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Published: 10 January 2020
Virginia Libraries, Volume 64;

This study sought to use citation analysis to gauge the effectiveness of library instruction, in the form of research consultation, for 12 sections of a 100 level Oral Communication course at a small private liberal arts institution. Librarians analyzed the source bibliographies of informative and persuasive speeches in order to determine if students were able to apply strategies from their informative speech consultation to later assignments. This article outlines the strategy used to analyze student sources, issues encountered with citation analysis as a research strategy, and impacts of librarian consultation and faculty influence on the sources that students chose to cite in assignments.
Published: 10 January 2020
Virginia Libraries, Volume 64;

Academic libraries serve a wide range of students, faculty, and staff with diverse needs for library accessibility, including people with temporary and chronic disabilities. The social model of disability frames an approach to library support for this population that is grounded in social justice and the library’s role in minimizing barriers to library access. Promoting accessible library services and spaces via the library’s website is an important component. This study analyzed the library websites of forty Virginia four-year academic institutions to identify current practices in the state for including an accessibility or disability services webpage or online policy statement. This content was found on eleven library websites. Naming conventions, location in the site architecture, and an analysis of content were explored. Based on this analysis, the authors conclude with two sets of recommendations for libraries wishing to edit or create their own accessibility services page for their website.
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