matematikos rinkinys, Volume 51, pp 142–144-142–144; doi:10.15388/lmr.2010.26

In this article, we survey the mathematics contest, which is held for first-year students of Šiauliai College. We discuss on the organize grounding of competition and its perspective, and on the benefit of students motivated for learning. Also, we analyze an example of the tasks and the most common errors made by students.
Olga Suboč
Lietuvos matematikos rinkinys, Volume 57, pp 104–109-104–109; doi:10.15388/lmr.b.2016.19

In this article are introduced some techniques to present mathematical tasks in puzzle or game form to add variety during lectures and help students to uptake new theoretical knowledge and concepts. Sudoku-type puzzles are constructed using basic problems that students solve during practice lectures. Crosswords of concepts are used to summarize through lectures received theoretical knowledge.
Lietuvos matematikos rinkinys, Volume 56, pp 46–51-46–51; doi:10.15388/lmr.b.2015.09

Multiple Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) methods are effectively used in decision making tasks. The weights of criteria are an integral part of MCDM methods. The paper proposes the Bayesian approach to recalculate the weights of the criteria, when the decision-maker takes into account the opinions of other expert groups. Recalculation is relevant when the selection is individualized by the opinion of separate expert group. In this paper the distance learning course was chosen by separate group of experts, using SAW and TOPSIS methods and recounted criteria weights by Bayesian method.
Lietuvos matematikos rinkinys, Volume 55, pp 7–11-7–11; doi:10.15388/lmr.b.2014.02

Simonas Vainbergas, a teacher of Jewish primary schools in prewar Lithuania (1894?), was one of few his colleagues that actively collaborated with Lithuanian pedagogical journals. He published in them 11 papers in didactics of mathematics about teaching mathematics at primary schools. The said papers helped young teachers of primary schools to improve their qualification. There is a great probability that S. Vainbergas was a victim of holocaust.
Lietuvos matematikos rinkinys, Volume 55, pp 96–99-96–99; doi:10.15388/lmr.b.2014.18

Oosculating sphere have been studied in classical differential geometry [1]. In this article the osculating surfaces of higher order of space curves on surfaces in Euclidean space is considered. We study the intrinsic differential geometry of curves on surfaces by analyzing their contact with surfaces of higher order.
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