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Nurdin Nurdin, Mohammad Harun, Ramli Ramli
LINGUA: Journal of Language, Literature and Teaching, Volume 17, pp 95-110;

This research was aimed at describing personal values of character education in Ayah written by Andrea Hirata, a best-seller novel published by PT Bentang Pustaka in 2015. The novel is 396 pages long, divided into 69 chapters. This research is qualitative research with a documentation study design. The data for this research consists of parts of the novel where personal values were found. The data were analyzed using descriptive analysis by describing the data, pointing out the personal values, and explaining it in detail, discussing the research results, and drawing conclusions. The research results show that the personal values found in the novel Ayah include honesty, accountability, self-confidence, hard work, independence, love of knowledge, entrepreneurship, and a healthy lifestyle. The values of love of knowledge and hard work are more dominant, which indicates that the author respects those values.
Dina Fitria Hasanah, Sony Sukmawan
LINGUA: Journal of Language, Literature and Teaching, Volume 17, pp 157-168;

The Tengger community coexists with cultural diversity. Titiluri presents to behold in maintaining cultural wealth. Focusing on what the ancestors have done, titiluri is a bridge in reducing the goodness that has existed since time immemorial. This study used a qualitative approach to the design of ethnography to describe titiluri role in maintaining society's culture Tengger. Through ethnographic design, a holistic description of folkloristic expression is embodied in expressions, speeches, symbolic behaviors that contain the philosophy of titiluri. Data were collected using observation and interviews. As a result, Titiluri is present in every aspect of the Tengger community. As a form of actualization of tradition, the titluri is shown to take place various traditional ceremonies until now as has been done by the ancestors. Besides, titiluri is present in the form of the Tengger community's identity, with inherent self-character, occupation, and dress characteristics. Titluri has the role of conserving the Tengger culture and becomes a principle in maintaining the nobility built by the ancestors so that it can save from the strong exposure of modernization.
Unpris Yastanti, Susilawati Susilawati
LINGUA: Journal of Language, Literature and Teaching, Volume 17, pp 135-156;

The purposes of this research are to identify the kind of imagery in Taylor Swift song lyrics, how Taylor Swift describes imagery in her song lyrics, and dominant imagery in Taylor Swift song lyrics. This research limited to three songs in the “Reputation” album, those songs are Look What You Made Me Do, Delicate, Gorgeous. This research used a descriptive qualitative method to analyze the data. The results of this research indicate that (1) There are five kinds of imagery, they are visual imagery, auditory imagery, kinesthetic imagery, tactile imagery, and organic imagery in Taylor Swift song lyrics. There are nine visual imagery, one auditory imagery, three kinesthetic imagery, two tactile imagery, 19 organic imagery, and thus the writers found 34 imagery in three song lyrics of Taylor Swift. (2) Taylor Swift prefers to describe feelings, thought, and opinions into song lyrics, therefore the writers found a lot of organic imagery in the song lyrics. (3) There is 19 organic imagery in song lyrics, which is the dominant imagery in the song lyrics of Taylor Swift.
Ary Iswanto Wibowo, Sayyid Khairunas
LINGUA: Journal of Language, Literature and Teaching, Volume 17, pp 111-122;

This research is aimed to find the perception of students on the speaking ability in Public Speaking class during pandemic Covid-19. By communicating to students who are from Public Relation majored, the researchers considered that speaking as a tool of communication should be done intensively. Therefore, within this pandemic teachers and students should change their learning methods from offline face to face to online face to face. The authors stated the problems that the students faced, they are perceptions and difficulties of online public speaking learning. A qualitative method had been used to analyze this case. The authors used the percentage of students as respondents to see the perceptions. The result of this research viewed that students disagree with the online Public Speaking Course. This amount consisted of 35,4% of total respondents that possessed in the second rank. While the first rank with the amount of 36,5% stated hesitation whether should be conducted online or offline. This also made authors and may other researchers to rethink about online Public Speaking Course. Perception, Public Speaking, Online
Muhammad Badrus Sholeh
LINGUA: Journal of Language, Literature and Teaching, Volume 17, pp 123-134;

In language teaching and learning, there are several methodologies and approaches; one of them is TBL. Since the 1980s, this approach has had the most pedagogical attention in second language pedagogy. TBL is becoming increasingly common worldwide, particularly in English classes in Indonesia. The task's goal is to establish a clear reason for language use and create a natural meaning for language learning. The ideas and principles of TBL have proven to be effective in classrooms. This paper aims to explain why teachers should implement TBL (TBL) in the language classroom and how to implement TBL during classroom instruction. The discussion begins with the introduction and the description of TBL. Then, it goes on TBL characteristics and continues with the approaches, the benefits, and framework of TBL.
LINGUA: Journal of Language, Literature and Teaching, Volume 17, pp 15-24;

The objective of this research was to find out the symbol and theme that was used by Robert Frost in his literary works. It was also to elaborate on his biographical aspect of using symbols and themes in his poem. The method used to make this paper was a qualitative method. The writer also used two approaches to analyze this paper; first, the intrinsic approach consists of the symbol and theme and second, the extrinsic approach is a biographical perspective. The data were collected through library research. The results of this research indicated that the symbol on “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” was related to his nature or everyday life, while the theme on “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” was about the journey. The last, Robert Frost wrote his poem based on his experience of life when he was a teenager.
Ary Iswanto Wibowo,
LINGUA: Journal of Language, Literature and Teaching, Volume 17, pp 25-34;

The research is aimed to find out the speech act classification and types of request strategy from a dialogue of the characters in Tall Girl movie. The method of this study is descriptive qualitative analysis. Data is taken out of all dialogues of the characters and is observed by using theories. In this analysis, the writers found the speech Act Classification and Types of Request Strategy in the Speech Act. The speech act is classified in declaration, representatives, directives, commissives, and expressive. Directives served the dominant form among the five types of illocutionary act mostly expressed their utterance. And as request strategy is typed in mood derivable, explicit performative, hedged performative, locution derivable, want statement, suggestive formula and preparatory. Mood derivable served the dominant form among the other types to deliver their willingness.
Erin Nur Aini, ,
LINGUA: Journal of Language, Literature and Teaching, Volume 17, pp 51-64;

This study aims to investigate the speech acts used by Joko Anwar who threatened live Zheng and politeness strategies in the Q&A program: BELAGA“HOLLYWOOD”. A descriptive method with document analysis is used in this study. The results of this study are found five forms of speech acts namely assertive, directive, commissive, expressive and declarative threatening Livi Zheng. Assertive speech acts in the form of complaining are more often used by Joko Anwar when threatening the face or self-image of Livi Zheng. To reduce the threat, indirect politeness strategies or off-record strategies are used by Joko Anwar. Speech with sarcastic messages or criticisms is conveyed with indirectly meaning, this politeness strategy is chosen so that communication can still be carried out without breaking the cooperative relationship between the speaker and the speech partner. This study shows that although there are threats in the speech delivered, with the indirect politeness strategy is also used to maintain the face or self-image in public.
LINGUA: Journal of Language, Literature and Teaching, Volume 17, pp 1-14;

The study of motivation has been going around in the educational field for years long, but the issue is there are not many studies that specify in reading motivation, specifically for EFL and/or ESL students. Looking upon this concern, this narrative inquiry study tried to recognize the reasons behind the reading motivation amongst the students, particularly from Blue Star Senior High School, through the Self-determination Theory (SDT) principle from Deci & Ryan (1991) and some other possible social aspects, such as family and peers. It was later found out that in general, Blue Star Senior High School’s students are more likely to be extrinsically motivated when they read and the biggest encouragement to their extrinsic motivation is their social circle. While for our main participants, their past experiences were the ones that played important roles in constructing their motivation, either intrinsically or extrinsically.
Putri Shinta Hasibuan,
LINGUA: Journal of Language, Literature and Teaching, Volume 17, pp 79-92;

This thesis is analyzing promiscuity on the main character. The purpose of this thesis is to find out and understand how it happened, to look for the two causes and impacts of promiscuity that are described in the novel. The main character is the girl who is a victim of sexual violence by her own uncle. As a result of the vile things done by her uncle, She was involved in a deviation, namely promiscuity. She did promiscuity with lots of boys. The behavior of multiple partners in sexual relations without a commitment relationship (promiscuity) is rarely found in women. Because in general, women engage in sexual relations on the basis of love and as an expression of feelings of love towards their partners. When found by individual women with promiscuity behavior, it becomes interesting to look more deeply. The theory used to analyze is a theory by Kartono and Mcleish. The research methods used in this thesis are qualitative methods and library research. The author collects data from the novel and from several sources of articles, books, and journals that have a relationship with this thesis. The results of this thesis are to reveal the truth that promiscuity can occur in the main character and get causes and impacts in their daily life.
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